The Next Supergirl Episode

Kara learned how to arrive to Louisiana by the use of her STAR Labs equipment. She didn't like the idea of leaving while Lenny was in trouble. At least Lucas and his lawyer friend was helping out. She traveled by super-speed. Fred Danvers was hoping that the whole thing with Trevor and Lenny would ruin Garrison's campaign. Kara located Alec's family. While in Louisiana Dr. Anton Arcane returned. The Holland Family had told Kara about Alec having been missing for years. They mentioned Arcane and Denton covering up their tracks. Kara searched the swamps. Children warned her about the Swamp Monster. Another killed called him a hero. She found a tabloid referring to it as "Swamp Thing." She walked towards Arcane's lab and saw the security it possessed. She put on her black outfit and snuck in.

Back in Leesburg Lucas had Lenny bailed out and Garrison had Trevor bailed out. Trevor told Lenny he made a big mistake. Swamp Thing informed Kara he's been battling everyone that works for Arcane that's threatened the environment. Kara zipped into the lab and brought out the latest files. After returning to the swamp they read through the files and found out Anton Arcane was planning on returning to Leesburg and chopping down all the trees at a park to build an Easy Company office building. Back in Leesburg, Trevor informs Lenny, big brother is coming. Garrison Denton is in the park with all the trees. He's on his cell phone with Arcane. In Louisiana Kara convinces Swamp Thing to return with her. She snuck into the lab and quickly sewed up some huge clothes. Swamp Thing was now in disguise. Kara took off her disguise and revealed herself to him. Jack holds a press conference and takes questions from the people. Denton had planted his people to ask harder questions, but it didn't bother him, was ready to answer anything. End of episode…

Kara arrived back to Leesburg with Swamp Thing. The episode opening featured Kara bringing Alec/Swamp Thing up to date on Garrison Denton. As she was explaining, Denton called a press conference of his own.

Garrison Denton: What my son did was wrong. I apologize to the victim and his family, I personally will pay for his entire recovery and have had him transported to Metropolis to further his care. My boy, Trevor will be serving 400 hours of community service and Lenny, well he was forced into it by my kid.

Lenny: Excuse me, Mr. Denton, I don't want to be excused. I want to pay my price. I'll also serve 400 hours.

Kara put her disguise on and dropped Swamp Thing over to see Lucas. She returned home. "How was Louisiana?" Fred asked. Kara was surprised. "Louisiana?" she asked. "Yes…Kara," he responded. She was shocked. "How did you know?" she asked. "I'm a cop, remember?" he answered. Kara had Fred call Sylvia and they spoke about what was going on. Now that the cards were on the table they went to see Swamp Thing. Kara let them talk. She went to see Lenny. As she walked by, Garrison Denton and Anton Arcane were at the park and the workers were prepared to chop down the trees.

Lenny filled Kara/Linda in on what's been happening. He mentioned that Trevor's big brother was coming. "What's his name?" she asked. "Gar," he answered. "Why do they call him Gar?" she responded. "Because his full name is Garrison Denton, Jr.," he said. Kara used her powers to destroy the equipment. Denton and Arcane knew this wouldn't be easy. They knew the alien was loose somewhere. Gar arrived back home. He had lab samples. It was unknown the source of the formula. "Father, we need some volunteers," he said.

His father was impressed. "No worries, my son," Denton Senior replied.

Denton Company members paid off the crooked detective to deliver them a couple of prisoners. The detective was discovered and is now in hiding.

Detective Irving Mills was now waiting for transportation to take him out of the country. Kara went searching for him. In the lab, the Denton men were proud of themselves. The experiments were of episode

It was clear that Garrison Denton was building an army or a gang at least. The ten escaped convicts were transformed into zombie-like creatures. Kara located Mills and had him delivered to Fred. Kara had special voice changing pills made at S.T.A.R. Labs. Now while she's in disguise she can speak without worrying about being identified. Jeremy Creek was captured by Denton's men out of Bell-Reeve. But this was the day of election. Creek became one of them. Now they dad eleven. Jack was nervous about the election.

Denton knew he had to win this election, or else it would be a huge step back for him. Arcane attempts to have the workers chop down the trees again. Suddenly he comes face-to-face with his longtime rival, Alec a.k.a. Swamp Thing. The workers attack him but Swampy wins. Unfortunately by the end of the election, Garrison Denton was the winner. Jack was upset. Fred was concerned. Lucas knew Denton had plenty more up his sleeve. Denton had his army in place and they beat Fred to a pulp. Eleven against one. Luckily Kara arrived to stop it. She took him to the hospital. Kara then got to meet Gar. She could tell he was up to no good.

Garrison Denton:

"That alien by reports is said to be a teenager, gender unknown, but as Head of the School Committee, I should have no problem figuring out who's who at that high school."

Lucas went out and got a luchadore mask. He showed up at the underground wrestling league. Kara was there to defend her title. Kara used her x-ray vision and saw it was Lucas. He noticed the disguised Kara and walked over to her. "Hey Champ," he said, "I know you're here to help."

"As in undercover work?" she asked. "Then you're correct, LL."

"I guess my cover's blown," he said.

"Not quite," she responded. Kara took out a voice changing pill and gave it to Lucas.

They saw them talking, so Kara and Lucas were put in a tag team match. They fought a dangerous tag team. Kara was able to lead the team to victory. Some of the other competitors took off after them. Once they hit the streets, they were able to get captured by the Leesburg PD. Garrison Denton stared into a globe. "Soon," he said, "very soon indeed." We look at the park, the swamp, the woods, the forest, the beach, and other parts. "Nobody will stop me," said Denton.

Episode closes… The next episode starts with Denton adding Jodi Melville to his army. Gar promises to add even more recruits into his father's army. His oldest son knows where to locate them. Suddenly a group of Denton's guards brought Jeff Palmer in. Garrison Denton knew he had the upper hand. Kara, still in disguise, was at the lab with Lucas. Outside the lab we see Eric Summer and his reluctant partner, Ian Randall, looking on. Kara, without her disguise, walks off. They follow her. Ian splits into two. They took off after Kara. She easily defeated them, but Eric took out a lead box from his pocket. Now that Eric had the Kryptonite, the two Ian's were holding her. "This Linda chick is like Clark," Eric said. Suddenly a speeding car arrives and runs down Eric. The Kryptonite rolled down the street and into the middle of the road. Kara flipped one Ian over and slammed the other one. Both Ian's merged into one. He ran off, but Lucas stepped out of the car. Ian pulled out a knife. Kara lifted Ian up and threw him. He got up and ran to the school department. Kara looked at Eric. He wasn't moving. Lucas took a look. Kara and Lucas looked at each other. "Come on," he said. They followed Ian to the school department. Jack was on his way to his car. Ian attacked Jack and got into his car. Lucas and Kara checked up on him. Ian started up Jack's car, it exploded. They knew Denton had to have arranged it.

Garrison Denton was furious when he discovered his plans were foiled. When Fred found out about it, he knew it was time to put a stop to Denton. To demonstrate how serious he is, Denton gave the word to Arcane to tell his men to destroy the park. Swamp Thing could sense something was wrong. It was too late when they arrived. Lucas attacked Anton Arcane, but the damage had been done. Arcane pulled a gun on Lucas, but Swamp Thing stood in his way. Anton was shocked. "You!" he said. Swamp Thing moved towards him. Everybody retreated at the sight of Swamp Thing. Anton managed to weasel his way out of there. End of Episode.



Kara, in her disguise watches Lucas, in his disguise, competing against an escaped Bell-Reeve patient. So far you've got Lenny and Trevor serving their community service hours. Gar, knowing Lenny would go to the bus stop, waited for him there. Lenny walked on over and got a sick feeling in his stomach from seeing Gar. "Lenny, we need to have a chat," Gar said. Then he shoved Lenny into a pole. "Hey, watch it," Lenny said, "what's your problem?" Gar walked towards Lenny. "I hold you responsible for what happened with Trevor," he said, "you should've listened to him and kept your mouth shut." The bus was still nowhere in sight. "Look Gar," Lenny began, "you don't understand how it was like." Now the bus was on its way. "Don't mess with a Denton," Gar warned. Lenny got on the bus. Fred was ready to return to work after his assault. Fred Danvers was ready to bring down Garrison Denton. Jack was concerned over the recent attempt on his life. Fred sent a private investigator to follow Jack around. Denton is laying off Jack since everybody would be expecting it. Somewhere else, Anton Arcane was concerned over the arrival of Swamp Thing. He spoke to Trevor, and told him Swamp Thing was and is Alec. He said he's responsible for turning Alec into Swamp Thing. Anton spoke about when he tried to have Alec killed. Even though they're enemies, Alec Holland fell in love with Abigail Cable, Anton's daughter. One night after one of his business dealings, Anton Arcane sent his henchmen after him. After fighting the henchmen he was shot by Anton. Alec fell down. At this point Swamp Thing was having a flashback about that night where his life changed. When he got tossed into the Louisiana swamp, in question, which was polluted with chemicals. When he woke up, he didn't recognize himself. He needed to find out what happened to Abigail. Currently he was in a "safe building" heavily guarded and protected. Jack and Edna were living there with him.

Swamp Thing/Alec Holland got word to Kara/Linda to see him. At this point Garrison and Anton were set with their next plan for the park. "It's simple, Garrison," Anton said, "we're beating them at Swampy's own game." Garrison smiled. "Tell me more," he said. Kara was sent to Louisiana to search for Abigail. Fred went to confront Gar. They argued. Fred demanded to know what he was doing back in town. Gar refused to answer him.

Anton shows Garrison what he's been working on. It was a greenhouse filled with plants. But these weren't ordinary plants. They were filled with chemicals, the same ones Arcane has been working on for years.

By using her super-speed, Kara arrived in Louisiana and began her research. Two weeks after he turned into Swamp Thing, at night time he snuck into labs desperate to try to search for a cure. Six months passed and still nothing. That's what Kara knew so far. She searched and found Alec's parents. That was the first step. Back in Leesburg, yet another escaped Bell Reeve patient arrived at the Denton lab. A plant was brought into the lab. The patient sniffed the plant and was under a spell. "Leesburg won't know what hit them," said Denton. Kara arrived at the Holland residence. End of episode.

Next Episode

(We start off at the lab…Bell Reeve patients all sniff the plants and are under Denton's control.)

Garrison: Attention, members of my alliance. On the screen you'll see our enemies. ( On the screen we see a picture of Fred Danvers. ) This man is trying to stop our mission for this world. We are focusing on rebuilding Leesburg, making it the kind of place mothers and fathers want to raise their children. (Next was a picture of Lucas Luthor.) This man here is a traitor to our cause. (Next was a picture of Jack.) This guy is another major threat to us. Recently we were political opponents… (The opening credits roll.)

(Now he had a picture of Alec Holland/Swamp Thing.)

This is a very dangerous enemy here.

(Cut to Gar and Trevor.)

Trevor: About the argument you had with Danvers.

Gar: Yeah, what about it?

Trevor: He hit a nerve, didn't he?

Gar: Just forget about it.

Trevor: Come on, we're brothers.

Gar: If Pops finds out about it you won't have a brother.

Trevor: Come on, he won't kill you. You're named after him.

( Cut to Kara in Louisiana. )

Kara: Thanks again for meeting with me.

Mr. Holland: You're welcome, um, Linda, right?

Kara: Correct, sir.

Mrs. Holland: Would you like something to drink?

Kara: No thank you.

Mr. Holland: How can we help you, Linda?

Kara: I came to discuss Alec.

Mrs. Holland: Next week makes six years that our son's been missing.

Kara: He was in Louisiana all along.

( The Holland's were shocked. )

Mr. Holland: What? My son was here all this time? Are you sure?

Kara: Yes, positive. Except he's in Leesburg at the moment.

Mrs. Holland: Why didn't he contact us?

Kara: He's not exactly the Alec you remember.

( Cut to Alec a.k.a. Swamp Thing. )

He remembered his past. He thought about after those first eight months of realizing there wasn't an antidote. Eventually out of frustration he hid out in the swamps. On his first year anniversary as Swamp Thing he actually snuck over to Abigail's place and just watched, hoping he could see her. He returned to the swamp and cried for the woman he loves. Three weeks later an escaped convict hid out in the swamp. Alec/ST helped the police capture him. Weeks later he helped stop another criminal. Then came his war against Arcane. Month after month he foiled his plans. Soon it was his two year anniversary as Swamp Thing. Arcane sent his daughter, Abigail away.

Cut to Gar and Trevor. Gar still seemed worried. Trevor wanted to know what was going on.

Trevor: Come on, we're brothers. Tell me.

Gar: Fine, you're going to be an uncle.

Trevor: You got a girl pregnant?

Gar: Afraid so.

Trevor: Awesome.

Gar: Would you be serious?

Trevor: Do I know her?

Gar: Does it matter? He'll destroy me.

Trevor: Don't you think you're over reacting?

Gar: This is our dad we're talking about.

Trevor: Well, you'll have to tell him.

Gar: I know.

( Back to Kara and Mr. And Mrs. Holland. )

Kara: I heard him tell a story about his adventures shortly after Abigail left town.

Mrs. Holland: Alec loved her.

Mr. Holland: Please, tell us about his triumphs.

Swamp Thing spent time battling Boris Arcane, Anton's cousin. Boris attempted to destroy the swamp to search for other Swamp Thing-like life forms after discovering Alec wasn't the first one. Boris was determined to search for the power source of the swamp. After months of rivalry, there was an accident. All kinds of debris and clutter fell on top of Boris. Swamp Thing saved his life. Eventually Boris started to respect Swamp Thing. Boris abandoned his work and took a lab job in Central City. Still, Anton sent hit man after hit man out to stop Swamp Thing. He defeated them all. At one point he heard about Anton creating a device that would kill the swamp.

Mr. And Mrs. Holland were impressed.

Fred was on duty. He got a call. It seems that several motorcycles have been stolen. The Commander said they've been mainly stolen from big parking lots and bars. We see another bandit stealing a Harley and going in the back of a truck with it. Fred felt good about having an assignment that didn't deal with Denton.

Back to the Denton Family, Garrison summons his sons for a meeting.

After discussing how he's going to shake things up as the Head of the School Committee, he had questions for his sons.

Garrison: Alright Gar, what's troubling you?

Gar: Um, nothing father, nothing's wrong.

Garrison: Speak to me, my son. I know when something's wrong. Perhaps you'll talk to your mother.

Trevor: This is definitely a father and son chat.

Garrison: Why's that?

Gar: Trevor you fink.

Trevor: It slipped.

Garrison: You'd better not be in trouble with the law.

Gar: Oh, no, no, no, no, nothing like that, father.

Garrison: Good. I was ready to remove my belt and teach you a lesson.

Trevor: I guess loose lips sink ships.

Gar: Quiet, Trev.

Garrison: Fine, you talk to me later.

( Later on, Kara went investigating the motorcycle thefts. )

Kara: ( On a payphone. ) Lenny? It's Linda, I'm on a payphone.

Lenny: You don't have a cell phone yet?

Kara: No, why? Does everyone have one?

Lenny: Everybody I know. What's up?

Kara: You hear about the string of motorcycle robberies?

Lenny: Say no more. I'll be right there.

( Elsewhere the gang of motorcycle thieves are seen in their garage hide-out. )

Thug A: We did pretty good today.

Thug B: You said it.

Thug A: Harley's and Kawasaki's.

Thug B: The buyers will be impressed.

Thug C: Time for me to get to work.

( Kara borrows Lenny's cell phone and calls Alec/Swamp Thing and fills him in. )

Swamp Thing: This battle with Anton has gone on for a long time.

( He put on a large trench coat and a hat. Then he put on sunglasses and kept searching. )

Swamp Thing: Here we go.

( He located big pants and boots. )

( Lenny was waiting on a corner for Kara. )

Lenny: Linda?

( Kara was on a motorcycle. )

Kara: You like it?

Lenny: Where'd you get that?

Kara: Oh, I sort of got it from the Denton's.

Lenny: You stole it?

Kara: Borrowed it. I borrowed one for you as well.

Lenny: I don't like this.

( Lenny got the hang of driving the motorcycle and they drove around town until Kara realized they were being followed. )

Kara: Let's stop for a drink.

Lenny: You're the boss.

( They parked the bikes and stepped inside. )

Kara: Is it true they've got the best ice cream sodas in here?

Lenny: Aren't you watching your figure?

Kara: What's wrong with it?

Lenny: ( Embarrassed. )Nothing. You're beautiful…I mean, girls usually say that.

Kara: Oh, that's interesting.

( While they're sitting down the thugs are stealing the bikes. Kara excuses herself. She uses her super-speed to follow them. )

Thug A: Man, these bikes are sweet.

Kara: Bingo.

( Now she located the garage and raced back to Lenny. )

( Swamp Thing arrives at his destination. )

Swamp Thing: No turning back now.

( Busts into the door. )

Anton: Why am I not surprised?

Swamp Thing: You knew this day would come.

( They start fighting. Anton picks up a bat. Swamp Thing picks up a 2x4. )

Anton: Come on, tough guy.

Swamp Thing: You did this to me.

( During the fight the office gets demolished. )

Swamp Thing: Where's Abigail?

Anton: I won't tell you.

( Swamp Thing applies a wrestling submission hold on Anton. )

Swamp Thing: TELL ME!

Anton: NO! NEVER!

( Swamp Thing applies pressure. )

Anton: Please, let go.

Swamp Thing: Tell me. NOW!

Anton: Fine, OK…OK! Just let go.

Swamp Thing: No, you tell me first.

Anton: OK! I'll tell you.

( Garrison attends the school committee meeting. )

Garrison: Gentlemen, ladies, thank you for attending. Getting directly to the point of discussion is of course, the students. We need to get to know our students. We don't want any problems at our schools. We want to screen and do background checks on any new students.

( Fred Danvers received word on it. )

Sylvia: Oh no, this could be bad.

Fred: Garrison obviously knows something fell from the sky and knows someone fell along with it.

Sylvia: We've got to let Kara know.

( Garrison walks into the office and saw Anton tied up. )

Garrison: Anton, who did this to you?

Anton: We must hurry, he knows where my daughter is.

Garrison: Alec? I should've known.

( We see a disguised Swamp Thing at the train station. )

Kara: Garrison won't discover me.

Fred: How will we stop him?

( Kara makes a call. )

( Kid Flash/Bart Allen zips in and pays Garrison and Anton a visit. )

( He knocks down both Garrison and Anton and chains them up. He calls Kara. )

Fred: But how will this help out your background check?

Kara: Patience. I'm way ahead of you.

( Oliver Queen sent over an associate with a package for Kara. )

Fred: What's all that for?

Kara: My background check information.

( The motorcycle thefts continue. )

( Swamp Thing gets off his train. )

Swamp Thing: Soon I'll find you, Abigail.

End Episode

Supergirl: Episode 19

Alec/Swamp Thing arrived at an apartment. He discovered Abigail had already moved away. He discovered she was somewhere in California. Back home Kara dresses up as a biker and meets up with Lenny who's also dressed up as a biker. "I don't think this plan will work," Lenny said. But it did work. The biker gang made both Kara and Lenny pledges. The leader will hold initiations for them.

Alec continues searching the state of California for Abigail. He's gone from city to city and town to town. Garrison Denton has instructed his workers to put monitors in the hallways at school. Back at the biker hang out, someone was playing the harmonica. Kara used her x-ray vision to look around. Gar was at a local billionaire club relaxing and trying to forget about telling his father about getting his girlfriend pregnant. His cell-phone rang. It was his father. "Oh no," Gar said, "I guess he wants answers and wants them now."

The initiations began. Kara and Lenny had to do a couple of things. Kara had to pick a fight with someone. She noticed Trevor. "Hey cutie," said Trevor, "why are you dressed like that?"

"No offense," she said. BLAM! Trevor went down. The biker gang were all impressed. Dastardly Lizards was the gang's name. Back in California Swamp Thing had searched from town-to-town and city-to-city. Finally he located Abigail's cousin. She told him Abigail was just four towns away.

Gar went to see his father. He told him. "Son, that's what you've been hiding?" Garrison asked, "I thought you were in some legal trouble or something." Gar appeared relieved. "So you're not mad?" he asked. His father looked at him. "Oh, I'm mad," he answered, "but I'm just glad it isn't anything worse."

At the biker hang out it was announced Lenny would now have to fight someone. "I'm not sure about this," he said. Kara had an idea. The guy Lenny had to fight looked dangerous. He went up to the guy. Kara used her super-speed and knocked down the guy. The gang leader was impressed. He told them to be back tomorrow for their next initiation. Lenny needed to practice driving so he could pretend to be a biker.

Garrison told his son he needs to marry the girl. Gar decided to have the pilot get the private jet ready. Kara called up Swamp Thing in California. Swamp Thing said he just located Abigail's place. Swamp Thing decided to phone her first. Garrison Denton enters a pub. He sees Fred Danvers there. The two quickly argued. They discussed their family rivalry.

At this point Swamp Thing had finished explaining things to Abigail. She seemed to understand. She looked out the window. Back at the bar Denton asked Danvers questions about Kara/Linda. Gar arrives at his destination. He looks at a ring he has with him.

At the bar Denton tells Danvers he's discovered a family secret about them from years ago. Danvers seems concerned. Back in California Abigail spoke through the door and told Swamp Thing she also has something to say. We can't see Abigail too clearly. "You've gone ahead with your life as I feared," said Swamp Thing. Gar steps into a limousine. Fred goes outside. Garrison follows him and they argue some more. Fred and Garrison got into a fight. Back in California we see that Abigail is pregnant. Suddenly Gar arrives and finds Swamp Thing standing there with Abigail. Gar and Swamp Thing argue.

The fight between Fred and Garrison gets broken up. Fred warns Garrison to stay away from his family. Garrison Denton said Fred can't hide from his past. In California, Swamp Thing asks Gar to step outside. Gar agreed. Abigail tried to talk them out of it. Swamp Thing easily took Gar down. Abigail begged him to stop, so he did. "This isn't over yet," screamed Gar, "you big green freak." Swamp Thing and Abigail went inside, they certainly had a lot to talk night after Fred went home, he was still concerned about the threats Garrison Denton made. His wife wasn't home, so this gave him a chance to think things over. He went over to his safe and searched through forms. Suddenly, Sylvia returned home. When she saw Fred she could see there was something kept passing all of her initiations and rigged all of Lenny's. They both made it into the biker gang. Now they're both members of the Dastardly Lizards. Now they're invited to attend a group meeting. The biker leader mentions they're planning to steal an extremely rare bike. "The bike belongs to a guy who's visiting" said the Lizard Leader, "the dude's name is Ronnie Raymond." Fred explained the situation to Sylvia. "Do you think he knows Linda is really Kara and she's from Krypton?" asked Sylvia. "No, it doesn't add up," answered Fred. "It's something else." Swamp Thing and Abigail continued to talk. "You didn't have to hide from me," Abigail said. Swamp Thing looked sad. "I was ashamed," he responded. Abigail cried some more. "I missed you all this time," she said. Swamp Thing soaked it all in. He had missed her desperately also. "What about Gar?" he asked. "Gar doesn't mean anything to me," she said, "my father forced me to see him." They stared at each other. They the hotel room Gar wasn't too pleased.

End of episode.

Episode 20

The next morning Kara and Lenny traveled around on their motorcycles. They met up with Ronnie Raymond. He recognized the jackets Kara and Lenny were wearing. "You two belong to that gang," Ronnie said, "everyone says you're responsible for the bike thefts." The rest of the Lizards arrived. Kara and Lenny watched as Ronnie put up a fight. They stole the bike. Kara and Lenny ran off with them. Swamp Thing and Abigail went over old times. Gar sent Abigail flowers. Fred remembering the argument with Denton, decided to call up an old friend, Martin Stein. Lucas secretly video taped the bike theft. The tape was brought to the police. The Lizards were arrested. Kara explained things to Ronnie, that she and Lenny were under cover. Abigail tells Gar that Alec is who she still wants to be with. They argue. Alec/Swamp Thing throws Gar out.

Martin Stein made his way by train, wondering if Fred wants to discuss a certain discovery they once made. Kara was drinking a soda with Ronnie. Lenny showed up to meet him and felt jealous. Back at home Fred mentioned that this most likely has to do with visitors from Exxor that he met along with Martin. Sylvia still didn't understand. Gar phoned his father and explained what happened. Denton asked who the girl was. Gar told his father it was Abigail. "Not Abigail Arcane, right?" asked Denton. Gar explained things to his father. Now he's going to have to explain things to Anton. "I'm not sure if he'll like this one," said Garrison, "what's this boy gotten me into?" Suddenly the phone rang. It was Anton Arcane. Garrison asked to meet him for drinks at a pub. Garrison broke the news to Anton. Anton Arcane took the news well.

Martin Stein arrived. Fred sat down with him and went over what happened a few years back. They spoke of the children from the planet Exxor. They were twins, a brother and sister named Zan and Jayna. A mishap brought them to our planet. They were on a trip at the time when Zan and Jayna fell into the woods. Those kids were nine at the time. They spent two months on Earth. Martin Stein spent a lot of time in his lab in an attempt to return them home. Martin Stein, the excellent physicist, found a way. Ronnie kept flirting with Kara. Lenny attempted to impress her. Suddenly a dangerous looking teen came their way. It was the older brother of the Lizards leader. He threatened them. Kara returned home along with Lenny and Ronnie. Martin Stein recognized Ronnie. He was a former student of Stein's. Kara explained to Fred what had happened. Ronnie and Martin caught up on old times. Garrison Denton thought of a way to blackmail Abigail to be with his son. While Swamp Thing went out to stop a mugger, Gar came in with papers his father faxed him. He told Abigail if she doesn't marry him, then his father will make sure her father gets arrested. Then he added that they'd have Swamp Thing killed.

While Ronnie was helping Martin, Lenny invited Kara to the mall. Raul, the older brother of the Lizard's leader, saw them there. He threatened them again. They went to another floor of the mall. Trevor was there. He asked her out on a date. She asked him if he wanted her to knock him out again.

Swamp Thing went out to patrol the streets. Abigail, while crying, took her bags and left in a cab. Gar called his father. "Mission accomplished," he said.

Swamp Thing returned and found a note. "I'm sorry," it read.

Fred went to see Garrison to find out what was going on. He handed Fred a folder. Fred opened it up and shook his head. "I knew it," Fred said.

Back at the mall, Kara and Lenny were at the parking garage. Raul came speeding in his car. Kara and Lenny were startled. Raul pulled out a gun. "You ruined a great operation we had going," said Raul. End of Episode

Episode # 21

Raul pointed his gun at Lenny. "This is payback, kiddo," said Raul. He pulled the trigger, the bullet flew. Kara jumped in the way in front of Lenny. The bullet hit Kara and she fell, knocking Lenny down in the process. Raul was shocked over Kara sacrificing herself that way. "Foolish girl," he said. Lenny checked to see if Kara was alright. Raul hit the gas. Lenny was scared. Kara got to her feet. "Linda? But how?" asked Lenny. "Umm…bullet proof vest," she said. Raul had a huge head start. Kara used her super speed in front of Lenny and stopped the car. Then she pulled off the car door and wrecked it. Raul couldn't believe it. Next she punched him in the jaw and knocked him out. "Linda…how?" asked Lenny. "I'll explain later," she said. Garrison did indeed know about Exxor and Zan and Jayna. "I know earlier in the year a ship landed," he said, "was it one or both of the twins?" "I don't know anything about that," answered Fred. They argued back and forth about it. In the state of Washington Gar went to be with Abigail. They made plans to wed in Seattle. Of course Abigail is reluctant about it. Kara and Lenny spoke in private.

Lenny: Okay Linda, what's going on?

Kara: First off, my name is not Linda Lee Danvers, it's Kara Zor-El.

Lenny: I gather there's more.

Kara: I'm from another planet.

Lenny: You're kidding, right?

Kara: Wrong.

Lenny: Are you from Mercury or Venus? Neptune, maybe?

Kara: No, none of those.

Lenny: Mars? Pluto then?

Kara: Krypton. The Argo City section.

Lenny: Never heard of it.

In Seattle wedding plans were settled. Oliver Queen sent a private jet to pick up Swamp Thing. Garrison Denton looked through the school files for juvenile delinquents. Fred figured Denton was going to keep up his search for alien life form. Kara finished telling Lenny her story.

Lenny: Have you found it difficult to adapt here?

Kara: Yes. But for some reason I've found it easier to learn here.

The bad teens have been rounded up. Next Denton ordered ex-convicts to be brought to him. In Seattle the wedding is about to take place. Trevor was flown in. A few family members showed up as well. Abigail was crying. A Denton employee reminded her she had no choice. Denton now had 1,118 members of his crime organization. The crime rate in town quickly was at 42.

Gar and Abigail got married. Swamp Thing had entered Denton's office and quickly applied a submission hold. Garrison was forced to tell him everything. After he learned Abigail had married Gar, he snapped Denton's arm.

Lenny: So, Linda…umm, I mean Kara, what have you learned so far?

Kara: I know all about George Washington already. Then I learned all about John Adams. Now I know everything about Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Now I'm learning about James Monroe.

Crime is now at 48. Now Garrison Denton has his arm in a cast. He feels he knows who the alien is. We now see his army of 1,118 capture The Flash (Bart Allen). End of Episode