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Thud. Thud. Thud.

A royal blue robe never touches the floor as the carrier walks rapidly away from the stalking footsteps.

The person reaches his door, key already held by his sweaty fingers and hastily sticks it inside the key hole.

Thud. Thud.

Each step was getting closer as the person fumbles with his door, muttering under his breath. "Come on. Come on."


Click. And the person falls inside and shuts the pure mahogany door behind him, his fingers sliding all the locks in place. He then sighs in relief.


The person looks up, eyes widened at the mere sight before him. "I-it can't be," he stutters, fear etched in his voice.

"May we talk, Head Game Master? Or should I make you understand one of my jokes?" a raspy voice asks as a cruel smile is plastered on the face of the unknown person.

The Head Game Master gulps in fear, his Adam's apple bobbing, as he finds himself nodding slowly.

Polished oak floors are stepped on by a variety of shoes. "The summoner that was using me was a noob! He didn't know what he was building! I mean he bought me a Rabadon's death cap! Rabadon's death cap!" Olaf exclaims, furious at the result of the current match. "Aw, come on, Olaf. Don't be so down. It wasn't the summoner's fault. Maybe they were just learning how to play the game," Lulu says, a pout on her petite face.

"It doesn't matter. We lost because of that!" Olaf complains. Everyone else groans. This is how it usually was with him. If he lost, he would whine and then say maybe they should be able to control themselves on one fight, so they can show the summoners the right way to use each champion.

"Olaf, the summoner was most likely just a ki-"

"Champions of League of Legends, please pardon this interruption. We have some announcements to make, so please make your way to the Grand Hall. This is a mandatory meeting. All champions must be there. Thank you for your time, Champions. See you in five minutes," the assistant of the game masters states through the speakers.

"Hey Olaf, maybe you are getting your wish!" Renekton snickers. Olaf narrows his eyes at Renekton. "Are you trying to get my hopes up?"

"Does it seem like I'm that cruel?" Renekton snickers. Olaf stares at him for a bit more and then walks towards the Grand Hall.

Checkered gold and white tiles reflect the chandelier that hangs above the champions head. Caitlyn, Swain, Ashe, Tryndamere, Sejuani, Garen, Katarina, and Jarvan were already in the room waiting. Standing on the black glossy surface, a young adult male with pushed back brown hair and brown eyes behind rectangle glasses, waits patiently. His robe, a deep red with gold thread on the seams, lets everyone know how important he is.

Every champion, from yordles to unknown creatures, enters the Grand Hall swiftly and organized. The scarier ones, such as Fiddlesticks and Shaco, stay in the back, liking their solidarity. The yordles go in front, to show that they are indeed here, except for Rumble, who is somewhere near the middle.

"Let me first apologize for the game masters not being able to announce this. They are extremely busy so please forgive them." Every champion nods, not really caring about that. They all wanted to hear the news.

"We have two new champions who joined us today. Please make them feel welcomed into our community. I introduce to you, Darius and Draven." The two new champions, both males and who look deadly, are clearly confused on how they were teleported to the Grand hall.

"Welcome Darius and Draven!" Tristana greets with Teemo shyly disappearing from their sight.

They both mumble their greetings as they walk down the stage and into the crowd where they are kindly accepted.

"Now due to some matches that the game masters have seen and polls about this, the game masters have decided to give you all a gift, if I may say. You, champions, are conducting a tournament where you fight against one another."

"We already have been fighting against one another. What's the difference in this tournament than any other?" Miss Fortune asks, arching an eyebrow and placing her hand on her right hip.

"The difference in this tournament, Champion Miss Fortune, is you will have no summoners controlling you."

"W-what?" everyone stutters. Olaf's jaw almost drops to the ground as he hears the news.

"In this tournament, you will be able to control your actions and the items you buy. I will supply you with more information once I get it. Thank you for attending, champions. Please have a great day." The assistant disappears like a magician performing a trick.

Silence spreads over the room like a mist crawling in. No one dares to move or twitch because the silence is overwhelming.

Renekton then nudges Olaf in the ribs with his elbow.

"You got your wish," Renekton whispers, as everyone inhales the oxygen in the room.

Gragas forces his way into the middle of the crowd with glass mugs and three barrels of his famous ale.

"Drink up!" Gragas states, as he chugs down a barrel by himself. One step at a time, the champions reluctantly line up and fill their mugs.

The bubbles of the ale rise up slowly, one by one, as champions push away the topic of the tournament.