By Maniac Mike

( I am not associated with DC Comics or WB. I'm just a fan. )

Our story starts in 1938 on Argo City. This was before the time the Phantom Zone was created

on their main planet of Krypton. The El family fought off villains for years. In 1942 a hero

found his way into Argo City. It was Green Lantern. He fought alongside the Els and even

trusted them with his secret identity of Alan Scott. By 1945 Scott/Lantern brought an ally called

Flash to help matters out. The Els later found out that the Flash is Jay Garrick. By 1950 Argo

City was closer to peace. ( This was the first ten minutes.) 1955, a young Zor-El begins his

training. In 1960 Zor-El joined his older brother Jor-El in battle. "Green Lantern" Alan Scott

was lost in battle. In 1963 Zor-El met Alura. In 1965 Flash/Garrick returned to Argo with a new

Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. The El brothers fought alongside the superheroes. In 1967 Zor-El

and Alura get married. By 1970 Argo was completely at peace, but Garrick was lost during the

battle. ( Second ten minutes.) In 1972 Zor-El and Alura had a daughter, they named her Kara.

1975 Zor-El and Jor-El went to Earth to assist "Green Lantern" Hal Jordan and a new Flash,

Barry Allen. In 1980 the citizens of Argo celebrate ten years of peace. 1982, Kara celebrates her

tenth birthday. 1983 Green Lantern ( Hal Jordan ) and Flash ( Barry Allen ) were battling Abra

Kadabra and his thugs. After they finally defeated them for good in 1984, they discovered

Agamemno had plans for Argo. ( 30:00 ) Kid Flash ( Wally West ) joins the two heroes on Argo.

Zor-El built an escape shuttle just in case. In 1985 Agony and Ecstacy joined in with

Agamemno. 1986 Amazing Grace joined the villain team. In 1987 Amazo was the next villain to

join. ( 40:00 ) During the final battle an explosive device was set off. Barry Allen went MIA.

Zor-El put Kara into a deep sleep and then into the ship. Green Lantern followed the ship but got

lost when an explosion went off. Kid Flash searched for him but couldn't locate him. Moments

later Argo blew up. ( 45:30 ) The shuttle was frozen in time. In suspended animation. 1988

Wally West became the Flash and Guy Gardner became the Green Lantern. In 1989 it was

Krypton that was destroyed. We see a clip of John Stewart becoming the next Green Lantern in

1996 while the shuttle slowly made its way out of the frozen state it was in. We see a young Bart

Allen. ( 48:52 ) 2006 Kyle Rayner becomes the Green Lantern and decides to spend some time

in Leesburg. 2007 while fighting Angle Man, the shuttle crashed in an empty field, but of course

did a lot of damage. After Angle Man was defeated, Lantern checked what the ruckus was all

about. He opened it up and found Kara. ( 53:54 ) Kara was still asleep. Lantern had Queen

Enterprises hide the shuttle. ( 55:56 ) Kara was awake and she was crying. Her world was gone.

Kyle had questions. It had been twenty years since she's been frozen in time and she's remained

the exact age. Now she knows what planet she's on. ( 1:00:00 ) PILOT…To be Continued.

Three months later Kara is getting adjusted to her new surroundings. Kyle searches around for

Kara. He goes outside, she's running, and going full speed. We take a look at Leesburg High

School. A bully named Chase was abusing his classmate. The classmate is Lenny. That same

day after school Lenny walks home beaten. Kara saw him walking and asked him what

happened. He was upset and acted mean towards her. Kara asked Kyle about Lenny. The next

day Chase beat up Lenny again and threw his jacket in the garbage. On his way home Kara tried

talking to him again. Still he was rude towards her. After talking to Kyle they reached the

conclusion of a possible bully problem. Later on Kyle meets up with his girlfriend Jenny-Lynn

Hayden. They looked through a paper about crime-boss Garrison Denton. He recently arrived in

Leesburg. Nobody has been able to pin anything on him. Denton was compared to the Luthors.

The next morning Kara used her super-speed to beat Lenny to school. She hid behind a bush.

Lenny was walking by, Chase spotted him. Of course he started trouble with him again. Chase

attacked Lenny and demanded money from him. Kara used her super-speed and confronted

Chase. He laughed at Lenny for having a girl stand up for him. She warned Chase to leave Lenny

alone from now on. He laughed and insulted her. She knocked Chase down with a shove. The

other students were surprised. Chase slowly got up and told Lenny it wasn't over. After he left

Lenny got really upset at her. At a different location we see Garrison Denton in his office. He has

forced a lot of small business owners to sell him their companies. Denton has heard the rumors

about the field the shuttle crashed in. He wants to buy the field so he could investigate. His

henchman is shocked by the thought of his boss possibly believing in alien life-form. Denton

mentions that strange things have occurred in Smallville. Then he also mentions "that mysterious

Green Arrow guy." Denton also said he's gotten reports of a "mysterious red speed demon" over

in Keystone City. Later on, Kyle discovers Denton's intentions on purchasing the land. He

decides to visit the current owner. After school Kara returns to make sure Lenny is safe. But it

happened again. Chase tormented Lenny all over again. He put the bad-mouth on Lenny and

took shots at him. Kara ran over to them and she beat up Chase in a matter of seconds. Instead of

thanking Kara, Lenny ran away. Kyle and Jenny-Lynn are having a meeting with the current lot

owner. He's desperate to sell it and Denton is pressuring him to sell it to him. Kyle says that

Queen Enterprises is willing to buy the property from him. Kara uses the gym that Kyle set up in

the basement. She was shocked by the weight she was able to lift. Later on Denton sent some of

his men to attack the lot owner. Police Officer, Fred Danvers was on the scene. The owner was

afraid to say that he suspects Denton was behind it. At home that evening as Fred was having

dinner with his girlfriend, Edna, he spoke about how much he wants to finally bring down

Denton. Edna is concerned about his obsession with stopping Denton. Fred explains how he's

hurt a lot of people and how he's corrupted lots of good people. Fred mentioned how he has

several important people in his back pocket. Edna says another cop can take over. They argued

over it. Later on Kara demonstrated to Kyle how strong she is. It's nighttime and Fred Danvers

went out investigating the lot. Suddenly Danvers heard a sound, he pulled out his gun. He

pointed at the person that was lurking around. It was the Green Lantern. Fred shook his head.

They had worked together before on cases. From his office Denton put his next plan in motion.

A 6'9" 304 pound man shows up in the office of the lot owner. The big guy threatened him to

sell to Denton. Employees heard noise of items being thrown around and pounding, so the police

was called. Fred and Lantern are on their way. The Owner, whose name is Aaron, refused to

snitch on Denton. Kara went to visit Lenny. They spoke and he apologized and thanked her.

He asked her for her name. She thought about it and saw a book and the author's name was

Linda so she said her name was Linda.

Later Aaron's family was threatened and Fred and Green Lantern were on the scene.

After the police report was made, Aaron finally agreed to sell the lot to Denton.

Green Lantern changed back into Kyle. He tried to get Aaron to change his mind about selling to


Kyle said to wait for Oliver Queen. Aaron feared for his family.

He signed and sold to Denton. Fred Danvers was angry. Edna told him to give up the Denton

investigation. He said he couldn't do that. Lenny asked Kara ( Linda ) about school. Kyle

changed back into the Green Lantern. He got into Denton's office and in his face. GL warned

Denton that he would be stopped. Just then the 6'9" guy walked in. Lantern used his ring on him

as a warning. The next day Fred cancels a trip he was supposed to take with Edna so for he could

work on another case involving Denton.

Plus he brought rumors of a new powerful member to his organization.

Edna said she'd still go on the trip but she wouldn't be coming back.

Kara overheard Kyle on the phone speaking about Denton.

She took out a journal and wrote in Kryptonian about everything's that happened.

Like her family in Argo, she knew she'd need to help make a difference on her new world.

Episode end!

The Next Episode: Supergirl

Kara was learning to read and write English.

One of Denton's guys was picking on a lady named Sylvia while on the lot that had just been


Fred Danvers ran over and roughed up the thug. Sylvia was thankful.

Denton announced that he has signed Lucas Luthor to help search for clues on the lot mystery.

Kyle Rayner was concerned. First the Dentons now a Luthor is involved. Lenny was on his way

to school.

Chase left home. Kara waited for him then she attacked him and applied a hammerlock on him

and warned him to leave Lenny alone. But she ended up breaking his arm.

She didn't know her own strength. So she zipped away and called for help.

Fred Danvers went to question Chase later on at the hospital. "Some crazy girl," said Chase.

On his way out Fred saw Sylvia helping out at the hospital. Fred asked out Sylvia and she


Kyle came home while Jenny-Lynn was teaching Kara. Kyle heard about what happened to

Chase and right away knew it had to be Kara. He spoke to her about being careful. Someone was

at the door. Kyle answered it. Lenny was there, busted open. "Where's Linda?" asked Lenny.

Kyle wasn't sure who he meant, but then Kara walked over to check on Lenny. Apparently

Chase's friends attacked in order to get revenge over what Kara did to him. Jamie-Lynn fixed up

Lenny's cuts and bruises.

Now we take a look at Denton in his office. He had just recently became the owner of the lot.

Lucas found tracks of the shuttle and snapped shots to show Denton. Lucas also located some

space rocks similar to the ones that his half-brother Lex had found in Smallville.

Plus the damage caused in the lot, they were convinced of an alien invasion here in Leesburg. Fred and Sylvia are out on their date in a classy restaurant. Garrison Denton put his next

dastardly plan into motion. He hired orderlies to kidnap Chase out of the hospital.

Kyle Rayner changed into The Green Lantern. Denton's men wanted information about the

mysterious girl who beat him up. Chase refused to talk until they told him what was going on.

One of the thugs said he could get even with her by cooperating with them. Kara and Lenny

approached Chase's friends. They were angry at them because they heard about Chase's

disappearance. They didn't let them explain what had happened. They charged at them and Kara

easily knocked down all of them. Finally she was able to explain to them how they suspected

Garrison Denton and wanted to recruit them to help and possibly bring him down. Kyle changed

into the Green Lantern. He visited Denton. He told GL that he doesn't have any proof against

him. Chase's guys joined forces with Kara and Lenny. Police Officer, Fred Danvers questioned

Lucas. A thug slapped Chase hard across the face, so he at least admitted that it was indeed a


Green Lantern located a Denton henchman and used the power of the ring to get the location

from him. GL tied him up and called Danvers. During the fallout Green Lantern was knocking

around villains left and right.

All of a sudden from behind the Denton bodyguard attacked Lantern from behind. They then tied

up the Lantern.

He was locked up in another room. Kara and company made their way on the property.

Kara waited until everyone was scattered around to pull the door off the hinges. She used her

speed power and charged in. The others noticed the missing door and made their way in.

The bodyguard pulled the mask off of Green Lantern. "What? The cartoonist guy?" he asked in

amazement. Lenny searched for Kara/Linda while Chase's thugs went head-on and found

Denton's guys and started fighting. Kara located Chase, he was still being questioned by the

thug. Kara zipped on over and attacked the guy.

In a different area Lenny and the others got clobbered. After Kara rescued Chase she ran over

and took down the bodyguard and freed Green Lantern. Kara said she was going to help out the


Jenny-Lynn showed up. GL spoke to her, she wanted to tape-record a confession to use to bring

down Denton. The bodyguard got back up and strangled Kyle. Suddenly Jenny-Lynn raised her

hand and green-energy zapped out at the bodyguard. He fell down. She was confused about her

sudden abilities while they spoke the bodyguard got up again and tossed GL/Kyle and strangled

Jenny-Lynn suddenly gun shots were fired at him. It was Fred Danvers. The bodyguard went


Chase was blaming Kara for this happening to him, but said he was still grateful for the rescue.

On the way home Lenny asked Kara for the rest of her name. "Linda…Linda what?" She saw a

Leesburg sign and said "Lee" that it was her middle name. Lenny called her mysterious. Fred

told Sylvia the bodyguard didn't make it and can't squeal on Denton. Jenny-Lynn tests out her

new found abilities. Kara knows she's landed here for a reason.

Episode Closes.

Next Episode!

It's the last day at school at Leesburg High School. Lenny was cleaning out his locker.

Chase, with his arm in a sling, walked by him and said hi. A fellow student, Lester, walked

towards Lenny and asked him about it. Lester spoke about how much Chase and his goons

tormented him. Kara was at Kyle's place continuing her studies. She's planning on starting

school in September. Back at school Lester walks by Chase, the name-calling started back up

again. At lunch he had flash-backs to all the torture that both him and Lenny suffered.

He brought his tray outside, Chase tripped Lester. He fell down and his food landed on the

ground along with the tray. The other students laughed at him.

Jenny-Lynn is at S.T.A.R. Lab in Metropolis running tests. Kara took a break from her studies to

watch some television. Lester went to his locker and pulled out a gun. He hid it and saw the

principal walk by. He had flashbacks to how both he and Lenny would go to the principal and

vice principal for help and nothing would change. Kara watched Mighty Mouse and felt it would

be cool to be like him and Green Lantern and Fred Danvers saving the world and she wrote that

in her journal. Later on Chase started with Lester yet again. This time he had the gun on him and

he took it out and aimed it towards him. Chase didn't take Lester seriously. Lester pulled the

trigger, and the principal got hit in the shoulder as he was walking by. Chase was frozen with

fear. Lester didn't care because he felt the principal never actually helped him. Garrison Denton

and Lucas Luthor received word that equipment detected alien property buried in the lot.

Kyle Rayner traveled to Metropolis to join his girlfriend. Lester had Chase and his goons moved

to the gym. Kara saw the late-breaking news report on TV. The principal had been taken to the

hospital. Lenny tried talking sense into his friend. At the lot they already started drilling. Kara

used her speed to arrive at the school. She saw the police there. Fred Danvers was already at the

scene. Suddenly Kara was able to see through the school. Her x-ray vision had developed. As

she tested it, she scanned room to room and finally located the hold-up. She hid the zoomed

inside the school. Lester went through a long list of things that Chase and Company did to

himself and Lenny and others. He shot Chase in his left foot. Kara busted in during the

commotion and knocked Lester out. After order was restored, Kara and Lenny talked about it.

Jenny-Lynn mentioned how she was adopted. Kyle supports her on her decesion of tracking

down her past. As for Denton, the crew discovered a capsule that was underground. Chase tells

Lenny and Kara that Lester was right about him. And he apologizes to Lenny.

Episode closes.

Super Challenge

The next episode in the Supergirl series.

Kara is practicing her x-ray ability. Kyle is impressed. Nearby there was a hold-up at the bank.

Kyle changed into the Green Lantern and he arrived only to find that nothing was stolen and no

one was harmed.

All there was waiting for GL was a message.

The enemy has returned.

At the Denton lab we find out that it was a "who" that was stored in the capsule and not a "what."

Garrison and Lucas both seem confident. Lenny got a job working at the Leesburg Mall. He

learned that there's been a shoplifting problem at this mall. At the end of the work day, it

happened again. Denton kept speaking of the GL enemy to Lucas and how this would put an end

to the hero. Green Lantern knew that the lot had been investigated. There was another cry for

help, GL saw a masked man attempting to rob a woman. It turned out to be another set-up. The

gate shut. And he came face-to-face with Sinestro. Green and yellow rays of light were zapping

around. GL fell. His foe explained what had happened. He mentioned how he has battled anyone

and everyone who has had the Green Lantern name. "The Guardians had decided to punish me.

They banished me to the 'anti-matteer universe', it was the alien world of Qward," he said. "The

motive they had was to humble me, by exiling me to a world ruled by evil and consisted of

citizens who hated the Guardians and the Green Lanterns." This was during his feud with Hal


At this point Kara had a plan to stop the string of shop-lifting incidents. Kara made a list and the

items that were stolen were all similar cds of the same band. The price tag was a bit pricey. That

was the first clue. And Lenny did say the band was popular. Also gone were concert T-shirts

that were being sold. Luckily Kara had a few devices from S.T.A.R. Labs that was given to her

by Jenny-Lynn via mail. Kara placed the devises on some of the merchandise. They were tiny

chip sized devices that couldn't be seen unless you were really looking for them.

Kyle was still captured. Sinestro continues his tale. "I managed to cheat death by transferring my

consciousness into the Central Power Battery. That's where I made the discovery about the

ancient Yellow Impurity in the Green Lantern's light," he said.

"That yellow impurity was a sentient entity named Parralax. The two merged when Hal Jordan

entered the battery and tried to save the remaining Green Lanterns." Jordan defeated Sinestro

and his spirit was condemned inside the power battery for eternity. Through Sinestro, the yellow

impurity entity called Parallax infected Hal's mind. Next was Guy Gardner.

The next day Kara was concerned because Kyle hadn't returned home. At the mall, sure enough

the exact merchandise was stolen. Kara used the radar to track down the culprit or culprits. It

turned out to be thieves selling the items from the back of the truck. Back to Kyle, Sinestro spoke

about the time Guy Gardner stole his ring. It was John Stewart who put him in that trap. Kara

didn't use force to stop the guys in the truck. She phoned the police and they handled it from

there. Kara called up Jenny-Lynn and informed her. After finding clues, Kara went searching for

Kyle. That's when she met up with Lucas. Kara spoke about Garrison Denton and how he's

trouble. Lucas spoke about having to live up to the reputation of his half-brother Lex. She said

he doesn't have to be like Lex or Lionel. Lucas wasn't convinced. Kara located the location and

used her x-ray vision. She busted in there and busted the door down and zipped in and knocked

down the henchmen. Then she was face-to-face with Sinestro. He used his yellow ring on Kara,

but she ran out of the way. Kara freed Kyle while in super-speed mode. GL asked his foe how

he managed to get his ring back.

The scene cut to Garrison Denton. Lucas enters his office. He talks about murdering Fred

Danvers. Lucas isn't OK with this idea. They argue about it. Danvers arrives during the Lantern

verses Sinestro ring fight. The villain escaped with the others and told his foe that it was only a

preview. Danvers and the other cops managed to capture a few of the henchmen. But they

refused to give up Denton. Fred returned home to find Sylvia waiting for him. He mentioned

how Edna didn't understand about how important it is to put a stop to Denton. Kara called Lenny

on the phone.

During the conversation Lenny informed her that Denton insists on buying his family's grocery


"Is Denton trying to own all of Leesburg?" asked Kara.

As Sylvia went home, Denton's goons kidnapped her.

Lucas didn't feel right about it.

Episode closes.

As the next episode starts, Fred searches for Sylvia.

Kyle changed into Green Lantern to help out his friend.

Lois Lane had showed up to make a report on the current happenings in Leesburg.

Sylvia was terrified. Lenny's parents refused to give in and sell their store to Denton.

While Lenny was hanging out with Kara they went through an area that was affected by

Kryptonite. At that point the thugs captured Lenny. "What's wrong with the girl?" asked a thug.

She was weakened by the Kryptonite and was unable to help Lenny. They escaped. Luckily Lois

was still snooping around and found Kara. Lois helped Kara up to her feet then they walked

away from the Kryptonite. Lucas again was not too thrilled about Lenny getting kidnapped.

The Green Lantern had difficulty making his rescue because Sinestro was involved.

Kara had problems of her own because there was Kryptonite in the building. She later discovered

that lead would protect her.

Lois interviewed Lucas.

Hearing what she had to say about Denton was clicking in to him.

The Green Arrow arrived to assist the Green Lantern and he brought along Hal Jordan with him.

Unfortunately Lenny's parents had already sold the store to Denton but didn't release their son.

Jordan explained that he was no longer influenced by the darkness and was no longer Parallax.

Jenny-Lynn returned as Jade to help out. They busted in and Kyle disposed of the Kryptonite

and contacted Kara. Sinestro had to contend with two Lanterns ( Kyle and Hal ) and a Lantern in

training ( Jenny-Lynn ). Green Arrow and Kara went after Denton. Lois snuck in and this time

Jimmy Olsen was there and had his camera. Sinestro couldn't deal with the three against one

odds. Their villain was captured. Green Arrow and Kara defeated the henchmen. Kara rescued

Lenny and Fred rescued Sylvia. Denton pointed a gun at Green Arrow. Lucas attacked Denton

from behind. Denton fell and Lucas retreated. But Denton pressed a button on a remote control

while he was down. Smoke filled the room. Denton escaped. Of course they couldn't prove

Denton was involved. There was no evidence that Denton was involved in either kidnapping.

All the note said was "sell the store or you'll never see your kid again." They never mentioned

selling to Denton, but he happened to be the most interested in buying it.

Denton confronted Lucas. They argued. Suddenly more henchmen worked Lucas over.

Lois and Jimmy arrived and found Lucas a beaten and bloody mess. Oliver Queen ( Green

Arrow ) and Hal Jordan say good-bye to Kyle and Jenny-Lynn. Fred proposes to Sylvia, says he

doesn't want to lose her. She accepts. Kara promises Lenny that Garrison Denton will be


Episode closes.

Discoveries: Supergirl

The next episode begins.

Fred and Sylvia are planning their wedding. Kara visits Lucas in the hospital. He regrets

listening to Garrison Denton, Lex, Lionel, and others like them. Lucas says he will start up his

own company to directly compete against Denton. Later on Lucas made a statement to Fred

Danvers. But Garrison Denton was one step ahead and hid the paper trail. Jenny-Lynn received

information from S.T.A.R. Labs through Hal Jordan. When he returned to this world he recalled

that Jenny-Lynn's father is Alan Scott.

Kyle: But how can that be?

Jenny-Lynn: He was around decades ago.

They look at e-mail that was just sent to them.

While that's going on Kara answers the phone and it's former Kansas Senator Jack Jennings.

Apparently he'll be stopping by.

She wondered what for. Back to the e-mail:

To: Lantern Info

Hello Kyle & Jenny-Lynn,

Here is the data given to me by Hal. Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern was MIA for a lot of

years… It turns out he was trapped in a location known as the Phantom Zone, a prison created

by an alien life form, but with the aid of his ring and his intelligence, he managed to escape. But

many, many years had gone by and the world he knew was no longer the same. So he retired as

the Lantern. As you know, you were put up for adoption and Alan still hasn't told us who your

mother is. If I may be of assistance, don't hesitate to call.

Doc A

Kara went to bed that night attached to a learning device from S.T.A.R. Labs. While she sleeps

she'll be learning about George Washington. Lucas met up with Jack later on, both men needing

to improve their image, decided to go into business together. They both have scores to settle with

Garrison Denton. The next morning Kara knew a lot about George Washington. Jack Jennings

showed up. He spoke about how Denton blackmailed him a couple of times in the past while he

was in office.

Jack: I thought of getting rid of him in the past, legally of course. I even thought of going to my

old friend Jonathon. ( Bows his head, looks sad. ) But I couldn't get him involved.

Kyle: I'm glad Lucas has reformed.

Jack: We're going to need all the help we can get.

Fred Danvers stops by to get informed on things. Jack says his better half would be arriving. She

did. It was Edna. It got even more complicated when Sylvia visited them. Kara helped out Lucas.

He bought a new office building and she was helping him get organized. Denton was not

pleased. He was furious about Jack Jennings. He thought he'd seen the last of him. Denton sent a

crew to vandalize the new building. Of course Kara was ready and she beat up the crew. The two

couples got along just fine. There's no longer any hard feelings between Fred and Edna.

Unfortunately Denton had Jack and Edna kidnapped. Lucas then received an anonymous letter

telling him he's got twenty-four hours to shut down his business or else. He went directly to

Fred. Kara and Lenny went snooping around. The building they were lead through had a lead

wall surrounding it. Kara discovered she couldn't see through lead.

Later on she researched it on her own and saw that the Kryptonite had no affect on her when the

lead was protecting her. She had an idea and now she's completely convinced. Kyle turned into

the Green Lantern and Garrison Denton was on his way to 74.5 WLB Radio. Lantern knew he

was close to buying that radio station. On the air Denton announced he would be running for

School Committee. The thugs brought Jack and Edna to the basement of the building. Kara and

Lenny located the place. Lenny went to see Fred. Kara pulled the door off the hinges. She

zipped on by. Denton was there, and was bragging about the purchase of the radio station.

He was a speeding figure on the monitor. He sent reinforcements out to track her down.

Denton: That's got to be the alien. IT HAS TO BE!

He rewound the film and paused it. He could tell it was female. Denton needed to be sure.

And now he was. But, Who was she? Of course his cronies were unable to stop Kara and she

released Jack and Edna. Jack searched and searched the place until he found Denton attempting

to escape. He charged through the bodyguards and grabbed Denton by the collar. He threatened

him. Garrison Denton reminded him he's got an alibi on stand by. Jack promises him that he's

bringing him down. Later on Jack announces he's moving to Leesburg and running against

Denton for the School Committee. The next day Fred and Sylvia get married. A Denton

henchman uses a telescope to watch the wedding and the guests. Jenny-Lynn decides she's going

to search for her father.

Kyle again supported her decision and knew as Jade she could take care of herself. Jack called a

press conference to announce he'll also be running for the School Committee. Lenny says Jack

needs to win, there's no telling what will happen if Denton is victorious. Kara tells Lenny he

should help out Jack in his campaign.

Kara: You've gotten more confident as of late.

Lenny: That's because of you.

Kara: It was inside of you all along.

Lenny: There is something I've been trying to get the courage to do.

Kara: Then just do it. Don't worry about any consequences.

Lenny: Are you sure?

( Kara smiles.)

( Lenny is more at ease. )

Kara: Positively.

Lenny steps in closer to Kara, and plants a big kiss on her lips. She was shocked. Lenny ran


End of episode.

Next episode.

It had been a week since Kara last saw Lenny after he had kissed her. Garrison Denton had been

posting stories about Jack's past through the local paper which he had just bought. To help his

image, Jack and Edna decided to immediately get married. It was at that wedding where Kara

finally saw Lenny again. Lenny claimed to have been busy. She understood. He said she's the

first girl to understand him. Garrison Denton interrupted them. They had no idea he was there. "It

would be a shame if something bad were to happen to Jack and his bride because of this

election," Denton said. With use of her x-ray vision she saw one of the thugs strapping a bomb

to the bottom of Jack's car. She used her super-speed and knocked out the thug, went to Denton's

limousine, pulled the chauffer out, threw him in the air and placed the bomb in and caused it to

blow up inside the limo. Everybody ran out. Denton was furious when he saw what happened to

his limo. Denton placed a call. He still wanted Jack terminated. Kara and Lenny finally had an

opportunity to talk about the kiss. Lenny apologized, but Kara said there was no reason to be told

him that she values his friendship. "I'm not ready for a relationship right now," she said, "I am

not ready to risk our friendship at this time."

"Maybe we can get to know each other even better than we do now," he said, "you certainly are

my best friend." They hugged.

Jack and Edna went on their honeymoon. Kyle purposefully placed false information about the

location of their honeymoon. They wound up in Las Vegas. Kyle, Kara, and Lenny all traveled

together. Kyle said tomorrow would be the big day. They passed through the casino late at night.

Somewhere else Denton wanted to place bets and hopefully become owner of the hotel.

Suddenly they were at a wedding

chapel. Lenny was wearing an

Elvis Presley jumpsuit and Kara

was wearing a beautiful white dress

that looked like it was from the '50s.

They were married. They shared a kiss

as husband and wife. Later Lenny carried

Kara into the honeymoon suite.

There was a knock on the door. Lenny woke up. It was only a dream. Kara was at the door.

"Oh, I'm sorry, " she said, "were you sleeping."

"Yes, it's OK," he said. She told him she hoped he had a good dream. He told her he had the

greatest dream, but couldn't tell her what it was about. She didn't press the issue. She said she

noticed somebody lurking around. They went to the lobby and noticed a figure wearing a red

and yellow costume. Lenny went to where he was hiding but the person moved at lightning

speed. Lenny looked around, but he was long gone. Lenny explained to Kara what had

happened. She noticed the red and yellow guy again, as she got closer, he zipped away again.

Kara put into full-speed and followed him. He stopped and so did she.

"What's going on here?" he asked. "Only one other person could run ultra fast." Now we see

Denton in his royal hotel suite. "Nobody has been able to locate Jack yet," he shouted, "what am

I paying you clowns for?" One of his guys walked in and said he found out which room they

were in.

Lenny had gone off looking for Kyle. Kara needed to have a talk with her red and yellow friend.

"How much is Garrison Denton paying you?" asked Kara. The guy smiled. "Me working for

Denton?" he replied, "You've got it all wrong, I'm here to stop him once and for all." She wasn't

convinced. "Who sent you?" she demanded. The fellow smiled. "No, no, sweetie," he said, "who

sent you?" Kara figured it wouldn't hurt. "The Lantern is why I'm here." The speedster was

shocked. "Really?" he asked, "I'm here because of the Arrow." Each of them were "Green"

super-heroes. She said he could remove his mask if he wanted. "I can't let you know my secret

identity," he explained.

"Oops, I used my x-ray vision," she said, "I already know how you look like under the mask." He

removed it. She introduced herself. "Nice to meet you, Linda," he said, "I'm Bart Allen." She

wanted to know more about Bart.

Bart: I owe a lot to Green Arrow. I was actually adopted. I knew my name was "Bart Allen" and

after receiving my powers my foster parents abandoned me. I used aliases like Jay Gerrick,

Barry Allen, and Wally West, all names that were linked to my past. Arrow helped me make the

connection. I am somehow related to Barry.

Kara: What name do you go by?

Bart: Originally I was called Impulse, now I'm known as Kid Flash.

Kara: Well, Kid, welcome to the team.

Later on the Denton team went to the room that Jack was supposed to be staying at. They broke

into the room. The bed looked like that the newlyweds could be under the covers. One thug

takes out a gun and opens fire. But it was only a bunch of pillows and blankets. The Green

Lantern jumps out and attacks him. Kara and Kid Flash help out. Garrison Denton was angry

that it was all just a set-up. Green Lantern broke into his room and threatened Denton. Frustrated

that he had nothing to get Denton arrested with, he pulled him by the tie and demanded answers.

Denton said he could help him locate the first Lantern, Alan Scott if he spared him. GL was

puzzled. He demanded Denton to tell him what he knows about Alan Scott. Denton spoke about

what we already know about Alan Scott so far. He blasted Denton with the green light from his

ring to force him to download the information into his computer. Bart still had a job to do. He

needed to capture a Denton agent.

Bart: He might also have some knowledge to the Luthor 33.1 project. You remind me so much of

somebody, you could almost be his kid sister.

Kara: I don't have a brother. Where do you know this guy?

Bart: Kansas.

Kara: I'm not yet familiar with Kansas.

With help from Kara, Bart was able to capture the agent trying to head for the airport. The Green

Arrow arrived and took the agent in for questioning. The Green Lantern greeted his old friend

and briefed him in on his current plans. GL says he fears he may have to leave Kara in order to

help out Jenny-Lynn and the first Lantern. Bart tells Kara more about the agent. Roland Quince

was his name. He worked for Lionel and later for Lex. Then Garrison hired him, but he's still

does "favors" and "helps-out" the Luthors. Bart explained that Quince worked directly with 33.1

and we see flash-backs of Bart as Kid Flash trying to capture Roland Quince and failing. Then

we see Arthur Curry as Aqua Man trying to stop Quince. Now we see Victor Stone as Cyborg

giving it a try.

Now that Oliver Queen a.k.a. Green Arrow has Quince captured, Bart says bye to Kara. Since

Denton likes to kidnap people, she didn't fell too badly about one of his guys getting the same


End of episode.


The next Supergirl episode

Kyle Rayner checks his computer for the information that he forced Garrison Denton to download for

him while under hypnosis. Now that Roland Quince is being held captive, things may be shaping up.

Kara was still asleep hooked up with the educating S.T.A.R. Labs equipment. She's learned the

English language, math, science, and about money. Kyle has learned of the location of Alan Scott. He

gave Jenny-Lynn a call. Kyle has decided to join her.

Kyle: Kara…

Kara: I know, and I understand.

Kyle: You won't be alone, I'll leave you in good hands.

Garrison Denton wonders exactly what Green Lantern could've done to him or made him do with that

ring of his. What could he have discovered? At this point he was preparing for a press conference.

Fred Danvers was keeping surveillance on Denton. Danvers sent Detective Irving Mills on the case.

Kyle is scheduled to stop by Gotham City before meeting up with Jenny-Lynn. Mills witnessed Denton

working-over a Jack Jennings campaign volunteer and just stood there watching. The guy was busted-

open. Denton took the campaign plans and left him laying. Then Denton was face-to-face with Mills.

Denton: Hello, Detective.

Mills: Hi, Mr. Denton.

Denton: You see what happened?

Mills: It depends.

Denton: On what?

Mills: Do you have my money?

( They both laugh, then shake hands. )

Kyle drops Kara off at the Danvers place. Apparently Fred and his wife will adopt Kara. However, they

only know her as Linda. Only Kyle ( Green Lantern ), Jenny-Lynn Hayden ( Jade ), Oliver Queen

( Green Arrow ), and Bart Allen ( Kid Flash ) knows her secret. She had her good-bye with Kyle.

It was said Jack would help legalize the adoption. Now she is "Linda Lee Danvers."

Irving warned Garrison about a raid that Fred had called for. Once the police arrived, everything was

clean. The next day another raid was attempted. Irving Mills warned Garrison again. Every Garrison

building came out clean because of Detective Mills. We see Garrison Denton at his home. His wife,

Marcia was there. They discussed the downfall of Fred Danvers.

Denton: Now that Kyle the do-gooder and that tramp of his is gone and that Green goof is out of the

way, Danvers cannot succeed.

Marcia: Revenge will be ours. After all this time.

Kara met up with Lenny. They're discussing school, in particular Kara starting school.

She changes the subject and asks about Denton.

Kara: What's the deal with him? Why is he like this?

Lenny: Wow, Linda, you really are new. Garrison Denton could have his own soap opera.

Kara: I don't understand.

( Cue flashback. ) Apparently Garrison's father Ernesto Denton met Fred's father, Donavon Danvers,

long ago and they became friends and eventually went into business together. The Denton's were not

rich back then. They started up a dairy business. Eventually they became successful. The business

expanded and a man by the name of Alec Holland joined their company. Later Holland discovered

wrong-doings on Ernesto's part. Apparently he got a hold of illegal chemicles from Anton Arcane. He

was a scientist. Alec didn't want to believe Anton was up to anything, since they were friends as well,

but Alec had sucpisions concerning Anton for a while. Then Ernesto began "cooking the books" and

Donavon found out about it. It put a strain on their friendship. Then the customers were decieved.

Donavon eventually left the company. A lot of customers began to sue them. Lots of people got sick

because of the chemichles. Alec Holland walked away from the company. Everybody who sued

Ernesto was captured and beaten. After being threatened they dropped the lawsuit.

Garrison joined his father's company. They blackmailed their competitor to sell them their company.

Fred became a cop. One of the guys who they forced out of business was beaten badly and placed into

a coma. Fred spoke to his father. They helped set-up Ernesto with an undercover cop. It worked.

Ernesto was arrested. That put Garrison Denton on his road to revenge.

Lucas was at his place listening to music. Denton Goons arrived and attempted to strongarm him back

to the Denton Company. They said Jack was going to be ruined once and for all. Each goon pulled out

a weapon. Jack looked concerned. The phone rang. It was Garrison Denton. He told him to return to

the fold or else. Lucas told him off and told him "no way." They stepped closer towards him. Kara and

Lenny finished talking. We look at Jack. He's on the computer.


Disappearance of Alex Olsen connected to Denton, Inc.

Damien Ridge ( deceased ) was found guilty…

Albert Hollerer last seen in the state of Louisiana. Denton, Inc. cleared of any wrong-doing.

Missing: Aaron Hayley, former Denton, Inc. employee. Mystery currently unsolved.

Alan Hallman Last seen in swamp.

Jack calls Lucas, but no one picks up. Kara picks up a copy of the Daily Planet with a Denton article

written by journalist, Perry White.

To be Continued…

The next episode sees Kara reading the Daily Planet newspaper with Perry White reporting Garrison

Denton having fired his employee, Moe Tyler. White writes about their financial problems. The Denton

Goons attack Lucas. Jack is on his way to see Lucas, not realizing what's going on. Kara visits with the

Tyler's. Apparently Moe was fired for refusing to murder Fred Danvers some time back. The mortgage

is long, long over due. They're in danger of losing their home that they lived in for so many years.

She had introduced herself as Fred's adopted daughter. Moe has a wife, three sons, and a daughter.

Moe was threatened and harassed, beaten and his car has been vandalized. He's called the police, but

Denton keeps getting away with it. Just then the mail was delivered. Bad news, the bank wants the

full $578,948 by the end of the month or they lose their home. Needless to say the Tyler Family are in

bad shape. They can't afford any luxuries. Back to Lucas he was getting beaten and bruised and

bloody and battered. Suddenly Jack arrived and heard the commotion. Jack helped Lucas out, but was

out-numbered. Kara was walking by feeling bad for the Tyler Family losing their home, not having a

working car, having the cable out, overdue bills, and no source of income, all because of Denton. She

was walking by LL's house, and sees the cars. She has a bad feeling about this. She ran at super-

speed and knocked out the Goons before she could be spotted. Lucas was badly beaten and had to be

token to the hospital. Lenny tells Kara about a discovery he made. An underground wrestling/shoot-

fighting/mixed martial arts league. After further research, Fred discovered that Denton, Inc. is behind

it. They didn't know where the location was. Kara and Lenny watched it on Fred mentioned that one of

these leagues were shut down by an unknown individual not that long ago. The Goons were arrested,

but wouldn't give Denton up. Fred Danvers tried to get confessions out of them, but it didn't happen.

On the website was a live-feed of the matches. The Hardcore Action League Champion, the

undefeated, Falcon Zane is 158-0 in his matches.

Promoter, Chip Cade, is offering anybody prize money just to survive against the competitors. Kara

went out and dressed up in an all black outfit. Mask, gloves, pants, shirt, boots. She snuck into the

Denton Company and forced someone in the company to give her the location. After breaking his

pinky finger, he told her the information. Fred and Sylvia were having dinner. They wondered where

Kara/Linda was. Still dressed in her disguise, she entered the underground arena. After some

arguing, the promoter agreed to allow her to compete. Chip said she'd earn $100 for each minute she

lasts against the 365 pound Hugo. They knew she was a girl. Because of her voice and her figure. The

match was on. Kara was called "the Unknown Competitor." She used her speed to tire Hugo out. As

this went on Jack Jennings and Garrison Denton had a debate. The debate turned into an argument.

Kara had lasted ten minutes with Hugo so far. $1,000 she's earned so far. Jennings and Denton both

threw accusations at one another. Kara is now up to $1,100. Hugo is getting tired. After it got to

$1,800, Hugo quit. Chip convinced her to bet $1,800 in a match against another competitor, Poison

Prince. She beat him in 18 seconds and doubled her money to $3,600.

Jennings and Denton argued some more. They kicked them both out of the debate. Lenny visited

Lucas in the hospital. Kara was coaxed into putting her winnings on the line against two opponents.

The Dozer Brothers. She has to beat them boat and she'll multiply her winnings, times four. Lucas

says he'll be released from the hospital in the morning. Fred gets clues to the whereabouts of the

underground wrestling location. She beat the both of them and brought her earnings to $14,400. Fred

was getting closer. Chip then challenged her to fight three opponents and they turned out to be big,

big guys. She needs to eliminate all of them to multiply her money times ten.

To be continued… Jack makes threats against Garrison Denton. Telling him to stop his actions

immediately, otherwise he'd break every bone in his body. Also he knows that he was behind what

happened to Lucas. Unfortunately, Denton had a recorder in his pocket. Kara defeated her opponents

and now earned $144,000. Chip got desperate. This time Kara had to take on four opponents. She

beat them and now has $2,880,000. They heard Fred and panicked. Kara took her money and ran off.

The HAL members took off. Falcon Zane says he wants the girl in a non-title match. He's now 160-0.

Lenny was getting off from work. He noticed race cars racing by. Lenny hid. It was illegal street racing

going on. Lenny recognized one of the racers as Trevor Denton, Garrison's son. Lenny was caught.

At home, Fred told Sylvia and Kara about his discovery. He said among the people seen getting away,

witnesses saw someone dressed in all black at the scene. Lenny offers Trevor a challenge. A street

race, he wins, Trevor's father gives his parents ownership of the store again. Trevor said if Lenny loses

Jack has to drop out of the election. Kara was hiding the money in her room. On the website Falcon

Zane was challenging her. He referred to her as "Mystery Princess" and challenged her to a match

where she could double her money if she wins. Lenny enters and explains what happened. "Let's go

see Jack," she suggested.

Jack heard everything and told them to stop by tomorrow. He took a look at the Charger. The next

morning a new engine was placed into the Charger.

Lenny didn't have a license, but Jack convinced him that the Dentons break the law everyday.

Jack thought him how to drive. Later on Kara, dressed as Mystery Princess, accepts the challenge.

Fred now has to locate the new location for the underground matches.

Lucas tells Fred more Denton secrets. Lenny was getting the hang of driving.

Jack spoke about how he used to go driving around with Jonathan.

Falcon Zane wanted to wrestle Kara on the spot. She beat him and now has $5,760,000. Falcon Zane,

now 160-1 demands another match. Title on the line plus another $5,760,000. She accepts. Lenny

was given his last minute instructions. Kara won the HAL title and now has $11,520,000. The police

came. Zane was arrested, everyone else got away.

Kara gave the money to the Tyler Family. After paying off the mortgage, they'll still have $10,941,052

left. Now it was time for the race. After the two exchanged words, they got into their cars. Lenny and

Trevor raced. It was a close race. Another car came along and the both of them crashed into it. Lenny

and Trevor got out of the car to inspect. Luckily Kara was investigating and she ran off with the man

who was in critical condition. Lenny and Trevor had only turned away for a moment and he was gone.

Kara dropped him off at the hospital. "He couldn't had just disappeared?" Trevor said. They both hid

at a shopping store parking lot. They agreed to keep quiet about it. Lenny didn't like the idea. He

wondered what happened to the victim. Lenny couldn't even bring himself to tell Kara about it. But

Jack knew. And he was going to figure out what happened to the victim. Kara hid the championship

belt and the costume in her room. Lenny went back with Jack and researched the victim.

To Be Continued…

Jack went to visit the auto victim in the hospital. Apparently the victim is going to be fine. The Tyler's

are getting their car repaired. The entire project cost $1,018. Now the family had $10,940,034 left.

Jack asked Lenny what he wants to do. Lenny wants to come clean but Trevor has threatened him

into silence. Chip leaves word on the Internet for Kara to contact him. She puts on her costume, and

heads over to the arena. Nobody is there yet, so she does some detective work. She found a bunch of

files, including one on Alec Holland.

Lenny and Trevor spoke on line.

Lennycomicfan8900: Trevor I don't no about this…cant sleep n feel guilty

Trevorman5000: LOL! LOSER! No 1 died get over it

Lennycomicfan8900: what we did was wrong u no it

Trevorman5000: Moron we got away with it

Lennycomicfan8900: My conscience wont let me

Trevorman5000: Idiot #1 we were racing there r risks involved

Lennycomicfan8900: That man had nutin 2 do wit it

Trevorman5000: I'm a Denton & that dude was notin

Jack4skoolcom: lenny hows it goin w/ the Denton guy

Detective Irving Mills is searching around the arena to be sure the other authorities aren't on to them.

Kara noticed him lurking around. Then Garrison Denton drove up. She saw Mills and Denton talking.

Kara quickly zipped out, made copies of the Alec Holland files, and zipped on back. She left the copies

at home where Fred could see them.

Lennycomicfan8900: Basically Trevors heartless n cold

Jack4skoolcom: I just hope Lucas can help matters out

Lennycomicfan8900: I'm willing to come clean

Trevorman5000: YO! LOSER… u still there?

Lenny made a copy of the conversation after. Lucas brought it to lawyer friends. Now the police had

token both Lenny and Trevor in for questioning.

At the arena Kara noticed Chip paying Detective Mills. The Tyler's used more of the money to pay their

overdue bills. $6,789. Now they've got $10,933,245. Lucas got both Mr. And Mrs. Tyler jobs. Kara

easily defeated her 6'9" 326 lb opponent and quickly left. She learned Alec was last seen somewhere

in Louisiana. "I guess I'm going on a trip," said Kara.

End of episode.