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Chapter 03 – Nostalgia


He watched her sleep, it was fascinating really. He wanted to touch her so badly, to see what she felt like, it was tempting but he resisted in doing so in case she woke up and then he couldn't watch her sleep. Instead, he traced an outline of her body with his hand over and over getting excited each time he did it. She started to stir lightly making his heart beat faster. Her little moans sounded wonderful—and then she opened her eyes. She stared at him blankly, lying in bed and the same one as hers, under the same sheet as her. It took a moment for her to react but she eventually did.

Lenalee yelped falling off the bed, 'Who are you?'

He stared back at her in puzzlement, 'Who am I?'

'Yes, who are you and where's Allen?' She started to panic getting back on her feet quickly.

'Allen—?' He froze.

'Where is he?'

'Allen, was he the one who brought you here?' He asked ignoring her question.

She was staring at him wide-eyed and looked down at herself. She was still in her clothing and she accidentally sighed out loud in relief. She looked up quickly keeping her guard up when she heard him chuckle. To hell with this, she turned around and before she could run, he had already read her mind.

He grabbed her wrist pulling her back to face him, 'Where are you going?'

'Let me go.' She said slowly and cautiously.

He pulled her closer eyeing her up and down slowly taking in all the visuals and asked quietly, 'And why would I do that?'

He was touching her, the skin contact was ecstatic. He could feel her bare flesh and it was much better than his imagination. He closed his eyes sighing in content trying to remember the texture of her wrist. She shoved him but he didn't budge and instead caught her other hand. God damn, she was so good to touch.

'Rinari—' He pulled her closer in attempt to smell her hair but she pulled back as much as she could with his grip still on her.

'My name isn't Rinari, it's Lenalee and where's Allen?' She yelled defiantly.

He was startled and his expression changed to a threatening one, 'Why do you keep asking for him?'

'Because this is his shelter and I'm staying with him, now where is he?' She asked impatiently.

He pulled her to him roughly making her stumble onto his chest and lifted her face to stroke it freakishly gently. She was trembling and he could tell she was frightened. He hated that expression, especially when he was the cause of it. His brown eyes softened and maybe it was just her but they seemed to have a golden glimmer to it. He smiled—warmly? Lenalee was lost in thought for a few seconds and she somehow ended up with an idea that he kind of looked like Allen except with brown hair and eyes.

He hushed her still stroking her face, 'It's okay, Rinari.'

She pushed him away in frustration, 'I said my name isn't Rinari!'

He stood there frozen but soon lost tenseness and stared deep into her eyes, her mesmerizing, he loved them. Lenalee was caught off guard by his gaze and felt a deep sense of nostalgia. She didn't yell at him again but didn't step forward either.

He smiled sadly, 'No, it isn't, is it? Sorry, Love.'

She twitched, what just happened? Slowly, she took a step towards him and then another. She was so stupid, for all she knew, it could've been a trap to get her to trust him but she jumped right in anyway.

She tried again but asked softly, 'Can you please tell me where Allen is?'

He stared at her for a long while before he replied, 'He asked me to watch you while he was gone, he'll be back soon.'

Lenalee blinked a couple of times before she nodded in understanding. He took a hold of her hand feeling the need for physical contact. Neither of them said anything and though Lenalee was uneasy with his touchiness, she didn't try to push or pull away again since they had finally gotten to civil terms. He seemed to be unstable and needed to be treated with care.

She slowly put her other hand on top of his gently easing out of his grip, 'We need to go and find food.'

He nodded and followed Lenalee outside, 'Didn't Allen gather any for storage?'

'No, he got hurt because of me.' Lenalee said quietly.

'I'm sure it wasn't because of you.' He said as firmly.

'He saved me from a pack of wolves—this deer too,' She smiled warmly at him tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear and he liked the way she did it, 'This deer is my companion so please be good to it.'

'Why not eat it?' He asked.

'No!' She snapped hugging the deer protectively.


'This is delicious!' Lenalee said brightly munching at her fruit.

'It had better be delicious.' He huffed rubbing his sore muscles.

In the end, Lenalee punished him for suggesting such a cruel thing by making him climb the tallest trees for fruit. He would never hunt deer again. His irritation didn't last long when Lenalee held a piece out to him with a cheery smile.

'Aren't you hungry?' She asked tilting her head slightly.

If she was offering it then yes, he would have anything she offered him—even if it were poison. He slowly bit into the meaningless thing and watched her feed the deer. She had always been this way, frisky and loving.

'I never got your name.' Lenalee said.

'Neah…' He trailed off quietly looking away from her.

'Neah, that's a wonderful name.' She said beaming.

'It's just a name.' He said looking down.

She eyed him questioningly at first but when he looked up and their eyes met, she was lost in them; it felt like she was being drowned, she felt sick. They held deep emotions, they held age. Not entirely sure of what she was doing and perhaps not even realising that she was, she slowly moved across the log. They were sitting just outside the hut.

She raised a hand and touched his cheek. He closed his eyes and leaned further into her hand. She watched him with softening eyes stroking his face like a mother would do a child.

'Do I—do I know you?' Lenalee asked quietly.

He didn't open his eyes but he did smile. He was temporarily mended. Neah took a hold of her hand when she was about to let go of his face not wanting her to stop yet and perhaps not ever.

'Once upon a time.' Neah said softly.

'Once—Once upon a time?' She asked in confusion.

'The sun will set soon; we should get ready for the night.' He stated getting up scouting the area still holding her hand.

'Okay?' Lenalee said unsurely getting on her feet.

They walked inside the hut after she pat the deer once more. Neah started putting wood into the fireplace. Good, the supply's decent enough. He started making a fire as Lenalee sat on the worn couch nearby watching him do it. She didn't say anything; everything was getting weirder and weirder.

Where had Allen gone after they shared a moment before falling into a pleasant sleep? How did she wake up next to Neah instead of Allen? Maybe it was all in her head.


She blinked a couple of times seeing Neah still by the fireplace but now with flames, 'Yes?'

'I've been calling you for a while now, what are you thinking about?'

She sighed, 'Well, I was just wondering when Allen had left.'

He didn't say anything for a long time and turned to concentrate on the fire. He seemed to end up in his own deep thoughts. Lenalee had decided she wouldn't ask or question him anymore for now; she'd just wait for Allen's return.

'Do you think—' Neah began speaking but stopped midsentence.

Lenalee encouraged him to go on, 'What is it?'

'Do you think you would be able to forgive me?' Neah turned slowly from the fire with sorrowful eyes.

'Forgive you for what?' Lenalee asked in confusion.

'Do you hate me?' He asked quietly.

At that, Lenalee frowned. What was with the questions he was asking? The guy's screws were loose, he was loony. What was he talking about and how could he randomly assume that she hated him? It took a lot for her hate; it wasn't her nature to be so grim.

She found herself walking up to him and crouched down taking his face in both her hands staring at him with still furrowed eyebrows. He blinked slowly and didn't move. He couldn't move—he had been captured once again by her pretty eyes especially striking with the reflection of the fire dancing in them. It was quiet with only the sound of crackling firewood and crickets in the night.

'How could you assume something like that when we don't even know each other?' Lenalee started.


'It's Lenalee and don't use such strong words like hate.' Her eyes softened.

'You don't?' Neah reached up for her hands and she let go before he could take hold of them.

'There's too much hate in this world already that it's becoming unliveable so why not try to love?' Lenalee smiled warmly.

His eyes widened and without thinking, he clung onto her desperately. I need you, I need youI need you. Neah rocked back and forth shivering. She tried to reposition herself but he wouldn't allow it, his grip didn't loosen so she only sighed and stroked his back. She was sure if he'd be looking after her or she would be looking after him anymore.

Lenalee fell asleep and he carried her to the couch not too long after, it would be warmer by the fire than the bed. He'd stay up and make sure the light wouldn't go out. Neah grabbed the sheets from the bed and placed it over her carefully. He sighed and stroked her face watching her in awe. He could never get enough, it was like an addiction.

With much difficulty, he made himself walk away and stood by the window. He eyed the moon anxiously, it wasn't going to be full for too much longer. His days were always limited. He lifted his hand to palm his forehead. Damn it, Robin. Neah swiftly walked back to Lenalee's side sitting on the ground watching her the rest of the night and adding the firewood here and there.

Neah stroked her hair and thought about it for a moment. It was fate and fate was cruel. He had woken up beside Lenalee; Allen was sharing a bed with her he realised. Red threads had already bound them together. But no, it wasn't painful for him at all. He remembered nothing, neither did she. He was the only one suffering, wasn't he?

'I've waited for you for so long, Love.' Neah whispered to Lenalee's sleeping form and brushed his lips against her temple.

Lenalee twitched in her sleep at the gesture and he continued to stroke her hair lovingly humming an old tune to sooth her. Her limbs relaxed and she seemed to be able to fall into a peaceful sleep then. It was that melody after all, he smiled faintly knowing she still remembered it somewhere deep inside her heart subconsciously. There's too much hate in this world already that it's becoming unliveable so why not try to love? His world had been so cold for a long time desperately clinging onto whatever that was real even if it were pain. The torturous time he had spent dreaming—she could have a thousand names but she'd still be the same girl. For Neah, it didn't matter, it was just a name and in the end, she was still his Love.

Okay, to make this less confusing for everyone, I'll explain to you this. Before Hoshino-San created D. Gray-Man, she wrote a one-shot manga where Allen and Lenalee first appeared. However, they were not named Allen and Lenalee. They were named Robin and Rinari/Linali so ultimately, in this fan fiction, they get another chance to be with each other again because of complications in their previous life and God took pity on them. Hopefully this is enough of an explanation to explain their mutal trust in each other though it's more just Allen than anything. Lenalee had already had another fiancé in the actual Zone manga and Robin turned out to be quite the gender bender. Allen's bow and arrow was just a simple thought of 'Robin Hood' since his name was Robin.

I'm a big fan of raw Allen and Lenalee! Other characters will definitely make an entrance but it's only the beginning and the chapters are short so please be patient. All questions to do with the storyline will be revealed in time and if there's something you feel that I've missed accidentally then feel free to ask me about it. Other questions regarding 'why' about the style or length of the fan fiction, I don't mind answering either. Just don't ask what's going to happen in the future but I don't mind you saying that you want to know what happens lol. I won't reply until my next update though, just to let you know because I'm worried my PM outbox will play up again like it did with my old account. If you're impatient then you could always bother me on Twitter and I'll reply in a short period of time there since I have the application on my BlackBerry! You can find the link on my profile page and thank you for reading, your reviews were uplifting!