Disclaimer: I don't own HP.

Sorry I've been gone so long… yeah, no excuses other than a play. This for Wildtalon1138's Favorite Things challenge. I got Lily Luna, so here…

Oh, and the Alex Day reference is for InlovewithFred. If you happen to know who he and Charlieissocoollike are, which one do you prefer?

I have three things I really enjoy. Three things I love, above all else. They probably seem strange to others, but each to their own, I think.

The first one is snogging. Everybody does it differently. You can learn a lot about a bloke from the way they snog. Some, like Robert McLaggen, come on strong. They want dominance, and they fight hard for it.

Others, like Thomas MacMillan, are more reserved. They are slower paced and let you take control if you want it. Blokes like Thomas are pretty good snoggers—things can go either way with them.

The last kind are the ones like Kareem Berlin, who are just like a dead fish. It's probably pretty obvious that I'm not a fan of that kind of snoggers.

It's strange, really, how I've come to think of boys as objects and snogs as data, but in a way it's easier, really. No emotional connection, so it doesn't hurt when I walk away or, less likely, when they walk away. I snog and run, as always.

Another interest of mine is math. I don't know why, but there's something about how the numbers fit together, and how they make something that is always rational (except for when it isn't, but even then, it makes sense).

My third passion is Muggle music. I'm not saying that all wizarding music is crap, but it is. Honestly. I mean, you can have either the Weird Sisters (totally outdated—they were around in Dad's time!) or Alex Day. Who would you pick, honestly?

So, those are my three passions. Strangely, I've never been able to combine them…