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A/N 1: I don't know what I'm thinking, but I decided to start another fic. This is a prequel to my story, "Dad, Not Father." In my universe of Suits, mpreg is possible. It's rare, but can happen. This story centers around mpreg, so if you don't like, don't read. It's going to start as a Mike/Trevor fic, but that will change.

A/N 2: I'm a little weary about the sex scene. In my opinion it may border dub-con, so be warned.

From the Beginning-Chapter 1

Mike's sitting on the edge of the bath tub in shock. He tries blinking his eyes. Maybe there's something in one of them, and that would help explain what he's seeing. When the blinking doesn't work, he tries rubbing his eyes. If he rubs the tiredness out of them, maybe he can see more clearly. See that what he fears isn't true. He closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath. When he opens them and looks down at the object in his hand, nothing has changed. A plus sign is looking at him, mocking him.

"Shit! Shit, shit, shit!" Mike stands up and starts pacing in his small bathroom. This can't be happening, it shouldn't be happening. But, the positive pregnancy test in his hands is telling him that it is. He's known since he was a teenager that he's a carrier. That he could get pregnant. That's why he's always careful, always makes sure that when he sleeps with someone they use protection.

Whenever he and Trevor sleep together he makes sure that Trevor uses a condom. Trevor knew of the possible consequences, and was always understanding about it. Even though, Trevor has told Mike on more than one occasion that he prefers to go bareback, and wishes that they could.

But, all of Mike's precautions and Trevor's understanding went out the window that one night about six weeks ago. It was a Saturday night and Trevor convinced Mike to go hit the bars with him for the night. For once Mike was ahead of the game at work, and Harvey was out of town to meet a huge, potential client. At first, Mike was disheartened when Harvey said that Mike couldn't join him because it was only for the big dogs, and he didn't want Mike to mess it up. But, then when Trevor called, Mike saw Harvey's absence as the perfect chance to go out and have some fun. With Harvey out of town, he wouldn't know that Mike was hanging out with Trevor. Mike wouldn't have to hear Harvey bitch about how Trevor isn't a good influence, and he needed to cut him loose.

The friends went out and consumed more than their fair share of alcohol. At about one in the morning they decided to head back to Mike's place. The two literally fell though the door of Mike's apartment, laughing hysterically at something only they find is funny.

The pair plops down on Mike's ouch. Trevor looks at Mike, "I miss this. I miss the two of us hanging out and having fun."

"I do too. This was fun."

Trevor puts his hand on Mike's leg, and runs his hand up his thigh. "I miss this even more." He leans in and kisses Mike on the lips. Mike returns the kiss, and Trevor's hand quickly moves from Mike's thigh to his groin. Mike leans into Trevor's touch.

"I missed you too Trevor, "Mike whispers. He moves to kiss Trevor passionately. His hands are in Trevor's hair, and as so many times before clothes are quickly shed. Granted this time it took a little bit longer than usual because of the copious amount of alcohol in both of their systems. But, soon they are both stripped down to nothing and are lying on the couch. With Mike under him, Trevor looks down at him, "God you're so beautiful." He quickly preps Mike, and when Mike makes that low sound in the back of his throat that Trevor loves so much, he knows that Mike's ready. He quickly lines himself up to enter Mike, when he feels a hand on his arm. "Wait, a second, Trevor."

"What, baby?" Because in Trevor's drunken mind he really doesn't know why Mike wants to stop.

"Condom. We need a condom." Mike says quietly..

Shit! For an instant Trevor forgot about Mike's 'condition.' But, this feels so right. He wants to truly be in Mike, without any barrier. Just this once. He won't ask Mike again. Once will be enough. He runs his hand through Mike's light brown locks. "Come on baby, just this once. I want to be inside you, really be inside you. Only you and me, nothing else."

Mike looks up at Trevor with his wide, beautiful eyes. He says hesitantly, "I don't know Trevor."

"Come on. Mike. Please. Nothing bad is gonna happen." Trevor gives Mike the look that he knows Mike can't ignore. The look that got Mike to cheat on his math test in third grade. The look that got Mike to sell that test back in college.

Mike looks at Trevor trustingly. Trevor has him. He smiles in anticipation. God, he wants this so bad.

"Okay, Trevor. Just this once."

A huge smile spreads across Trevor's face. "You're going to love this Mike, I promise. " Trevor leans down and captures Mike's mouth in a passionate kiss. They break apart for a second. Mike spreads his legs and Trevor takes it as a sign to continue. Trevor settles between Mike's legs and lines himself up to enter Mike. He then quickly buries himself deep in Mike's entrance. Trevor's in ecstasy as he fills Mike. "So good, baby. So, good."

Mike shakes his head as the memory of that night fills his mind, stupid photographic memory! He smacks himself in the forehead, "How can you be so stupid? You knew there was a chance and you fell for Trevor's bullshit. Nothing bad is gonna happen. Yeah, right." Mike laughs in despair.

Mike's self loathing stops when he hears his phone ring. He picks it up.

"Do you know what time it is?"

Mike looks at his watch, and signs. "It's 7:09. I'm not even late, Harvey."

"No, you're not. Not yet, anyway. I wanted to let you know that we have a breakfast meeting with Carlton Rysen this morning. It's short notice, I know. It's for 8:30 at Vacella's. Do you know where that is?" Harvey asks.

"I know where it is, "Mike answers.

"Good, now try not to embarrass me. This isn't the type of place where you order Lucky Charms, scrambled eggs, and greasy bacon."

The phrase 'greasy bacon' causes Mike to start swallowing quickly, his gag reflex once again hard at work. Shit, not again! He can't afford to throw up right now, not with Harvey on the phone. He needs to get off the phone pronto, so he can puke in peace. "I got it, Harvey. Don't embarrass you. I'll be there on time, and won't order diner food."

"Good, see you at 8:30, sharp."

"See you, bye." Mike hangs up his phone quickly and mere seconds later, he's diving in front of the toilet. For what feels like the millionth time over the last month and a half, Mike pays homage to the porcelain god. It was the non relenting nausea and vomiting that first made Mike believe that something was amiss. When the vomiting first started Mike thought it was a stomach bug. But, when the vomiting continued for a few weeks, Mike knew something else was at work. Mike kept thinking of the night of unprotected sex, and when the vomiting didn't ease up, Mike knew he had to get a pregnancy test.

His only saving grace is that the vomiting only seems to strike when no one else is around, like early in the morning when Mike's the only one on the floor at Pearson Hardman. It also hits late at night, when everyone's gone. This is when Mike gives in to his hunger because he rarely eats lunch because of the near constant nausea he feels. There have been plenty of times when he had to look the other way when Harvey was eating lunch to calm his queasy stomach.

Once Mike stops puking, he leans against the the tub. He puts his hand on his stomach, "You need to let up for a bit. I have an important meeting and me running to the bathroom isn't gonna look professional." He stands up and looks at himself in the mirror. His face is pale, he looks like complete shit. No wonder why he's been getting strange looks from Rachel and Donna. They see that something is off with him, and if they see that something's not right, the Harvey will soon. So, he needs to figure this out and fast.

Mike finishes getting dressed and tentatively drinks a glass of ginger ale, hoping that the drink will help settle his uneasy stomach. He looks at his watch, almost time to leave. He needs to do one thing first. He picks up his phone, and dials a well known number. Of course, no one answers. Mike knows that 7:30 is too early for Trevor to get up, but Mike needs to talk to Trevor. He needs Trevor to help work this out, so he leaves a voicemail. "Hey, Trevor. It's Mike. I need to talk to you. It's important. Call me."

Mike hangs up, and grabs his bike. As another round of nausea sneaks up on him, Mike decides riding his bike isn't such a good idea. He makes sure that he has enough cash to grab a cab, and leaves his apartment for the day.

I know I bounced back and forth in this chapter, but I wanted to set the scene. I didn't want to spend so much time on the conception, because this story is more about the pregnancy itself.

Chapter Two Sneek Peek: Harvey is more observant than Mike thinks he is.