I walked off the boat and onto the dock. I couldn't believe it, I was finally there, Selkie Island the place that I had been dreaming of every night for the past year. I felt like I was finally home even though I had only been here once, last summer. 'The home is where the heart is' was a quote that even I, who am almost illiterate, had heard of.

Last summer had been the most magical of my existence. Leo, I sighed. It was his bright beautiful green eyes that had hypnotized me in my sleep every night.

I knew he was the one, and today. I was finally going to see him again. Today, after a year of dreams and longing.

"Miranda?" my mom called as we entered our summer home, the Mariner, "I assume you're in a rush to go find that boy of yours so I won't keep you long. Just bring your bag up to your room and be back before dark."

"Of course mom. Thank you." I replied. I rushed up to her and gave her a peck on the cheek and with my bag in hand I ran up to my room.

After depositing my bag on the floor of my old-fashioned closet, I turned to inspect myself. I was wearing traveling clothes and I wanted to look a little extra bit special today, the day of our reunion. I searched quickly for the right clothes. I chose a pair of black denim capris and a white sleeveless shirt that had just a hint of pink underneath. I pulled my hair out and tousled it as it fell out in dark waves. I pushed my sunglasses up onto my head and carefully put a little bit of dark blue eyeliner on to compliment my eyes. Then I put on a new pair of black slippers that offered my toes a little coverage but were still pretty, and ran out of the room.

I jogged all the way to Siren Beach. I hoped nothing had changed. I hoped he hadn't forgotten me, or worse replaced me. A years worth of dreaming and longing all just to end in disappointment would kill me. And then, all doubt cleared. He was there.

Standing amongst the rocks, even his backside looked perfect. His golden beachy sand hair was blowing in the wind. He knew. He knew I was here. I started running. I ran and ran and I hugged in from behind. He turn slowly and as his glowing green orbs met mine they started to sparkle. His perfect rosebud lips turned up.

"Miranda." he breathed.

I said nothing only clutched him closer to me and burrowed my face into his chest.