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VOCALOID, is a voice synthesizer which could be use for singing.

Crypton Future Media is a company that making Vocaloid into virtual character. Their most popular character are MEIKO, KAITO, Miku Hatsune, Rin Kagamine, Len Kagamine, and Luka Megurine.

Append is an upgrade version of them.

7 months ago, Miku Hatsune got her Append Version, her popularity was skyrocketed. But, it didn't mean Kagamine Pairs, MEIKO, KAITO, and Luka Megurine abandoned by fans. For Rin Kagamine, Miku having an Append made her excited. It was her ambition to surpass Miku. While her pair, Len Kagamine didn't really care about it.

Append was an upgrade program which had a better security of Virus, upgraded the voice and appearance. It was called growth period in human. Append wasn't a program that was made by human. It more looked like a revolution from old program. But the reason it revolted was still unknown.

Around 1 month ago. Rin Kagamine was invaded by an unknown virus after her performance of 'Antichlorobenzene'. Her antivirus system couldn't eradicate it. The virus slowly ceased program on her, slowly made her unable to execute her movement program.

And here's the story began.

23 December 2010

[_Crypton Future Media_]

(10:00 a.m.)

A group of scientist monitored Rin's condition. The only things she could do were to look and to move her head. Her voice was corrupted, but KOKORO, the heart of Vocaloid hadn't attacked yet.

Everyday, Len paid a visit to her. He was sad he couldn't do any duet with her anymore. Since Rin unable to functions her voice, his song list was solo and duets with Miku. Miku knew his feelings to Rin, tried to encourage him. She believed Rin would definitely become better and sings with both of them again, and they became an unbeatable trio.

"It's already the time, Len… Let's go" Miku reminded him about their schedule. Len nodded.

"I'm going, Rin…" Len said to her sister who lied on a bed.

"…..Go….od…L…uck…." Rin said with a smile.

"Make sure you become better okay…" Miku said. Rin smiled.

Miku and Len left Observation Room. Rin felt a bit sleepy, decided to sleep her program.

Len and Miku did their performance smoothly. After the performance, Len immediately leave the studio and went to Rin's room.

That guy didn't want to leave even a minute from her huh… Miku thought and chuckled. She decided to follow him.

[_Crypton Observation Room_]

(04:00 p.m.)

They arrived at Observation Room. A scientist noticed them.

"Ah, Len, Miku. You come to see Rin?" He asked.

"Umm… Yeah" Len said.

"Too bad she's still in sleep mode. Want me to wake her up?" He asked.

"No, it's alright" Len approached Rin's bed, looked at her who still in sleep mode. Her face was in peace and calm. The bed wasn't far from place where scientists works, but still it blocked by a thick blue window.

"Nothing happened, right?" Miku asked.

"Yeah, nothing happened" The scientist replied.

"But we didn't know until when she would be in this condition. Append's security might able to eradicate them. Too bad, it can't be transferred to another program" he added.

"If it begins to attack KOKORO… the worst thing… we should delete her" he said.

"WHAT?" Miku gasped.

"If we don't, it may infect Len too… They shared KOKORO after all" he explained as he looked at Len and Rin.

Miku looked at them worriedly. She didn't want Rin to be deleted. She was her only little sister.

"But you can't separate them like this! Twins should be together!" Miku exclaimed angrily.

"Twins? Who said they are twins? They only shared KOKORO, that's all. And it was pure coincidence Rin's appearance looked like Len. There was an accident when Rin was born and Len helped her so he had to share his KOKORO with her" The scientist stated.

"Accident?" Miku asked confusedly.

"I'll tell you next time, okay?" He said and smiled.

"But you still can't delete her!" Miku protested.

"We'll try everything we can, Miku… And that is the last way" He said.

Miku looked at Len. He looked calm when he was with Rin.

I hope God makes a miracle… Miku wished.

Miku suddenly got an idea. After all, Christmas already near. Miku remembered human always said miracles happen at Christmas.

I'll ask Len to pray for a miracle and buying her a gift. Miku thought.

24 December 2010

[_Crypton Future Media_]

(04:00 a.m.)

It was dawn, Len still in sleep mode in his room. He decided to sleep more since today is holiday. A shadow approached him. It activated a program which makes Len out from his sleep mode.

"Len… Len…"

"Miku-nee? What are you doing in here?" Len asked.

"I've got a plan for you! I decided to do some shopping in downtown. You should accompany me! Whole day!" Miku exclaimed.

"Then why don't you ask Kaito-nii? Isn't he always accompanies you shopping?" Len asked. He remembered Kaito always bring her shopping bag which if it stacked properly, could reach the sky.

"Indeed. But when I slipped at his room, he was nowhere. Probably got caught by that sake-freak slut" Miku pouted.

Actually Miku didn't even slip to his room. Kaito himself still sleep soundly in his room. Meiko was Miku's love rival. So, Miku had a little grudge at her.

"Miku-nee, your vocabulary really is improved" Len said.

"Ehehe~ Hurry up change your clothes, ordinary clothes okay! We'll mix in human crowds today~ I'll wait at entrance~" Miku said and left.

Len looked at her confusedly and scratched his head.

What has gotten into her today? He asked in his mind.

He changed his clothes into red shirt with blue jeans. He wore a green coat and a green beret.

[_Crypton Entrance_]

(07:00 a.m.)

He went to entrance and found Miku in white-knitted clothes and red mini skirt. She also wore a brown boots and white ear warmer headphones. She noticed Len and pouted.

"You're way to lateee~" She said.

"Yeah… I know. Because someone here, who already charged herself, told a boy that almost in low battery mode to go out with her whole day" Len said with annoyed tone.

Miku didn't know about that. She cleared her throat.

"Uhum… Forget about that. Let's get going~" She said cheerfully.

The weather was very cold. It was winter after all. The sky was quite clear. No sign of the snow would fall.


(07:10 a.m.)

The downtown was very crowded. Everyone had decorated their house prettily. Wherever he looked, there was always a girl that holding the boy's hand. They were shopping too.

What people said about it before…? Oh yeah, 'Couple'. Len remembered.

There's a lot decorated pine trees in the street.

"Len~ Let's start from this shop~" Miku said.

This is gonna be a long day. He sighed.

Miku looked at a bunch of warm clothes. She looked confused what should she buy since everything is cute to her. While Miku took her time to choose, Len looked at a couple outside.

The crimson-haired girl was looking at dolphin-shaped jewelry when the silver-haired boy noticed her. It looked like the boy would buy her the jewelry for her. She was surprised, and smiled. She immediately bit his cheeks, made him blush and smiled.

Wait… The word 'Bite' isn't suitable… I think there's a word more suitable… Len thought hard. Then he noticed a clothes' tag which was written 'Cherry Kiss'

That's right… 'Kiss'... Len remembered.

Miku purchased 3 sweater and 2 long pants. She also purchased a scarf. After buying them, she looked at Len. Her eyes sparkled. Without her said anything, Len already knew what she wants him to do. Len brought her shopping bag.

"Ah, Let's go to church before we forget!" Miku said.

"What business you have in church?" Len asked.

"Praying~ You should pray too" Miku said

"Pray? Pray for what?" Len seemed confused

"Of course for miracle~ A miracle that would save Rin from her nightmare~ After all tomorrow is Christmas. They said miracles happen in Christmas~ That's why we have to wish for her~" Miku explained.

"Let's go!" Miku grabbed Len's hand and pulled him to a church.

[_South Downtown Church_]

(13:00 p.m.)

"Excuse me" Miku said to a sister near the front door

"Ara? What a cute couple we have today… Do you come to pray?" She asked

"No, we aren't couple. I have person I like and he isn't him. And yes, we're come to pray" Miku answered bluntly.

"I see… Then please come with me" The sister said. Miku and Len followed her.

They soon arrived at a room which was decorated very pretty. It had a big statue of Mary bringing a kid on the middle of the room. There were couples that hold their hands tightly and closed their eyes.

Does pray means hold our hands and closed our eyes? Len asked in his mind.

"Now let's pray Len~ Tell God that He must make Rin better" Miku said.

"Ahaha… It's first time someone ordered God do something so bluntly" The sister laughed.

"Isn't it bad? Having Him to do something to us…" Len asked.

"No, for most people. Humans pray for God when they need something right? Protection, love, success for example. No matter who are they, they always need someone to relied on, to make sure they would be fine" She explained.

"Let's pray already Len. When someone began their lectures, they always forget about the time" Miku said. The sister chuckled.

"You're right" She said.

But I wonder does God really exist … Len thought

Len looked up to the statue. The statue's face looked so calm.

God, wherever you exist or not, please make Rin could sing and smile happily again. Len prayed. He held his hands tightly and closed his eyes.

After praying, Len noticed Miku prayed hard. Even her body shaking since she was too serious. Some people staring at her, curious what kind of wish she prayed.

After Miku finished praying, she noticed Len stared at her.

"What's wrong, Len?" Miku asked.

"Just curious what you prayed so hard for" Len answered.

"Of course for Rin. Who else?" Miku said.

"Not for someone you like?" Len asked.

"N-N-No! If it's for him, even God can't do anything with his dense of love" Miku said as she looked away. She blush a little, while Kaito that woke up just now, sneeze.

"Hmm… I don't know you're that close with Rin" Len said. Miku looked down.

"Actually, Rin is the only one that keeps me cheerful. She knew who I love and kept encouraged me whenever I feel down. She's irreplaceable… If Rin become worse more than this…. I… I…" Miku sniffed

Len felt bad when Miku began to cry. He hated women when they began to cry.

"Okay, okay… She's definitely better… You're the one who said that right? I believe it would be true" Len said, tried to comfort her. She looked at Len with teary eyes.

"Yeah… *snort* Sorry… and thanks" Miku said.

"No problem" Len said.

"Let's continue our shopping~!" Miku exclaimed.

How fast she recovered! Len surprised.


(19:00 p.m.)

They've explored every single shop in Downtown. They didn't notice it was already dark.

"Hey, Len. Don't you want buy anything for Rin?" Miku asked.

"Hmm… I don't know" Len replied.

"Geez… Why boys are so dense! You should buy her something!" Miku yelled angrily.

"Okay, okay… I understand" Len stepped back, frightened by her sudden anger.

"Good. Now follow me" Miku said as she walked away. Len followed her at back.

They entered an accessory store. There was a bunch of fancy looking things.

"Welcome~ May I help you with anything?" The shop clerk asked.

"Yeah! Please help this guy find a gift for his love" Miku said as she passed Len to her. She grabbed her shopping bag that Len brought.

"W-WHAT?" Len surprised. The shop clerk smirked.

"I understand~ I'll make sure this guy find his gift~" The shop clerk said.

She and Len explored to the shop, while Miku looked at hair-ties.

Maybe I should change my hair-ties? Or should I change my hairstyle? Miku thought.

While Miku looked at them, Len already bought his gift. They left the store.

"So… what you bought for her?" Miku asked curiously.

"A pair of cross-shaped hairclips. She always needs a hairclips to hold her bang" Len said.

"And why you bought 2? I don't think Rin need that many" Miku asked.

"This is for you. Take it as a thanks for accompany me search my gift" Len said as he gave her a small bag.

"Isn't it my words?" Miku asked. She opened the bag and found 2 hair-ties with fluffy balls. Miku found it so cute. She didn't see it on the corner she saw.

"Thanks… I guess. But you can't have my heart only with this~!" Miku yelled and ran away.

"Ah, where are you going?" Len asked.

"HOME OF COURSE~!" Miku yelled.

They wal—ran to their home

[_Crypton Future Media_]

(23:30 p.m.)

"I'm home~" Miku said.

"You've come home already? Where have you been? It's already this late" A staff asked.

"Yeah~! We explored the downtown~ It's so exciting" Miku exclaimed.

"Isn't it Miku and Len? Scientists from Virus Defender's section were looking for both of you 1 hour ago" Another staff informed.

"Okay, I understand. Let's go, Len" Miku walked to Virus Defender's section.

[_Crypton Virus Defender_]

(11:35 p.m.)

"Do you need something from me?" Miku asked.

"Ah, Miku. You've come home already? Actually… I have a bad news" A scientist said.

The situation tensed up. He paused too long.

"…something happened?" Len asked carefully.

They stared to each other. Looked like doubtful to let them know what the bad news is.

"Don't tell me it's about Rin…." Miku said. They nodded slowly. Len widen his eyes. Rage and shock were shown in his eyes.

"Tell me! What happened with her!" Len yelled as he grabbed the scientist's collar.

"So…Somehow the virus began to accelerate their invasion. We predict 4—no in 3 days, it will invade KOKORO. Which it means, if we haven't found a way to delete them, we have to delete CV02_Rin Kagamine. It's the best way we could make" He explained.

Miku felt her tears began dropped.

Rin? She… she's going to be deleted? Miku thought

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THE BEST WAY? THAT'S THE WORST!" Len shouted angrily. Tears began to reform in his corner eyes.

Len immediately left the room. The scientists were shocked, while Miku kept crying.

Rin… Rin…. Someone help her…. God… Miku prayed while kept crying.

The scientists felt bad now. Not only lost a Vocaloid, they also made Len and their Diva, Miku sad.

And where's Len now?

[_Observation Room_]

(11:55 p.m.)

"Len? Why are you crying?" The staff there surprised as she saw tear forming in his corner eyes and he himself exhausted.

"I'm going to see Rin" Len said.

"Uh… oh… okay" She said.

Rin quite surprised, found him with messed face.

「I guess they already told you, didn't they?_」 A little monitor beside Rin showed.

"It's a monitor that connected from her KOKORO. Though her voice already corrupted, we still need to know what happened with her, right?" She explained.

「Actually I don't mind being deleted! But… but… my dreams won't come true I think. Will you make my wish come true Len?_」 The monitor showed.

"I'll do anything for you… Rin" Len said. His tear still flowed.

「Please beat Miku and become number 1 in Vocaloid. I hope you could make my dreams come true_」 It showed.

"Yeah... yeah! I will!" Len exclaimed.

「Thank you… now I need to sleep now… This virus makes me really sleepy haha~_」 It showed.

"Have a sweet dream… Rin" Len whispered.


Rin closed her eyes, which means she was in sleep mode now. Len left the room and went to his room

25 December 2010

[_Len Kagamine Room_]

(00:11 a.m.)

Len closed his room's door, and leaned to the door.

She's going to be deleted… He repeated it.

He suddenly felt his energy in legs disappeared. He hid his face in his hug.

The clocks showed 00:12 a.m. It was Christmas Eve.

God… isn't exists anywhere. He won't make any miracle… I hate Christmas…

Will Rin would be deleted?

Who is Len actually?

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