Once upon a time, in an alternate universe far, far, far away...a beautiful princess was born, as they generally are in such stories. But with the preternatural unluckiness that princesses seem prone to, her birth was cursed by a witch garbed in a crimson cloak. Oh, a spell of such wickedness was not meant for the little girl, intended instead for one of the lords attending the christening, but storytellers has always loved dramatic twists and turns. Besides, it would been a blight on tradition to have a princess without some sort of terrible curse. Fairy tales have standards, you know. But I digress.

Indeed, while the young princess would inevitably been the victim of some cruel witch as all royalty must be, this curse was particularly troublesome. Her pale skin was turned into an instrument of death, stealing memory and life from all that dared to touch. The entire land wept, lamenting that such a dark affliction had fallen on their lovely little princess. But centuries of life in a universe ruled by ink and paper had prepared them for such eventualities, and it was with much weeping and wailing that the girl was bundled off into the deepest, darkest forest that they had to await the arrival of her one true love, who would surely be able to break the foul curse, as he always was.

It was unfortunate, then, that this particular princess was not fond of waiting.

Just a short teaser to see if anyone's interested. Let me know if it should be continued here, or relegated to my hard drive.