Edit: 12/2/2013

This is a fully revised version of chapter one. Now it's not as cringe worthy and less awkward to read. Yay?

About the story: This actually my third insert story. The first one (which was Naruto) I wrote when I was 11 or 12 and it was terrible self-inset. The second was a FF7 but didn't work out. Third's time the charm, right?

This is not a normal self-insert purely because it's an OC and because of other stuff I cannot talk about.


"I will not cry. I said I wouldn't dammit!" I screamed, only to be drowned out by the roar of the storm clouds. The threatening tears did not fall from my eyes. For that, I was grateful. I would have wiped my eyes but the rain would have made the attempt useless.

I pulled my knees to my chest. To stop them from shaking so much I wrapped my arms around them. It was also the only way to keep warm, well, as warm as I can get. The cold wind blew so fiercely that it made it hard to breath. I ended up placing my face against my legs to shield from the elements. That made things a little better but the scent of soaked denim was not pleasant.

I refused to cry, it wouldn't do me any good anyway.

My body flinched when the thunder made its loud appearance. I used to love storms. They were always exciting. I would sit by the window and watch the rain attack the window. Sometimes I was even lucky enough the see a lightning bolt.

Those times were now over. I was no longer in my safe home. To be frank, I didn't know where I was. I think I was on some kind of mountain. There wasn't anything around except for rocks, so there wasn't anything to take shelter under. I've tried walking in a random direction but this weather made it impossible to walk, never mind actually seeing where I was going thanks to my vision being obscured further buy my wet glasses.

From what I could tell there were high rocks surrounding the path around me. How high were these rocks and how wide the path was I could not say. Rather than risk walking over a cliff, I sat down against to rocky wall. If only I caught my jacket…

I jumped at another thunderous boom with a flash of lighting accompanying it this time.

I was still doing my best not to cry. I did not care if I was alone and the rain is the perfect cover. It was a matter of pride.

All I wanted was to go home, back to my warm safe bed with some pizza. That would be nice. While I wait for the pizza to be delivered, I would be sitting on my bed playing my video games. Perhaps I would play a Tales game. Yes, a tales game. It would be Tales of the Abyss. Maybe I can finally get one hundred percent. Cha right, I would so get my ass kicked if I try to go against Neblim. Or maybe I will watch Hetalia or Pani Poni Dash all day, just for laughs. Anything was better than sitting on a mountain, in the middle of a storm. Hell, it might have been a hurricane for all I knew.

Another loud sound brought me back to reality, a familiar sound. It blended in with the thunder but I could still tell it apart. I looked up, as soon as I did that the rain and wind attacked my face once more, making me cough and almost choke in the process.

There was that sound again. It sounded like a roar. It reminded me of a Charizard, no it was too high for that. Maybe it was closer to a Blue Eyes White Dragon … Fuck!

I got off the rocky ground as quickly as possible. My eyes darted in every direction. I couldn't see which way the sound was coming from, the thin veil of mist made it hard to see.

As the thing that made the sound finally came into view, I started to wish I found a cave. Whatever the thing is was big and it was flying fast. My heart raced as its silhouette got bigger and bigger. Out of pure fear I started running as far I could.

The wind tried push me against the wall but I fought it as I hard I as could. What stopped me was not the force of nature. Rather it was the force of bad luck and fashion. I tripped on a rock and fell right my face. Damn, if I knew I would be running I wouldn't have worn heeled boots.

When I sat up my face felt lighter for some reason and the side of my head was throbbing. I attempted to get up but I failed miserably. Shit, the effects of the adrenaline must have worn off by now. It bad to be at least two days since I last ate. It was no wonder that my legs felt like jelly. Every attempt I made to stand ending up with me on my knees. If that wasn't bad enough little black dots was clouding my vision.

I was too terrified to cry.

There was another roar. I automatically looked up and immediately I wished I did not. Everything around me was blurry but I can still make out what was coming at me. It was big, brown and it can kill me in an instant. Oh dear god, I was going to die young and a virgin.

Before my world turned completely black there was only one thing on mind, this is why you should never trust a crazy woman.


With a tired sigh, I threw my bookbag onto my bed and collapsed right next to it. Today had been a long day. I went to bed after around two in the morning after finishing my homework and ended up waking up at 6 just to make sure I beat the morning shower and breakfast rush. Man, I hated eight o'clock classes. They make ugly bags form under my eyes. Maybe it was time go to sleep. It wasn't not like I had anything else to do.

Too bad my mom had other ideas. I knew it was her calling me because the ringtone was "Kyle's mom", just to piss her off, and I never got around to changing it. My hand started patting down my jeans to feel which pocket my phone was in. Ah, it was in my back pocket. I swear, if she was calling again me just to make sure I wasn't doing anything that will endanger me or get me kicked out…

"What." I snapped at her. It was defiantly a rude thing to do but who wouldn't be after having class from 8-3 with no breaks and little sleep? At least it was a Thursday. Thank god, I have one class tomorrow.

"Fix your tone. Just because you are in college does not give you the right to act grown. Are you listening?"

"Nein Mutti." There was an irritated sigh from over the phone. Not even a minute and we already want hit each other. Oh well it has been worse. "I'm tired so I'm going to hang up."

"Don't butcher other languages. You will speak either Spanish or English." She lectured over the phone. It would be so easy to just hang up right then. I just did not have the energy to keep this up. "I just called to remind you to not look at the eclipse until it is complete. I know you." Oh. I completely forgot about that. I was planning to watch it. "I don't need you to worsen your eyesight. Do you know much I spent on your eyes?"

"Not enough to actually fix them? If I had surg- "

"No" was the curt reply. I stuck out my tongue out childishly at my phone. "Stick that tongue back in your before I rip off."

I stare at my phone for a while. She is either psychic or I was too damn predictable. The answer was probably both.

"Hold on." I heard her talk to someone else but I could not make out what she was saying. "I have to go now, there is a client here. I will call you again tomorrow." There was a short silence. "I love you."

The corner of my lips twitched upward. "Te amo. And tell papi I love and miss him." I say back to her. My mom and I had love/hate relationship. It was somewhat weird now that I think about it.

I pressed the end call button and flung my iphone back. There wasn't the sound of it hitting anything hard, so it must have landed in the pile of dirty clothes. Oh well, when I need it I will find it, for now I think I will sleep...


Slender fingers gently combed through my hair, lulling any negative feelings that might have been bottled up. "Wake up, my child." A sweet voice said to me. I stirred on my mother's soft lap but only that. "It's time to rise and begin anew."


I woke up in the same position I feel asleep in, with my torso on the raised bed and my legs hanging off. I got up and cracked my back. It wasn't the first time I asleep like that and it won't be the last. I glanced out the window to see how the where the moon was. A hissing sound came out when I notice that the eclipse was starting.

I grabbed my dark pink jacket from floor and my iphone with a pink covering and pink skull candy headphones from my dresser. So sue me, I like pink. Just before I leave, my roommate yelled out to me from her side of the split double. "I'll be out there in a few minutes"

"Kay." I give her the peace sign before I was fully out the door. It just occurred to me that I forgot my ID and key. Oh well, my roommate will be with me, so it was no biggie. I put on my headphones and listened to my iPhone. A Paramore song began to play and it happened to be one was my favorites, "Brick by Boring Brick". As I start to sing the lyrics quietly, I decided to run down the stairs instead of taking to the elevator.

Outside there were students gathering, some were looking up dumbly, while others did the smart thing and wore protection. The November wind started acting up, giving me the chills. As I attempted to put on my pink pea coat, a sudden gust of wind rips it out of my loose grip. "Hey! Get back here. I paid good money for you!" I did not plan to watch the eclipse in a tank top. This girl was not about to catch a cold, though I suppose it was my fault for not putting it on before I got outside. Oh well, you live and learn. Every time I closed in on it, the wind blew it away. Now I was starting to get annoyed.

(If I looked back on the moment, I would realize that the wind should not have been able to that.)

I chased my jacket to the other side of the building. It would not get away this time. I was getting ready to pounce when I notice a women standing in my way. She wasn't here a second ago. Maybe my vision was that bad.

The woman had long flowing black hair that reached the ground. There were two red flowers were placed on both sides of her head like hairclips, each had five petals and a gold center. She has on the most peculiar clothes. She wore a green dress that hugged her voluptuous figure. The top half of the dress had a sort of plant design that made it look like it was growing out of her body. Her large straps were with off the shoulder and had translucent bell sleeves flowing out to them like drapes The bottom half had a flow to it with the way it split above the knees, revealing her tan legs. Wrapped around legs and feet were brown wires that resembled vines.

What a strange women. She must be part of the drama or art school. Why else would she dress that way? Weird as she may be, she was also pretty. Too bad she was in my way. I take off my headphones out of respect as I started to talk.

"Excuse me miss, can you give me my coat. It's right behind you." She didn't say anything. All she did was look at me with serious bright green eyes. It almost looked like they were glowing. She looked me up and down, as if she was assessing me. The look in her eye made me want to run away but there wasn't any logical reason for me to do so, so I stood in place.

She clicked her tongue after she gave me a once over. "This must be some kind of mistake. You cannot be the one they chose. What they were thinking?" She said, not bother to lower her voice. I started to frown in annoyance. If she wasn't going to give me the coat, I will get it myself. Well I was until she decides to lift up a finger, signaling me to stop. Oh look, her nails are green and her arms were wrapped with the vine wires too.

"I go by many names." She told me even though she wasn't even asked. "I have many titles such as Gaia, Gaea, Mother Nature, Queen of the gods, the Spirit of Life but I am growing fond of the name Jord."

Okay then, someone was crazy. I think I will just go around her, get my jacket and go. Before I could even put my headphones back on and take a step the women, Jord, threw something at me. I dropped my headphones and iphone in surprise. Holy shit, there was smoke rising out of the now black grass. Does no one else see this? With a quick glance around, I could tell something was up. Something had to be since no one was moving! There is even a pigeon in the middle of flapping its wings!

"Now that I have your attention, listen to what I have to say." I nod slowly and unsurely. "I don't have enough time to explain everything. You will just have to deal with the limited knowledge until my subjects fill you in later. My world is in peril. A group of heroes will save it but there still is so much that needs to be done. It really is a bother." She looks up at the sky and I do the same. It either out of was out of either curiosity or stupidity. My jaw drop when I see the total eclipse. I didn't even notice that everything around us turned dark. "It's time."

"Huh?" What an intelligent response. I think there must be a dumb look on my face as well.

One moment I was on campus and the next my body was sucked into a vacuum with bright lights circling around me. After what felt like a couple seconds, I was falling out of the sky. I closed my eyes in fear of what could happen. I screamed, as the ground got closer and closer. Right below there was someone in my line of sight…..and I was heading right towards them. Move person! Wait, don't move! Catch me instead!

Then all I saw is another white flash.


My body jolted up. "It is just a dream." I breathed out heavily. More like a memory. It has been two days since that faithful day. That was right; I have been out there in the wilderness for two days but it could have been more than that. My mind was blurry so I don't remember much. When my head did clear, I became dizzy and threw up. When I finally cleared my head, it was already raining heavily and I had nothing to protect myself from it besides jeans and a red tank top with a black star on the front.

I lie back down on the bed. My god, this felt good. I was on something soft and comfortable. Not as comfortable as my own bed but was good enough. It was better than sleeping on that dirty rocky floor. Hell, I don't even care that I was naked….wait I was naked? What. The. Fuck.

For the second time I jumped up with my eyes wide. Where were my clothes? The only thing I had on is this blanket and my iron cross. For Christ's sake, I was almost, eighteen. I should be waking up naked in a weird place when I was at least twenty.

I looked around the room with the blanket around me. The room was small and homey. There were two beds, one that I was sleeping on and the other is right across from me. The room was fully furnished with a vanity and everything. Well not everything. There were no outlets or even a light bulb. The closest thing I can compare it to is the cabin we stayed in during Girl Scouts. Those were not so fun times. Actually, it could be something out of the 1800s or earlier. I was never was good at placing dates.

Anyway, I searched everywhere. I checked the dressers, in the closet, under the bed and even the chest near the door but still nothing. Well, there was something including a large battle axe and swords in the closet but those don't belong to me. I guess this room had an owner.

The door opened while I was searching the chest near it. I just stood there awkwardly as someone walked in. The one who opened was a woman with weird long dark green hair. She still had her figure form her youth. I must admit the outfit she is wearing is complimenting. The black corset was over a white frilly shirt could be what I considered cute along with the long red skirt and black bandana around her waist. I would say something else but I couldn't really see well right now. From what I could see, I could determine that I want to look like her when I get older. I mentally slapped myself. I needed to focus on finding my clothes.

"Excuse me; do you know where my clothes are?" She had better know, that was my favorite shirt and those boots were Gucci. They were few of the designer things I own. Most of my other stuff are just very convincing knock offs.

The woman walked past me with a big basket in her arms. "They ought to be almost finished drying." She took a red tunic out of the basket and put it on the bed. "You looked like a wet dog when Gilbert brought you in last night. I had to strip you to keep you from getting a cold."

I sighed out of relief. Thank god, that means I had my dignity. "At least a woman stripped me out of my clothes." That was a sentence that I never that I would say.

The woman clacked her tongue. "As if I would let that man lay another grimy hand on you. As soon as he brought you in my tavern I snatched you away from him." She said with a smooth voice. "What were you doing out there anyway? Were you lost?"

"Something like that. Um… where am I?"

"Hima's guild hall, the house of cards." She grabbed a brown boots and a pair of tan pants. Without any warning, she threw them at me. "Put those on."

"Ah!" I almost dropped the blanket I was wrapped in to catch the clothes. I mumbled a thank you as I thought about her words. Hima…Hima…Hima…where I have I heard that name before. Oh yeah, it was the town in Tales of Symphonia. You go there right before you get your ass kicked by Kratos and Mithos. If I remember correctly, the town was in mountains…..Oh great Scotts of fuck. My heart raced at the realization.

"Something' wrong?" Not trusting my voice, I just shook my head "When you are done come downstairs. The tavern is closed, and most the workers are gone so it's just the two of us." I nodded as she left. I didn't move until the hallway floor stops creaking.

"Fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me! Fuck me to the goddamn pits of motherfucking hell." I hissed quickly put on the clothes she gave me. There must be a logical explanation for this. I might be dreaming. Like hell I am. I felt the pain and I remember things in details (not counting the time my mind was blurry). Moreover, if I were dreaming I would not know that I am in a dream. Did that Jord chick do this? I bet she did.

My knees gave away. I used my arms to keep my body up. There are so many thoughts running through my head, I can't be in a video game. There has to be another explanation. Maybe she knocked me out to dragged me somewhere. The fact that this town's name is Hima was just a coincidence. There was just no fucking way.

Then again, Jord burned the grass and time did stop. Am I really in another world? Didn't she say something about her world being in danger?

Shit, what do I do now? For starters, I could pull myself together. Remember what papi told you. Just breathe in and out. That's a good girl. Now use your legs to stand up. Good, now wipe your eyes and don't you dare let those tears fall. There wasn't any reason to panic. For all you know you might have ended up after the game ended or maybe Sylvarant is the prospering world. There is no danger. Just go downstairs and gather information. You aren't the first one to land in another world. If Sora can survive in traverse town you can survive in Hima. What is the worst that can happen? Now go find Leon!

The voice in my head needed to stop playing kingdom hearts. This situation is nothing like Sora's. He has a giant key and had funky dreams. That whole conversation with Jord could have been a vision or dream. Oh my god! That means I have a keyblade! No I don't. Okay I have to stop playing JRPGs (over my dead body). That or I need to see a shrink. Both options are plausible at this point. I mean, of course I wasn't on Sylvarant. That would be just silly. That world was purely fiction.

Nevertheless, did as my brain tells me. I stopped trying to summon a keyblade and get out of the room. On my way to the stairs I noticed that were many rooms here. Just where am I? Well the woman said that this is a tavern but I have never seen a tavern like this. Then again I have never seen a tavern before, so who am I to judge? What kind of place is this? Moreover, why is this stairwell so long?

At the bottom of the stairs was a small hallway with two door, one which led to the kitchen. It was small and primitive, complete with a wood burning stove. Well, it wasn't that primitive but it was a far cry from what I am used to.

There is no point to sticking around here. I was sure that I will see this place a lot. I go through another door that I'm guessing leads elsewhere. When I walked through it, I end up at a bar. It was defiantly a bar. It reeked with alcohol and beer. Seriously, the smell is attacking my poor innocent nose. There were little stools are on the other side of the bar and right behind me is barrels. The safest bet is that the smell is coming from that.

"Come here." I looked over to the source of the voice. Oh, it was that women and she was sweeping. How nice. I do as she says. I go through the part of the bar that is open and stood near a table near her. The woman stopped sweeping and faced me. "I never introduced myself. My name is Evelyn but you can call me Eve. This is my tavern and boardinghouse."

"It's nice to meet you Miss Eve." I smiled nervously at her. I was no good when it comes to strangers.

"There is no need for formalities here." She told me kindly. "And before I forget, I think these belong to you." She reaches over at another table to get something. I gasp as soon as I figure out what she is holding.

"My glasses!" I took them from her hand. No wonder I couldn't everything was a little blurry. My vision cleared up once I put them on. It felt so good to see again clearly again.

"Thank you so much. I can't see a thing without these." I exaggerated. Now that my vision is cleared up, I can see the details of Eve's face. The wrinkles on her face get me a starting point for her age. I guessed that she was around forty. Then there is the possibility that she could be older. She did look like she takes care of herself. I felt like I have seen her before but I know she wasn't one of the NPCs. Oh well. They do say that there are seven people in the world that share your face. I guess the number increases when you count multiple worlds.

"Gil found your glasses next to you. The lenses were a bit scratched so I had a friend take a look at them." She frowned down at me. I just noticed that she is much taller than I am. Wait, everyone was taller than I am. "He rarely sees such good glasses like those. You must come from a pretty rich family to get that kind of quality."

Do they look that fancy? Everyone had this back at the university. Kate and Richter had nice glasses so why would it be that surprising unless they only have them glasses to do experiments with, or maybe that is just Tethe'alla. Oh right, she was waiting for me speak. Okay, it was lying time. "My family had a special pair made for me as a present. It took them a real long time to gather the money. I couldn't go back home to face them if something happened to my glasses. Thank you again for finding them."

"Oh that makes sense then." She was examining my face with a slight frown. "Your family must have loved you a lot to go through all that trouble. If that is true then why are you on your own? As a matter of fact what were you doing so close to the holy grounds?"

Holy...whatnow? Does she mean the Holy Grounds of Kharlen, the place where the tower is supposed to be? Let's just forget about that for now. How in the world do I explain the first one? There wasn't a good lie for that. So maybe I should just tell the truth. "I didn't have a choice. I was forced to leave with nothing but the clothes on my back."

That wasn't a lie. I didn't have enough information to answer the second half though. I hoped that she will just drop it until I knew more about the time period or until I start breathing again. I think my heart stopped when I was upstairs. The pitying look in her eye told me that she would stop integrating me. Oh great, now she feels sorry for me. I was going to feel guilty about this wasn't I?

"Oh I see. It's because of your blood isn't?" Blood? What is she talking about? She leaned her broom on the table in order to hug me gently. Her chest makes great pillow, just saying. "It'll be alright. You will be safe here. The others have similar stories."

She keeps referring to the other people Does see mean there are others that work for her? The question must have been written on my face since she starts explaining.

By the way, my lungs still are not doing their job. Get to work! Lazy bastards, you would think that they are going into in shock or something.

"I take in kids that can't care of themselves" I was not a kid. "And have no place to go. In exchange they help me run this place. They work as maids, cooks, waitresses and hunters or whatever I need them to be." Oh, I get it but that still doesn't explain the blood part. Oh well since she is offering. I might as well stay until I find something else to do. Or until that crazy woman shows up. I didn't care if she is a spirit. That woman was damn crazy.

"I'll stay. Thank you for letting me." I somehow managed not to wheeze that out. Was it hot in here or is it just me? I patted my chest lightly to get rid of the heat.

"You're a polite kid aren't you?" She stated matter-of-factly while she frowned. "You are also really naïve."

I furrowed my brown in confusion. What was that supposed to mean? I may have been sheltered but that doesn't mean that I was naïve. Wait, how can she even judge me like that? I just met her! Oh…

"Is it because a complete stranger offered me a place to live? I know that it's not a good idea but I have no other choice. It's either living here with you or stay out there with the monsters. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. If that makes me naïve the-mm hmm!" I mumbled in her hand.

"That's not it." She takes her hand away from my mouth. With that hand she tucks some hair behind her ear. Her pointed ear. It wasn't like elves or Link's ear. It was a little too round but they were more triangular than human ears.

See? The eyes were doing fine. Why won't my lungs follow their example?

The dots practically connected themselves. "You're a half-elf?" She nods her head. "um…So?"

Eve stares at me with a contemplative expression. "In all my years I have never seen a human act so casually." She says quietly. She stood straight up; amusement twinkling in her eyes. "It was obvious that I was a half elf. The green hair should have told you that. You didn't even question it nor did you even react when I revealed my heritage. You are strange a little human."

To be fair I have been to so many cons that I don't even blink at different color hair and my roommate dyed her hair pink. Besides, Regal and Presea's hair are odd colors so I just assumed...

Plus you know, it was a little too obvious.

"Or maybe it's because you were raised around half-elves." Now I'm confused. What gave her that idea? Just because I was a little weird (to her) that doesn't mean I'm raised around half-elves. "You thought I couldn't tell that you were a quarter elf? Your mana is similar to a human but it's different. It's not like a half elf either. It's somewhere in between. That was why you were forced to leave your home right? It's because folks didn't like that fact you had elven blood in you or the fact that you had a half elf parent right?"

At that moment I wanted to kill something. It took everything to keep a neutral expression and not sneer. Why the hell was my mana not exactly human? When did I even have mana in my body. That bitch. Jord somehow turned me into a quarter elf didn't she? I was like Seles now. Having elven blood could have been badass if someone asked me. No one messes with my DNA and gets away with it! I should go burn some forest or liter, just to get back at "Mother Nature."

She snaps me out of my little rant. "Oh, I just remembered that I never got your name."

"It's…." Wait magic is obviously involved. I remembered reading that if someone powerful got your name that could cause some damage or least have some type of advantage over you. It happened in several books and movies. I think it comes from the fact that you can hear your own name in a crowded room, early people thought that it meant your soul was captured or something like that. Since I was in another world, I was willing to believe anything right now. Jord was obviously a magical/supernatural being. Back on Earth, it sounded like Jord had friends. If they are friends of hers then they also must be a magical/supernatural being I rather not that take any more chances.

Shit, she is waiting for an answer. Think girl think. I had to choose wisely. I will be using it from now on. My name has to be a little odd for human. I don't remember a half elf with normal names (Arche, Genis, Raine, Mithos, Yuan…). Let's see, Dora, hell no. Venus, I want to but no, Ariel, maybe. Maya no but…that gives me an idea. Fiora? No but another idea came to mind. "Sharla…. My name is Sharla Fey."

From now and until I get home I will be known as Sharla Fey. I should be all right now, except for one little thing. The pain that I have been trying suppress became unbearable. It felt like my chest was on fire as I huffed heavily. Eve said something but I could barely hear her. Then I grabbed the front of my shirt like a lifeline before I fell to my knees and threw up, again.

In case anyone is curious, she got her name from two video games. Fey is from the ace attorney series and Sharla is from Xenoblade Chronicles. However, I have my own reasons for naming her Fey. :3