This is a tale that will wildly twist

and be forgotten in the mist.

The days quickly fade.

The night pierces itself like a blade.

Mighty Ocean, how do the cadavers taste?

What kind of horrors do the boys have to face?

Take caution, this is a warning.

I won't have you complaining or mourning

After reading scenes unexpected

And insult me to make me feel rejected.


The wooden spears!

Their horrifying loud chant!

Those savage faces!

His leaden body toppled on the sand. A hoard of sticks javelined him.

The twins gently poked his arms.

Maurice tugged at his fair hair.

Bill gave him bruises.

Percival bared his teeth and left bite marks deeper than Henry's.

But the worst of all pains was courtesy of the bone-crushing Roger, who struck mindlessly, just enjoying Ralph's agony.


The name suddenly materialised into the redhead boy. He loomed above the victim who screamed his name.

Then they all heard silence. The spears ceased prodding and stopped at mid-air. The wild children stood frozen, like statues.

"Any last words?" His breath was hot against his battered face.

"Have you got something to say at all?"

The beaten boy moaned in pain, trying to find the strength to speak.

"Surely you called me for a reason, right? You civilised person, you..."

Ralph wondered why on earth his pulse was racing at the closeness of this savage.

"You want me to spare your life?"

"Jack..." he huffed."You win."

Don't tell me I didn't warn you in the the poetic prologue up there. This will be very unusual and you fans might kill me because i'm gonna do away with some boys. Don't get me wrong, I accept negative criticisms and I don't mind if your review is full of them. I'll digest and understand your point. What I will not tolerate are insults like, "Fuck you! You fucking killed _! I hope you die a horrible death worse than him!" I WARNED YOU SO ITS YOUR PROBLEM YOU READ THAT! Besides, if you hate the story so badly, why are you even reading it? And if you think it sucks, then go make your own or read another one. You don't have to start a rage. I will not entertain such bashes.