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Since people seem to be getting mixed up, I'm going to clarify this once and for all.

Atem, A-T-E-M, is an orphan merman who lives in Atlantica, and is Heba's yami, (soul mate).

Atemu, A-T-E-M-U, is the pharaoh of Egypt, human, and Yugi's yami, (soul mate).

Chapter 10

Heba stirred to the feel of warmth and someone carrying him while walking. Opening his eyes, he was met with the familiar crimson eyes of his father.

It was easy to tell his father and Atem apart. Despite looking the same, Atem's crimson eyes always made his heart skip a beat.

"Dad?" Heba whispered as he tried to clear his head, noticing he was now covered in fur lined clothing instead of just his shendyt.

"Oh, Heba," Atemu smiled as he held his son close, walking over and kneeling next to Yugi. "I was so afraid we'd lost you."

"I'm sorry, Mother." Heba whispered in a broken sob as Yugi's arms wrapped around him and held him close.

"No, Heba." Yugi shook his head. "We're sorry. We should have told you the truth."

"I didn't mean to hurt anyone." Heba cried softly "I just hoped I'd be a better merman than a boy."

"Oh Heba, it doesn't matter if you have fins or feet." Yugi softly chuckled as he wiped away Heba's tears. "We love you for who you are on the inside: Our very brave little prince."

"Just like your mother." King Solomon said from the edge of the ice and water, next to Atem, Joey, Seth, Malik, Ishtar, Ryou, and Kisara.

"Oh, Great-Grandpa Solomon!" Heba leapt up and gave the only relation on his mother's side a hug, which was happily returned.

"Heba, I don't blame you for wanting to join us merfolk." Solomon said after the two separated. "Because you're my great-grandson, I'm giving you a most precious gift: A choice."

"A choice?" Heba asked, wondering how a gift could be a choice, especially since he felt like he needed to get grounded for a month.

"Yes." Solomon nodded. "You can come to Atlantica with me... or you can return to your home on land. It's up to you."

Heba gasped and looked to his parents, who just smiled as they knew it was up to Heba. Looking to the ocean, he watched as Ryou and Kisara slid out of the water to Bakura, who embraced them in a hug, and turned his eyes to Atem.

'Isn't being with the one you loved what it was really about?' Heba thought, mulling things over in his mind.

"I have a better idea." Heba grinned as a light bulb went off in his head.

"You're sure about this?" Atem asked his Hikari as he sat up next to him.

"Nope." Heba shook his head. "I just hope this works."

Taking a deep breath, Heba looked to his great-grandfather who was next to him on a rock in the ocean. Gripping the trident, Heba activated its power and pointed it at the wall that separated the country of Egypt from the ocean.

With a rush of magic, Heba watched as the wall melted away, revealing his parents, friends, the sacred court, and the people of Egypt on the other side.

"Now we can all be together!" Heba cheered as he waved to his family, grinning as his mother playfully put his feet into the ocean.

Rebecca grinned as she was finally able to see Yugi and Ryou again after 16 years. And what better way to say 'It's great to see you again', than with a song?

Whoo! I feel the music playing

It's swinging and it's swaying

Life is a rhapsody

Today we're so delighted

Today we're all united

Here on the land and sea

Heba jumped into the water, followed by Atemu, who was pulled into a group hug by Duke and Tristan as they watched the merpeople and the people of Egypt greet for the first time in 16 years.

I see the sails are sailing

Even the whales are whaling

We're swimming' fancy free

We're feeling better now

We sing together now

Here on the land and sea

Yugi couldn't help the squeal as Atemu picked him up from behind and leapt into the ocean. The two kissed as they surfaced, barely noticing Mana jumping in with the twins Aamir and Haniya, and Bakura pulling in Ryou and Kisara.

La-dee-da! Pick up the beat!

Move your fins and move your feet!

Life is sweet! Life is grand!

Blowing bubbles with the brass bass band.

"Everybody now!" Rebecca called to the people of Egypt who weren't too keen on getting into the water.

"Come on in!" Heba called to the reluctant folk with a huge smile. "There's plenty of water for everyone!"

"Cannonball!" Joey shouted as he jumped past the nervous folk into ocean.

Yes. Joey had finally asked to be changed to a human, and Seth agreed with his mother. Joey wanted to be with Seto, but Seth's reason for staying close was to be with Kisara.

Marik had been changed into a merman so he could join Malik and Ishtar in the ocean. The two had found the idea of living in Egypt nervous for some reason, so Marik joined them instead of asking them to join him.

Yugi chuckled at the thought as he and Heba floated past each other before climbing up onto a rock. Yugi gave Heba his seashell pendent back as he sang.

There's no more stormy weather

Heba smiled as the familiar feel of his locket settled around his neck and sang back.

Now we can sing together

Yugi and Heba harmonized with each other as they shared a hug.

In perfect harmony

Rebecca joined their singing as the ocean had a wave splash on the rock Heba and Yugi were standing on, getting them even more wet.

We're feeling better now

We sing together now

here on the land and sea

Rebecca began to direct singing as she pointed the people of land and the creatures of the sea, each singing their part.

Those on land sing


Those below sing


Life is sweet

As sweet can be

On the land and on the sea

"Everybody sing!" Rebecca cheered as she flopped back into the surf.

"Come on Mahad, join us." Atemu called to his friend, who had remained on the seashore. "The water's great!"

"I think not, sir." Mahad replied as he eyed the ocean. "The idea seems rather absurd."

Tamim however, gave a Silver Fang grin and knocked the High Priest into the ocean next to his wife Isis.

We're feeling better now

We sing together now

Here on the land and sea

Hugging his family, Heba knew that for the time being, he belonged here. But ultimately, Heba decided to live in Atlantica with Atem. Aamir would become pharaoh when it was time.

When King Solomon died, Heba inherited the throne as Solomon's great-grandson, and had three children with Atem, often visiting their family in Egypt.

Kisara and Seth also got married and had two children. Duke and Tristan also had two kids to enjoy life with.

We're feeling better now

We sing together now

Here on the land and sea

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