I ran through Central Park, I heard footsteps behind me and I scurried up a tree. "Azami, come down, we need to talk to you." said a vagely familiar voice. I looked down at the people below, Foot clan people, my father's people.

"What do you want?" I asked, not leaving my spot in the tree.

"You should know we've been looking for you, for the past month, we know you failed your mission and now you know what we have to do." I thought for a moment about the new rules that had been set for me after my father had died, if I failed the Foot clan had to kill me. I jumped down from the tree,I exspected the first blow to come instantly, it did but it was blocked, I was shoved back and saw Mikey standing infront of me, he kicked the Foot ninja hard in the chest, sending him backwards then he turned to me.

"Why are you here?" I asked, " I was going to kill you, then I left!" he took my arm and took me with him, we ran through Central Park to the ladder that lead down to the sewer, he threw me down the ladder, then he climbed down, closing of the enterance. '"Why did you save me!" I asked.

"You said you couldn't." I raised an eyebrow at him, "You said you couldn't kill me, why not?"

"You four are nothing like what I was trained to believe." I smiled at Mikey. "Thanks by the way." he smiled back."I can't go back." I said to Mikey. "I have to settle some things with the Foot clan ninja." I climbed back up the ladder opening the hole I waved good bye to Mikey and closed the hole.

The Foot ninja were upon me befor I new it, I faught them the best I could, it began to rain. One of the ninja drove a katana into my side, pinning me to a tree. They yanked the katana out and I fell to the ground, the turned me over, off my stomach and kicked me in the side of the head and I lay there acting dead, staring up at the sky as rain poured down.

They stabbed me in the stomach one last time and left. I laid there for a moment, just staring up at the sky. "Azami!" I blinked when I heard my name and slowly sat up, turning to see who it was. I saw Donny running over to me. I stood up and waved at him as he got closer, then collapsed, as he caught me. "Azami?" I looked up into the sky and let out my last breath.