Chapter 1

Out Of The Blue And Into The Fire

Mario, Link, Capt. Falcon, and Ike had their backs against the wall fighting off the Primid armies before them. "They just keep coming!" Ike shouted so his team could hear him. "That's what she said!" Capt. Falcon joked. "Be serious, dude!" Link shouted as he threw his boomerang to mow down the enemies behind the captain. Mario began to charge up a huge wall of fire, but he clocked out before he could even finish it. "We need help…." Mario thought to himself with his hands on his head.

On a cliff not too far away, a 16 year old girl with brown hair, daisy dukes, and a white t-shirt with a pink pokeball on it stood on the edge surveying the field. A battle hardened Pikachu stood next to her with a lightning bolt scar on its tail. "Fightin time, Pikachu!" the girl shouted as she jumped from the 500 ft high cliff, pokeball in hand. "Reuniclus, use Psychic!" All of a sudden, the multiplying pokemon appeared and slowed their descent. "Pikachu, use Thunder Wave!" the mouse pokemon shot a wave of energy that paralyzed 3/4 of the primid forces. "Reuniclus, Lock on, Then Hyper Beam!" Reuniclus took aim for the center of the battlefield and shot a blast of raw, pure golden energy toward the army.

"She immobilized the troops first, then proceeded to spot their weak points. There is no escape. What a flawless strategy. Only one person I know could ever pull off that strategy. Could it be?"Mario spoke amazed at what he was witnessing. The forces that weren't completely obliterated ran back to their leader to let him know what had taken place. "Reuniclus, return." The psychic type nodded as it turned into red light. Her Pikachu decided to rest on her shoulder. "Sleep tight buddy."

She walked over to the Brawlers and looked them up and down. "You could've taken them. I can plainly see you all fight for a living. Except you." she said pointing at Capt. Falcon. "You look kinda soft." "Soft? I'll show you soft!" He proceeded to charge up a Falcon Punch when she snuck up behind him and pointed a gun at his back. "Do you want to sit down or do you want a body full of lead/" the girl asked in a serious tone. "I'll behave." Capt. said as he sat in the dirt and bagman to draw stick figures with his finger.

"I'm outta here." the girl said as she turned to leave. "Wait!" Mario stopped her. "We could use someone like you in the core." "The Core? Sounds like some old Earth Day shit." she replied. "No No! We're the Brawler Resistance Core. We save those who need saving from the Primid forces. We need all the help we can get. Will you help us?" Mario inquired with his hand outstretched. "I can't be trusted….. not after last time…" she ran off into the darkness, not looking back to save face.

"What'll we do now?" Link asked Mario. "She'll come around. We'll keep fighting until she does." Mario pulled out a gameboy that doubled as a teleporter. He input the coordinates to the Mushroom Kingdom as they teleported back to base, waiting for the next assignment.