Bolt - Cross Roads Stories.

Dimensional flux Part 1

This story is written in part by Mike 101.

Neither of us own Bolt. Disney does, sorry.

Tick tock went the clock, ticking away the time. Bolt, the White American Shepherd with a black lightning bolt on his left side, watched it with an eagle eye, counting down the seconds until, {CRASH}, he was done babysitting. It had been another one of those days when Shadows, the jet black cat about the size of Bolt, and his mate Sassy, the white cat with black chest and paw fur and a left blind eye, had decided that they needed time away from their kittens. So they dropped them off so that they could play with the children of him and his wife, Mittens the tuxedo cat. It had already been an hour, and Bolt was nearly at his wits end, Wolf was supposed to be grounded for another one of his 'adventures' but instead the little grey puppy with the face of a kitten was running around playing and probably breaking things with his best friend, Mir, one of Shadows' daughters. Mir was a small kitten with white fur and black ears. The black stripes on her back were similar to chipmunk stripes, but started from the outside corner of her eyes and wrapped around her ears before traveling to her tail. By sheer luck the two were about the same age, because Wolf and his siblings had traveled to a planet with a slower time frame than Earth's. By the time they got back, Sassy had already given birth and the kittens were about two years old, the same age as Wolf and the other Kits. "I didn't do it this time daddy!" Wolf called from the other room. "I'm sure you didn't." Bolt said sarcastically, and lifted from his spot on the carpet to assess the damage. "Penny dropped it!" he called back. "Only because you jumped up on the counter and scared me!" the sixteen year old human girl shot back. What Bolt saw was Penny leaning over the counter to glare at the Kit, and a broken dinner plate on the ground. "Back to the sleeping area Wolf, you're still grounded remember?" Bolt interrupted. "Aw, but Mir's here!" Wolf argued, trying to keep his fun going. "I don't care, it's called punishment for a reason, now go!" Bolt scolded. Wolf lowered his head to the ground and folded his ears to his head slightly upset. "I'm tired anyway, let's go take a nap!" Mir quickly said. Wolf smiled slightly, "Oh that's ok, you don't have to." he said honestly, then Mir actually yawned, "I wasn't kidding." she said and made her way to the Kits' sleeping area, also known as the spare bedroom. Bolt shook his head with a smile, and followed them until the two of them flopped onto the dog bed, with the pure white Kitten, Anna. Chuckling at the view, Bolt turned and walked towards the back of the house, "Maybe a week was a little harsh, it was just a slingshot…that he was going to climb into…so he could go to the moon." he reasoned. "And a broken window." he heard Mittens say from behind him. When he turned around, he saw a small grey kitten cowering behind her. The collar she had was the same golden wedding collar he had gotten her the day they were married, except now she had a small golden heart shaped locket dangling at the bottom. He knew what was inside, a picture of their family all together, her, Bolt, Wolf, Mike the small chipmunk stripped puppy with black cat ears, and Hazel the small white kitten with black tiger stripes and a tail like Bolt's. "Hi Mittens, hi Kevin." he said greeting them. "Hi Mr. Bolt." Kevin said, shyly. "Apparently he does this very thing to Sassy when he's terrified of something." she explained. "That's cute!" Bolt teased, "What's scaring him?" "There's a flashing light and a hissing noise coming from the basement." Kevin quietly explained. "Oh that, it's probably just Rhino building something again." Bolt explained. "But what if it's a monster just waiting to pounce like Wolf said." the kitten shivered, and Bolt lowered his eyebrows, "A week might not have been harsh enough." he said flatly. Mittens chuckled and walked up to her husband with the timid little Kitten close by. "Let's go see if we can calm him down." she whispered. "Don't worry kid, Mittens and I will keep you safe while the three of us see what it really is." Bolt offered. Hesitantly, Kevin looked up into Bolt's eyes, seeing the confidence and letting it fill him, "Promise?" he asked timidly. "Promise!" Bolt and Mittens answered.

The Basement lit up with a bright yellow flash, following closely by a kind of hissing noise, like Kevin had described. "Sounds like Rhino is really into this project of his, whatever it is." Mittens said to Bolt. "Monsters?" Kevin asked in a shaky fearful voice. "No," Mittens reassured him, "Rhino doesn't like monsters either." Hearing that, Kevin steadied his nerves the best he could, and proceeded to look around the corner himself. What he found was a large machine that reminded him of a toaster, covering and hiding the light that shined forth, as well as the source of the hissing noise. "Hey Rhino?" Bolt called out, and the three of them heard the hamster squeak in fright. Lifting himself to the top of the machine quickly, he pressed one of his little paws to his heart, "Bolt, don't do that." he scolded the dog, "This work is very delicate, one wrong wire and we could find ourselves in another dimension, or worse, not existing at all!" The hamster was nothing special, except that he was now wearing hamster sized goggles and had a fourth level IQ, though he never actually flaunted it thanks to his fan boy persona. "What's it supposed to do?" Bolt asked. "It's supposed to be a molecular re-organizer, if I can take bark dust and turn it into baked beans, that would be almost as B-Awesome as you, though not quite." "Bark dust into baked beans?" Mittens asked quirking an eye, "This isn't going to be like last time when you tried to turn bricks into gold is it?" "No," he said simply, "And it would have worked if I could have figured out the final ingredient." "That formula left a smell in the house for months." Bolt complained, only to be interrupted by Rhino, "I said I was sorry, besides if this one fails, the house might just go up in a big puff of smoke." he said and dove back into the machine, continuing the sparks of his welding. Mittens and Bolt glanced at each other with worried looks on their faces, "What?" the asked at the same time. Quietly, Penny made her way to the basement, "LUNCH TIME!" she called out, only to get a squeak from Rhino, and the machine lit up with blue and green lights, as it literally hummed to life. "Rhino?" Mittens called out before the machine flashed. Kevin ran to hide behind Mittens' leg as the light engulfed everyone.

Bolt found himself on the ground as he came to. The only thing he could really tell was that it was that he was lying on the linoleum, and he wasn't alone. The voice he heard sounded a lot like his own. "…and just when I think I've seen it all, copies of ourselves just pop out of nowhere. Are you guys seeing this? I wonder if they're alright. Do you think we should wake them?" the Bolt voice said. 'Is that me?' Bolt thought as he lay there, 'But how can that be? Maybe it's a trick.' "I'm game for that," said another voice. The voice seemed to be male and deep, but for some reason smooth and soothing, almost hypnotic, other than that Bolt had no idea who it might be. "Let's see where they are from and how they got here. I'm sure you all would like to talk to yourselves, or rather, other versions of yourselves. So yah, Wake them up!" the smile in the second voice seemed to fade as the person spoke again, "Are you ok?" 'Copies of ourselves? What does that mean?' Bolt asked himself and was surprised to hear Penny's voice answer the boy, "Uh…yah fine, just still shocked about seeing copies of myself and my pets. It's just a lot to take in." 'What? That's it, I've got to see what's going on!' Bolt thought to himself, and tried opening his eyes, what he saw was a large white blob as it began to form in front of him. "I'll agree to that, hey, he's waking up!" the White blob said, and quickly formed into what looked exactly like himself, minus the black lightning bolt. In seconds he was wide awake, panicking wildly and looking around, "WHO, WHAT, WHERE?" he shouted as he glanced around at himself, a boy, Penny Mittens and Rhino. Behind them, there were also other dogs, and a few puppies. Looking to his side, he noticed Mittens, his Mittens, lying on the ground just coming to. Next to her was a shaking Kevin, fear covered his entire persona. Rhino and Penny were also nearby slowly coming back to consciousness. Bolt quickly placed himself between his family and the 'Imposters'. "I must warn you, I still have my Super strength!" he growled as he guarded his family. "Whoa, whoa. Settle down there!" the other Bolt said as he waved one of his paws hoping to calm this Super Bolt down. Instead Bolt the Super Dog, growled at him, menacingly. The sheer brutality behind the growl made the other Bolt shrink back in fear, causing him to cower as much as he could without leaving the front line. "Hey." came the soft voice of the boy, "Hey, it's ok. We're not going to hurt you." Bolt wanted to stay protective, he wanted to continue growling at them, but found himself relaxing to the voice of the boy. Slowly, he stopped and dropped his guard, only a little. The boy placed his hand on Bolt's head and gently rubbed his fur, showing his kindness as he pet the Super Dog himself. "That…was unbelievable." Mittens said as she watched her husband inadvertently trust someone.

"Who are you?" Bolt tried to bark out, keeping a little distrust in his voice. "My name is Michael, this is Penny, Bolt, Sadie, Mittens, Rhino, Cloud, Lightning, and Katie." Michael said as he pointed to them in turn. Sadie seemed to be a black Labrador, only a small amount taller than Bolt. The puppies seemed to be a mix between the two, Cloud being light grey in color, and Katie looked strikingly like her mother. Lightning looked like Bolt himself, other than the black lightning bolts on his butt, one on each side. Super Bolt shook his head wildly, "That can't be right, I'm Bolt, this is Mittens, that's Rhino and that's Penny." he argued, looking to each in turn. "Alternate dimensions, somehow you guys crossed the dimensional walls and ended up in our kitchen." Michael reasoned. The family of super animals and their Penny looked at the hamster, glaring daggers, "Eheh, oops!" was all he could say. "Well, looks like you guys are a long way from home then." the other Bolt said cautiously, he was still a little spooked at how vicious his other self could growl. "Yah." Super Mittens said still keeping her eyes on Rhino, "So raise your hand…or paw, if you have super powers." Super Bolt and Super Mittens lifted their paws together, Super Rhino made sure to launch his in the air as quickly as he could. Surprisingly, Michael also raised his hand while the other Bolt almost did, but after thinking about it, lowered his paw. From behind Mittens, Kevin lifted his little paw so that it was the only thing the others could see of him. The other Penny, grabbed one of Michael's arms and leaned in close to him, "Why can I understand them?" she asked. "Super Rhino at your service." the super hamster said, "Thanks to our, uh…altered DNA, the three of us have the ability to speak over 300 different languages and dialects. At the same time we can understand those same languages and Dialects as if they were in our own language. Kind of like an instant translator. You aren't hearing animal speak because we are speaking English." "Are you someone else's handy work or something?" the other Rhino asked. Super Bolt, Mittens and Rhino gave the normal hamster a strange look, "Huh?" they asked. "Never mind." Rhino responded. "I don't like this place," Kevin whispered while close to tears, "Daddy and Mommy aren't here." The Super animals turned to him questioningly, only to have him dart out from behind Mittens and strait for the doggy door, clearing it entirely as he escaped. "KEVIN, COME BACK!" Super Mittens shouted as she chased after the kitten. "This can't be good!" Super Bolt said and chased after her. "Come on," the other Bolt said, "We need to help them." "On it," Michael called back then turned to his Penny, "Keep an eye on the others." She simply nodded as she turned to her other self, noticing her reach into her pocket and pull out an ear piece as Super Rhino seemed to make a computer out of light appear in his ball. "That…is…AWESOME!" the other Rhino shouted with a huge smile on his face. "Oh, you haven't even seen the best part yet!" Super Rhino told him and began typing.

It seemed as if they just couldn't keep up with the kitten, no matter how hard they tried, he was just too scared. "Penny!" Bolt said mostly to himself, but still got an answer from his headset. "I'm on it Bolt, Rhino's tracking him right now." she said. "Thanks." and he turned to see himself running alongside him. "What's going on?" the other Bolt asked. "Kevin is scared easily, that's why he ran off, he's trying to find his parents." Super Bolt replied. "That makes sense." normal Bolt said, right before Kevin vanished in a flash of light. "I lost him." Rhino said over the headset. "Shoot!" Super Bolt said as he came to a stop. "Was that teleportation?" Michael asked as he came to a stop close by. "Yah, it was." Mittens said to him. "Is that kitten your son or something?" the super human asked. "No, this is my family." Mittens said as she opened her locket. Michael knelt down and grabbed the locket in his hand, getting a good look at the picture. Mittens was laying down on her side smiling gently with her three kits in front of her. Wolf was sitting still and had a huge grin on his face, Mike sitting next to him, flashing a silly but happy smile and Hazel smiling to match her mother. Bolt sat behind Mittens, smiling brightly as he loomed protectively over the others. "You two are married?" Michael asked. The other Bolt turned and gave the Super dog a strange look, "You married your best friend?" he asked in surprised. Super Bolt looked to him, "Yah what of it?" he said proudly. "She's a cat!" he said instinctively. "And they had children!" Michael corrected, showing both Bolt's the picture. Super Bolt smile proudly while the other Bolt let his jaw drop in shock. "That is physically impossible." he said in disbelief. "Bolt, Rhino just got a fix on Kevin," they heard over the headset, "he's in the park. Move quickly or he might get hurt." "Rodger that!" both Bolt's said in unison, and the normal Bolt took off towards the park, with Super Bolt hot on his heels. "You're not leaving me behind this time." Mittens shouted as she followed closely with Michael running close behind. "Let me know if he moves, we don't want to lose him again." Super Bolt said to his headset. "Roger that Bolt!" Rhino responded.

"So nano technology and holographic imaging, just like on my favorite otherworldly show." the other Rhino said while geeking out, "You mean Space Fleet? That is the second best show I've ever seen." Super Rhino agreed. "You bet it is, and I'm standing in the presence of the very technology it has on the Night Hawk space ship bridge." the normal hamster said while geeking out. "Where do you think I got the idea?" Super Rhino asked with the same expression. "Focus Rhino," Both Penny's said, "we need to find Kevin's power signature." the one with the headset finished. "No matter where I go Penny always keeps me from doing what I like." super Rhino whispered to himself. "Lame" the other Rhino said in response. "Has he moved?" the other Penny asked. "Not an inch, like he's scared stiff of something." Super Rhino responded. Rhino let his curiosity get the better of him, and opened the door to his ball before walking up to the other's ball and pressing his paws and face against it. "Huh?" he said and knocked on the surface, "This isn't plastic." he said. "It's Diaqurotioux Crystal, impenetrable to anything except itself." Super Rhino responded as he typed away. "Zooming in." he said just as quickly, and Rhino pressed his face against the crystal ball with excitement. "So, the Michael guy, is he your…?" Super Penny asked. "Huh? Oh uh…Yah. We're dating." she admitted. "Have you two…?" Super Penny asked. Blushing Penny turned away from her other self, "No, not all the way." she said a little embarrassed. "That's cool, I only get to see my boyfriend once a week if he's not busy being ambassador for his world." Super Penny told her. "Focus Penny." Rhino said, turning the situation around. "Thanks Rhino." Super Rhino said as he typed away. "You're welcome Rhino!" the ordinary hamster responded with a smile.

By the time they arrived at the park, they could see police surrounding one single spot, and a crowd of people surrounding them. "Oh no, Kevin hates crowds, the large number of people scare him to death." Super Bolt said. "Allow me." Michael said and focused his gaze on one of the cops up front that he could see. Through the eyes of that man, he could see the small Kitten shaking and crying in fear, but the fear intensified the moment he looked into the eyes of the cop he Michael was focused on. "Can he tell?" Michael asked breaking his connection, right before Kevin let out a loud and frightened scream, unleashing a blast of white light that enveloped him and the area between him and the people. Screams and shouts of panic filled the air as the light expanded slowly, and the people including the cops ran away. "I didn't know he could do that." Bolt said as he watched the little kitten from another dimension cause a large explosion. "Energy Eruption, this could kill him if he's not careful." Michael said in fear. Suddenly Mittens' eyes opened wide as she thought of an idea. "Kevin stop!" she called out, trying to mimic her 'sister's voice as closely as possible. From inside the blast, Kevin opened his eyes in surprise, he swore he heard his mother shouting. "Please Kevin. Sweetie I don't want to lose you." he heard his mother shout from outside the light. "Mommy?" he whispered, and began calming down. The moment the light faded, Kevin found himself out of energy, and collapsed to the ground unconscious. The ground surrounding him had become scorched and barren, black charred remains of grass and plants were surrounded by burned dirt and half incinerated rocks. The group breathed a sigh of relief as they took their first step towards Kevin, but were instantly stopped by a group of armed guards that marched quickly in front of them. "Stay back, this is now a restricted area, Government officials only." one of them said and continued towards the small grey kitten. "Shoot." Michael whispered as he tried hiding his face from the guards, "How did they get here so fast?" "Excuse me," Super Bolt said to the guard. Michael shifted his eyes in shock, looking only to the super dog, "You can't just take who or what you want" the Super Dog continued. "An English talking animal." the guard said in shock, and turned his gun to Bolt, "Score!" he said and pulled the trigger once. The shot that was fired seemed to stop, caught in Bolt's armor like fur, not even remotely entering his skin. "Now why would you do that?" he asked with a smile. Shock enveloped the solder as Bolt jumped up and grabbed the firearm in his mouth, pinching the barrel instantly in his massive grip. Dropping to the ground satisfied that the man would do no more harm to anyone. "Target acquired." they all heard as they saw Kevin being lifted into a cat carrier. "Hey," Bolt shouted, "I said leave him alone!" "There's multiple targets?" one of the surprised solders asked. Mittens spread her crystal claws, showing just how serious she was. She hissed loudly, "The kitten comes with us!" she said. "Two more, probably escaped experiments." they shouted, and lifted their guns aiming at both Mittens and Bolt. "Say good night!" one of them said, and they all pulled their triggers.

"Bolt…Bolt!" Penny kept calling into her headset, only to receive no answer, "Mittens can you hear me?" she called into her device, only to receive static. "I lost all three of their signals, they must be out cold." Super Rhino said in shock. "What about Michael's signal?" normal Rhino asked. "I don't know Michael's signal, I forgot to scan him." Super Rhino shouted as he began panicking. His panic vanished the moment he heard the door slam open, and in came the normal Bolt and Michael, both tired and scratched, but no super animals. The Penny from the other world, raced up to him and stopped merely a foot from him, "Where are they?" she asked, "Where are Bolt and Mittens?" Smiling weakly he said, "There has to be a better way to tell you two apart." and collapsed to the ground. His Penny rushed up to him, and grabbed him by the shoulders, placing his head on her lap. "Michael?" she said, close to tears. Super Rhino rolled his ball close to the super human, and released a line of light that moved itself up and down his body. "He'll be fine, the scans say he's exhausted." the Super Hamster told them. "You also scanned for his power signature didn't you?" the other hamster asked sarcastically. "Yah, I did." he responded happily.

End of part 1