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Chapter 01 – Escape


'I don't want to marry, I'm not ready, please don't make me do this!' Lenalee cried helplessly kneeling at her father's foot begging him.

He kicked her gripping hands off his trousers and he growled watching her fall back, 'You will marry him.'

Tears were streaming down her face and she was trembling from crying so much, 'I don't love him, he's a cruel man—I can't do it!'

'Are you stupid? I don't care if you love him or not, think about how much good it would do for the family reputation and you should feel privileged that he even looked at the likes of you.' Her father turned to walk out of her room.

'Fa-Father—' Lenalee sobbed.

'Be ready, you're to wed tomorrow morning.' He left with those last words.

She sat on the cold varnished floorboards next to her bed continuing to cry from that afternoon through to the evening. If only Mother were still here, she thought to herself. Her father was quite the overbearing man and quick tempered at that. But at the end of the day despite everything, he was still her father and the only family she had left.

When she finally settled down and her breathing became steady, she brushed her hair out of her face and slowly turned to the large window by the bed where the half-moon shone down on her pale skin seemingly soothing her. Lenalee finally got up and rummaged through her wardrobe finding a black hooded cloak. She put it on and proceeded to push open the window letting the cold air rush in blowing back her distinct aubergine hair. Her violet irises glowed with a renewed will.

Brushing a few loose strands out of her face, she climbed out the window onto a close tree branch. Before attempting to climb down, she looked over the town making sure there was no one around. When she was certain the coast was clear, she climbed down clumsily and tripped falling onto her stomach roughly. She gritted her teeth to keep from making a sound. Paying her swelling arm no mind, she got up and let herself out through the large steel gates being cautious that no one would spot her. Lenalee took one last look at the mansion before she walked away and never turned back.

After the anxiety started to dissipate when she was further away from her father's mansion, she started to realise how sore her arm was from falling out of the tree. Then there was another thought that crossed her mind, she had no place to stay and no money. Before she could start to worry about that, a couple men walked out of a nearby pub. She hid behind the stack of barrels leaning as far as she could against the cold brick wall. Lucky it's foggy, she thought.

'Damn that Tyki, ye get nothin' when he walks into this pub.' One of the men said sighing.

The other one replied, 'Maybe we'll com' back when we're filthy rich.'

'He's a bit arrogant don' ye think? His fiancée's the finest woman, what more could ye ask for?'

'It's Tyki ye talkin' 'bout, one woman never done Tyki no good.'

Lenalee frowned hearing their conversation, she was disgusted. Tyki was the foulest of the foulest men she's ever known. She would rather die than be the wife of that awful man. If Tyki was busy doing that, then she didn't have to worry about him catching her. Being deep in thought, she forgot her surroundings and gasped jerking back elbowing a barrel when something furry touched her leg. Before she could calm down realising it was just a cat, a barrel rolled off the stack she was hiding behind creating a loud thud making the two men turn in her direction.

'Who's there?' One called out in alarm.

'Show yerself!' The other one continued.

Lenalee panicked and stood up trying to run past them but she was grabbed and spun back around roughly. She let out a gasp of pain when the man's nails dug into her already swollen arm. Looking up under her hood, she saw that it was a large bald man that had grabbed her. He was surprised when he heard her gasp and looked at her arm when the cloak slid up from pulling her back.

'It's a woman, Jim.' The fat man stated turning to his lanky friend.

'Well let's see then.' The scrawny man's nose crinkled and he tilted his head to the side placing his hands on his hips.

Lenalee panicked, 'No, don't!'

He tried to reach for her hood but she grabbed his hand trying with all her might to steer it away. Her caught hand felt like it was going to break and she let out a quiet cry still trying to be as quiet as possible, she didn't need to be discovered by Tyki. The lanky man led them back to where she was hiding from them in the cramped alleyway.

'Well what're ye waitin' for? Lift the hood, Benny Boy!' The man named Jim walked up to them when he confirmed there was no one else around.

'Stop—!' Lenalee struggled with the bald man who now had both of her hands captured.

It was hopeless; these men were a lot larger than her. Jim flipped her hood back with ease but both were taken aback when they saw it was Lenalee Lee. They could have either called themselves lucky to have found such a prize or utterly unlucky to be messing around with Tyki's fiancée. Frankly, they didn't care about that at the moment with the alcohol still in effect.

Benny spoke, 'Well this is quite the surprise, what're ye doin' out here at this hour? It isn't proper for a lady to be out around this time and especially with yer name, it looks bad.'

'Lookin' for Tyki are ye? Gettin' jealous o'ready.' Jim mocked.

Lenalee frowned angrily despite how vulnerable she was at that moment, 'I will have nothing to do with that man.'

Benny chuckled, 'She's a stubborn one.'

'Let me go this instant!' Lenalee demanded.

Jim smirked beginning to reach under her cloak ignoring her, 'We've hit the jackpot! It's about time our luck's turned aroun' ain'it?'

'Are ye sure this is a good idea?' Benny asked worriedly.

Jim sighed irritably, 'What're ye talkin' 'bout? She's the best thing ye could do, now hold her still will ye?'

Lenalee cried, 'Please don't do this!'

He hushed her stroking her face softly, 'Don' ye worry, we'll be gentle with ye sweetheart—ye should be thankin' us for preparin' ye for Lord Tyki Mikk, I heard he's quite a rough man.'

Lenalee cried quietly shaking her head frantically when he started to kiss her jaw and neck. The fat man held onto her tightly though he was a bit disturbed. Taking her did sound pleasurable and her father didn't even acknowledge her existence so that wasn't an issue either. But what was worrying him was the fact that they were messing with Lord Tyki Mikk's fiancée.

Jim's hands started roaming her body eventually lifting up her dress and her terrified cries and protests were ignored. That was until Lenalee landed a kick in his stomach making him angry and then he hit her across the face. She was panting awkwardly from the lack of air; Benny had been covering her mouth.

'Com' here you dirty witch!' Jim growled.

He grabbed her thigh digging his nails into her sensitive flesh making her shriek in agony. He hit her across the face again and blood flew from her mouth. Benny panicked letting her go and she fell to the ground.

Lenalee was struggling to get back up on her two feet. She shrieked when Jim grabbed and lifted her up by her hair frightening the two men. They couldn't risk getting caught with who they were messing with.

Jim snapped, 'What're ye doin'? Hold her—to hell with bein' gentle with this disobedient whore, how dare you kick me?'

'Stop it, Jim; we're going to get in trouble for this. Let's just return her and say she was in an accident when we found her.' Benny said seriously.

'Com' off it ye spineless—!'

Before Jim could finish his retort, he was hit across the face and knocked out cold. Benny's eyes widened in fear at the taller man in a long coat that was standing before him. Lenalee stumbled back when her hair was freed, her vision was blurring. She could only make out a shadow advancing on Benny as he yelled for him to stay back. Ignoring her battered body, she saw it was the chance to run away and that's just what she did.

She heard Benny's screams behind her but continued to run. She couldn't stay in this town anymore; the only thought on her mind was to get away. Too scared to look back, she continued to run even though she was far from the town and deep into the forest. She could feel her heart thudding and hear her own struggled breathing. Only her adrenaline was keeping her going until she tripped over a big root in the ground. She lay there on her stomach in the damp dirt limp barely taking in the scent of old grass. She didn't even have enough energy to think it was uncomfortable and wet. The bitter taste of iron lingered on her tongue and her dress was in tatters. She couldn't make herself move, it was too painful. Tears fell from her eyes silently. I don't care anymore. She passed out with those last thoughts as her vision faded to black listening to the crickets.

A man spotted her under the tree near the creek not too long after surprised to see anyone around in the area at all. He walked over to her turning her onto her back carefully and brushing her shoulder-length hair away for a better view of her face. His eyes slightly widened at the sight. Trailing his fingertips lightly up and down her face and neck, he found that her skin was damp from sweat. She flinched when he accidentally brushed the bruise on her jaw. Dried blood was evident on the corner of her lips and even smeared across parts of her face. He retracted his fingers quickly and picked her up striding deeper into the forest.


'I'd like a glass of your finest wine please.'

'I expect nothing less from Lord Tyki Mikk.' The barmaid said flirtatiously.

He smiled smugly taking off his top-hat and brushed back his black curly hair. The women started to surround him excitedly when they saw who he was and the men who were sitting close by started cheering for him and chugging down jugs and jugs of beer. The air was thick with the stench of cigarettes and alcohol.

One man questioned him nonchalantly, 'Hey Tyki, aren't ye getting married tomorrow? What're ye doin' here?'

'What does it look like I'm doing?' Tyki answered his question with another question.

He chuckled, 'I heard ye're marryin' Lenalee Lee, is that true? Ye lucky duck—though I didn't think she was ye type.'

'It's true.' Tyki replied coolly.

The man continued, 'She's the most beautiful thing in town o'right—but they say she's disobedient an' hard-headed.'

'I'll whip her into shape if I have to, she'll soon know who she belongs to.' He wrapped his arms absentmindedly around a couple of the prostitutes who were standing the closest to him.

Tyki was lost in his own thoughts for a moment seemingly frustrated. She had some nerve to reject him, nobody ever said no to Lord Tyki Mikk. He had always been admired and praised as a handsome and wealthy man, the son of Duke Earl, worthy of everything great. How embarrassing it was when she walked away from him in front of the public tending to the child he was punishing for dirtying his shoe and after rejecting his hand in marriage at that. He remembered feeling shocked and angry that she cared more for a mere peasant child than he. No one was more important than him. He grimaced recalling the event; she called him a cold-hearted monster, she said money couldn't buy everything. His pride had been crushed. That was until he got home—Tyki's grimace slowly turned into a smirk.

'What's wrong, Tyki Pet? Why the long face?' Earl inquired when he stepped into the mansion.

Tyki growled, 'Could you stop calling me that, Father? It's distasteful.'

The Duke urged on, 'Now tell me who upset my favourite son.'

'Lenalee Lee rejected my marriage proposal, Father.' Tyki said bitterly.

'Didn't I tell you she was a handful?' Earl smiled amusedly.

'If you're going to mock me, I'd rather not hear it.' Waving his hand off, Tyki started to walk away.

Earl called out to him, 'Her father is struggling with money, would you like if I proposed a deal with him, perhaps?'

Tyki stopped in his tracks and turned back blinking a couple of times before his lips curled into a wicked smile. In the end, he would win. She couldn't escape him, he would buy her—who said money couldn't buy everything?

The women were gossiping disdainfully clinging onto Tyki, 'We didn't know you were getting married, does this mean that you'll stop coming here?'

Snapping out of his thoughts at the sound of their voices, he fiddled with the frills and lace undoing their corsets smirking, 'Of course not, I'd ever stop coming to see you fine ladies for anyone.'

The barmaid reappeared before him with a glass of wine, 'Yer drink, honey.'

Tyki stuffed a note between her breasts and spoke in a low and seductive voice before giving her a long wet kiss, 'Thank you for your kind services.'

The two women beside him started to kiss his chest and peck the beauty spot under his left eye running their hands up and down him making him sigh deeply in content. I could never give this up. He paid for a room quickly pulling them with him after sculling down his wine. He left earlier than he usually would've that night with the thoughts of the next morning's events in mind.

It wasn't until the next morning when he was informed that Lenalee ran away and how furious he was. How could one be so defiant and unwilling? She should've been honoured to marry a man like him. He was going to have her; he would have the whole town searched. Lord Tyki Mikk always got what he wanted.

Sorry if this chapter was a bit of a drag, I had to set a plot so please bare with me. The story is no doubt revolved around Allen (and Neah being the same person) and Lenalee. I just had this idea and I wanted to write it or it would keep bothering me to no end! I don't plan on making this fan fiction too long since I get restless so easily reading long ones myself.