I just watched the hour-long Evil King eppy, and I LOVED IT! SPOILER ALERT: MIKAYLA KISSES BRADY! YES! Anyway, this isn't my usual fanfiction realm, but I wanted to write a fanfic on a Pair of Kings episode, so yeah. This is based on the Sirocco eppy. Multichapter.

Brady was surrounded on all sides by a group of greedy commoners who wanted to turn him in as Sirocco for a quick buck. He was in despair at what to do, but a yank by the arm changed that. The next thing he knew, Brady was in a hideout, alone, with Mikayla. She went on about how great Sirocco was, and Brady was just starting to fully bask in the glory, when she told him something that shocked him.

"Kiss me," she bade.

"Uh, kees you?" Brady said in his ridiculous French accent.

"Yes, kees, me," repeated Mikayla.

Mikayla had been right in saying she was being forward. The girl of his dreams was being forward, with him. This might never happen again. But she was sure to find out he was Sirocco at some point. Then she'd probably be so mad she'd never speak to him again. Brady hated being just friends, but it was worse not to talk to her at all. Still, her lips were so tempting… No! He had to get out of there before someone found them. Then he'd disappear and he wouldn't have to face her as Sirocco again. He'd never even kissed a girl, so he wouldn't kiss Mikayla right anyway.

As Brady was thinking all of this, Mikayla became nervous and impatient at the awkward silence. She'd never opened her feelings up to anyone like that before. What was she thinking anyway, that Sirocco would fall head over heels for her at first sight? There was a million other pretty girls he'd probably already seen. She was stupid for telling him to kiss her. But then again, when would she get a chance to woo her hero and be wooed?

Mikayla's eyes suddenly narrowed in determination. Impulsively, she grabbed Sirocco by the shirt collar and pulled his lips to meet hers. Instantly she felt his soft lips on hers and his arms wrapped around her waist in a strong and warm embrace. Her lips moved in sync with his as she tangled her fingers in his hair. Whoever Sirocco was, he was definitely a good kisser.

Brady and Mikayla finally pulled away from the kiss to stare at each other. Mikayla hiccuped in nervousness. Brady's mouth widened to a very pleased grin. Just then, the two could hear the return of the angry crowd.

"Quick! I think he's in there!" called one of the rioters.

Brady looked sweetly at Mikayla and kissed her on the cheek.

"Madamoiselle, it has been a pleasure," he complimented flirtatiously in his accent.

Brady turned to go, and just before he did, Mikayla called out to him.

"When will I see you again?" she blurted out.

Brady turned back. A hundred things flashed in his mind, but all he ended up saying was "Soon."

With that, Brady ran off before the crowd could nab him. Mikayla sighed dreamily as she wondered what he could have meant by soon.

*Sigh* I love Brakayla!