Chapter 10 "It was never meant to be happily ever after"

It was around 10:15 when Meesha awoke from her slumber to find her bed half empty. It was also right around the time A.J was pulling up to Gordon's driveway, freshly dressed after a shower, a quick breakfast to fuel his early morning hunger pains, and his most confident grin yet.

In his hand he held the photo that had caused him so many problems, proof to his fellow crew members of a mission that could be deemed as a success. John greeted him with a smile and A.J knew just how to answer him with a question that hadn't been yet asked, all A.J ever said was "Aye Rahway, we are even" as he tossed the photo into the flames that was going in the nearby fire place.

A.J was sure by now Meesha's woman intuition had kicked into over drive and the reality had set in that sparked a migraine from her being foolish enough to believe a total stranger. Waking up naked in bed alone always seemed to do that to a woman who was probably expecting more after a night of hot passionate sex from a rather attractive male. By this time he was certain that she had tried countless times to call him, not because he had left without so much as a goodbye, and not because the photo had been swiped, after all she really should have expected that much, the kicker to what would summon an anger in her was that she was the one who had been duped, the sketch with no name had seem to vanish, somehow, though he would never really be sure, this was only of course an assumption since before arriving at Gordon's he got his number changed.

In mid afternoon the snow had started to fall in a soft flow of dancing snowflakes, A.J removed the sketch from his pocket to look over the image on the paper once more. Throwing a quick glance to his right arm he proceeded through the doors of the tattoo shop.

It didn't matter that all the things he told her just so happen to be a clever cover up to get out of a situation that should have never even happened. Her ego would be dented, in realizing that this probably wasn't the first time she let her guard down and got taken for some sort of ride, literally.

A.J even predicted that what he had done would permanently scare her, if she allowed it to break down her self esteem. Even with the bits of truth, his Princeton experience and his hobby turned career, the lies over came the urge to pick out what had been fact and fiction so she would more than likely question herself, and dispose of it in its entirety. She would get over it eventually.

Clearly she hadn't learned her lesson of leaving her window opened either, somewhere deep down he figured she wouldn't, probably hoping he'd climb through it again. But by the time she'd return to her little loft two days after their hot night together, A.J would be on a plane heading to L.A, because fairytales don't ever really come true, and if in some small faith they did, happy endings never lasted forever anyway. He would never mock her hopeless romantic nature, but it was true that those type of hearts always received daggers.

She would be glad to know that in the envelope left by the window seal held her sketch inside, and the writing on the far right bottom corner above her own name which was chicken scratch of a signature that only guys like Mr. Ivy league could read, was finally, a name for her drawing to be called, written in by none other than that guy with a quiet mystery hanging over his future.

He was sure there were hundreds of emotions swimming within her, and perhaps he ignited the inspiration for more paintings and sketches like the dark master piece with all its blues.

They both got something out of it, even though she probably wouldn't admit it.

Ghost came by, as he had been making his way to his seat on the plane, his eyes catching sight of the fresh tattoo on his crew members arm.

"Damn that's tight A.J, what's that say?" He asked looking over the words that were foreign to his eyes written somewhere on the veil of the Virgin Mary's dress.

That may have been the only thing the two did agree on, fine taste in art.

"It's Latin man. It means all sins forgiven…"He gave a grin turning his focus to the window.

If anything, he was sure that the small note attached would bring a smile to her face.

From now on, keep your window closed.



Hey, thank you to all who took the time out to read it my little short story about AJ's tattoo, the constructive criticism was great to hear I'm always up for improving in any way possible, it was valued. I enjoyed writing this and I hope everyone enjoyed reading it, until next time.