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It had to be this way.

I repeated the same thing in my head over and over again. To get over my insecurities I had to lose Fred.

Had to lose the only person I could trust and now I hear stories of him coming from Natalie. How they dampen yet make my heart flutter at the same time.

I get out of my bed carefully not trying to wake Mickey from his slumber as I tiptoe to our closet.

Fingers stretching out on a shelf, I'm able to grab what I'm looking for.

An aged box with a beginning to rust knob.

I blow the dust off the top, opening it slowly in hopes that the green round ball with flame red hair will come out.

And then that ball will turn into Fred.

But no ball pops out.

Or a voice calling me 'snotface.'

No. No more being able to see Drop Dead Fred.

No more pranks or anything.

Except an everlasting pain in my heart.

Thinking of Fred and our goodbye kiss.

'You don't need me anymore.' Fred said.

I inhale, trying to keep back tears.

"No, Fred, I don't need you anymore. But I want to be with you." I whisper to thin air.

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