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Chapter One "Escape plan backfires"

When Jake Attica offered A.J the chance at a position in the crew, ran by the high roller Gordon Cozier and his partner the street savvy Delante Rivers who was referred by his street name Ghost, he never expected that the decision to join would lead to the 23yearold ivy league grad running for his life, with a duffle bag over his shoulder filled with stolen money.

Ghost had a hot head, and wasn't always in for a debate about how the jobs should be carried out A.J soon learned in an early argument that had taken place just hours before, between the two. It had been about the escape plan they would use once the job was finished, which was now the primary reason the young man was in a quick sprint with the cops hot on his ass.

It almost seemed odd, for A.J who had been head of his class at Princeton University to be caught up in such a life. He was very intelligent and charming, which made him a likely candidate for any business offer thrown in his direction. He was a tall white male with blue eyes and a way with the ladies, seeming to appeal to them in little to no effort of his own. His father had high hopes for him, filling his shoes at his self owned organization being one of them. A.J was after all his only son, so it seemed logical.

However despite all the advantages, there was one thing about him that contradicted everything shown on the outside exterior. A.J was a bit of a bad boy with a quiet mystery hanging over his future, a black sheep among his family of whites. Choosing to use his knowledge to play some sort of Robin Hood for himself and the four other men he now considered a second family, seemed to be his new acquired profession. Bank robber, he didn't fit the profile and that alone was what made him so good at it. But with only two jobs in, over the span of a year, A.J was still considered new bait amongst his already well established crew members.

Taking a quick left and jumping over a fence, he hit an alley way. The cops were fast, but the donuts and coffee had seemed to slow even the youngest of the five. A.J hurried his pace, passing the people on the street with their curious and shocked expressions. "Got to find somewhere to hide, lose these guys" He thought as he hit another corner in a dash.

Coming to an abrupt halt, he took notice of a window. He looked back to make sure there were no cops. There weren't any in view just yet, but he was certain they would track him eventually. He looked back to the window and approached. The slight opening would be enough for him to create a wider entrance into the residence. Rushing over considering the idea he took off his jacket and lined the fabric with the bottom on the window. With a slight push the window opened completely and he tossed the duffle onto the floor.

He climbed through the window, using his coat almost as covers for his hands, careful not to leave his prints behind. Once he was through he turned and closed the window down. Taking a look around he breathed, preparing his reaction for an owner who might still be inside. His gun, a 45, was resting neatly in the back of his pants providing easy access.

A.J took a few steps picking up the duffle and throwing the coat over his shoulder. It looked to be a nice little place and soon his inquiring mind had caused him to take a small tour. He was in so many words way to calm for someone who was supposed to be hiding out from the police, even more so after breaking an entering.

As he continued his curious look around the home, something went "Crunch" under his shoe. He looked down to find a paint brush hiding underneath. As an eyebrow rose slowly, his eyes made their way to a large canvas. Paints and even more brushes sat up ahead.

"Looks like I've stumbled into the home of Pablo Picasso" He muttered to himself as a faint grin hit his lips.

Walking closer, his attention was caught by a drawing. He picked it up admiring the detail when he heard the door open from behind him. Quickly he back stepped pressing his body to a nearby wall.

Eyes closed and breathing quick, A.J slowly gazed over to find that it had been a woman who had entered. He released his grip off the hidden weapon. If he could just make it to the door he would be able to avoid a messy situation.

The Young woman removed her ear buds and walked over setting her groceries on the counter top.

He watched her. Average features with no makeup, a fair olive complexion, one dimple that seemed to pop when she chewed her gum. Hiding slightly under a red crochet beanie was Light brown hair that reached her shoulders, white shirt jean jacket black pants and boots. She appeared to be around his age.

Looking up at the windows the young woman suddenly arched an eyebrow. Something was off.

"Hello?" She called out immediately.

A.J froze before looking around as the word "shit" was mouthed. His thoughts bounced searching for a quick exit. There had to be a way out of there before she saw him.

She grabbed a tenderizer hammer from her array of utensils. After a moment passed she tossed it on the counter. "There's no one here." She shook her head almost laughing at the thought and grabbed some of the fruit she had purchased to put in the fridge.

Turning around she jumped back and let out a scream as she saw someone not far from her hiding against a wall. Not thinking in a frantic action she threw the orange in her hand and ran to the couch grabbing her phone to call the police.

AJ placed a hand on his shoulder where the orange seemed to glaze him before focusing on the young woman.

"Wow, lady hey!" He dropped the duffle, hopped over the sofa and stood three feet away from her waving his hands. "Wait listen, this isn't what it looks like I-"He paused for a split second. "Please just let me explain, put the phone down alright, just listen a minute"

A.J realized he was rambling, what the hell was he suppose to say, he had broke into her home, there was no excuse.

Clutching the phone tightly in her hand as a sort of leverage the young woman stared wide eyed at the man in front of her.

"Not what it looks like?" She yelled. "Well then why don't you explain it to me then, uh stranger I don't know in my loft without permission!" Moving over so the vintage trunk she used as a coffee table was between the two she placed a finger over the 9.

A.J noticed her eyes checking him out, but more or less he kept focus on the phone tightly gripped in her hand.

Biting down on her lip the young woman looked away and then back to A.J wondering if she would have time to sprint for the meat tenderizer she had left on the counter if he tried anything. Thinking to herself logically, she debated the distance and came to the conclusion that if he wanted to hurt her he would have done it already. With a breath she let her grip loosen on the phone and crossed her arms over her chest.

"I'm waiting, unless you came in here to steal stuff. So start explaining, you have less than a minute".