~ Chicago The Summer of 1917 ~

~Bella's Point of view~

Surely he couldn't be heading home already? He wasn't even gone for an hour. Something had to be up.

As I glanced out the old window from the kitchen I watched as our own local prince charming walked past.

I scurried towards the door getting a better look at his retreating back.

Surely he hadn't fallen ill… did he?

I couldn't hold back my curiosity any longer, and for the first time ever I spoke out towards him.

"Sir Edward Mason," I called from the window, to see him pause in his tracks and turn to me with a smile lighting his face that made my heart stutter.

He slowly walked back over to me, taking my hand that had been resting on the corner of the window, and kissed it.

I blushed smiling as sparks flew up my arms, making Goosebumps across my skin.

"Yes Miss Isabella Swan," He smiled with a polite tone that made my heart skip faster.

"Now I don't want to seem nosey, but I was just wondering why you'd be coming back home from work this early, you hadn't fallen ill have you,"
Edward's eyes danced with a passionate spark in them, finally letting my hand go.

"Not me dear Isabella, my mother and father has fallen ill, and I was just stopping by home during my lunch to check on them," He said.

Of course that's why he was coming home so soon, he cared so dearly for his family, it was one of the reasons all woman in this town wished to be lucky enough to wed this perfect man.

If only I was the gal for him, the rest of my life would be just heavenly.

"Well kind Edward I do have some natural remedies that might help your parents a bit with that sickness if you would allow," I smiled.

Edward shared the smile, and surprised me by his hand touching mine, caressing my fingers with his in a way that made my face turn red.

"I would like that very much, thank you sweet Isabella,"

I shivered at how his spoke my name; so effortlessly, so perfectly. Only in which a true prince could do so.

"It will be just one minute," I said, and quickly turned inside, dashing to the little hiding place my parents put our medicines, and with shaky hands I walked back to Edward with a small bottle, handing it to him.

"Let your parents know I'll pray for their swift recovery," I nodded, his green eyes flashing from the bottle to me.

"Thank you again, I'll be sure to pass along the message, have a good day Isabella,"

"And you Sir Edward,"

I watched with slight sadness as he turned and slowly went on his way.

I turned back to the kitchen stove, preparing dinner for tonight.

Nothing was more enthralling then talking to the man. He was such a good, kind soul.

I could deny it no longer, I adored that man, and I to; just like all the other women in this town, wish to wed him.

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