Pieces of You

A Son's Of Anarchy Story

Chapter Three

Author Note/Disclaimer: I do not own anything from the show Sons of Anarchy; the talented Kurt Sutter created it. The only thing I own is Samantha Janowitz, her brothers and any other original character that may appear. I also some of the additions to the plot and changed some situations that certain characters had been in so that different characters are in that position because it goes with the ideas I have for this story.

It takes place during Seeds and before Fun Town of Sons of Anarchy.

Summary: "True love is not how you forgive, but how you forget, not what you see but what you feel, not how you listen but how you understand, and not how you let go but how you hold on." – Unknown

Original Characters: Benjamin Janowitz, Kingston Janowitz, Zechariah Janowitz, Samantha Janowitz, Adrian Janowitz and Jamie Janowitz, Marla Holloway, Akira Napier, Faith del Castillo, Zaria Rutherford, Nikolai Knox, Damien Payne, Reid Jaegar and Eric Johan

Pairings: Jax Teller/Sam, Clay/Gemma, Zeke/Tara and Opie/Donna

Later Pairings: Opie/Lyla, Happy/Marla, Juice/Faith, Hale/Zaria, Tig/Akira, Blaze/Candy Eglee, King/Colette Jane, Adrian/Susie, Jamie/Cherry, Damien/Fawn Trager, Reid/Lynette Brice, Eric/Emily Duncan

Setting(s): Season 1 and above. This story will be AU in some areas.

Ratings: NC-17 or M at times

Warnings: Violence, Strong Language, Adult Situations, Graphic Sex (maybe), Character Death, Alcohol Abuse, Mention/Show of Martial Abuse, Mention/Show of Child Abuse, Drug Abuse, Mention of Drug Abuse, Murder, Suicide, Rape, Kidnapping, Nudity, Bar Fights, Fights, ect.

Song: Bring It Back by Kris Allen

4th September 2008

St. Thomas' Hospital


10:13 P.M.

During the darkness of night; a hospital was almost always more relaxed and nonexistent with visitors or patients moving out and about. It was the soothing feeling of having no sounds of voices echoing through the hallways that allowed peace of mind for those healing inside their rooms. The light of moon filtered through the blinds of the hospital, casting shadows against the walls and floors of rooms and hallways. Near silent footsteps echoed in the hall as they made their way down the fourth floor hallway, towards the incubator chamber.

Feet, covered in plain white socks slapped dully against the sparkling white floor. Eyes of green looked closely around their surroundings, making sure they would not be found by hospital personal. Samantha paused as she came before her second son's hospital room. With one last glance around the hallway she slipped into the room and shut the door behind her with a click.

Samantha Jonowitz sat silently upon the rocking chair beside Abel's incubator. Bright green eyes stared in silence at the sleeping child she had carried for nearly eight months. She would always subconsciously blame herself for what happened to her son. There was no one, not even Jax, that could change her opinion on the matter. A sigh escaped soft pink lips. She had been sitting there for the last hour, just watching her son sleep in wonder and awe.

Abel was strong enough to beat this; Samantha knew that. It just didn't change the pessimistic voice in the back of her mind, whispering all the horrible tragedies that could happen to the ten-week early infant. She hadn't been able to sleep because of the images that continued to assault her, which led her walking the hospital hallways silently, hiding and dodging the nurses and doctors still working the night shift.

"You will make it through this." Samantha vowed in a soft, near silent voice. She would not think pessimistically. That would just lead those bad thoughts to cause problems. "You're strong Abel. You'll make it through this thing. And I'll be right there beside you." She promised with a quivering lip. Biting her lip she stopped any noise of releasing. She didn't want to get caught by the hospital staff. That was the last thing she needed.

It had been a long time since Samantha had had any peace of quiet. It was nice, and a relief compared to nearly always being surrounded by someone over the last couple of days. They all assumed she was going to break apart, because of what has happened to Abel, but that would not happen. She was a strong individual. A person had to be when they had to live with five brothers, three older and two younger, she had to learn to take care of herself. Especially when her brothers decided to gang up on the only girl in the family. It was because of them she learned to fight and take care of herself. As well as learn to take care of them. She was the 'woman' in the family. The 'lady' of the house. She cooked, she cleaned, she beat the shit out of her brothers when it was needed, she did everything she had to do to make sure that they made it through day by day. It had been a few months since she had seen any of her brothers, and a few years since she had last spoken to her brother, Zechariah.

"I love you Abel. I can't wait to finally be able to hold you in my arms." She whispered. Silently she stood from the rocking chair and placed a hand on the incubator, trying to touch her son, even though she knew she couldn't, not yet anyways.

Rubbing her face she took a deep breath in before letting it out slowly. Samantha lowered her hand from the incubator and slowly walked over to the door. Her hand paused on the doorknob as she looked back to her son with a smile gracing her lips. Her eyes shined with the hope, confidence and love she felt for her baby boy. It wasn't hard to believe that Samantha was never going to give up hope that her son was one day going to be able to crawl and walk and be held in her and Jax's arms.

"I love you Abel and I'll see you tomorrow." Pulling the hospital door open a crack, she slid out, after making sure the hallway was clear, and shut the door that led into Abel's room behind her quietly. Sneaking around like she was, reminded her of the times she and Jax used to always do things they weren't suppose to when they were younger. It usually led them to sneaking around in the middle of the night and every other time of day, just to do the things they wanted to when their parents wouldn't let them. It was the rush of having to sneak around t that made her enjoy the outings they use to have. As well as spending time alone with Jax, the hottest guy in school.

With a confident stance Samantha made her way down the hallway towards the elevator. She still needed to call her friends, and ask them to send her stuff. The last two days or so had been hectic, with the emergency C-Section, Abel's condition and her and Jax finally getting back together, she had forgotten that she was suppose to call them and let them know when they could ship her stuff to the nearest city near Charming.

She could already imagine the telling off her best friends were going to give her when she called them. Samantha was certainly not up to calling them, not yet anyways.

Same Time

"How are the hands baby?" Gemma questioned as she slid the plain black blanket over the metal cage of her sleeping bird.

"Ah, it's just the cramp." Clay replied with a careless wave. "We've you been today?" He questioned, hands placed on the bed as he leaned forward to look at his wife.

"At the hospital. Seeing Sam and Abel." She replied with a small smile. Clay nodded. He knew his wife cared about Samantha Janowitz. They had raised the girl along with Jax and Thomas, until he unfortunately passed away, from childhood all the way to teenage years. Gemma looked over her shoulder and at her husband. His eyebrow rose as he looked at her with a blank face. She gave a slight nod and stepped away from the dresser where she had placed her jewelry.

"Of course you were." He remarked with a gruff nod. "All this stuff today was pushing some old buttons eh?" He questioned, his arms wrapped around her waist loosely.

"It's not my buttons I'm worrying about. Jackson's been going through some shit." Gemma replied with a shake of her head, pulling herself out of his arms, she stepped away and back over to the dresser.

"Yeah I know." Clay replied in his deep voice. He lay back on the bed, leaning against the headboard as he watched Gemma take off more jewelry and brush her hair.

"And it's not just about seeing Abel finally or finally seeing Samantha and Riley after six or seven months, he found some of John's old stuff in storage when he was going through some of the shit to find his old baby stuff for Abel." Gemma stated with a sigh, "He was asking me about John's original idea for the club. Asking if he wanted to get into the business of running guns." She said, placing one of her hands on her hip.

"He said maybe we shouldn't rebuild the factory." Clay replied, an undefinable emotion in his voice when he spoke.

"Aw shit." Gemma spoke with a shake of her head as she walked over to her husband. "He's getting chewed out by that guilt. Remorse can be a dangerous thing. Look what Tommy's death did to John." She stated. She sat on the edge of the bed, facing Clay as she spoke. "It made him soft." She said and paused in thought, "You gotta nail Jax down." Gemma replied, her lips thin, an almost displeased look crossing her face. "You have to nail him down hard Clay, whatever it takes. I don't want the ghost of John Teller poisoning him, ruining everything we built." Gemma continued speaking, moving forward, closer to Clay.

"Nothin' is gonna get ruined okay?" Clay stated, hands held up to stop Gemma from continuing. "Just don't throw your panic into high gear." He said, his eyebrows furrowed as his dark eyes looked Gemma in the face.

"They respect him. Jax's strong and when you step down -" Gemma continued hurriedly before she was cut off.

"Hey hey. I'm not going anywhere." Clay replied, his head shaking as his hands raised to take her hands in his. He sounded almost offended at her statement.

"I know baby." Gemma said reassuringly. She frowned as she looked at her husband. "I know. It's just - when you can't ride anymore -" She paused, unsure of how to continue. "They'll vote my son as President." She stated firmly, trying to get it through Clay's head what that would mean. "I just want him following the right father's footsteps. Okay." Gemma leaned forward, using her hands to balance herself on the bed as she gave her husband a deep kiss. She began to trail kisses slowly down Clay's chest, moving towards the lower part of his body. A look of thought crossed Clay's features as dark eyes watched Gemma intently.

Many conversations in the members of the Sons Of Anarchy would be the beginning of many lies, betrayals, death and trials for all those involved with SAMCRO. And all it began with was a little 'panic' by Gemma Teller-Morrow.

6th September 2008

Jax Teller's House

7:14 A.M.

"Daddy!" Riley exclaimed as he rushed down the hallway and towards the kitchen. He could hear the sound of dishes and cupboards shutting. His bare feet loudly hit the tile floor as he ran quickly from his bedroom.

"Yeah Ri?" Jax asked, his head turned to glance over his shoulder, just barely catching the blurring figure that was his four-year-old son appearing into the kitchen, slightly out of breath.

"Watcha yah makin' for breakfast?" Riley questioned curiously. His head tilted to the side like a curious kitten. It was an adorable gesture, making Jax's lip twitched upward in amusement. It was a habit Riley usually did when he was curious about something.

"Cereal." Jax replied in his slightly husky voice. His hand itched for a cigarette but he knew he couldn't have one yet, not around Riley. He'd wait until his son was watching TV or something before he went outside to take a smoke.

"Okay." He said happily with a smile. For it being eight in the morning, the boy was too hyper. Jax set the small bowl of Lucky Charms with milk in front of Riley. The child smiled and said a small "thank you" before digging in. He scooped the cereal up with his plastic spoon, shoving it happily into his mouth. "Mommy never lets me eat sugary stuff." The young boy stated as he ate. "She ma'es me 'tuff tha's reeealy dif'eren'." Riley said with a mouthful of cereal. He swallowed before speaking, "She has stuff like eggs and bacon or even waffles or pancakes." His eyes were wide and filled with such love for his mother. He was a caring child that loved his mother more than anything and was always trusting with new people he met, maybe a little too trusting.

"Well, mommy ain't here Ri, so you can eat whatever you want." Jax stated, winking at his son. He knew he should have made Riley something like Sammy would, but he was shit at cooking and the only thing he had in the fridge was old take out, condiments and a carton of milk.

It was silent in the kitchen as Jax watched Riley eat his small bowl of cereal, a glass of dark liquid was held in his hand, whether it was coffee or some caffine soda or even alcohol was unknown. "I'm full. Can I go watch some Rugrats now?" Riley looked to his father with pleading sea green eyes.

"Why not?" Jax questioned rhetorically. Grabbing the empty bowl of cereal and milk he set it in the kitchen sink, filling it with some water, he then picked up Riley and held him in his arms. Walking through the kitchen doorway he turned right and walked down another short hallway, past the dinning room and into the living room. Setting Riley down on the couch he turned the TV on with a flick of the small power button on the changer. The screen flickered to life and a show on motorcycles appeared on screen. Flicking through different channels he finally landed on the cartoon known as 'Rugrats'. His eyes rose with amusement at the show, filled with animated toddlers that went on 'adventures'. It was a show perfect for children Riley's age and slightly older. Shrugging his shoulders he took a seat beside his son. He figured he could have a smoke whenever he wanted, and he'd rather spend time with his kid anyways.

Ding. Dong.

The front doors bell echoed through the house as Jax looked away from the TV screen. He didn't know why he was watching this show, besides to spend time with Riley. He watched his son more than television. To see the excitement in Riley's eyes as he watched his favorite kids show was well worth the suffering of watching Rugrats. He opened his mouth to tell Riley he was leaving the room for a little bit but realized it wouldn't be worth wasting his breath. His son was far too gone in watching the show to even realize that his father would be speaking to him.

Shaking his head Jax stood up and walked out into the entryway. With a pull on the door knob the door opened. He was surprised to his lover, girlfriend and mother of his children standing on the front porch. "What are yah doin' here Sammy?" He questioned curiously, "I thought you wouldn't be checked out f the hospital for another few days?" Jax stepped out onto the porch. The door shut with a dull click behind him, keeping the voices of the TV only a light background noise as the older man stared at his girl. "Did something happen with Abel?" He asked. He knew Riley would be fine inside by himself for a little bit.

At Jax's question Samantha's mind reminisced back to only a few hours ago.

"Sam?" Tara called out, stepping into the silent hospital room. Her hazel eyes scanned the room in search of her friend before they landed on the plain brown door off to the side, which held a bathroom. She could see the yellow light from the bathroom light seeping underneath the door. The sound of running water allowed Tara to debunk that her best friend was in the shower. Setting the bag of clothes, makeup and shoes onto the chair beside the small hospital bathroom for Samantha to take, the young doctor took a seat upon the neatly made bed.

Five minutes passed before the door creaked open and the dripping wet face and messy hair of Samantha peaked through. Her skin looked fresh and had a dim glow to it that made her look healthy and alive. "Ooh, clothes." Sam happily smiled. She was glad to finally be out of the hospital scrubs. Grabbing the bag with a quick hand her head disappeared back into the small bathroom with a click of the door.

The soft voice of Samantha singing floated through the door and reached Tara's ears as Sam sang while she got dressed. Her best friends voice was beautiful and soothing as she sang the lyrics of a song Tara had once heard over the radio. It was nice to know her friend's spirits were lifting.

"What can I do for you Doctor Knowles?" Samantha teased with a bright light in her green eyes that had been missing for the last few days. She walked into the room, shutting the bathroom door behind her. Dressed in form fitting black jeans, a spaghetti strap black flowing top and leather black heeled boots that stopped just below her knees. She fit the image of someone who was dating a biker or a daughter of one anyways. Even as a mother, Samantha still dressed as someone in her younger years, but she pulled it off well. Her dark brown hair, looking damp, was pulled back into a high ponytail with only a few bangs escaping through, hanging around the left side of face.

Black boots hit the floor dully as she took a seat on the hospitals bed/gurney. Bright green eyes looked to Tara with a worried look crossing her face. "I believe it's the best interest of Abel to do his cardiac surgery today. With the digestive system surgery having gone well yesterday, it's the best thing to do Abel's surgery now since he's stronger and the two are not co-existing well together." Tara stated composed, in a way that helped keep Sam calm.

"If you and the other Doctor's think it's the best thing for Abel, then do it. I'll let Jax know when I go to see him after I get out of here." Samantha agreed with a small nod. Tara nodded in understanding. Raising her hand she gave Sam's shoulder a firm squeeze with a reassuring smile.

"Perhaps we can hang out sometime soon Sam. I missed talking with my best friend." Tara stated before the twenty-nine-year-old walked out of the room to let the surgeon know that they can proceed to do Abel's surgery.

"Remember that everything we do is in Abel's best interest." Samantha murmured to herself. Nodding in agreement she stood and grabbed the backpack that Tara had left. Pulling out her cell phone she grimaced at the many missed calls, voice mails and text messages that blinked up at her as she turned the phone on.

"Sammy?" Jax snapped his fingers in front of her face. The younger woman blinked once, twice and then three times before coming back from her thougts. Seeing the worried face of her boyfriend/lover, she gave him a reassuring smile.

"Sorry babe. He's fine. Tara suggested Abel get his heart surgery done today, and I gave them the okay. The doctors taking care of him believe he'll make it through the surgery because he's gotten stronger." She said reassuringly. "Anyways, I came here to tell you I was officially moving into Charming again when I was driving here a few days ago."

"You're moving here?" Jax questioned with a smile. "What about your job?" It wasn't that he was not happy about the idea of Samantha moving to Charming again, it thrilled him. The idea of having his girl back and near him and his sons close by as well was the best news he could have been given, besides when Samantha agreed to date him again. "Why don't you, Riley and Abel stay here with me?" He questioned. "When Abel is well enough to get out of the hospital." Jax corrected. "We're already together Sammy and we have two kids together, it's the right thing to do."

The feel of the warm September sun on her skin gave her a warm content feeling and allowed herself to think straight. The warm, humid breeze that blew through the neighborhood ruffled Samantha's hair and shirt, showing her tattoos on her back, her left calf and on her left hipbone. She also had one tattoo on the inside of her right wrists, with the name Daniel Janowitz in Fairy Dust writing with a small five pointed star above the name along with the date of his birth and death. On her back, right above her pant line, she had a tattoo of a motorcycle with a raven soaring above it.

On the middle of her shoulder blades was a tattoo of roses underneath a skull and a crow above it and smoke running through out it. The name Riley Hayden Teller with his birth date was in one of the roses on her back. On her right wrist with the symbol for true love above it was the name in Princess Lulu writing, Jackson 'Jax' Teller. The tattoo was done when she was sixteen and Jax eighteen. They both got the tattoos done with each others name in different areas.

The tattoos she had weren't tacky and unimportant like most people usually believed. They all had a meaning behind them. Which reminded her of getting a new one, one for Abel on the second rose on her back beside Riley's name. Seeing as she had gotten one done for Riley a few months after he was born.

"That sounds like a great idea." Samantha agreed with a nod of her head and smile.

Jax gave his own nod as he looked down at his girl. Wrapping his arms around her waist he pulled her towards. Samantha raised her arms and slid them around the middle of his chest. "I have three free bedrooms. Since we already have Riley's room, I just need to make Abel's room." Jax stated.

"All right. I need to call my friends to let them know they can send my stuff." The idea of living with Jax again was enough to make her heart skip a beat. To be able to wake up beside him every morning and go to bed with him every night. It gave a thrilling tingle down her spine.

"Good. Good." Jax nodded. "Riley's on the couch, watching some Rugrats show." He stated with a rather befuddled look on his face. Samantha gave a laugh and shook her head. She had to admit, she liked the show. It was just too cute.

"He watches that show constantly. It's cute how much he loves it." She said with an amused smile. "I've watched probably every episode they have. It reruns now and always around the same time. It's the only reason Ry wakes up so early is to see it." Samantha admitted with a shrug.

Jax laughed. His laughter echoed through the air and floated with the breeze as his blue eyes sparkle in the early morning light. "Yah, I can see that happenin'." He stated with a nod of agreement. "I'm gonna have a smoke before going in, you can go inside and wait if you'd like." He said, pulling out his carton of cigarettes and placing one in between his lips. With a swift click of his lighter the flame spluttered to life and lit the cancerous stick.

Samantha shook her head in negative. She rather enjoyed the bright summer weather, even if it technically wasn't summer anymore. "God, I haven't had a cigarette since I found out I was pregnant with Abel." Sam sighed with longing. She may smoke, but it was usually only once or twice a day or one every few days, never consistently. Unless she was stressed, depressed or pissed off.

"Do you want one?" Jax questioned with a raised eyebrow. He noticed the sound of yearning in her voice. He couldn't blame Sammy though. Not smoking for nearly nine months would have driven him nuts.

"No thanks. I can't...well I could but the doctors said something about when and if I start breast feeding Abel, if it's possible, that I shouldn't smoke because of likely having a lower milk supply as well as Abel exhibiting behaviors like colic and crying. As well as shorter sleep times and altered sleep architecture. So no smoking or drinking for me." Samantha stated. It wasn't bothering her that much. The only reason why she even remembered wanting to smoke a cigarette was because of Jax lighting one in front of her. With a purse of her lips Sam leaned back against the front porches railing and glanced over at Jax.

"That's good then?" Jax inquired. "That Abel may be able to get breast fed when he's out of that thing?" He leaned beside her as he spoke, exhaling the white smoke out of his lungs thoughtfully.

"It is. He should be healthy enough for it. They're not positive yet though, so..." She trailed off, her tight ponytail swung in the air as she leaned farther against the railing. Her head tilted to the side as she looked at the older man. Jax nodded silently. Tossing the cigarette to the floor he stepped his boot on it, distinguishing it. "You might want to pick that up and throw it away. You know kids, they pick up and touch anything, including putting said objects in their mouths." Sam reminded in amusement. A disgusted look graced Jax's features as he shook his head and bent down, picking up the cigarette bud and tossing it in the garbage can beside the porch swing.

"Come on Sammy. Some of the boys are going to be over in a bit." Jax stated. He pushed the front door open and let her past through. He watched silently as glittery green eyes looked around the unchanged hallway, still filled with pictures of their past. Emotions of sadness, joy and delight made her eyes shine and a small smile graced her lips at one of the pictures she caught sight of.

It was when they were younger, still teenagers and just as deeply in love with each other as they were now. It had been when Sam had just turned fifteen and Jax was a newly seventeen year old. They were underneath a large oak tree, the sunlight seeping through the branches, alighting their faces with just enough light. Seventeen year old Jackson stood leaning against the tree; his arms were wrapped around fifteen year old Samantha's waist and stomach and her back to his chest. His face was leaned forward and downward, his lips brushing her ear as he whispered to her, a smile across his lips. Sam's face was bright and her eyes sparkling as she laughed at whatever he had been telling her. It was a perfect picture, a picture that showed a perfect couple completely in love.

It was times like those that she deeply missed.

"I remember that day." Jackson stated from behind her, his arms wrapped around her stomach and waist just like the picture. He was leaned forward and downward as he spoke in her ear. It causes chills, the good kind of chills, to shoot down her spine. "Tara, Opie, myself and you had ditched school and headed out to Tamari Hill. Zeke and Donna had come along as well." He mused aloud with a smirk. "Tara and Zeke were making out near a clearing surrounded by trees. Opie and Donna were sitting on the picnic table and you and I were up against the tree, talking and joking with each other."

A smile graced Samantha's lips as she leaned against him. Her head nodded as the memory played out through her mind. "We were. But I seem to recall you kept flirting with me, making me laugh like a schoolgirl that I was. We never realized that Donna had a camera with her and had taken the picture until she gave us that very same picture three days later." She remarked aloud with a sly smirk. "I also recall us going to a certain lake." At the stiffened posture of Jax, a grin of glee began to grow across her face. "Seems like you remember it as well." She stated, biting her tongue from letting the giggles that wanted to release. Her head turned to look at him, eyes glinting deviously.

"I thought you promised never to bring that up." Jax muttered, his face and neck began to flush red with embarrassment and something else Samantha couldn't tell.

"I don't seem to remember that." Sam playfully teased with a tilt of her head as she continued to glance sideways at Jax.

"I seem to recall –" She was cut off by a rough but sweet kiss against her lips. Sam gave a small moan as the two kissed deeply. His grip tightened around her waist. Her arms slid slowly up his chest and wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer. His teeth nipped at her pink lips and soothed it with his tongue, begging for entrance. Her mouth opened slowly, allowing the older male entrance. The two began a dominance play, both fought to come out on top, playing dirty to achieve that goal.

It was a few minutes into the heated kiss that her mind began to process just what she was doing. Samantha pulled away slowly. Their lips were bruised and slightly swollen from their heated kiss, with tongue and all. Her breathing was rapid and swift as she tried to catch her breathe. She blinked and raised a surprised and slightly shaky hand to her tingling lips. Jax was in a similar condition. His blonde hair was messy, his lips slightly red and clear arousal in his eyes and stance. Shaking her head Samantha pulled away from Jax. "It's not a good time to get excited Jax. Especially with our son in the other room." She reminded her boyfriend with a glint in her eyes.

Jax gave a groan and nodded in agreement. Yeah, they definitely couldn't do shit like that around their sweet innocent son. "Your right." He sighed, running a hand through his hair. Patting his cheek gently, she gave him another kiss on the lips before turning away and walking into the living room.

"It must hurt knowing I'm always right." She teased jokingly as she slipped past him and squealed when his hand slapped her ass. Samantha glared playfully over her shoulder at Jax as she stepped into the living room. He only gave a charming smile that created flutters in Sam's stomach.

"Mommy!" The excited exclamation of Riley reached Jax's ears as his son caught sight of his mother.

"My big boy!" Samantha exclaimed cheerfully. "Did you have fun with grandma and daddy yesterday?" She questioned as she hugged her son tightly as she knelt on knees. Jax sighed as he fell back into the wall behind him. He forced himself to think of very disturbing thoughts, just to get himself calmed down. After his libido calmed he stepped into the living room to spend time with his family.

SAMCRO Club House

2:08 P.M.

"So, who is 'Sammy'?" Half-Sack asked as he looked at the other bikers hanging around the bar. Clay, Tig, Robert, Chibs and Jax, who had gone back to his house to see 'Sammy' had just gotten back from a meeting with Ernest Darby, making sure he kept out of Charming and not to sell any kind of drugs, like crank, to anyone in the small town. Many chuckled and shook their heads in amusement at the curiosity the young prospect showed.

"Samantha is my sister and the only girl in the family." Benjamin 'Blaze' Janowitz remarked with a smirk as he downed his beer. He was a good looking man, with curly, messy dark brown hair that fell into his eyes and honey blue eyes. He leaned lazily against the bar. He was tall, standing at six-foot-two and had a few tattoos, most were covered by his leather brown jacket.

"She's not only your sister bro'." Kingston 'King' Janowitz stated. The King stood at six-foot-two with dark tanned skin, from days spent out in the sun. He was a bald thirty year old male with a couple of tattoos on his body, some could be seen on his arms, the back of his neck, and back. The most captivating thing about Kingston Janowitz was his bright blue eyes, the color of sapphires that seemed to glow in almost any light. He had a very muscular body, one like a wrestler, that showed that he spent a lot of his time at the gym, working out and kickboxing and boxing in his spare time. With his looks, he tended to have girls falling at his feet to get a piece of him.

"Seems like she's no ones sister, with the way she's ignored us these last six months." Adrian 'Mad Dog' Janowitz remarked. He had light brown hair, almost blonde in color with bright green eyes with specks of blue. His skin was tan and body muscular, from days rough housing with his brothers and heading out to the gym and swimming everyday. He looked over to his two older brothers with a raised eyebrow. He had always looked up to his sister when he was younger. She had always taken care of them, no matter what. It had hurt Adrian that his big sister didn't even tell him that she was leaving for across the world six months ago.

"Don't start acting like a whiny bitch now." Blaze commented mockingly, eyebrows squinting as he looked at his second youngest brother, even if they were only half-brothers.

"Bite me asshole." Adrian snapped. Eyebrows rose at the hostility showed in his voice. He must be really taking what Samantha did personally.

"Something's up your ass." The King commented with amusement as he leaned over to his younger brother. "What's up your ass?" He asked.

"Unlike you assholes, I was actually close with Sam, along with Zeke." The second youngest Janowitz son stated with a sneer. Many winced at the familiar name. Zeke. He was a bad ass that few messed with unless they had a death wish. If there was one thing the men of SAMCRO knew, it was that once he got out, the ones that betrayed him would have forfeit for their lives. He didn't take betrayal easily.

"So what. Get the fuck over it. She's here now so if you're going to be such a fucking bitch then go over to Jax's house and talk to the stubborn -" King stopped himself from finishing his sentence. He knew how pissed Adrian would be if he called their sister a 'bitch', even if it was in a joking way. "Girl." He finished, causing laughter to admit from the large group of bikers.

"While your at it, tell Jax to get his ass back here and let us know what he's got on information for our guns." Clay ordered as he stepped up to the bar and got himself another shot of whiskey.

"On it." Adrian replied as he stood up from the bar stool and began making his way across the room and towards the exit. "Who's comin' with?"

Jax Teller's House

2:19 P.M.

"You're kidding me right?" Samantha questioned. She walked back into the living room after placing Riley down for a nap. She plopped down on the couch with a long sigh. She slumped to the right, laying her head on Jax's shoulder as they waited.

"Nah, I'm not." Jax stated with a shake of his head. His arm rose and wrapped itself around Samantha's shoulders, pulling her closer while his hand played with the necklace hanging around her neck. "Adrian seemed to be acting like an ass to everyone since he learned that you got back from England or where ever the hell you went to." He said with a sigh. He raised the bottle of Budweiser to his lips and took a long drink, enjoying the feel of the cold liquid sliding down his throat. "He was pretty upset you didn't tell him you were leaving for another country."

"Well, I was always closer to him and Zeke then anyone else in the family. Jamie...I usually got stuck with watching or having him follow me around." Sam remarked with a smile. Jax gave a laugh and nod of agreement.

"Yeah, I remember that lil' shit. We could never get away with anything when he was following us. He was a tattlin' li'l shit." He said with a roll of his eyes. The air conditioner hummed through the house, filling it with cold air and protecting those inside from the humid heat outside. "We're gonna need to take Opie with us on this run tonight." Jax stated suddenly, breaking the content silence.

"All right..." Samantha trailed off with a raised eyebrow. "What does that have to do with me?" She questioned.

"I want you to go talk with Donna and the kids, try and get her to come to her senses." The two shared a long look between each other, silently communicating.

"All right, fine." Samantha sighed. As much as she loved Opie, she and Donna had never been the closet of friends. Sam supposed it had to do with Donna not accepting the Sons. Samantha had lived with it her whole life, and so she was use to it, unlike Donna.

"Thank you darlin'." Jax leaned forward and kissed the top of her head and then gave her a light kiss on the lips. Sam smiled into the kiss, pulling him closer as she wrapped her arms around his neck. His hands settled on both sides of her head as he held himself up by leaning his weight against the back of the couch.

The rumbling of motorcycles reached their ears as the couple silently sat on the couch, taking comfort in one another. Pulling away with a sigh, the couple turned towards the front door. "Knock Knock! Anyone home?" A voice called out loudly. Sam and Jax shared a look before getting up from the couch and walked into the entryway of the house.

"Yeh and keep it the fuck down would you? Riley's asleep in his room." Jax shook his head at his rather obnoxious friends and brothers.

"Sorry broth-ah." Chibs stated in his Scottish accent. "Darlin' it's good teh see yah again." The older gentleman commented as his eyes landed on the lovely form of Samantha. "Six months is too long love." Chibs smiled as his dark eyes stared at her.

"Chibs. How've you been?" Samantha questioned as she and Chibs hugged each other. He kissed the top of her head before pulling away, giving her a once over as his hands remained on her shoulders.

"I've been good love. You look as bea'tiful as the last time I saw yah." Chibs remarked, making a light blush to grace her cheeks.

"Thank you Chibs." She grinned. "You keep making me blush like this and I may just have to cook you a nice meal." Sam teased with a joking smile. Chibs and Samantha had always been close, even when she was a teenager and dating Jax, they jokingly flirted and teased one another out of pure good friendship.

Jax shook his head in bemusement as Sam and Chibs spoke to each other. He knew he had nothing to worry about when it came to the boys trying anything on Samantha. They would never betray him like that and neither would Sam. "I'm hurt Sammy, ignoring me after how many months you've been gone."

"Don't call me Sammy." She said with a smile as tackled her friend with a hug. "Juicey!" She cried out. Like the friend he was, he pulled her into a tight hug and spun her around. "It's good to see you Jucie." Sam stated with a bright smile. She kissed his cheek and pulled away slowly. "You look as good as ever."

Juice smiled and kissed her forehead with a gentleness not often seen on the Club's hacker and intelligence officer. "Not nearly as good at you are." He replied with a sly smile.

Jax and Chibs watched silently as Samantha interacted with the bikers that she hadn't seen in over six months. They spoke of some happenings over the last six months and laughed at some of the comments they made. Samantha had always fit in rather well with the group, though she did sometimes have trouble dealing with some of their crazier ideas and missions. But they knew they could always trust her to help them. "How has she really been?" Chibs questioned, glancing over at his good friend.

"She's dealin'. Abel is suppose to get his heart surgery done around five or so tonight. Sammy was going to head over there after talking with Donna while Opie came with us." Jax stated calmly. His bright blue eyes remained watching his girl with a look in his eyes that hadn't been seen since she left the last time. "My mom's at the hospital right now, checking on Abel."

Chibs nodded. "How is yah youngest son doin'?"

"Good, good. He's doin' better now." He replied, swiftly changing the subject away from his young son. He couldn't concentrate on the thought of his son right now. Not when he was going to have a run to do soon. "A'ight everyone. It's time to go." He stated, stopping the conversations goin on. The bikers of SAMCRO nodded and began to head back out, not before giving Sam a hug or kiss on the cheek, giving her well wishes for their son Abel and telling her to come to the family dinner and bring Riley so they could all see him again.

3:45 P.M.

The men of SAMCRO stood around the table. They would begin their discussion for the plan of destination and the different areas that could be the Mayans warehouse for the weapons they stole from the Sons. "The bag of heroin is twenty minutes outside of Oakland here." Jax stated, pointing at a certain area on the map.

"Marcus Alvarez, President of the Oakland Charter, owns both buildings were they run their dope operations." Juice lay the picture down on the table as he spoke. He looked at both the Vice President and President of the Sons.

"Local cops are on their payroll, so it's a no hustlin' gig." Chibs stated, his accent thick as he looked at Jax and Clay. His dark black sunglasses covered his eyes. Every man standing in the room wore their leather cuts and leather jackets with their symbol.

"Which makes these guys lazy. Alvarez doesn't try very hard to cover his tracks." Jax looked at Clay and then down to the table. Clay's lips pursed in thought at what was being said.

"He also knows it'll be a under the cuts job. He knows it'd be a risky shot housing the M4's there." Tig stated, leaning forward as he spoke to Clay with a shake of his head.

"Which means it's some place off the grid." Clay remarked, staring down at the map through his dark black sunglasses. His right hand lay on top of the map. A small like smirk graced Jax's visage at Clay's words, before he began to speak, bringing attention back to himself.

"Back tracked one of Alvarze's dummy corporations down San Leandro on the Lupack Way Line." Jax stated, laying out a new map across the table in front of himself. "Mal Canaveral Industrial Storage - Way off the grid." He said, his face showed no emotion other than a seriousness he always had when it came to a mission. His pointer finger remained on the spot where they would need to go.

"Good work kids." Clay stated with a small smile before he turned and walking away.

3:58 P.M.

"What are you doing?" Donna questioned, walking into the garage of their house to see Opie packing away some equipment for the run he was to be going on.

"Just going on a run." Opie stated as he walked over to where his leather jacket was. He slid it on over his shoulders before adjusting it and fixing the sleeves.

"What's in the bag?" She inquired, stepping further into the garage, arms crossed over her chest of the loose purple shirt. Her footsteps made no sound as her bare feet hit against the cold cement floor.

"Nothing." Opie replied, ignoring her stare at his back. Donna gave him a look before she stepped past him and over to the bag, she grabbed it off of the bench and held it in her arms. Angry eyes turned to Opie as she looked up at him.

"You promised me you weren't going to do this anymore." She stated angrily, disbelief clear in her tone and on her face. The bag hung in her limp arm, but her hand held tight around the strap of the tan pack.

"This has nothing to do with you Donna." Opie replied, turning around he faced her, dressed in his leather jacket. His face was pointed downward, not looking at her as he zipped his leather jacket up.

"I'm the one who gets shit on again if you get caught." Donna snapped, stepping closer to her husband.

"That's not going to happen." Opie replied with a shake of his head.

"While you sat in a cell for five years locked away, Clay and the boys were out getting rich." The short brunette woman said with disbelief in her eyes. "They sold you out but you're just too weak to stand up to them." Donna said as she walked past Opie, bag still held in her arms. He stopped her, catching her arm before she could get too far away.

"Give me the bag Donna!" Opie stated in a firm voice.

"No! No!" Donna cried as she slapped and punched his chest.

"Stop it Donna!" Opie ordered. The two paused at the sound of footsteps. Turning they looked at their two children who stood in the doorway. Donna gave her husband a look before turning and walking away, over to their two children. Their mother pushed them back outside. They obeyed silently.

Opie's eyes turned away from where his wife had disappeared at the sound of a rumble of a car pulling up the driveway. He noticed a familiar face in the driver side of a classic 1967 Chevy Impala. The driver side door swung open and the familiar figure of one of his best friends stepped out. A smile graced his face. "Sam!" He called out with his smile still in place. He watched as Samantha reached into the backseat of the classic car and pulled out little Riley. In nearly six months, the small child had grown.

"Opie." Sam called out with a friendly and caring smile on her face. The two best friends hugged each other, Sam with one arm as she held her son in her other arm.

"He's gotten big." Opie stated.

"He has. It feels like just yesterday I was holding him in my arms after eighteen hours in labor." Samantha laughed with a smile. "Say hello to your Uncle Opie Riley." She encouraged her son. He gave a sleepy nod as he lay his head on his mothers shoulder, he looked at his Uncle.

"Hi Uncle Opie." Riley whispered softly, feeling a little shy after just waking up.

"Hey buddy. It's good to see you again." Opie said, giving a small smile that made him look like a big teddy bear. "So, where's Jax?" He questioned.

"Right here." Jax stated as he walked up the driveway and over to where the two friends were standing.

"Not that I'm not glad to see you here Sam, but what are you doing here?" Opie inquired. He watched as the two lovers shared a silent look between each other.

"I'm here to talk with Donna while you go off and be a vengeful Son and help your brothers out." Samantha rubbed the young toddlers back as he silently slept on her shoulder.

"I'm assuming the both of you saw the fight then?" The light auburn haired man asked rhetorically. Sam gave a sad, understanding smile, while she nodded and adjusted her hold on Rily, trying to not wince at the pain. She had been out of the hospital for only a day and the pain was killing her with all her moving and what not.

"Here, give him here." Jax ordered. He lifted Riley from Sam's arms and held him to his chest as he wrapped his other arm around Samantha, his hand lightly rubbing her stomach, trying to soothe the pain. Opie gave a smile, his two friends would always love each other. He was glad they were back together. He could see that they still are.

"Anyways boys, you two need to leave and start heading out to meet Clay before you're late." Samantha broke the silence that had befallen the three best friends, each lost in thought. "Now don't worry Opie. I'll keep Donna busy and talk to her, try and make her see reason." She reassured her friend, trying to make him feel a little better.

"Thanks Sam." Opie replied. He gave his younger friend a tight and loving hug, that a big brother would give, before he pulled away. Sliding his pack on he stepped back and watched silently as Jax and Samantha said goodbye to each other.

"I'll see you later. I'll head back home around ten or so. After I talk with Donna I'm going to head to the hospital and see Abel and ask how the surgery went." Sam stated. She grabbed Riley back in her arms and clenched her jaw to stop the sharp hiss from escaping as the sore stitches rubbed against her shirt.

"All right. I'll meet you there then." Jax replied. He leaned forward quickly, capturing her lips in a sweet kiss before giving Riley a kiss on the forehead. Pulling away from both mother and son he began making his way back down the driveway and down the street where he had parked his motorcycle. Opie pulled off the sheet covering his own motorcycle and sat on it. He gave the key a swift turn, making the bike give a load rumbling roar as it came to life. Riley jumped in his mothers arms in a startle as he watched his 'Uncle Opie' put his bike into gear and drive down the driveway, turning right to meet up with Jackson.

Samantha wondered silently to herself how different this run would have gone had she not been here to help with Donna. She knew had she not been here, Jax would have found some way to keep Opie home so he could try and fix his marriage. "Well Ri, it's just you and me now until your daddy gets back. Why don't we go and see Aunt Donna and your cousins and see if we can try and help salvage Opie and Donna's marriage, hmm?"

Riley nodded in agreement with his mother and silently gazed around the garage as his mother walked through it and out past the doorway of the garage that led to the kitchen and dinning room area.

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