She was eight years old when the comet hit them.
Her skin, from then on, was permanently tinged green, and from her hands sprouted amazing powers.
Her mother was very impressed.
"Yes, it is intriguing," Sheila said quietly after her explaining of the incident, "But I really wanted red like you, mama."
Her mother's eyes sparkled as she held her daughters trembling hands, unafraid of what might come out of them.
"You'll be even better than I," she the lady clad in scarlet.
"I don't know about that."
Carmen tipped her daughter's chin up so they could make eye contact.
"Sheila, you will be so famous so fast, the world won't be able to keep up with you."

Her brother ruined the moment.
"Yo, Shego! We're having a contest in the backyard. Come on!"

"Shego?" The girl's mother inquired.
"It's an abbreviation. Sheila Sandiego is too long."
"I'm sorry you think so."

They could hear the boys' voices in the background.
"I told you, I yelled for her to come."
"Where on Earth could she be?"