This can stand alone, but it was written as an alternate ending to my other fic, Phantom of Truth. It belongs after Chapter 10. Rated T for gore, insanity and scary/icky imagery.

To get some context, watch this first: www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=j5C6X9vOEkU


- by HaiJu -

The sleep of reason brings forth monsters.

- Francisco Goya

"Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, Bananaphooone,"

Maddie looked up from her dissection tray, hands covered in ectoplasmic gore, and was rewarded by a massive grin from the ghost behind the glass. Phantom winked at her and continued singing cheerfully.

"Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, Bananaphone!" Maddie sighed, peeling off her gloves so she could massage her forehead. He'd been going at it all day, the exact same song, over and over. Either he'd switched manipulation strategies and decided to drive her crazy...

"I've got this feeling, it's so a-peeling!" he belted out with relish, sending himself into a little spin so that he was sitting totally upside down, "For us to get, together and sing!"

...or he'd just totally lost it. She looked down at what was left of the ghost's hand and sighed again. It had been fascinating, of course, in its human-like detail, but she couldn't formulate any real conclusion because of all the...



"Yes, mother dearest?" She'd fully intended to tell him to shut up, but that stopped her short.

"What did you just call me?"

That eerie, manic grin never faltered, and he leaned back on his crossed arms casually as he responded. "Mother dearest. Is that too much? Maybe just Mom's better. You know I'm crappy at being subtle, Mom. I get that from Dad."

"I've warned you before, Phantom. Don't associate yourself with my family."

"What, you're disowning me now?" The grin was still there, but it had a brittle edge to it now. "Am I not your son anymore?"

"You were never my son! You're a ghost." A sick, twisted, evil ghost.

His chipper attitude vanished like a switch had been flipped. "But is me." The smiles were all gone now; he looked close to tears. His voice was quiet, pleading. "Don't you recognize me? I'm Danny."

"Don't play games with me, ghost. Those lies will never work."

"Lies? Lies?, you're right. They have to be lies. You can't be Mom...Mom would never do that to me. Mom wouldn't cut me to pieces. You're the lie, 'Doctor Fenton'."

He floated down to stand up against the glass, pressing his remaining hand against it. The other arm hung limp at his side, the severed stump still dripping ectoplasm onto the containment cell's floor. "Do you want to really play a game?" Phantom's palm began to glow and eerie bright green; Maddie suddenly had a very bad feeling.


"SHUT UP!" He snarled at her, eyes suddenly wild, pupil shrunk to tiny pinpoints so that his eyes became almost pure, poison green. "You're the liar." The bullet-proof, supposedly ecto-proof glass groaned, a fine spider web of cracks spreading out from Phantom's fingertips. "You said you wanted the truth. You said that was all you wanted. You SAID that." The cracks spread, green light leaking through them. "Well, I gave in. I told you. But you won't let it go! You don't believe the truth. You're not going to give up until I'm dead. Screw that. I'm not going to let you, fake Mom. We're playing my game now."

Maddie fumbled for the switch, finally flipping on the electrical current. White lightning raced across Phantom's body, and he jerked in response. But instead of collapsing, he smirked. "I've figured it out, fake Mom. This hurts, but it can't kill me." He laughed unpleasantly. "It's kind of stupid when you think about it. Weren't you the one who said I was nothing but a battery? You're charging me right up-you're making me more of a ghost than I ever was before." He tilted his head to one side, eyes crinkling in amusement. "What's already killed me...makes me stronger."

As if on cue, the cracks multiplied, spread to every corner, and the glass wall shattered. Maddie was flung out of her chair at the impact. She found herself again sprawled on the floor, stunned, Phantom standing over her. But whatever had held him back last time was gone. He looked down at her, almost solemn, a hint of pity in his eyes.

"You need a lesson in empathy. Maybe...yeah. Maybe you should try being the ghost for a change." Slowly the crazed grin spread once again across his face.

"Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring," he chuckled, raising his hand, letting the ectoplasm in his aura gather into a vivid, lethal mass around the fist. "I've got this feeling, it's so a-peeling..."

He's insane, Maddie thought numbly. As last thoughts went, it was a weak one.

The End

I swear I tried to make this funny. It just...kind of turned out this way. Brought to you courtesy of my dark, twisted imagination.