I am soo sorry it has taken months for me to update this. I honestly forgot all about this and had to re read what i have already posted. Hope I haven't gone in a circles too muh. hope you enjoy the update and I will try to keep up with this as much as possible.

Jo felt a little conflicted at the moment. She was happy to see Dean and know that he was okay. At the same time she truly missed her mom and more than anything wanted to be with her again.

She was very curious to all that she had missed since she had been away. She found out that she was out for a few months and was stuck in a coma in the hospital.

She was happy to be out and with her friends and extended family again but there was something about her that was simply different. No matter what, she felt incredibly lost in this world and she wanted to be at peace. At times she had contemplated giving up all together and leave hunting once and for all.

Naturally, Dean thought she was crazy and smart about it at the same time. It made her laugh a little and she decided to stick around for a while until she figured out what she wanted to do.

Once she started hunting, it was tough to go back and pretend none of it ever happened to her.

She stayed the night in a motel room next to where Dean and Sam were for the night and met up with them the next morning. Back on the road so soon felt a little weird to Jo but she was okay and needed something to take her mind off of what had happened. She didn't want to feel so alone forever. This way, she was surrounded by people that cared about her and wouldn't let anything happen to her ever again.