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**** Bella in the dreaming….

I'm lost at sea without a friend

This journey will it ever end

Who will rescue me, who will rescue me?

I walk through the pine forest feeling light on my feet which is wrong somehow. The soft gown made of a pale fabric no human loom will ever spin clings to my legs as I walk. I should feel heavy, my skin stretched and itchy. My brow creases in a frown and I hum to myself a tune that I remember from a movie I watched as a child and think, hmmm can you get a copy of that for the baby? I stop, my bare feet sinking into the sandy forest floor. Baby! My hand reaches for my stomach where my child should be resting but my stomach is flat. My baby, oh help me, where is my baby!

My body spins franticly, eyes darting everywhere searching the surrounding forest, where is she! I turn and turn looking for her and I want to scream her name but we are hiding and I must be quiet or they will find us. My heart pounds my breath is short, my heart wants to explode, oh my baby, where is my babe?

"Oh mummy, don't fret so." A childish voice with the hint of a lisp comes from behind me. I jerk around and there she is. Her smile is sharp with baby teeth so white and her eyes swirl green with the mystery of a nature that I will never understand. She has my heart shaped face but the rest of this child is her father, from his wild colored hair to those swirling green eyes. My child is half other and I think she embraces and thrives in her strangeness.

She giggles quietly and shakes her head just like her father. She is such a tiny little thing but somehow ancient, ageless. Such a task should not have ever been placed on the shoulders of a babe. It is so wrong but she thrives on the coming conflict. She walks toward me and slips her small hand in mine and pulls me onward. "We have to go to meet our army soon Mummy. So be prepared and guard yourself."

"We can run, baby. I can take you to my world." I pull at her hand but she keeps walking pulling me with her toward a frightening future. She looks up at me with her father's green eyes; oh those are the eyes of a warrior.

"Oh mummy, if we don't follow the path set out for us all will be lost. Goddess gave you a task," and her voice gets firmer and loses the lisp, "You will give me my throne Mummy."

We break into the clearing and stop in the shade of a wild persimmon that borders the space between the light and the dark. "Stop baby," I say worried and I'm afraid to go any farther into the light, "something's coming." I pull her down and we crouch low looking at the far side of the clearing.

The trees shake like giants are coming from each side to do battle. Noises from nightmares echo in the woods around us and draw shivers from deep within. From the left the gold ones break into the light. They are tall, beautiful and faultless but under their beauty are dark corrupt secrets. Their leader is a beautiful man, and I sense that he is a good man. His golden blonde hair reflects the sun painfully in each direction and his skin shimmers golden also. He is dressed regally in a sharp tan suit that looks as if it was made above ground in the human world by the finest Saville road tailors. The only symbol of his rank is the golden circlet resting upon his forehead. He has a face that would make women worldwide weep with longing for just a smile from him.

The woods on right side of the clearing seem to rip open as the dark ones spill into the light, which seems to dim drastically on their side of the clearing at their arrival. The leader is a woman; tall, beautiful and dark; dressed in leather skin suit and thigh high boots. She has a beauty that men would die to taste, and many have done just that, the air around her simmers with evil. A black obsidian crown graces her forehead; its spires are as sharp and lethal as the woman who wears it. Her followers are equally beautiful as the others on the opposite side of the clearing but they are more open in their corruption. The faces among the crowd reflect greed, lust, envy, and some openly of fear. There are a few good among the lost ones.

My child stands and no matter what I do I cannot hold her back. She stands tall and walks fearlessly toward the two combatants. Her gown flows behind her and her white moonlight skin is bright in the sunlight. My heart hammers with fear for her but she never falters in her steps. I follow behind her but I pause when I hear a noise behind me and it sounds like a swarm of bees. She looks back at me and beyond me into the depths of the forest and her smile grows. She has a triumphant gleam in her eyes.


I gasp as I wake from the nightmare. There is no bolting up with this belly. I smile down at my bump and pat it and am rewarded with a well-placed kick to my bladder. "Why didn't you wake me up from my bad dream my fearless little girl?" She gives me another sharp little kick to the bladder and I roll out of bed to do my middle of night pee. The kid already has a schedule of sorts, two am rolls around and it's get up or soak the sheets. That is something that I don't want to happen here. It would be awkward, especially around all these 'perfect' fae. I feel like a bloated cow. I know it's just pregnancy hormones dipping into moodiness but I miss Edward and I know just a note or anything from him would put me in a better mood.

How I wish for a night with Edward in my dreams, I am in such desperate need of news. I want his comfort, I need it desperately here in this oh so foreign land. It's going on a month here and I am tired of this confinement.

I had visited and made friends of a sort. Renesmee was a curious friend. She constantly asked questions about my world. The young fae was obsessed with humanity and the above. From the things that she let slip I feel that she has ventured into my world on more than one occasion.

The night I first met her I didn't try to stand as she walked toward us. Jake however was a gentleman and helped her remove her cloak. He laid it across the back of the couch and escorted her around to where I sat.

"Wow, you are huge. Any day now?" This kind of took me back for a moment. Above you would never walk up to any pregnant woman and tell them that they are huge. But I had noticed that the Fae are lacking in the tact gene. They think it and they say it. I took it with a smile because she looked friendly and what she had said was without malice.

"I think I have a few weeks before she gets here." I said rubbing my tummy.

"I'll have to blink back for that." That raised an eyebrow from me. Blink back, what was she a genie? I looked at Jake for an explanation.

"Is that some sort of Fairy transportation? I asked. Jake chuckled.

"No that's only a Renesmee thing. She is what is called a time walker."

"Time walker, so you can go anywhere, is it like your own rewind button?"

Renesmee chuckled and Jake replied, "No her power is considered a very dangerous one. It comes with great responsibility. With that power she could erase a person's existence."

"But I haven't done that in a while. I'm more careful now." She said with a giggle. I hoped she was joking.

I had excused myself not long after that claiming exhaustion. Jake hid it well but I knew that they had some sort of business to talk about. I left the room but as I entered the hall I hesitated. I could faintly hear what they were saying.

"So she is the reason for all your visits to me?"

"Yes, I got lucky it only took me four jumps. Once I locate the person I will have no trouble finding them in time again."

"So what will you do now you have found her?"

"Watch and protect. She is a major player in the game."

"It's not a game Renesmee, what about Leah?"

"The matter with her will be resolved soon. Don't forget you are the past Jake. I have to be so careful not to change anything."

"She could be used to buy Leah's freedom from the Queen." There is desperation in his voice. Who is Leah? I know from the others that the Queen is one evil bitch and does some very horrible things. If the queen had someone I loved, I would be desperate to get them back also.

"You may think so Jake, but I can tell you now that if you try something like that I will wipe the Sluagh from the Underground. There won't be a one of you when I'm finished." She is facing me and I could see her from my hiding place, the look on her face as she gazed at Jake was cold and calculating. This girl would kill without the slightest hesitation.

Was she sent by Edward to guard me? Ok, so from the conversation I overheard she seems to be on my side which gives me some comfort. Good for me, I now have two friends in this strange new underground world.

After a quick bath I changed into a night dress that conveniently was lying on my bed. The brownie maid must have been in while I was bathed. That night I slept without dreams only to awaken the next morning to Renesmee leaning over me her face inches from mine. I almost screamed she startled me so.

She pulled back only to place an open palm on my belly. It startled me because I had seen what an open palm could do among the Fae. When I jerked away from her she laughed.

"I mean no harm. You my lady are a rarity down here. Human and pregnant."

Just then the baby kicked and Renesmee giggled. It was a strong one and I groaned at the strength. "Wow, weird, um, you're going to have to excuse me for a moment. The baby is using my bladder as a bouncy again." I scooted to the edge of the bed and Renesmee helped me get the rest of the way up. I quickly walked to my en suite and relieved the problem.

As I walked back the brownie maid was placing clothes for the day on my already made bed. Wow, having servants is nice. I thanked her and she just stared at me with an odd look on her face. She nodded and stepped back; bowing low to Renesmee she turned and left the room.

"What's her deal?" I asked curiously.

"Maybe she just doesn't know what to make of you yet." Renesmee pulled the gown from the bed. It was a long sleeved gown, cream colored and made of silken material. It had a great amount of fabric so I guessed this was what passed for pregnancy ware.

"What? Is she confused you think, like, does she run my bath or serve me as tomorrow night's meal?"

"Funny human, just don't take it personally, ok.'

I started to pull my gown up so I could change into day wear but Renesmee never turned away and continued to watch me. She watched me as if she was watching an interesting TV show.

I raised an eyebrow. "Renesmee, up top in my world we kind of give people privacy when they are changing clothes."

She openly laughed at that and reluctantly turned around to face the way. "Nudity is nothing in the underworld; you might say that is the least of our concerns." I shimmied out of my night gown and into the gown. It fit perfectly. It gathered under my breast and draped gently to the floor. Renesmee knelt and helped me slide some cream colored slippers on my feet. "Thank you for that, you didn't have to do that."

"No problem, I like being with you Bella. Now tell me of your world. What's a mall like?" She rambles all over the place, erratic. I have to say I like this Renesmee.


The handsome black man dressed all in black stood in the shadows of the woods observing the shell of a burned out human dwelling. The site is old, from the looks of the scene it's been a month since the fire. The house was in ruin but there were some faint scent traces lingering in the area. He approached the house. Standing near the pool, it's once pristine blue waters turned a murky black with ash and debris from the burned out house he paused a moment then started to walk the perimeter of the ashes. He stopped near a mass of broken glass which used to be a sliding glass door. Taking a deep breath through his nose he pulled the faint scents in. Two, no three burned bodies in the home, one of them a changeling, the other two are Fae. If he is correct it's the two guards the queen is looking for to be precise.

He pulls back and continues his walk pausing every so often. He has noted five distinct Fae scents and one human female. The most important smell of the five is the most notable; it belongs to the Queen's own son. This will not be received well by the queen. What would the queen's son have to do with the death of her guards and a changeling? What about the human?

After one circle of the house he starts spiraling out continuing to collect scents. He runs across the smells of battle, more of the Queens guards, he can tell the location where each of them died. Their bodies seem to have been drug toward the north for disposal and he makes a note to follow that scent group later.

He reaches the edge of forest and another scent is added to the human and group of five Fae. This one is a darker scent, distinctly nightflyer, Slough! This conspiracy is growing with every new scent he takes in. The Prince and his companions scents disappeared to the west but the Slough and the human go due south. He turns toward the West knowing that is the direction he must go to reach the Dark Fae sithen, so they were going home. Did they give the human to the Slough as payment for something? This warrants further investigation so he turns south and starts to follow the scents. Hours later he comes to the river and with certain knowledge he knows his quarry is going south toward the Slough's sithen. He follows the river on land, anger building as he sloughs through the mud and tangled vegetation following the scents. He reached the sandbank at dawn. After rinsing off the mud in the river he turns to the opening in the dense vegetation and raising his head he shuts his eyes and takes a deep breath. Slowly his head starts to turn till what faces the path is not the handsome man any more but a man's body with the face of a Jackal.

With a loping gait he starts along the path and into the dark of the swamp. Twenty minutes into trailing the scent he stops near a fern covered log. Kneeling he scoops a handful of dirt from the path. Pulling the dirt to his face he gives it a deep sniff, dropping the dirt back to the ground he rubs his dirty hand across his snout and finally to brings it to his mouth where a long thin canine tongue emerges and licks the remaining soil from his palm. It was the human female, hmmm, and something else, a twist in the scent, pregnant! The human is pregnant with a Halfling! He stands and continues trailing the scent.

Remarkably Ata Tse and his snout overlooked the small blue winged man hiding deep within one of the ferns growing upon the log. At the site of the Jackal slash man disappearing around a bend he quickly emerges from his hiding place and takes wing, he has to be quick with this new information. Lives depend upon it.


The month I have been here I have met a few strange characters that Jake trust with my secret other than Renesmee. The Grays's are two of the strangest. They are brother and sister and their family name is unknown to me, I call them the Gray's because they are a Gray man and woman. To be honest they creep the shit out of me but according to Jake they are part of his inner circle and are safe and will keep all confidences namely me a secret.

Laurent and Lauren are seldom separate from each other. I think sometimes that they are conjoined invisibly. I had seen Lauren on my journey into the sithen. She was the woman feeding off the young human man in the village center. I guess that is why I never do feel safe with her, she strikes me as false. She put on a good show when Jake was with us but when it is just the two of us I can tell she barely tolerates me.

She is always dressed well to show off her looks, and other than the one time in the village center I have never seen her again as the dry withered crone. She is after Jake, it's so obvious to me but to him, he is oblivious. I'm amused at that, no matter how hard she tries, he never seems to catch on to her interest. His heart belongs to Leah, trapped in the evil queen's clutches. I think she sees me as a threat. I don't understand why though. We don't share a room, much as less a couch when we are in the common area. And duh, I am very large with child. Does she think it may be Jake's?

Laurent puts on a good show also but it seems that he isn't as vain as his sister. The day I met him he must have had a recent feed. If you paid close attention you could almost watch him slip back into the persona of the gray man. It wasn't one thing, it was like he aged. The first day he was pink, fresh, and new. The next time I met him was a week later and his skin had a grey ashy tinge to it, his hair was just a tad dry in need of a good conditioning treatment. It progressed till he looked like a ghastly version of his sister in the village circle, then one day he walked in all ruddy and new. I try never to be alone in a room with him.


Alice and Jasper arrived last night. They came in cloaked after I had gone to bed. I awoke to Alice's hand on my shoulder. "Hey sleepy momma!"

"Huh, Alice what are you doing here?"

"Just checking on you and the baby, you are getting close to the due date so we have to keep a careful watch on you both." She smiled, "That and it's best we slip in here when most of the Sithen is asleep."

I giggled, "So, this is like a late term obstetrics visit? Ick, Alice." I cringe at the thought of my friend getting a little too handsy with the sort of checkup that comes late term.

Something like that," she said. She rubbed her hands together to warm them. "Ok, Bella let's check the baby's progress." Little Alice looks more like a miniature mad scientist than a midwife so I couldn't help but giggle when she did that. What followed was nothing like I expected. There wasn't any gross invasive checking like in a human doctor's office, just a lot of poking, questions, and something that looked like meditation. Alice had her hand on my stomach with her eyes shut, when I tried to say something she shushed me. After a full five minutes of this she opened her eyes and smiled.

"Your baby is doing well. She is in a healthy position at this time. She does need one of her special feeds. Before Jasper and I leave you might want to try 'sipping' from us." I cringed; I still wasn't sure about 'sipping' power from someone.

I yawned, and Alice smiled. "Ok, I am going to go speak to Jake before we leave. I want you to send word if anything changes, anything that you feel I need to check you for. Keep drinking your tea." As she left the room she murmured, "Be back in a few minutes with Jasper."

She left the room and I made a quick trip to the bathroom to freshen up after my checkup.


As I walked back toward the living area I met someone in the hall. To say I was surprised was a ghastly understatement. Shock, surprise, and fear all at once hit me with the view of those green eyes.

"What are you doing here?"

"Hello to you too Aunty Alice." was the sarcastic reply. Her eyes sparkle and she has a smirk on her face.

"Again, what are you doing here?" I feel panic deep in my bones.

"I'm just here making sure everything goes my way."

"You can't stop it from happening child." The future I have seen is not as easy as I have told our group. I have had to hold back some information to keep from lying. In the future I saw where he was told everything, well, we all died. Horribly. With the watered down version I gave them we only loose one person. It is a sacrifice that can't be helped.

"I already have Aunty; check all your visions now and you will see me smiling back at you."

My blood turns to ice. Is the child corrupted? What has she changed, and how? I try to look but it's like she said, many versions of her staring back at me. "How did you do this?"

She smirks and says. "I blew Dr. Who."


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STORY REC'S: Ok, the following are a few of the things I've read over my long hiatus. I love each and every one and they are all on my short favorites list.

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If you want to give Sookie Stackhouse a try take a look at Dead Mans Hand by eys1214. It is an amazing fic, and one that is worth jumping the Twilight fence to give a chance. It's long, so like Mr. Northman, it just prolongs the pleasure.

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