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Chapter Two:

"Champions, please go to the Grand Hall approximately after breakfast. We have important announcements regarding the tournament. Let me repeat-"

"WE ALREADY KNOW!" Sivir yells at the speaker in her room as she rises from her bed. She goes ahead and throws her pillow at the cursed thing, not thinking that gravity will make it slam back down on her face.

"Ooouufff! Curse you, pillow!" Sivir growls as she rolls off her bed and opens her closet door. Grabbing her usual garments and slipping them on, she looks at the blank screen that stares at her.

"Power on, Technology Advanced Computer Phone," Sivir states, preparing herself for the red light that will scan her face.

The screen turns on and a red light sweeps over her face as Sivir winces at the intensity of it burning into her eyes.

'A few more seconds.'

"Champion SIVIR recognized," the computerized voice says as the T.A.C.P. produces a small keyboard.

"Voice command on," Sivir states as she grabs her shoes and walks to her bed.

"Command recognized. Voice command on." The T.A.C.P stops projecting the small keyboard. "Please state your order clearly."

"Read out the news on matchups for today," Sivir orders as she tugs on her shoes.

"Reading. Reading." There was a pause and Sivir looks at the T.A.C.P., curious that it went silent.

"There will be no matchups today. They are all cancelled. Please state your order clearly," the machine states as it patiently waits for the next order.

"Read out the news on matchups for the whole week," Sivir says, wondering if it was simply today.

"Reading. Reading. Reading. There will be no matchups for the whole week. They are all cancelled. Please state your order clearly."

Sivir, eyebrows burrowing causing creases on her forehead, sighs "Power off, Technology Advanced Computer Phone."

The T.A.C.P shuts off completely as Sivir pushes her hair back, completely confused on why all matchups were cancelled.


"HEY SIVIR, ARE YOU IN THERE?" a loud voice yells, still banging her fist on the door.

"Calm down, will you?" Sivir groans as she opens the door revealing a wild hog's nose.

"Oink, oink," It almost purrs as Sivir pets the nose. Sejuani leans forward smiling, "See, even Bristle is happy to see you."

Sivir throws a glare at Sejuani as she stops petting the wild hog. Sejuani hops off the hog, still holding the harness.

"Why are you so grumpy today, Sivir?" Sejuani asks, concern in her small frown.

"There aren't going to be any matches today."

Sejuani raises her thin eyebrows in surprise. "Hmph. That's odd. Well we've got to get go-"

"Woah Tryndamere, what are you doing in the girl's side?" Ahri asks Tryndamere loudly, while holding in her giggle.

Ashe was right beside him, a cold face on, as always, even though she felt the butterflies in her stomach flutter. Also, to make matters worse, Tryndamere's hand was placed on Ashe's left hip.

"Tryndamere lied about-" Ashe starts off.

"TRYN! YOU DID WHAT?!" Ahri asks, eyes bulging out. Tryndamere chuckles at Ahri's reaction.

Ashe sighs, knowing what Ahri was doing. She just wanted to poke some fun into some simple matter.

"Nightmares help a lot, Ahri," Tryndamere says in a stage whisper as he winks at Ashe. Ashe scrunches her face in anger for half a second until her passive mask was put back on.

Ahri, not able to hold her laughter back, clutches her stomach with her real hands as one of her tails hides her mouth.

Tryndamere then leads Ashe away from the scene as they go to the cafeteria to sit down in their assigned seats.

Sivir hears a small growl emit from beside her and she turns her head, slightly smiling.

"Get over it. We have to go to breakfast," Sivir states as she walks forward with Sejuani following her, sulking.

"Ahri, remember you have to go to breakfast," Akali says, reminding her as she walks past the giggling fox.

"A-ay," Ahri stutters as she composes herself again. Looking up, she sees a certain guy staring at her with an amused smirk on his face. Ahri pouts cutely as she walks gracefully towards him, swaying her hips every step.

She narrows her eyes at the purple head piece and the glistening blade on his arms.

"What's so funny, Talon?" Ahri asks, poking Talon on the chest.

Talon arches one eyebrow at Ahri's bold actions. "Keep doing that and I will put a blade in your heart," he states as he lifts his cape and disappears.

Ahri's eyebrow twitches as she sighs. She stands still for a mere second until she feels a blade pressing against her throat.

"Maybe I want your blade in my heart because I will be bleeding love for you," Ahri says, a smile in her voice as she gently removes Talon's blade from her throat. One of her tails tickles his nose as she walks away, a blush staining her cheeks, with the same grace.

She waves her petite hand at him with confidence, even if she was shaking slightly, as she walks into the cafeteria where all champions have gathered to eat at a long, extended rectangle table. All of them are seated in alphabetical order with Ahri being the head of the table and Zilean being on the right side of Ahri.

Ahri sighs as she sits down, as her food has already been served.

"You're late," Akali states as she continues eating her fluffy omelet with toasted wheat bread and a small bowl of varieties of fruit.

Ahri looks at her plate seeing the same meal. She lets her tails pick up her fork as she looks down the row of chairs.

Her golden orbs fall onto the troubled face of the Ice Queen, who was idly moving her food around on her plate. Ahri frowns slightly as she makes eye contact with Tryndamere, who is frowning at Ashe too.

A puff of smoke and gears turning loudly reminds Ahri of who sits near her.

"Hey Blitz, may I ask you something?"

"Yes you may," Blitz answers in his robotic voice as he stops chewing on coal.

"In your dating service, do Tryndamere and Ashe have the highest level of the account?"

"Yes, they do," Blitz answers, knowing very well that Ahri will force everything out until she hears what she wants to hear.

"Hm, is it Tryndamere who paid?" Ahri asks, fork tapping on the tip of her nose.

"If you will like to discuss my love life in front of me, please involve me in it, Ahri," Ashe states finally coming out of her trance.

Ahri inwardly smirks as she arches one of perfect dark eyebrows and gently places the fork down on the plate.

"So Ashe, are you paying for the membership?" Ahri asks with everyone around them going silent even Ziggs stops his insane rambling to listen in to the conversation.

"I find there is no use of me lending that information to you, Ahri," Ashe says before continuing to eat her fruit.

Ahri huffs, knowing she will never have the patience to break through Ashe's walls. "Very well then," Ahri murmurs, about to eat her fruit until a beeping sound goes off.

"Champions, please report to the Grand Hall immediately. We have announcements to deliver," the announcer says, interrupting the normal breakfast of the champions.

Most groan and push themselves away from the table as they walk towards the Grand Hall. Soon, only Ashe, Tryndamere, Caitlyn, Irelia, Soraka, Katarina, Swain and Shaco were left behind.

"Why is everyone so serious?" Shaco asks his smile never moving.

"What do you want, Shaco?"

"So demanding, Katarina. I'm sorry, but I do not believe there is something I want at the moment. All of my desires are being fulfilled so far, but thank you for asking, my dear Katarina." Shaco chuckles as the tips of his fingertips brush against Katarina's shoulder. He soon exits the cafeteria leaving all the champions puzzled.

"Should we get going?" Caitlyn asks while tilting her head to the exit. The champions nod as they follow Caitlyn to the second meeting room. Jarvan closes the doors as everyone puts separation in between the chairs except for Tryndamere, who scoots himself closer to Ashe.

"The tournament."

"They said nineteen teams."

"Nineteen teams and there are only seven of us. We cannot possibly warn everyone," Ashe states, her eyebrows wanting to furrow in worry, but she wouldn't allow them.

"We will try to warn everyone, but there might be champions who want the freedom," Tryndamere says, comforting Ashe.

"But those with the murderous intent! How can we stop them from getting their freedom?" Irelia asks.

"Easy. Do not help the team at all. Be the rebel and dance and get killed. It will be painful, but we cannot allow that those champions get out," Caitlyn replies, calmly.

"And the other reason for champions to want freedom might be so they can live their own life. Those are the harmless ones and can be warned easily."

"So the plan is to warn who can be warned and to not help the team if it has a champion with a suspicious intent?" Swain asks, wanting to sum up the whole meeting to go back to his room.

"That is the plan," Soraka says.

"Very well then. I will be leaving now," Swain states as he walks out the meeting room.

Irelia stands up as she bows her goodbye and exits too.

"Goodbye everyone," Soraka says, leaving too.

Katarina silently leaves as Jarvan and Caitlyn do the same.

Ashe sighs as she wipes her forehead with her hand.

"What's wrong, Ashe?" Tryndamere asks, placing his hand on her small back.

"Nothing is wrong. I'm heading back to my room," Ashe states, leaving Tryndamere as she paces to her room.

Every champion was pouring into the main hallway now since the Grand Hall meeting was over.

"Ashe," A calm voice called out. Ashe walked over to the side, where no one was bothered, as the cryophoenix flew towards her.

"Did you hear about the tournament?"

"Yes, I did," Ashe replies.

"Did you hear about the award?"

"The award is freedom," Ashe says. Anivia says nothing because she knows Ashe most likely held a meeting with the Head Game Master.

"And the rules?"

"Rules? I heard that it was mandatory you participated."

"That is one, but the gameplay for the tournament is different."

"What do you mean different?" Ashe asks, suspicion slightly intertwining itself in her words.

"There will only be Nexus turrets and the Nexus to take out. Your team will be able to see who you are going against earlier. Also, you are only allowed to get three items; price doesn't matter. There will be no minions in the field too."

"Anything else?"

"You know how we usually destroy the turrets and the Nexus?"

"Yes, what about it?"

"You can do it the usual or…"

"Or what, Anivia? You know that I don't like to ask questions repeatedly."

"An ace destroys the enemy's Nexus."

"Is that all?"


"What is the rest then, Anivia?" Ashe asks, impatience getting the best of her.

"Well if someone in the opposite team scores a quadra-kill, a Nexus turret is destroyed."

"What about a penta-kill?" Ashe asks, arching an eyebrow at the way the tournament is going to be played.

"That.. Destroys the enemy's Nexus and.." Anivia trails off, not wanting to tell Ashe.

"And what, Anivia?" Ashe asks, her eyes frantically searching Anivia's face for any clue.

"The team in which the person scored a penta-kill is allowed to disqualify any team."

The sounds of Ashe's footsteps rapidly walking towards the boy's hallway are covered by the unusually loud talking among champions.

Anivia stares off at Ashe as she sees the Ice Queen raise her petite fist to rap against the door with her knuckles.

Tryndamere opens the door, his face hidden by the door frame, as Ashe pushes past and slams the door behind her.

Anivia sighs softly as she continues to fly to her ice cold room.

Taking off her helmet, Kayle shakes her head to fix her hair. Her wings go down as her feet touch the ground. About to remove her armor, a small creak is heard in her bedroom.

Kayle immediately stands up, sword in hand. "Come out and reveal yourself," Kayle demands.

Layers of tattered, aged fabric rustles as a pale arm comes out from the shadows. Kayle growls at the sight of her exiled sister, eyes narrowing.

"What do you want, Morgana?" Kayle spits out with distaste.

Morgana chuckles as if the answer to the question was easy to predict. "Be by my side for this tournament and we can finally see who will win this battle between us."

"HA! I, Kayle the Judicator, be by you, Morgana the Fallen? Don't forget our stances, Morgana!" Kayle hisses, her jaw set that she will not join Morgana's team.

Morgana huffs at Kayle, stopping the urge to cast Tormented Soil where Kayle stood. She needs to be calm for this.

"Don't you see if we win, we get to fight freely? No one will stop us and you might be able to defeat me. You would gain benefits from that."

Kayle furrows her eyebrows as she does see the positive side in that, but she cannot be tempted. No… It wouldn't be good if Mor-

"You actually believe that I'm better than you?! KAYLE, THE JUDICATOR, IS SCARED OF ME?!" Morgana sneers, getting the best of Kayle.

Kayle raises her sword as it becomes engulfed with flames and starts to aim at Morgana. A fire bolt, landing in front of Morgana's feet, scorches the wooden floor as magic protects it from actually burning.

"Dark Binding." The cast slips through purple lips as Morgana's wrist flicks, releasing a dark bolt. Kayle, seeing the bolt dashing towards her, side steps it avoiding the binding. Shattered glass sprinkles to the floor as Kayle simply smirks.

"You will not win against me, Morgana. Therefore, I accept your proposal, but I will not help you if you are being killed. Simple as that. Now, get out of my room. I wish to not see your face unless it is necessary. You still disgust me," Kayle says, opening her door wide open as Morgana, chin held high, exits the room.

Flicking her wrist once again, the floor beneath Kayle's feet begins to bubble as fire seems to consume Kayle's feet.

"OWW!" Kayle cries, slamming the door behind her sister, before hopping to her bed.

Sighing as she puts her sword down, Kayle lays down on her bed, staring up at the ceiling.

"If we win… I might be able to learn more about Ashram. Perhaps.. The tournament is the best choice for me right now," Kayle whispers, her gaze moving towards a single photo of Ashram and her shaking hands.

"Where did you go?"

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