To Cendriane

It had been many long years since the traveler had stood in the Feywild. He had left all that time ago to escape the watchful eyes of his parents and practice his secret arts and religious beliefs, for he was a wizard and a devotee of the Raven Queen, god of death. His parents had been prominent figures in their community and he had been an only child, and so his parents had left him almost no time to himself. But now he had returned home; for he was eladrin and a native to the Feywild.

For a long time he wandered the Feywild, content just to be there. But gradually the seasons turned and the year's end approached. He began to think of where he might dwell and call home. His thoughts turned to all of the locales of the Feywild, and eventually settled on the abandoned city of Cendriane, site of a vicious battle between eladrin and drow in ages past. Ever since that battle, Cendriane had lain silent, empty except for people who came to scavenge her treasures, for they were many and beyond price.

His decision made, he set out to claim Cendriane for his home. He was far from the city when he started, but made good progress, disdaining contact with other people and vanishing when necessary to avoid them. In all truth, he went out of his way to meet no one, avoiding cities and villages even if his detours took him miles and days out of his way. But he persevered, and eventually arrived at Cendriane.

As he gazed up at Cendriane's crystal spires, he was struck with how awe inspiring the city was and was distressed by the destruction wrought upon her. He vowed that he would rebuild her as a beacon of hope in a darkening world. Any and all would be welcome in the city of Cendriane, as long as they kept the peace and left all racial quarrels behind them. With determination in his eyes, he set out to find the heart of the city and a ritual that would bind her to him.