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The Dark Dance

EPOV / The Queens Chamber

I knelt in front of the bed awaiting my mother's attention trying to ignore what was happening before me. The wet noise of sex, pleasure noises from a female, pain filled noises from a male. Mother is astride one of her guard, riding him in fury, metal tipped nails buried deep into his shoulders. The poor bastard is cut and bleeding from a thousand shallow cuts upon his body but still he performs for her. He knows what happens if you do not please the queen.

Her bed is a massive; so big you could call it orgy size. Half of it is recessed in a round alcove carved into black rock like a half dome. The foot part of the bed is square and protrudes out into the room. The sheets are black and silken; black doesn't show blood or other things. On an uneventful day the bed is covered in furs. A fitting bed spread for a bloodthirsty queen.

On a normal day the shackles affixed to the stone in the alcove are empty. But tonight in the black rock alcove are shackled four others of her guard. Naked and bleeding, each of them watching our queen and her latest victim. Looks of pity, pain, and fear are on each of their faces. Pity for the one in the bed, pain because they were there before him, and fear that she might want to finish off with them once more.

The standard two guards are at my back flanking the door. I left my guards in the hall. They protested this but I don't want them to catch her eye and become her playthings till her anger is appeased. We all have been her playthings at one time or another. No, she has never stooped to incest but she has tortured me till I resembled the naked bleeding man on the bed. Then she fucked the bastard that helped her cut me to ribbons in front of my bleeding body.

I have a deep hatred for my mother. I guess having your mother tear your skin to ribbons of bleeding flesh in front of a crowd of courtiers doesn't promote family love. My hatred must stay buried until I can unleash it and kill the bitch. Until that day I must plot, and plan, and stay one step in front of her and her sycophants.

I watch from under my lashes with my head down, careful to keep quiet, but I catalogue everything. I see the hatred in her guard's eyes when her back is turned. There are only a few now completely dedicated to her. Those are the ones who join her in her sick and twisted games. Bella thankfully destroyed her two most loyal guards.

She finishes riding the guard on the bed with a forceful buck of her hips and a shriek, her head thrown back and sweat dripping between her breasts. She straitens her spine still astride the guard and nonchalantly pulls the metal claws from the shoulders of the guard and carefully licks the blood from each of them. Then as if she was pulling off a pair of gloves starts to pluck the metal tipped claws from her fingers one by one and throw them to the floor. Never bothering to remove herself from his body she looks down at me kneeling before her. She carries herself so regal sitting there naked, as if on her throne instead of riding a cock.

"Edward, my son," she says as she sits astride her guard. "So good of you to come to my call." She smirks down at me, like I had a choice to come to her. Her smile is dangerous and it's hard to judge which way the conversation will turn.

"I always come to your call my mother queen." I say as I slowly raise my head to look at her. I smile lasciviously at her hoping this will appease her.

She likes to think I am depraved as her. It amuses her to see my prowess displayed before the court. In the past I have set up scenes to encourage this. Never though with an unwilling person, my companion each time were women with a taste toward the violent end of sex. She likes to watch someone taken by force so my partners were instructed to resist, as if it was the queens guard lined up to mount her. When it comes to my mother it is best to volunteer than to be surprised when she demands your participation.

My worst lesson came from refusing to join her games. I was still young and stupid and refused to rape a young man who declined a night of my mother's pleasure. She decided that if he didn't want her that he would enjoy the attention of her guards. She saw my look of disgust and demanded that I participate. I refused in an undiplomatic way so I joined the victim on the floor for the crowd's amusements. It isn't a memory that I like to revisit. But the laughter of my mother as her guard raped me will never be forgotten.

"I have a problem my son. It seems my James has gone missing now. I want him back!" I know that will never happen. His body has been reduced to ashes by now. "I also want to know who is disposing of my guard. You wouldn't know anything would you my son?" She raises an eyebrow at me in query.

I think carefully before I reply. "No mother I can think of no one. There are always currents and eddies in the court of unrest, but nothing has come to my attention. Is there someone you suspect?" I raise an eyebrow and feign interest. She seems placated for the moment.

I try to change the subject. "What of your new pet? Bored already?" I look in the corner of the room, Leah rest there on something that resembles a large dog bed. She is in terrible shape. She lies there bruised and battered; her hair is unkempt and oily caked with blood and other fluids. Her eyes are like black holes into nothing now and that proud air is no more. Leah is broken.

She smiles wickedly looking over at her defeated toy. "Interested?"

"Maybe," I say with a smirk. "Where ever did you acquire one of the Slough's high ranking females?"

She gives a wicked laugh. "I received my beautiful gift from a lower ranking female of course. She is my eyes and ears in the Slough court and has a desire to be the Prince's mate."

I file this away for later. Jake needs to know that it was a rival that put Leah in to the queens clutches. This rival may also assume Bella is a danger to her position.


After parting from Edward Jake and I walked through the woods not speaking for maybe thirty minutes until we came upon the river. A flat bottomed fishing boat was tied to a tree and it was packed and ready for us. At the bow of the boat were a large cushion and a mass of pillows. In an open basket upon the seat were a large blanket and a beautiful hooded black opera cape. I pulled the cape from the basket. I had only seen them on the internet before and could not resist looking at my new accessory. By the look of it, it should drag the ground it's so long.

Jake suggested that I sleep for a while and after I rested we would talk. I was so tired I fell upon the cushion and was out before the blanket fully settled upon me.

I awoke to the heat of noon. It was stifling under the blanket so I pitched it to the side of me and sat up to look about. Jake was at the back of the boat manning the motor and steering us upstream. The river had narrowed so that meant we must be far upstream. There were no sand banks here just straight river.

I stretched and yawned. "How long was I asleep?" I asked Jake.

"You got about four hours."

"Four hours? Jake how far have we gone?" I asked curiously.

"We are out of the human areas and are merging into the sacred lands owned by my people"

"The Slough?"

"Yes, we have wards that repel humans from this land."

"Repel? What does it do to them?"

"They will feel uneasy, sometimes sick. We have weather charms that will bring sudden storms. At a point they don't come back."

"You kill them?"

"If they see something that they don't need to, yes, we do."

"What is there to see? All I see is river and overgrown swamp."

"We roam our land free, unhidden so if the wards don't get rid of them, then they are disposed of. Bella, where we are going is not safe for a human. You need to keep as quiet as possible until we get to my apartments. No matter what you see you must not react. Do you understand Bella? We cannot let anyone know you are here and no one must know that there is a human in the kingdom. Your people are prey animals to us."

"Prey animals?"

"I'm sorry but yes, to our people you and your race are lesser, sometimes used for breeders, sometime sport to hunt, and sometimes food." There wasn't much else to say on that, I thought grimly.

"So that is the reason for the opera cape, to keep me hid?" He nodded and I turned back to face the front and watched the river monotonously.

"Your smell is changing so that may help us." He said and I turned back to look at him curiously.

"What? What do you mean my smell is changing?" Did I stink? It was hot under the blanket; a bath would make me feel much better.

"No, it's not that. You're starting to smell Fae. Not fully Fae though, more like you have a touch of our blood in your veins."

"It must be the baby changing my scent."

"It will help get us to my quarters without drawing too much attention." I nodded and when he didn't add anything else I turned back to watch the river.

Nothing changed in the next hour except it only grew narrower and darker. The trees we passed were larger and they started to make a tunnel over us. Up ahead the river seemed to make a large wide turn and there was a sandbank in a break of sunlight. In the middle of it was a large post with a round hook. I assumed correctly that we had finally reached out destination. Jake beached the boat and came forward to hop out and pull it further up on the sand bank. I watched as he tied the boat off with a rope attached to the bow. He then turned toward the woods to survey what was there. I stayed quiet and as still as possible.

It must have been safe for he looked back and me and nodded then said quietly so it wouldn't carry. "Bella now would be a good time to get into the cloak." I didn't hesitate and threw it over me as fast as I could.

"Do I need the hood yet?"

"No but you might like the protection it will give you from the mosquitos."

I don't know how far away from civilization we are but there isn't even a con trail in the sky to mark that humanity is still here. The only noise on the wind is the swamp and the bugs. Here I am, still in America but I feel like I am walking in foreign lands.

He steps back toward the boat, Hand me the heaviest back pack" he says as I collect everything of mine that I will be taking with me. I do so then give him my hand and he helps me from the boat and onto the sand bank.

I lean back into the boat for my back pack. Jake is back to surveying what may lurk in the woods so I open it quickly and pull one of the pouches of metal dust out. I put it in my pocket. You never know and I've learned that it pays to be careful. I slid the gun into my pants at my back. The safety is on and I leave it that way, I really don't want to shoot my ass off out here. I have to consider that there is no ambulance service and the natives might take the gun shot as a dinner bell.

I must look a site in this costume. A short creature cloaked in black, bulging from the front with my massive baby belly a large hump on my back from my back pack. Maybe I will look native enough that I will be left alone.

"How long before we get to the Sithen?"

"It's less than a mile, we are going to go slow and take our time. I'll give us an hour to get there. But we don't want to take longer than that. It will be dark soon and you don't want to be out in our lands after dark."

I snort, "Jake you are such a ball of positive energy." He looked at me and I knew that he didn't get the sarcasm. "Another human thing, don't worry about it."

He just turned and made his way toward a path in the woods. The light went from dim to shadowy. It was humid and the smell was of wet earth and rotting vegetation. I kept as close to Jake as possible and my eyes on my feet and where I was stepping. Every now and then a noise would distract me and I would look away from the path but I never saw anything. If anything was out there it kept its self well hidden.

We had walked for twenty minutes when Jake stopped at a fallen log. "Take a rest and get a drink." I got my water bottle out of the side of my back pack and gulped it down. Then nature reminded me that I was pregnant when my darling daughter bounced on my bladder.


He looked away from surveying the woods to look down at me. "Yes?"

"God this is embarrassing. Jake I need a moment."

"For what?"

"Nature call." At his questioning look, I shook my head; he needed a better understanding of English and women. "I have to pee."

"Go ahead." And he never moved. I raised an eyebrow and he rolled his eyes and turned away.

"Jake I can't, can you walk ahead a bit. I'm sorry, it's a girl thing."

"Don't leave the path." He said and walked ahead far enough to still hear me if I yelled but not hear me pee which was all I needed. I jerked my pants down as quickly as possible and let nature take over. Oh what a relief! I finished and pulled a handy wipe from my backpack to wipe my hands and then placed the used wipe in a plastic bag for later disposal.

I looked up the trail at Jake he still had his back turned. I adjusted my clothes to back to normal, then I leant over for my back pack but it had something sitting on it. It startled me so much I stepped back in surprise. Perched on the back pack was a little winged man. His skin was blue and he had black hair and jet black eyes that resembled the eyes of a bird. His hair was wispy and had an almost downy feather like quality. His wings were blue with black lines separating the blue into segments; he oddly reminded me of a Blue Jay but still was butterfly like. He was grinning like a lunatic, I guess watching a pregnant woman trying to take a piss in the woods and not fall over is a funny thing.

"Some little blue guy with wings watched me take a piss in the woods. Now you know you aren't in Kansas anymore.' I mumbled to myself. I watched as he silently laughed at me. He then stood up, bowed and flew off into the murky dimness of the swamp.

"Jake!" I whisper shouted at him and he turned back toward me. "I just saw a little blue winged man!" In the real world a statement like that would have me in my own padded room.

"Demi-Fae. They are the spies of the court. Let's not tarry and hope he is on our side." He helped me get the back pack on and we started walking again.

Fifteen minutes later we approached a small boggy clearing. In the dim light at the center of the clearing was a mound about three feet high covered in grass and odd mushrooms. I had a reason to be wary of mushrooms. A circle of them had started this adventure. At least these were not in a circle. They were blue in color and unlike any I have ever seen. They were taller than any mushrooms in my world and seemed to sway in an unseen breeze. As we approached they seemed to sway our way. Then they just stilled, no movement, nothing. It was a Dean Koontz fungus among us moment if there ever was one.

I was reminded again at the door by Jake to keep my cloak on, head down, and not to speak. I get that, we are trying to keep me a secret but when he told me to keep two steps behind him and always stay on his left I had to let go of a very unlady like snort.

"Are you still living in the dark ages?"

"No, WE were thriving when you people were still wearing fig leaves and painting yourselves with mud." He said dryly. I don't think we are ever going to be the type of friends that curl up on the couch and share a bowl of popcorn. "Just because we don't clutter our lives with TV and computers doesn't mean we are ignorant. It's just protocol Bella, I am the Prince and it is expected"

"Ok, sorry. I'm an American so it's just not something that we do you know." I say and he keeps going ignoring me to continue his warnings of what is to come.

"Bella, whatever you see you must not react. Do you understand? " I nod and my blood starts pumping fast with adrenalin. I will be ok. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

"Yes, keep quiet, don't talk, and don't let anyone see the tasty snack." I say in a sarcastic whisper. I amuse myself by thinking that if I took my shoe off and kicked him in his pompous princely ass would I still have enough of Rose's juice to freeze it? I don't think the powers will work through my feet, but the temptation just to poke him with just one finger is almost as bad as a crack addict needing his fix. May be I'm getting hungry, I wonder how a Slough will taste? Am I going cannibal? If they aren't human is it still cannibalism, I mean, he said they eat us. I don't want to go after one with my fork and a steak knife but I'm starting to feel the urge to go all political like and shake a few hands. Suck a few years off a life or two. Find a real bad one and suck him to the bone. Savor his life essence. 'Oh my, what is happening to me' I think panicking at these new feelings?

Jake circled the mound and I followed closely. The mushrooms followed our movements also, their movements synchronized now. What are they, a fairy burglar alarm? What would they do if we rushed them?

On the other side carved into the earth were stone steps down into a depression in the mound. What was so startling were the two doors at the center of the depression. There were massive heavy looking doors of a dark colored wood that I don't think any human had ever laid eyes on. The wood was a dark red like blood and it wasn't a commercial stain. This wasn't your typical inviting red front door; it was sinister and promised the unknown and dangerous.

Jake looked back at me smiled a rare smile and said one word. "Home."

Abruptly he dropped the back pack beside him and then turned and helped me remove mine from under my cloak laying it on the ground beside the other one. I raised an eyebrow questioning this act but he remained silent. He reached up and pulled my hood a little lower, satisfied he then turned back to the doors.

The doors slowly creaked open of their own accord. I wasn't expecting what waited at the opening of those doors. Four men kneeled inside the door way. They were clothed in what looked like thick leather hides. I guess chainmail and metal body armor was out of the question for the Fae. They were all loaded with weapons, each having an assortment of knives, guns, and one even with a cross bow.

Each had the look of Jake, dark long hair and shark like skin. Eyes of black and stone faced expression. I would bet they were kin of his.

Jake walked ahead like this was an everyday occurrence. Two men stood up and took up positions in front of us as we walked ahead. I followed quietly, and unobtrusively as possible. I looked back to see each of the remaining men pick up a pack, shoulder it, and fall into position behind us.

It's strange to walk into what looked like ornate front doors and find yourself in a torch lit tunnel. Above us is a massive swamp but down here it is dry and the smells that you would think of in a damp cave is not here. I smell sage and thyme. It's mysterious and welcoming. Instead of feeling claustrophobic I feel sheltered.

As we wandered down the tunnel it got wider till we entered a wide opening which overlooked a sizable cavern. The cavern is massive and lit by a gentle glow that gives you the feeling that you are under the sky above. It is almost completely round and half the size of a football field. It is a tiered bowl that is lined with many levels and black doors are spaced evenly apart. I feel like I'm in a hive of ants.

Below us is a multitude of people in what looks like a thriving community. It is almost like a village with all roads leading to a village square at its center and a main road leading toward the back of the cavern to another large cave opening.

People and things are going and coming on cobbled lanes and business have elaborate signs advertising what's inside. It's medieval looking in a way but cleaner.

To the right of us is a road gently sloping and curving down towards the town. After Jake surveys all below him for a moment he then turned that way and I follow along at a proper two steps and to the left behind him as we wind our way down. Off to town we go.

As we pass through the streets I peek from under my hood at the many different creatures we pass and I can put a name to a few thanks to my Gran's stories and the book she left me. Near one of the neat shops with hanging meats in its window is a group of brownies huddled together gossiping quietly. Brownies have skin the color of mud and are human like with the exception of their faces. It is skull like and missing a human nose. What is left is just two slits. They are smallish none over five feet. I recall that these are the worker class of all three courts. In fairytales they are the ones who clean your house during the night while you sleep for the gift of milk on the doorstep. They can levitate objects and do small magic spells. There was also a warning not to piss them off in Gran's book. According to it, they, if enraged can go Bogart and cause quite a bit of destruction. A Bogart is similar to a poltergeist, just a little more pissed off and scary.

It's not hard to spot a Jack in Irons lumbering amongst the crowd. Fae and other creatures flow around the giant avoiding a confrontation that would be a great mistake for anything smaller and less armed. In Grans stories they were Giants who lay in wait along lonely foot paths in the old country. They have tusks that curve and to them the larger the tusk the more virile and attractive the male will be. The one down below us on must be young for his tusks are less than six inches. Still no one messes with the large hulking creature.

I see goblins milling about, dressed in military styled black uniforms. Goblins, according to Jake are the soldiers of his people. Fierce in battle they keep the peace within the Sithen with only a look. No one will mess with them. Their outlook is fierce and they like nothing better than battle. Needless to say, no one wants to go up against them by choice so disputes are settled quickly when they arrive.

They are hideous creatures of varying skin tones, bumps, warts, and multiple limbs. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess because Jake said that to them the more hideous the better. Jake also told me a very important fact, don't get into their clutches. Humans are a tasty treat, for sex and for dinner, in that order. He crudely told me of the various ways they like to 'tenderize' the meat. He put the fear of them deep within me and I will never willingly get into their clutches.

But he did tell me one thing that might be handy. Oddly among the Goblin society they consider anything that comes out of the body more valuable than jewels or weapons. So blood, tears, and flesh in the form of bites, can be used as bribes. An alliance can be formed with the goblins if the rights of both blood and flesh are invoked. But be smart with the deal because like all Fae they are wily creatures. It's something to file away, just in case it's needed.

The noise as we approached the village center sounds like people cheering for some kind of sports game. The closer we got the louder it became. You can almost hear individual voices. They are very other sounding. Some are accented, some are garbled, and it's a strange mixture. The smells are different down in the town. Animals, trampled dirt, primitive dwellings, different foods, I don't care what Jake said about his people being here while we were dancing in fig leaves. I'll take Mario Carts over Stone Age carts any day.

In England the village center usually has a monument of some sort dedicated to hero's fallen in battle. This village center contains nothing of the sort. What it does have is a stone slab. It is crudely carved and resembles the stone pillars from Stonehenge. There is a group of creatures gathered around the slab and this is where all the noise is coming from.

As we pass I view upon the slab a young human male and I come to a standstill. He is a handsome young fellow and he is naked as the day he was born. The odd assortment of creatures encircling him seems not to even register in his mind, it could be glamor or it could be the thing riding him like a bull at the fair. He is bucking madly into the most disgusting crone you had ever seen, his hands gripping her hips shoving her down as hard as he can upon his cock. She is a nasty looking grey colored woman. Her skin is fleshy and ripe looking while her hair is a dead mass of tangles flying around her head.

Her head at the moment is thrown back and the guttural snarl coming from her throat must mean it's good for her. But it's weird; somehow she seems to be changing. In a shimmer what looked like the most disgusting crone is now something that Hugh Heffner would cuddle up to every night. The crone has changed into a buxom white haired young woman. Gone is the fleshy grey skin. What now replaces it is a youthful pink healthy glow.

Who needs face cream and beauty potions when all you have to do is find yourself a handsome young man fuck yourself young. Every cougar in my world would be robbing the cradle for this cure-all for wrinkles.

Her snarl of ecstasy turns to laughter and she looks down at what used to be a young man what is there now resembles a male version of what she used to be. It comes to me from a passage of Gran's book. She is a Gray Lady, sucking the youth and beauty from her victims and leaving them a dead shell of age and corruption.

Jake turns to me and shakes his head, disgusted with me for stopping, he grabs my hand to pull me on. I turn from the lost boy and think maybe it's not just my smell a changing. I lower my head and look at the cobblestones and the feet of Jake before me. I can't help myself and like Lot's wife I turn looking back only to see them tearing his flesh from his body, laughing like they were communing over a potluck dish. But I guess he was just that and I turn back, I don't want to see anything else.

After passing through the village center we approached the opposite side of the cavern. We flow into a large tunnel and I lose track of time as the guard and Jake lead me through tunnel after tunnel. It was a maze of tunnels and honestly I don't think without help I will ever make it out of here. It was odd seeing doors housed in stone walls of a tunnel. I don't know what I expected, draped openings, maybe.

We came to the end of the passage and instead of a lone door we were met with two elaborate black doors embellished with images laid in silver. It was an image of the wild hunt. How fitting I thought.

The wild hunt is the most feared thing in all of Fairy. It rode to persecute the guilty and collect the oath breakers. You don't lie in fairy; it comes with a high price. It was also said that they rode to steal virgins for breeding and sacrifice to the Fairy Deity. Villagers noted that it was most often seen in the autumn or winter, when the winds blew the fiercest.

The thin line of silver artfully portrayed Jake on the back of some demonic looking eight legged steed. The steed was massive and its eye, yes, one eye was reptilian and snake like. A silver representation of Jake was astride bareback with one hand holding coils of the animal's mane and the other raised above his head holding what looked like a scythe. Behind him in detail were monsters, some of which we had seen when we entered into the village center.

When we were about thirty feet from the door the two guards in front of us broke to the side and turned as one to face the corridor behind us. With them out of the way I could behold the door as one complete picture. Like magic it started to move, the silver image of Jake looked back at his minions and with a jerk forward of the scythe they started their inlayed march across the doors leading from the lower right door to the top of the left door. They rolled behind him like a cloud of poison gas. It was frightening to behold. As they moved you could almost hear the sounds of birds on the wing. When the last monster disappeared into the far door the doors slowly opened into the room.

As we entered the last two guards dropped the back packs and took position to the inside of the closing doors facing inside. They were silent and looked like two menacing statues and it made me think of stone foo dogs that I once saw in a Town and Country magazine spread of a fancy house. They stood menacing and immobile, but at the least threat they would be more than menacing, they would be deadly.

The room was a large area, instead of the stone walls I had expected there was heavy patterned fabric in shades of red, black, and rust draped from the floor to the top of each wall then gathered to meet in the center of the room. It made me think of an elegant circus tent. At the center of the fabric dropping from the high roof was a rustic candle chandelier. The yellow glow from the flickering candles revealed more of the room to me. In the center area was a curved divan, a low couch. A large round rug of black held it and the matching chairs and led you to think of friendly gatherings with friends. To the left was a formal dining area. An elaborate dining table and chairs sat on another priceless rug.

A rounded opening behind this led to what I assumed was a kitchen of some sort. Confirming my thought a brownie appeared in the doorway. Up close its skin was almost like thick leather and of a dark brown color, its face was expressive, above the slits for its nose were eyes that were somewhat human and held an eager look.

"Welcome home Master Jake, would you care for refreshment?" Its voice was a sexless tenor. The only thing that gave me an idea that it was female was the breast concealed beneath the starched white uniform.

"Nothing at this moment, thank you. If you could have us a light supper set in say and hour that would be fine." The brownie bowed and returned to its work.

"Bella why don't I show you to your room and let you freshen up a bit. We will have a light supper and then I will let you rest. I know you have to be exhausted." He walked back to the guards standing beside the doors; Jake picked up the packs and started for an opening in the wall across the room. I placed a hand on his arm as he passed and looked up from my hood into his eyes. "Thank you Jake, for everything." I looked up at him. "You are a good man."

He nodded his head once and smiled, "Your welcome. Now follow me and let's get you situated." He turned to the right and pulled back a section of the drapes to reveal another passage. It glowed in the way the main cavern glowed, with no obvious light source. At the end of the passage were two doors. He opened the right one and again it was a draped room, this one in a heavy royal blue fabric. A bed was centered in the room. It was made of some sort of pale white bleached wood that I had never seen before and upon it was a lighter blue coverlet and pillows. I think I was exhausted enough to sleep on a dog blanket with a smile so the site of the bed almost brought me to tears.

"The wash closet is behind there," he said and motioned to the break in fabric across the room from us. Curiously I walked to it; I had to see the Fairy equivalent of a bath room. What was revealed was another small room carved directly from the cave walls. A long shelf like depression in wall held something similar to a sink with a small trickle of water ever flowing into a long catch basin below it. It was odd that it held a bowl of water at all times and drained into another bowl beside and below it which drained into a hole in the back wall. Across from this was steps leading down into something that resembled a large square bath. On the wall were two levers, and Jake answered my silent question.

"The right level will release water from the ceiling for showering; the left will fill the tub so you can immerse yourself. The water is at a constant warm temperature so don't worry about adjusting hot or cold."

"Towels are on the shelves to the right. The toilet is in the space behind you."

I looked behind me to see the one of the most important things for a pregnant woman. A human type toilet concealed behind a small partition. It was a most welcome site. Thankfully the Fae were modern when it came to creature comforts. It made me wonder who did the shopping for toilet paper; I mean a Brownie in Wal-Mart would get the camera phones clicking. But you know, maybe some of those weird people on line were really Fae creatures on a supply run.

"Jake, you just made my day,"

A short forty five minutes later after a quick shower and change of clothes I threw the cloak back over me and drew down the hood. I then made my way back to the living area of the rooms. Jake stood beside the table and watched as his brownie cook placed dish after heaping dish upon the table. There were the usual dishes you would see above ground. A salad for start and then what looked like a tureen of some thick vegetable soup and thick crusty bread for dipping. The aroma from the soup makes my mouth water.

"Bella you may remove your cloak. These are my most trusted servants; they will meet their death before betraying me." I quickly pulled the cloak off and handed it to Jake. He laid it across the back of one of the dining chairs then helped seat me. We ate in silence and once we were finished moved to the couch as the servant cleared the table.

Just then there was a lout rapping on the door, I looked at Jake worriedly. The guard opened it and conversed with someone on the outside. The guard then closed the heavy door back and crossed to Jake. He whispered into Jakes ear and whatever he said had Jake pulling back with a very surprised look on his face. "Send her in."

The guard returned to the door to open it wide enough for small figure in a white cloak to slip inside. He then closed it and returned to his post. We were left staring at a form draped in a heavy white cloak and what looked like red fingerless leather gloves.

The gloves then rose and pushed back the hood, revealing a girl with glowing green eyes in a heart shaped face. She had moonlight skin and long flowing brown hair with copper highlights. Looking at us she broke into a wide sharp toothed grin.

"Hello again Jake, aren't you going to introduce me to your human?" She strode forward all the while smiling like she knew the secrets to the universe. She looked at me and it seemed like she knew everything about me. "Hello, human, my name is Renesmee."

Real World AN: My aunt finally passed away from pancreatic cancer. That has to be the most horrific death I have ever seen. It took a woman in her prime and turned her into something that resembled a holocaust victim of gross starvation. She went from 180+ lbs. to 78 lbs. I didn't know a human adult could weigh that much and live. Her bones literally cracked when they moved her and she was covered in bed sores. I think watching her slow death beat any horror movie ever made. We begged God to take her for the last twenty days and cried with relief when he finally ended her suffering.

Other news from my FU world, I now have two in-laws living with us. Ever hear the thing about house guest being compared to fish. Yeah, house guest and fish seriously stink after three days. It's been over a month now and I can honestly say it reeks. No more nakey nights when our daughter goes on sleepovers with her friends. No more sleeping in on Saturday mornings because a thirty some year old woman is watching $^%$& Sponge Bob in theater mode. And some one keeps eating my $# *%^$ yogurt! I woke up one morning with someone looming over me and it wasn't my husband! Do you know how fucking creepy that is?

In other news, its monsoon season in the Deep South. The Weather Underground lists us having 66 inches so far this year. For the month we have had only 9 inches but personally, I think we have had more. Every afternoon around two we get our daily deluge. Two inches today, tomorrow probably the same. I sometimes wonder why we don't just float away. If a hurricane heads our way and it stays as wet as it is there won't be a tree standing when it blows out of here. Wet roots mean trees go bye bye. And the freaky lightning! It hit my house and killed my garage door and the AC. The same storm chased me to work where it then struck and killed the computers, phones, and pager system. I am beginning think I shouldn't have made that lightning joke on that fic I wrote for the Makemelaugh contest. Go check out Revenge Is Best Served in the Buff. It's warped and twisted and I have to say, shit your pants funny.

TWIMC: I am sorry I am so slow updating. I've a very busy life. Family, kids, job, farm, in-law drama, elderly parents, church functions, and there is always a surprise thrown in there somewhere. I'm lucky to remember to wipe my own ass. I survive on four hours of sleep. Now you know why I'm a freaking lunatic.

Fic Rec's: Oh have I got one for you. I don't know how I missed it but it is a must read. Check out Slick as Ides by Chanse Lowell.

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