The information broker tugged his companion along by his hand, quickly hopping up the building's outside stairwell and scaffolding with the other not far behind.
"Ah, Izaya-! Not so fast, dammit!" Shizuo blurted. The ravenette just giggled.
"Ne, STILL, can't keep up with me, Shizu-chan~?" He teased.
"You're gonna make me FALL!" The blonde complained as he struggled to work his legs fast enough to keep up with Izaya, nearly tripping as his foot caught on one of the steps. Izaya rolled his eyes, then slowed down from a sprint to a brisk walk.
"Eh, we're almost there anyway, Shizu-chan."
"Is it even LEGAL to be climbing up here? Isn't this trespassing or something?"
Izaya responded in a rather nonchalant tone.
"Pssh! Of course it's illegal, Shizu-chan. That's what makes it fun."
The blonde let out a long sigh.
"You're gonna get me killed."
Izaya bounded up a few more steps, then leapt over the safety railing on the side and disappeared.
Shizuo gasped, then darted up to the railing and leaned over the side.
"Izaya!" He yelled abruptly, thinking the information broker had jumped off and fallen a good twenty stories or so. He had good reason to be spooked. This was the Sunshine Building. Izaya was always going on about it being a suicide hotspot, that if one would jump off it then they'd be guaranteed a nice splat on the pavement.
A little ways below, Izaya stood perfectly balanced on a precarious, ten inch wide windowsill about four feet to the left of the stairwell where Shizuo was.
Izaya looked up and waved at him.
"C'mon, Shizu-chan! Hurry up, or we'll miss it!" he hollered from below. The blonde was not having any of it, however.
"Jeezus!" He exclaimed. "What the hell! MISS WHAT? Are you crazy? What if you fall? Get back up here!"
Izaya spread his arms wide and strode up and down the thin windowsill with ease, like he was on a tightrope.
"See, I won't fall; I do this all the time! Come ON!"
"No way! I ain't comin' down there, there ain't no way in HELL! Gah!"
Izaya jumped up and down on the windowsill several times.
"It's FINE, Shizuo! Now hurry up!"
The blonde's eyes widened in horror.
"Don't DO that, don't do that! My god!"
Izaya stopped jumping and put his hands on his hips.
"Goddammit Izaya, are you tryin' you give me a fucking HEART attack or something? Get down from there before you... You SPLAT!"
Izaya sighed exasperatedly.
"Shizuo, I'm FINE. YOU'VE chased me up higher than this before. Come on, if you don't hurry up you'll miss out on the view!"
Shizuo bit his bottom lip.
"I don't know..."
"It's real easy, Shizu-chan. Just swing your legs over, and jump! It's not as far as it looks." Izaya explained. Shizuo griped the rail tighter.
"I'll fall..."
"You won't fall. It's the drop that makes it seem scary. It's just about three feet across, and six feet down. It's not that far..." He reassured. Shizuo shook his head rapidly.
"No, I'll fall... Six feet down, and two hundred feet down if I screw up! And then I'll be six feet under!"
"You're not going to fall, Shizuo!" Izaya repeated for what he felt was the fiftieth time. Shizuo swallowed. "You won't fall. You don't even have to jump. You can just lower yourself down. If you start to slip, then I'll help you, okay? I promise you won't fall." The information broker encouraged. Shizuo stood there for a few moments longer, then slowly turned around and placed one leg over the railing. Izaya nodded.
"Good... Now the other leg..."
The blonde brought his other leg over, but kept his feet on the edge of the stairwell though the bars and held tight to the railing.
"Now lower yourself down..."
Shizuo lowered down to a crouch, clinging to the bars, then outstretched one leg and felt around for the ledge of the windowsill.
"Oh god, god, I can't do this..." He couldn't reach the ledge, long as his legs were, he still came up short. Shizuo tried to swing himself back up to the other safe side of the railing, but he couldn't do that, either. His palms were sweating and he couldn't get enough grip on the metal bars. In his panic he lost his footing and he was left with both legs dangling down and his upper body clinging desperately to the railing. He glanced down and became instantly nauseous, his heartbeat racing and pounding frantically in his chest.

Izaya rolled his eyes then leaned over the gap and wrapped his arms around the blonde's waist.
"Let go, Shizuo..."
"No way, no way, no way...!"
Izaya's patience was wearing thin.
"Let go!"
Izaya brought one hand back, stuck out his thumb and jabbed it hard into the blonde's butt. When Shizuo's hands flew back to clutch his rear end, Izaya tugged him back so his feet were safely planted on the ledge. It took Shizuo a few moments to realize he'd made it, and he slowly relaxed.
"...You... You stuck me in the butt!" He accused. Izaya shrugged.
"You're down here, aren't you?"
Shizuo rubbed his backside and glared at Izaya.
"I'm the seme, you're the uke! There will be no sticking of anything anywhere near by butt!"
"God, for being as strong and brutish as you are, you can really be a pussy sometimes."
"I should stick YOU in the butt!"
"Hm, not now. But when we get home..."
"Shut the hell up."
Izaya chuckled lightly, then gestured for the other to follow him.
"Alright, it's just a bit further across here." He stated as he strode down the windowsill. Shizuo slowly put one foot in front of the other, leaning against the wall for support. They were walking alongside a long line of windows, the sill itself going all the way across the building, save for in the middle. At the center the sill turned and went in towards the building, as the building itself was build a bit like a capital 'H'. There was a small alcove in the center at the top floor that housed a large, arched window, with a 'balcony' (that wasn't accessible from the inside) that was probably built so that window washers had a place to stand while cleaning the giant glass pane.
Izaya quickly ducked into this alcove, and once Shizuo had reached it he felt considerably safer, as the rail-less balcony was about ten feet wide and jutted a good six feet out from the bottom of the window. He had room to move around.
The information broker seated himself on the edge of the balcony, with his legs dangling off of the edge. He patted the spot beside him, gesturing for the blonde to sit down, which he did.
Shizuo glanced at the window behind him. It was completely dark, as the lights in the room behind it were turned off. Blurry shadows of what might have been furniture or plants were all he could make out. But it was still a fantastic window. Decorative and beautiful. A work of art.

"Ah, Shizu-chan. The view is here, not there." Izaya pointed in front of him, and the former bartender followed his finger then gasped.

The window overlooked the entire city. He could see everything.

The park, the school, the hospital, the strip malls and apartment buildings. Skyscrapers that towered before him on the ground he now sat above, gazing over the breathtaking sight. He could see all of the people, all the cars darting through the city's asphalt veins, the highlights making them glow like the stars. Before his eyes everything seemed to light up. As the sun went down, the city turned on, streetlights and neon signs and windows in buildings...

Izaya leaned back and sighed.

"So... what do you think?" Shizuo blinked several times, unable to look away.
"It's... It's beautiful..." He sounded enchanted. Izaya glanced back at him and smirked.
"here you get to watch the entire city come to life... This is my favorite place in all of Tokyo, and I wanted to share it with you, Shizuo..." He confessed, but then quickly added, "Ah. Too bad it's not accessible by wheelchair."
Shizuo pinched his lips together, not seeing the comment as humorous.
"Izaya... I really hope that now you feel you can be honest with me... That you don't feel the need to do those kinds of things to hid how you really feel."
Izaya paused for a long time, thinking things over and staring into his lap.
"Ne... It's hard for me to make that transition, Shizuo. That's how I learned to survive; by shielding myself and manipulating others... But now... Ah... I'm so used to hiding, but I'm trying my hardest now to be true to you... My life finally has something stable and good in it... You make me feel safe... No longer do I have to dwell and soak and suffer in solitude... For a while I tried to convince myself that I was better off alone... But yet now I feel more complete than I have ever before."
A small smile spread across Shizuo's face. Izaya turned his gaze back towards the horizon, holding his head high.

"Aiye, Shizu-chan! My struggling pacifist, the war is over, you no longer have to despair in your violence anymore! For ten years we have been at war with each other, and now it is all finally over, as we have discovered that the things we'd strived for all our lives could be found within each other's arms. I am so happy! We have our whole lives ahead of us now, together we can seize the world."

Izaya's words meant more to Shizuo that the information broker could have ever imagined. They became his sanctuary, his temple, his savior, his angel.
Shizuo looked down to the surface of the balcony, and his eyes caught on something obviously not a part of the original structure. Someone had taken a knife and carved into the balcony a single, ominous word.


Shizuo's fingers trailed over the marks.
"Did you do this...?"

Izaya turned and looked down at where Shizuo was gesturing. The information broker smirked, then placed his hand gently over Shizuo's intertwining their fingers, pressing the blonde's palm against the graffitied word.
"Ah, Shizu-chan..." he spoke softly, and leaned his head against the former bartender's shoulder. He kicked off his shoes, and let the sneakers fall down, down, down, into the streets below. They disappeared, fading into the distance.

"If I were to jump, right now, what would happen to me? Would I just disappear? Would I have a funeral? Would people miss me? Where would I go? What would I be thinking in that final moment? What will become of the world in my absence? Change? For the better, or for the worse? What am I escaping from? Would it hurt? Or would it feel like diving into cool water? What will death be like? What will await me?"

Shizuo remained silent for a long while, then placed his other hand over Izaya's, still held over his. The ravenette looked up at him curiously, his lips parting slightly.

"Death... You won't get to find out. Nothing will change. Because I'll catch you. I've already lost you once, I'm not going to lose you again. Okay? So stop thinking about it."

Izaya smiled some, then placed his remaining hand atop Shizuo's second one. He leaned against the blonde and stared out into the city, curling his toes slightly in his socks. Shizuo lit up a cigarette and followed his gaze.
"Ahh... That's just fine, Shizu-chan. All of this we ace is only figurative. And to be honest I don't think I'll ever be truly ready to give any of this up. I'll wait for you, Shizu-chan. When you die, perhaps in your seventies, perhaps from lung cancer, then I will jump. I'll jump, I'll hit the pavement and you will catch me. I'll never truly leave your arms."

Shizuo seemed to ponder this for a long moment, then replied with a simple, blunt, "Guess I'll quit smoking.
Izaya chuckled and pecked the blonde's lips.

"You're such a protozoan, Shizu-chan.~"



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