Here it is, the If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked a Cake one shot of lore. I figured that after last night, we could all use a little dash of unadulterated fluff. Love you all.

"God damn it, Cooper!" Blaine shouted, looking angrily down at the cake he had been carefully piping for the last hour and a half. There was now a giant glob of pink icing down one of the layers and it was all because his idiot older brother decided to make one of his 'famous' entrances (Cooper's words not Blaine's). "I'm going to have to re-lay the fondant for this entire level, now. This is a wedding cake not a Pollack."

"It was an act of protest," Cooper said, taking an overly large bite of what Blaine assumed was one of his pastries, that Cooper had helped himself to. Blaine hadn't bothered turning around.

"I'm probably going to regret asking this," Blaine said, making his way over to the fondant sheeting machine and beginning the task of fixing the mess Cooper had caused. "But, what are you protesting? Don't tell me you've joined Bloomberg's anti-sugar crusade."

"You, little brother, are not making your own wedding cake," Cooper replied, shoving the rest of the treat in his mouth at once. "Jeez, Blaine these chocolate cherry things are cray cray."

"If by 'chocolate cherry things' you're referring to the black forest petit fores that I spent months developing, than thanks, I guess. Maybe next time you'll eat it in fewer than two bites and actually taste the thing," Blaine said, cranking the machine with slightly more force than he did the first time. "And, why the hell not? Why would I trust someone else to make the most important cake of my life."

"Is Kurt doing the wedding video, then?" Cooper asked, hopping up to sit on a counter momentarily before Blaine shooed him off. "I know Rachel is supposed to be Kurt's maid of honor, but is she also singing for the wedding band?"

Blaine finally stopped his cranking and turned around to face Cooper fully, "what's your point, Coop?"

"My point is that, you're right. This is the most important cake of your life and that's because it's the most important day of your life," Cooper started. "And I know you. If you make that cake, you're going to be stressing over it the entire day before, because god forbid it's more than a day old and then the whole time you'll be fussing over it and worrying that it isn't perfect. You need to let the cake be someone else's problem."

Blaine squirmed slightly and looked at the floor. He hated when Cooper was right, "I'll call up one of my friends from culinary school tomorrow," Blaine sighed, turning back to face the cake. "In the meantime, the cake you ruined was for someone else's wedding so I'd really appreciate it if you would take your smug look elsewhere," Blaine said, but Cooper could here the laughter in his voice.


Blaine came into their apartment later that night hungry, exhausted, and with a headache from spending an unprecedented amount of time staring at tiny pink detail work, "I'm home," he called out, sounding weaker than he meant to, but it didn't matter. There was never any fooling Kurt.

"Someone sounds like they had a long day," Kurt commented, coming through the kitchen into the foyer and giving Blaine a quick peck on the lips. "Good thing I made comfort food for dinner. How does spaghetti carbonara sound?"

"It sounds like you're the best fiance in the universe," Blaine said, pulling Kurt back in for a longer kiss. He squeaked in surprise, but quickly recovered and allowed himself to fully enjoy the feeling of Blaine's soft lips on his. He felt Blaine's tongue licking lightly at his bottom lip and Kurt let his mouth slip open on instinct. He loved the way Blaine tasted, like coffee, and cinnamon, and a lingering sweetness that never went away, even on days when Blaine wasn't working at the shop.

"Mmm...what was that for?" Kurt said, finally pulling away from the kiss only to bury his nose in the crook of Blaine's neck. "Not that I'm complaining," he added.

"It's been a long day," Blaine replied, bringing his hand up to play with the hair at the nape of Kurt's neck. "I just really need to be close to you is all."


About twenty minutes later, Blaine got his wish. He and Kurt were curled up on the couch, under a blanket sharing a giant bowl of carbonara between them. Diners, Drive ins, and Dives was on quietly in the background and Marion was snoozing on top of Blaine's feet, keeping them nice and warm.

After the two had eaten their fill, Kurt put the bowl on the coffee table and gently maneuvered them so that Kurt was leaning on the arm rest and Blaine was tucked comfortably between his legs, back to Kurt's chest. Kurt curled his arms around Blaine and turned the TV on mute, "Alright, honey, bottle it in time is over, spill."

Blaine groaned and burrowed further into Kurt's chest, "it was just a bum day. Can't we just watch Guy eat his weight in baby back ribs for a little longer?" Blaine practically wined, but he knew that Kurt wasn't going to stand for it. The other man leveled him with a classic Hummel look, ensuring that Blaine knew he meant business. "Okay fine, I had been working on the detailing for this wedding cake for hours and then Cooper came in and ruined an entire layer, and I had to start from scratch. Plus, he told me I was an idiot for planning to make my own wedding cake and I hate when Cooper is right," Blaine said petulantly.

Kurt squeezed him a little tighter around the middle and kissed the top of his head, "I know it sucks when brothers are right. I'm still recovering from the time that Finn told me it was a bad idea to wear that fantastic studded tote bag on the L train," Kurt said, making Blaine chuckle a little. "But he only told you that because he loves you. You know that, and if I can be really honest, because it comes from a place of caring. I don't think it's such a bad idea to leave the cake making to someone else, just this once. I just want you to be relaxed and worry free on our wedding day. I don't want you to concentrate on anything but saying 'I do.'"

Blaine sighed, "that's exactly what Coop said," Blaine replied. "Although, it sounds a lot more romantic coming from you," Blaine said, a smile finally back on his face. "I love you."

"I love you, too Honey," Kurt said, reaching for the remote and putting the sound back on. "Now lets see how much of that pork sandwich he can finish before the episode is over."

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