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Type of story: Totally going for humor - hope I deliver! POV alternates between Neji and Tenten (It flip-flops quite a bit, I'm sorry! But I put in words like 'he' and 'she' to try and indicate whose POV it is.) Imagine this story takes place when Neji and Tenten are 16 or 17.

A/N: Heh, contrary to how the summary may sound, this isn't much of an adventure story. Try 'shenanigan', perhaps? It's more of a (hopefully) funny one-time-event tale - and my first chapter story at that! YAY! Anyhow, this is a songfic to the song 'Electropop' by Jupiter Rising. I was actually watching a vid by someone called 'mayuzero' and that's when the evil idea to make Neji and Tenten sing a duet 'popped' (get it - 'Electropop'!) into my head. Hope you enjoy!


While Tenten proceeded to swing her mace menacingly above her head as she yelped at a cowering Lee and Gai-sensai over the matter, Neji remained frozen, still trying to overcome his initial heart attack.

He knew the two painfully-bright-green, spandex-clad shinobi were exceptionally oblivious to Neji and Tenten's obvious desire to not become the laughing stocks of Konoha, but this crossed the line. Lee and Gai-sensai had finally pushed Neji to the farthest, most insane edge his mind had ever dared to dream up.

Neji. Hyuga. DOESN'T. sing. A less-than-pea-brained inchworm could understand that.

But alas, these were no inchworms. They were two overwhelmingly smiley ninja - Clearly with a serious death wish, seeing as how often they test my capacity for humiliation, Neji growled inwardly - and neither them nor their incredibly ridiculous antics could be oh so easily dispatched with a simple 'step-on-no-jutsu'.

What made things even worse was that as utterly pride-murdering as it was, Neji knew he was cornered over the matter of refusing. No one could look a mission in the face and spit out "ことわる", no matter how idiotic it was. And Lee and Gai-sensai knew it.

NO WAY did Tenten intend on letting this slide. This was the absolute dumbest, most mortifying scheme Lee and Gai-sensai had EVER pulled on her.

Although to be fair Tsunade-sama, the Hokage, had ordered that every ninja in the village take part in Konoha's first karaoke competition to ensure there'd be enough acts. That said, trust THEM to pre-sign-up anyways. Of course, they'd already chosen a song for the two of them to do - leaving Neji and Tenten forced to pair up, since 'strangely enough', apparently only the 'duets' column had space left for sign-ups.

It. was. A. SCHEME. She was certain of it.

Tenten had had an itching suspicion that the two youth-obsessed males had been trying to get her and Neji - 'together' - for quite some time. Perhaps, now that they were all (minus Gai-sensai) seventeen and in the "springtime of the springtime of youth!", Lee and the childlike jonin had decided it was about time to throw some romance into the mix.

She tried not to let her mind linger on that thought, since she'd known since her first day as a genin that she'd had a tiiiiiiiiiiny crush on the stoic Hyuga. Just a puny, completely meaningless smidge of affection that she'd hoped - for the sake of being able to work together, undistractedly, as a team - would soon vanish. But here she was at the big one-seven, and to her dismay found she still had a soft spot for him. As as if that weren't bad enough, Tenten could plainly see that Lee and Gai-sensai were as aware of that fact as Neji wasn't.

Tenten sighed to herself. At least it wasn't as if they were being spiteful or trying to mock her - they were simply trying to help.

But one thing was for sure - as long as SHE and NEJI were in control of song choice, there'd be absolutely NO romantic love songs involved, and this whole potentially awkward situation would be back under control.

However, Tenten wasn't aware of the fact that Gai-sensai had the right, seeing as he was their mentor, to pre-selecting songs for his students.

And he'd most certainly made the most of that opportunity . . . _
(Day of the Competition: )

Neji squinted at the lyric sheet Tsunade-sama had handed him. 'Electropop' . . . he thought warily. The song's title isn't even a real word.

He poked the button on Gai-sensai's tape recorder - a sample of how the song's tune was supposed to go - and cocked his head sharply when an odd techno sound started up. He frowned - it was actually a rather intriguing sound; so where was the catch? Gai-sensai had picked the song - there just had to be something wrong with it.

Neji listened to the intro, bobbing his head along with the catchy beat until he realized and instantly stopped, mortified. The tape was just getting to the words when Tenten rushed over and snatched it.

"My turn! Gosh, Neji, I need to know how the song goes too! Wouldn't want to mess up and injure your giant ego, now would we?" She winked and turned around the corner that lead further backstage.

Irritatedly, Neji noticed he actually kind of missed that odd, perky melody. "Hn"-ing to himself in an annoyed tone, his gaze again flicked to the lyric sheet. It was clearly marked - Tenten's lines were hi-lited in yellow while his were in blue. The song's lyrics; "Hey girl, what's your name? L-U-V, I see your game-" matched the cool, easy-going feel the music portrayed.

Wait a second - Neji's stare shot a few lines down to the second verse. Was that - no, surely the songwriters hadn't put in a - . . ! Neji's eyes widened just a fraction. Tenten's lines had one too. Of all profane, obscene things . . !

The pissed jonin leaped up and hurriedly strode around the corner Tenten had strolled past. There was NO way they were singing this!

A/N: A cliffhanger! Haha, sorry, I realize it's probably not a great one – but please bear with me, this is my first time doing chapters! What do you think Neji found in the song? How will Tenten react to Neji's discovery? You'll just have to wait and find out . . .

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