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I groaned in frustration as I pulled the blanket over my head, successfully blocking out the morning light. Being stuck in bed was the worst. Normally being in bed all day would be a dream come true. However, it was nightmare if I could't actually relax, like when I was sick or injured. This moment would be a pretty good example. My lungs still burned from that attack earlier and my muscles weren't really up for anything now. Not only that, apparently I had a concussion. That would explain my blurry memories. It was not really a problem since Ms. Boss was a healer back in the day. That left me in bed, doing absolutely nothing. Sure I had plenty to think about but I know nothing! I wasn't able to get any information from Evette before my body freaked out. Actually, that attack was weird. Now why did my body do that? Was it just stress? Going to another world does put pressure on the body. I think.

I threw up in the trashcan beside my bed. I dangled on the side of the bed for a few minutes. It doesn't take long before acid come out once more. It wasn't as much as before. Now it was just droplets. When my stomach settled I rolled over and remade my blanket cocoon.

" I'm in a game. I'm in a game. I'm in a game. I'm in a game!" That's all I hear in my head. It doesn't matter if I blocked my ears, I could still hear it. Those words were what caused me to be sick. I was sure of it.

I was in a game.

"Shut up." My body started to shake and I gripped my ears tighter. "I'm not in a game. I'm in my dorm room."

Footsteps, I heard footsteps. I removed the cover when voices were within hearing range. They were getting closer and closer. A few disappeared while others passed by the door. The other residents must have came back from wherever they were. It was time to put my game face on and focus, which included putting on my glasses.

The door was suddenly opened by a man that looks a few years older than I am. The man has shaggy dirty blond (or light brown) hair. There is a lock of hair on his left side that seems to longer than the rest. He walked into the room and just plopped onto the other bed. A young auburn haired man followed behind him, closing the door when he entered the room.

"Thank Martel we're finally home." The brunet whined. "I thought the Pastor would never shut up. Did you see the way he kept looking at me? I swear if I didn't get out there as fast as I did, he would have gave me another boring lecture about how "sinful" I am."

"There is nothing sinful about you." The man giggled at his friend. That's new. I have never heard a man giggle before. "But the pastor is only trying to deliver the word of the goddess. He means well."

The brunet waved his hand dismissively. "Yeah yeah, Hail Martel, pray for the chosen's success yadda yadda."

That was what I needed to hear. From what I gathered Cruxis was still in charge and this was the declining world. That was just shitasic. At least I wasn't anywhere near Tales of Phantasia, hallelujah for that. I wonder which chosen they were talking about. I kind of hope it was not Colette.

"Eli!" He was about to scold him when something caught his attention. Perhaps it was the body in the other bed, durr hurr. There was a long pregnant silence. I just waved at them nonchalantly. The next thing I knew honey eyes were suddenly close to mine.

"She's so adorable! I've never seen you before. Well I work in the kitchen so I really shouldn't see you if you were a regular. Are from the Triet region? Is your family from Triet? I don't know many people outside of Triet with you complexion. I hear that it's nice during this time of year. Are you a gypsy? Is that why you are far from the desert? Isn't it dangerous traveling with all those monsters out there? I bet that means that you can fight. I can tell from your arms! I'm Silvio! It's nice to meet you!"

Oh. My. God. Did he even breathe? He talked so fast that it was hard to understand him. It takes me awhile for my brain to catch up with his mouth. "My name is Sharla. Sharla Fey"

Sharla….that left a weird taste in my mouth. It's going to take some time to get used to.

"You're name is Sharla? That's so pretty! Oh! Oh! Were you the one the Gil was carrying? I saw him carrying something this morning while we were going to the sermon. I thought Gil was carrying a present. He always gets us presents when he comes back. I guess you count as a present. Hey Eli! I think he gave you Sharla as a present. Can we keep her?"

So-called-Eli chuckles and shakes his head in amusement. "She's not a pet, even if she is cute. If she wants to stay she can. Are you staying Miss Sharla?"

He flashed me a warm smile that made my heart speed up and my face catch on fire. No boy (or anyone really) outside my family has called me cute. Not unless they were being sarcastic dickwads. Now these two boys that I just met just called me cute. I was not sure how to deal with that!

I backed away from them and bumped into the wall. Silvio still didn't get the hint. He tries to follow; a hand tugs his shoulder back. I glance up at "Eli" to thank him but I did not like the look in his eye so I look away. Oh lord, he is amused.

"You have nothing to fear miss. I swear to my noble blood that no harm will come to you." He assures me with a gentle smile. To make my heart melt further he takes my hand into his own and kisses it, like knight would do to his mistress.

"I-I uh…."

"I believe that I never introduced myself, pardon me for being for rude. I am Elliot, your new roommate and protector."

"Hi…" I said lamely.

I'm going to have to deal with these people from now on aren't I?


It's a crowded night down at the House of Cards, one of Hima's main attractions. The building was a guild hall. The first floor is the tavern; the second are filled with rooms used for healing purposes, business making or other private matters, which may or may not include, paid Promiscuous behavior. The third floor is where the workers stay. Then there is the basement. You can only get in the basement with a key. Down there are special stocks like ore's, rare fur, precious metal, drugs and magicite (crystalized mana). Only a barmaid with clearance can get the key.

The guild itself has four main departments. The Hearts dealt with clerical and medical situations like healing those who come to the hall, providing blessings to the outcasts and other things. Diamonds are the merchants. The clubs are the craftsmen, like blacksmiths, gel makers etc. Spades are the one that actually go out and do stuff. They are like Mercenaries in a way. Actually they are mercenaries. They make up part of Spades. Hunters take up another part. The two often overlap roles.

It wasn't unusual for guildsmen to spend their evenings in the guild hall, even if it was out of the way. After all it was the place where guildsmen, travelers and some locals all gather to drink the night away. Tonight was no exception. The loud chatter of various patrons could be heard through the establishment's wooden walls. The patrons laugh loudly at whatever their friend said and the brooders are drinking their troubles away. The crowd is mostly human. The half-elves are sprinkled throughout the tavern; some pretend they are human while the ones who can't hide their genes are isolated.

The barmaids weaved the customers with ease. Half the waitresses were half-elves and were treated rudely otherwise there wasn't a problem.

"Yo! Wench! Git me som' beer!" A loud customer ordered the new quiet waitress. She whipped her head around as she just finished serving a table. It was s a miracle that she didn't drop anything. That waitress happens to be me. I'm going stop thinking in third person now.

"Right away sir!" It has been a few days since I first arrived. Eve meant what she said about the tenants working for her. Since I didn't have any other skills she made me a waitress during the night shift. Why she would ever put someone with zero experience to work during the busiest time of the day is beyond me.

So far I hate it here. This skirt was way too long. Not too long as in I'm tripping over it but longer than would I was used. The longest skirt I have ever worn was too my knees. I'll cut it later. It's not just the skirt, the blouse is cut so low that it reveals quite a bit of cleavage and the corset pushes my chest upward. From what I can tell this was standard uniform. According to Eve it keeps the customers coming. The half elves working here and the ones that come here might deter people but boobs keep them coming anyway. Eve didn't say that outright but it was implied. I kind of felt bad for the busty waitresses.

My working clothes aren't the only thing I hate. I'm an almost eighteen year old girl from Queens. The fact that I'm on Sylvarant while the Desians are running around is a big problem for someone like me. It's like traveling back in time to the middle ages with Nazi's that can do magic. That's why I hate it so much.

The good part was that I have someone helping me out. Like now for an example.

Eli, catches the saucer as I stumbled over a leg, I sighed out of relief as the beer stopped swishing around so much. I sent my roommate a grateful look before I resumed working.

I was half right when I classed him as a knight. While rooming with him not once has he done anything questionable. Every time I changed he left the room, he gives me space and he even helps me out. Overall he is gentleman. He kind of reminds me of the princely young man trope, except that he isn't rich, or so they say. I have a feeling being prince-like is only half of who he is. It wasn't anything to worry about; everyone had a mask that they wore in public.

The only thing I was worried about was this one customer. They normally wouldn't be a problem. There was usually someone who acts like a bouncer, during this shift its Elliot's and one of tougher waitresses. So when a patron gets too touchy-feely or when there was a fight those two will step in and kick ass. So why would anyone be on edge especially during happy hour(s)? Simple this man feels different.

I could see his messy blond hair from the corner of my eye. He has been here for a while. At first I didn't pay him any heed. Then I noticed people coming up to him to talk, including someone I was serving. When I gave my customer his beer I just happen to look his way. His piercing green eyes were looking right at me. I mean it when I say piercing. He was staring into my soul, I know he was. So I did what any sensible person would do. I got the fuck away from him without looking like a wimp. At least I hope I didn't look like one. Ever since then I would catch him just staring at me like the creep I'm sure he is. Whenever that happened he smirked devilishly.

When it was almost closing time, I placed the saucer on the bar into order to dig into my apron for the cash, excuse me, gald. The young man on the other side takes the gald and started counting it. Jeez, I didn't steal anything.

"Hey Sharla" It took me a few seconds to respond to Elliot. I was still getting use to that name.

"Yes?" I take my saucer when it's filled with food. He followed me with a slight frown.

"Is he giving you any trouble?" Eli nudges his head to show who he was talking about. Oh, he means the creeper. I shook my head.

"No, he isn't doing anything that warrants attention but thank you for asking." Eli didn't look convinced. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes, which would be rude. Instead I just smiled at him. "If anything happens I will scream. I swear it. You better get to work before you get yelled at."

"Alright, just remember that promise." With that he left me alone. There really shouldn't be a problem. The creeper couldn't do anything while there are so many witnesses. Everything will be fine.

"Miss Waitress, I need a refill~" I heard a guy say while I serves a table food full of men and a woman. One of the other girls will get him.

"Here is your meat stew." The woman nods at me.

"Hey, new girl." I turned around to face another waitress. She might live next in the room next to mine. "You have been requested."

Requested? Could they do that? I frown as I look as the table she was pointing to. The room just dropped a few degrees. Shit, what does the creeper need? There is no way I was serving him. I rather die and that's what I was going to tell her.

"Okay, I'll get to him now." I say in a quiet voice. I was only doing this so I can give him a piece of my mind!Once I am in front of his table I tell him off. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

He didn't say anything. His eyes just wonder for a bit before resting is eyes on something in front of me. "I would like two melons. I like mine not too big but not too small."

Two…..jerk! I block my torso. He made a disappointed whine. "I'll see what I can do."

I turned to leave. That's when it happened. I swear my body reacted on its own. I think all the frustration I built up since the day I was kidnapped finally found a release. As soon as a hand touched my backside my fist connected with the creeper's face. "You jackass! Hijo de puta! Touch me again I will out my foot up your ass you won't be able to shit for years! Pudrete en el infierno! "I raise the saucer smack him once more but before the bastard got what he disserved a hand grabbed my wrist. I pout up at Eli. "In my defense I did yell when I punched him."

Eli's stern face told to me to shut up. His dark green eyes flicker over to the man. I'm suddenly pulled from his grip.

"You really shouldn't have done that." Silvio whispered (shouldn't he be cooking?). Then it hit me. I just punched a stranger, a stranger who is probably strong. I'm so dead aren't? To protect myself from the wrath of the creeper I hid behind the tall Elliot. It's a good thing I'm so small or else hiding would be difficult.

No it's not!

Everything in the tavern gets silent. The only thing that could be heard is a single heartbeat. The blonde sat there, Frozen in shock. His bright green eyes slowly made their way to the one who dared to strike him. The young waiter blocked his vision of the offender who is frozen in fear. He slowly gets up off his chair. A sudden heat wave fills the room.

Elliot pushes me into Silvio's grip again. The brunet wraps his arms around me, acting as a shield.

"C'mon Eli, let me through." The temperature in the room shot up like a rocket again but weirdly no one is sweating more than usual. The only really difference is that some people backed up and Silvio started crushing me. "I just want to tell her what I think about that little punch."

Elliot didn't back down. Instead he smirked confidently. "Are you picking on little girls now?" I should be insulted.

The man raises a brow. "I'm just upholding the code. An eye for an eye and she has four of them."

Oh, you can just drown in a river you dumb blonde. Suddenly all eyes were on me, it was making me severely nervous. Did I say that out loud? Whoops.

The creepers eyes narrow dangerously. "I have one thing to say to you little girl." He growled. Out of nowhere he starts laughing like he just heard the best joke in the world. "You sure have an interesting way to thank your rescuer. The name is Gilbert, love. You best remember it."

Gilbert…Gilbert...Gil…Holy Roman Empire! This is the guy the saved me?! My hero is a perverted bastard?! Why is everyone laughing agai- I said that out loud didn't I?

As the air cools down the people in the tavern resumed their activities. Some of the customers patted me on the shoulder, thanking me for the entertainment. The barmaids went back to working, not without flashing me a glare or a smile. Elliot bopped is saucer on Gilberts head and muttered something. As for Gilbert himself he went right back to being a creeper.

What just happened?


"I'm bored" I said while hanging the laundry out to dry. The light breeze plays with my ponytail. It feels loose so I took out the green ribbon and retied it at the base of my neck. Someone once said it makes me look like a boy. My clothes didn't help. I was wearing a green long sleeved tunic with a matching short cape that cover my right shoulder (to be honest was like a manly shawl), the boots were brown so I had a brown belt (that sat over the tunic) to go with them. Just to be a nerd I picked out a pair of white pants. My iron cross looks a little out of place but who cares. The only missing is a green hat.

It was a nice spring day. Which meant it was perfect day to do laundry. Since it wasn't my day to work I was picked to do laundry duty, along with some other people, including Silvio. Normally I would help him out in the kitchen if boredom ever striked me but unfortunately he has the day off too. There goes my usual entertainment.

Now that I think about it I barely leave Sil's side. The only time I was not with him was when we are both working; otherwise we are in town, in the common room or in my room. Hell, we even sleep together. Not like that. One day I woke up and he was in my bed. He said that he hated sleeping alone and for some reason I let him stay, with Elliot's permission.

Speaking of Elliot, I found out some interesting tidbits about him. I remember thinking that he reminds me of the princely young man trope and that was half right. He is very polite, nice and very charming. However that's not all he is. He is mostly this way around female acquaintances. I don't really know how to accurately describe his other part. The best I can describe him is a womanizing "Red Oni" that can wield an axe. I found that out when I saw him sparring with a few of his friends. He had a bloodthirsty look in his eye that made my blood run cold but yet I was attracted to him, which says a lot about me.

Anyway, I also learned that Eli is part of the guild. Which is why he isn't entertaining me, he is on a guild quest, leaving me bored. I would go anywhere until the laundry is dry unless I wanted the laundry to be vandelized. What a predicament.

"I have an idea!" Sil yelled excitedly from the rock somewhere behind me. A slight thump indicated that he jumped off. "Why don't you try learning a new skill like…." There was a thoughtful pause. "…Like learning how to wield a weapon!"

I opened my mouth to shoot down the idea but then something occurred to me. Aren't I here for a reason? It's been four months since I arrived and I haven't heard from Jord or her little friends. That worried me quite a bit but I still waited patiently. I assumed that someone would fetch me at any time. Knowing this world, I will have to learn to defend myself in the meantime.

"That's a great idea." I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sudden voice right next my ear. Does he really have to do that?

"Screw you Gil!" The man laughs as he wrapped his crimson covered arm around me shoulder. That's right, ever since that day he keeps popping up. He would stick around for a few days and then disappear for a few weeks. Every single time he stays he bothers me! It pisses me off. He just likes my reaction, I know it.

"Do not pop out of nowhere, Stop touching me and who the hell gave you permission eavesdrop!" He completely ignored me as I tried to remove his arm in favor of paying attention to Silvio. Sil didn't have a problem with the walking headache joining. In fact he was ecstatic. He was so overjoyed that he was bouncing in place.

"Gil you're back! I was just telling Sharla that she should start learning how to wield a weapon! Maybe she could go on missions with us!" Gilbert patted the half elf on the head with his usual eternal smirk still on.

"He does have a point. It's a perfect way for you to keep busy. Eventually you might be able to join us and actually be useful." His green eyes stare me down. I glare right back at him. It is a battle of wills at this point. Even though he was right, I just couldn't let him win. It's un-American to just give up without a fight. I will not back down! I will struggle until the end. My flame of youth shall not be doused! Bring it o- "I'll get you anything you want."


"Sharlie will join us! It's going to be so fun. We can go on missions together. I haven't gone on any mission in a while. What if I'm rusty? Will they kick me out of the guild? If they do that I won't have any gald. Miss Eve doesn't pay us enough! What am I going to do?" A white gloved hand covers his mouth just as tears start to form. In the process he loosen his grip around me.

"I like you but you talk too much." Silvio looked a little sheepish but only a little. The blonde turned his attention to me as I managed to free myself. "Oh no you don't little Gypsy."

"Who are you calling little and a gypsy?" He started calling me that after our second meeting. The reason was because of my brown skin. Apparently people with my complexion usually originate from Triet region and gypsies also originated from there. He doesn't know it but gives me the perfect cover backstory. As for little...I'm 4'10".

He grabbed my arm, ignoring my protest about touching. "The muscles here are more developed than the others which means you used your arms and shoulders a lot. I noticed that when I was carrying you. Why?"

I avoid his soul reading eyes. They still made me feel uneasy. "I used to practice archery." This was the first truth I told about myself in a while. My mom ordered my oldest sister and me to get a hobby since anime and other geeky stuff were consuming our lives. My oldest sister chose dancing and I chose archery. There was a local center in Queens that provided lessons. I continued it since I loved it. I was lucky that my college had an archery club. There was also a short time when I tried out fencing in high school but I had to drop it after a few months, it kept me too busy and stressed.

A Cheshire cat grin spreads across his smile. "This makes things a lot easier. You would be hunting with us in no time. Sil! Get the bow and arrows."

"Yes sir!" He said while saluting before running off.

What did I sign up for?


I signed for hours of grueling training. Gil was one strict mentor. Sure sometimes he'll be flirtatious and cop a feel with the excuse of repositioning and hands on teaching but most of the time he is really scary and serious. There were a couple of times were he looked really annoyed. It's not my fault though! Whenever I had to shoot back home it was relatively quiet but here Gilbert is making noise by yelling or by sparing his buddies in the background, making me miss the dummy. He said that when I'm on the field there would be noise. If that wasn't enough he would make me stand for hours, which sucked because I would be sore while I was working. Since he does have a life and an important job in the guild, he can't train me all time. He would leave for over a week and stay for two or three days. When he is gone Eli is charge, who is a drinking buddy of his. He was much nicer to me than this blond idiot. Eli never raised his voice or scolded me. Why can't he always be my teacher?

"Aim higher! No lower! Keep your shoulders even! What the hell are you doing? You almost broke the window!" Gilbert yelled at his poor irritated student. The dummy shouldn't be in front of the wall if you don't want to window hit.

"Well if you shut up I could actually hit the damn thing." I muttered under my breath.

"It won't always be silent-"

"-when I'm actually on a job. I know!" I spat right back at him as I pull the arrows out of the wall. I had years of experience and I never missed the target in years. Maybe I didn't hit the bull's eye but I never flat out missed. I have a few metals that I busted my ass to get! It's starting to piss me off. I can't be this bad. "You don't have to keep telling me that!"

"Then stop failing! I've seen children that can shoot better than you." Oh that is so it! He was going to shut up right now! "I can't believe I'm training such a failu-" An arrow flew right at his big fat head. It would have hit him too if he didn't dodge in time, almost falling off the wooden fence. What a sham. "You could have taken my eye out!"

"That was the idea." I spat on the on ground before reloading my bow. After that I expected him to tell me off for pulling a stunt like that. Instead there was silence and the sound of arrows hitting the straw dummy.

"How were you able to aim that quickly and then almost hit me?"

"I don't know. This is just a wild guess but it could be because you are closer to me. It's just a thought." There was more silence. He jumped down from his post and walked next to the dummy.

"Shoot me" The arrow almost fell, from the way the bow and arrow is being held it could have pierced my boot. What did he just say? "Didn't you hear me? I said shoot me. It's not like it will hit. I faced more dangerous archers than you."

Alright then I don't have a problem with shooting him. It will be great way to release my anger. I reposition myself and a line the bow and arrow. There it is again, that constant heat. It's coming from Gilbert's direction. I focused everything I had into the arrow. I have to pierce it. Pierce it. I was so focused that I almost didn't notice that the tip of my arrow shined.

"Piercing line!" I let go of the arrow. For some reason when I released it my hand felt hot and the recoil made me fall. The next thing I know Gilbert is on his knees, holding his shoulder. What happened? "Oh my god. Are you alright?" I said when I'm by his side.

"I wasn't expecting that one. It's nothing to worry about just a nick love." He shows me his shoulder to pacify me. He is right. It's just a nick. There is a little tear in his scarlet coat but that's it. "At least I confirmed my theory. Thank you ever so much love." He kisses me on the cheek which earns him a push to the ground. "I thought you were too old to believe in cooties."

"S-shut up." My face is burning up. I can take Silvio. He doesn't flirt. He is just over affectionate. Elliot does flirt but he doesn't mean it, to me anyway. Gilbert however would sleep with you. Not in the Silvio way either!

"Anyway. At least I know why you were able to almost hit me. You sensed my mana."


He sat crossed legged while I sit on my knees. "Do you remember when we met?"

"I try not to."

"Did you feel a heat wave after you hit me?"

I blinked a couple of times. He knows about that? So I'm not going crazy. That was good to know. "Yeah, what about it?"

"At that moment I stopped suppressing my some of my mana. That's what you felt. It can be sensed various ways but the easiest way is feeling it. The hotter the mana the richer it is. Well, that goes for neutral mana. Elemental mana feels different. You'll see later. Now what you did was sense my mana and tried to hit it. That's called targeting. You don't need to have elven blood for that. As for that arte, let's just call that instinct for now."

Did he just explain how a game mechanic works in real life? There was something else that bothered me. "If you can suppress your mana does that mean you're a half elf?"

"You're smarter than you look."

"I hate you so much." Ignoring my declaration of loathing, he ruffles my curly hair. That reminds me, I need to seriously take an hour just to brush it. It's getting too fluffy.

"I can sense mana because of same reason why you can. We aren't that different."

"I highly doubt that." He chuckles as he stands up. I do the same. It has been a productive day. I learned something new, I almost hit Gilbert with an arrow and I learned an tech. Things have been going smoothly so far, too smoothly. It makes me dread the future.