Prologue-Sumer of Darkness

The early morning breeze picks at my cloths. In reality it's just after two in the morning, so for most it is still the middle of the night. Even still I'm wide awake, I honestly can't remember the last time I had a solid eight hours sleep. Twelve, Thirteen year's maybe? It's really not important, I really don't need the sleep anyway.

So here I sit the same place as every night sitting on a low stone wall that rest in front of the hollowed out wreckage of an old cram school, lost within my thoughts of the past. Support beams poke out from the debris here and there, pointing up to the sky like the fingers of a giant. A sign half buried in front of the ruin simply reads school, the rest of it long since faded with age like the pages of an old book.

Such a wonderful place to take a late night stroll I know, but to me it will always be special. Taking in the wreckage before me I sigh. So many people lost, lost but not forgotten; how long since my friends and family passed. Twenty years, maybe when you live as long as I have time stops being relevant.

"Whatever" I sigh to myself again. "Suppose I should head home anyway", she gets antsy if I stay out too long. Finally standing I turn my back to the ruined school "later" I whisper to the empty air, as if talking to an old friend. In a way I am, it all began here. So here it is the story, the story of Araragi Koyomi's life after death.