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What You're Falling On

Chapter Seven

July 25th, 2009


They were saved. It had been down to the wire, down to the final seconds, but suddenly Sesshomaru was there, gutting Gatenmaru and the other demon within seconds. More from Arachnid came, but Sesshomaru took care of them all while other FANG agents swarmed them and carried them out of the warehouse. Only one agent died – one good, honourable agent – while saving Kagome's life during the transport of her collapsing body.

Put on the good drugs right away, Kagome only got to see the briefest moment of Sango rushing to Miroku's side before everything went back.

The thing was, when Kagome woke up she wasn't any different. She was the same woman in the warehouse being tortured, watching her friend get tortured. It was all her fault. She had lost objectivity in the field. She shouldn't have let her emotions get the better of her. She shouldn't have let Miroku undergo so much torture without any sort of promise for something better.

Director Kaede Kyouda had debriefed her, asking for statements and getting the full story. Kagome was still mostly numb on drugs but the questions made sense and apparently her answers did too. She would be debriefed again, she knew, when she was out of Medical and not as high as a kite. It was merely preliminary information, something to go off of. At the end of the day, Kagome wasn't sure it was something particularly useful, but she tried her best.

While lying on the hospital bed, waiting for the drugs to drag her back down into black oblivion, Kagome thought about Miroku and Sango. She thought about how she destroyed everything and how she couldn't let it happen again. Not to them, not to someone else she was supposed to take care of. A transfer was necessary and she would demand one the moment she got out of Medical. Kagome wouldn't put any more lives at risk because she couldn't do her job.

She didn't plan for it, but the days and weeks afterwards would be the most painful of her life. She would separate herself from Miroku and Sango, refusing to see them or talk to them. She couldn't bear to look them in the eye after what happened. The first time Sango would try to go in and thank her, Kagome would feel a band around her chest, tightening so much that the nurses had to come in and stabilize her breathing, put her on oxygen.

She would get transferred to the Crisis Centre, where all she did was handle the clean-up afterwards, know the names of the demon heroes and their agents only for the sake of who to point fingers at.

She would give up training, only to sneak into the centre every morning at three a.m. to train with her bow. It would clear her mind, make her temporarily forget why she was still on the planet.

Kagome wouldn't forgive herself for a long, long time.

Present Day

November 24th, 2012

Waking up was a foggy whirl of sensation. Kagome could tell, even if not consciously, that her mind was not at peak running condition. It certainly felt like it was but everything was far too soft and the ceiling had faces. Blinking, Kagome tried to pinpoint the reason she woke up, where she was in the first place. The first glance to her left showed a heart monitor and other medical equipment, making her stomach turn quickly. She was in Medical, although not a place she was familiar with. The walls were a charcoal grey rather than pristine white, and the equipment looked to be a bit older than what they had at HQ.

Rescued. The thought entered her mind as her brain tried to replay images of her past. Kagome remembered the torture, being hidden in a basement with Naraku and his damn Arachnid lackeys having fun trying to get information out of her that she simply didn't have. Inuyasha had paid the price, and while Kagome wanted to think she'd done better, she wasn't quite sure.

Struggling, Kagome realized that sitting up wasn't an option. The bed was already slightly elevated at her head, so she twisted her neck to see around the room, noticing another bed to her far left. There was a curtain around it but the lighting in the room provided a shadow for her to guess there was someone else with her.

"Agent Higurashi, you're awake."

Snapping her head forwards, Kagome noticed three agents walking through the doorway. She narrowed her eyes, partly wondering how she hadn't heard them before now and why there were so many of them. They were FANG agents though, with Bankotsu Takeshi leading the pack. For that, she was somewhat grateful. "Age–" Her throat was far too dry and raspy, and it took Bankotsu a moment to cringe before he dutifully ordered some agent behind him to get water.

"Just try to relax," Bankotsu said to her, giving a tiny smile in her direction. "Nod or shake your head for now, until we can get you some liquid. Are you feeling okay?"

Kagome nodded her head. She probably wasn't okay, but whatever drugs they had her on must've been really helping.

"Good, good," the senior agent replied. "I'm going to have to talk to you about what happened, preferably now before the doctor gives me shit. Is that alright?"

Again, she nodded. What else was there to do? Mind you, Kagome realized she couldn't promise how accurate she'd be with whatever was running through her system.

"FANG was attacked November 16th, exactly eight days ago. We have no clue as to how Arachnid was able to find us. From personal records I was, however, able to determine why they came." Bankotsu stopped when the other agent returned, handing over a large glass of water with a straw.

Greedily Kagome grabbed for it, letting the soothing, cool liquid slide down her throat. Her eyes closed in what was potentially a blissful expression, and she possibly made a less than appropriate noise. Kagome didn't particularly care and when she opened her eyes, only the two agents behind Bankotsu seemed a little awkward. "I know why," she said quickly, before the senior agent could continue his story. "The well that Inuyasha and I found at the abandoned warehouse had tracking chips inside a bunch of the stuff. When R&D finally gave up and started to bring pieces of the well back to our facilities, they were able to get an exact location." Kagome paused, watching as Bankotsu's blue eyes flickered. "The well was a trap for what he actually needed."

"The Shikon no Tama," the senior agent said, nodding. "Director Kyouda had sent me a file for the time when this should happen. It said very little, other than that the Shikon no Tama was extremely powerful and potentially the game changer in this war if given to the wrong hands. It is powerful magic and the director had an idea that it was the main objective for Arachnid."

"They need it for their actual portal," Kagome agreed, voice giving off a slight rasp. She quickly took another sip of the water before continuing. "The well we located was a near-duplicate of what they had in their possession. Apparently it can't work unless the power of the jewel is used with it."

"Only the jewel and its possessor can travel back," Bankotsu amended. He looked at his hands for a moment, contemplating. "I think Director Kyouda was putting this together without telling us. Once she put the finding of the well together with whatever information she'd gathered on the jewel, I believe she figured out Arachnid's true plan. They want to go back to the Feudal Era to vanquish humans for good, changing modern day."

There was a short silence and Kagome felt her hand land on Bankotsu's shoulder. It was probably unprofessional, but she couldn't really give a damn. "She's actually gone?"

The senior agent nodded. "She never made it to the evac tunnels. Did Arachnid tell you?"

"Naraku told me," Kagome answered. Hesitating, the next question was on the tip of her tongue, desperate to get out. It would do her no good to wait and hope, so taking a deep breath she let it all spill out. "Did you catch him when FANG raided their compound?"

Bankotsu didn't even have to answer. The way his blue eyes flicked from her face and away was proof enough. Naraku was still in the wind. "It wasn't even a base for Arachnid. They were keeping you somewhere completely isolated. If it wasn't for your tracking chip, we'd have never found you in the first place. Shit was pretty bad for a while; it was why we took so long. Associated FANG networks were…less than adequate responding to the distress signal." Bankotsu's fists clenched a bit, showing what his face wouldn't. There were other FANG operational bases, although HQ was where the majority of work occurred. "We're at an undisclosed location for now, with nearly everything we need to fight right back."

"What were the losses?" Kagome asked quietly.

"Less than twelve percent," the senior agent responded. Still, the deaths of those employees seemed to weigh on him. "We need to find Naraku and end this. I'm going to have another agent come in to fully debrief you next week, when you're a bit better." His lips quirked slightly, probably noting how she wasn't acting like an agent of FANG would without drugs in their system. "My biggest question is where your tracking chip is. It went offline two days before we found you, and we need it."

Kagome frowned, looking at the other two agents who merely stared blankly back at her. "What for?" It hadn't even been until that moment she realized she was in a hospital gown, her field suit gone and along with it, the tracking chip.

"Director Kyouda gave me directions in the same file she sent to me that you had the answers regarding the Shikon no Tama. She gave you an information file and it's on the tracking chip. I need to get it so that I can have R&D examine it."

It occurred to her only then that Kaede had known of her fate for a long time. Having all of the points set up like this, with her and Bankotsu in the middle of it was almost astounding. "She gave it to me?"

Bankotsu shrugged. "I remember once she told me that you reminded her of her older sister. It's why we brought you to FANG in the first place."

The news hit her like a punch in the gut and suddenly, Kagome very much wanted to fall back asleep. "The chip… It should be with wherever my field suit is. I had it stuffed in my bra."

Nodding, the senior agent waved at the other two to leave the room, presumably for the information. Bankotsu stood up too, rolling his shoulders and trying for a smile. It didn't suit him but Kagome couldn't really care less about it. "Get some rest. I'll have a doctor come in to see you now."

"What–" Kagome stopped, breathed and then tried again. "What about Inuyasha? Where is he? Is he okay?"

Bankotsu raised a brow, blue eyes darting over to where the curtained bed was. "I'm not entirely sure of his situation, but I've been told there was a crazy half-demon who had been demanding to know where you were and why you weren't awake yet. There was also the questioning of FANG's competence in the medical field, a few assaults on doctors that mentioned you may not wake up right away, and a lot of verbal abuse towards anyone who didn't bend to his will."

Kagome blinked. That sounded like someone she knew quite well.

"Apparently, he was also heavily sedated against his will." Bankotsu shook his head, smile disappearing as he examined the curtain again. "He'll wake up probably in the next few hours, most likely."

She didn't know what to say, so she merely followed his gaze to the shadowy lump. Inuyasha had to be heavily sedated for her.

Not wanting to contemplate too much right then and there, Kagome leaned back on the bed and closed her eyes. The soft sound of footsteps as the senior agent left the medical room was the last thing she heard.

November 26th, 2012

"You need to stop talking," Kagome ordered, trying not to kill the half-demon beside her. There was a perfectly good soap opera on the television right now. The TV had only been brought in because of her two week bed rest order and the fact that Inuyasha threatened with homicide if he wasn't entertained. Soap operas apparently didn't catch his attention enough.

"I just don't understand," Inuyasha grumbled, tapping away on his cast. He had been ordered for only one week of bed rest, mostly to ensure the proper healing of his arm. Both of them had been severely dehydrated and malnourished, so it took time to build their systems back up to functional levels after a week of mistreatment. "How is she alive? I thought she died in a car crash."

"It's her twin sister," Kagome replied, grinning dopily at the half-demon. Her cracked ribs, intense swelling and bruising were all starting to heal but the doctors hadn't been able to keep her relaxed enough. Her tense state whenever the drugs had mostly flushed from her system was doing far more damage than good. She hadn't been eating, unable to get anything remotely solid down before anxiety made her throw it all up. The shrinks provided by FANG had been blunt and relatively short with their assessment, giving the doctors enough information to leave her mostly sedated until she was back to nourished levels.

Inuyasha's face crumpled up and he shot her an incredulous look. "Not everyone has a twin. They can't use the same storyline twice in a week," he pointed out. "Besides, we don't know for sure. Maybe she's a demon."

Snorting, Kagome relaxed back into her pillow. "Just wait until the proposal we'll see at the end, and then the angry face we'll see in the window following the hesitant 'yes, of course I'll marry you, darling'."

"Ten bucks."


November 27th, 2012

Kagome grinned. "I told you he had an illegitimate son."

Inuyasha merely narrowed his gaze at the field agent, despising the TV that sat happily in the corner of their room. Kagome knew he was bored out of his mind – the silver-haired man was one of action and reaction, getting something out of what he put in. She watched as his golden eyes zeroed in on the TV at a particular commercial and Kagome wondered how long it would take before he broke the damn thing. She grinned to herself at the thought, because Inuyasha wielding a cast was probably just as dangerous as him wielding the Tetsusaiga.

"He's coming," Inuyasha said suddenly, breaking through Kagome's amused, foggy thoughts. She wasn't exactly sure who 'he' was, but the moment Senior Agent Bankotsu Takeshi stepped through the door, she straightened on the bed and turned off the television.

"Hey! I can't seriously win if you're turning it off, that's an unfair advantage!" Inuyasha exclaimed, glaring unnecessarily. It wasn't like she'd ever seen the soap opera before either. Behaviours were just far too predictable.

Bankotsu eyed Inuyasha for a moment before then turning to Kagome, a questioning look in his gaze. She ignored it, gesturing towards the chair by her bed. "What's going on?"

"You make it sound like any of this is going to involve you," Inuyasha muttered under his breath.

This time, Kagome couldn't stop the pointed glare she shot him. It was worse too, because she was unable to fight down the small smile that softened the stare, making it look far too fond. "Shut up, please," she said, and maybe her voice sounded weird too because Inuyasha was giving her a tiny smirk like she'd just made his day.

"Are you still being sedated?" Bankotsu asked suddenly, breaking the spell and forcing Kagome to stare back at the senior agent.

"I haven't been able to sleep, sir, so yes. I told them I'm fine but–" Kagome cut off her rambling, realizing it was fruitless and mostly not helping her case. "What can I do for you?"

Bankotsu sat down in the chair, rubbing his hands together like he was preparing for something. "Do you know why your tracking chip went offline on November 21st?"

Narrowing her gaze, Kagome tried to focus on the question. She wasn't entirely sure what significance the 21st had, mainly because when they were down in the basement being held captive it all sort of blurred. The tracking chip had been on her person though so it could've been easily damaged when taking physical blows if they hit it right on. There was also the possibility of–

"She was electrocuted," Inuyasha cut in sharply. The tone of his voice suggested that further discussion on the subject was not appreciated and he would certainly end it if necessary.

"That would explain the damage," Bankotsu stated, nodding. "R&D is working right now to try and fix it, possibly salvage whatever was on it. There was supposed to be pertinent information on the Shikon no Tama – information that could change this entire war. Hopefully it's not lost."

Inuyasha growled then and Kagome frowned at the half-demon, trying to work through the drugged haze of her mind. Why was he so upset? "It wasn't her fucking fault, you know. I'd be dead otherwise. Not that I told her, since I was fucking ready for the torture of the day, but you can cut the crap and leave if you don't have anything more important to say."

The senior agent raised a brow at Inuyasha, something in his expression that Kagome couldn't piece together. It frustrated her.

"I'll be leaving then. Thank you for the insight Agent Higurashi." A pause, and then Bankotsu full-out smiled. "Inuyasha."

If there was another growl rumbling from Inuyasha's throat, Kagome didn't comment on it. Maybe the silver-haired half-demon was complaining about all of the money he was losing betting on television shows.

Kagome was pretty tired, now that she thought about it. At the very least, the drugs were good for that.

November 29th, 2012

By the time Inuyasha was being told by doctors he'd be released the following day without a cast, the half-demon owed Kagome more than fifty dollars due to soap opera bets.

He determined that human television was stupid, much to Kagome's amusement.

December 2nd, 2012

It wasn't until Kagome started getting better that she realized she was actually getting worse. The doctors had been weaning her off of the sedation drugs by now, which was fine with her. She preferred it, to be honest. Eating was no longer difficult and she managed to keep everything down. The knot that sometimes made an appearance was easier to handle, more often that not. Kagome figured that as long as she smiled during the right times and did as she was told, she could be assigned a new room at this new FANG facility and then work it out by herself.

Everything was fine too, for the most part. She was steadily getting back to normal with solid progression. Everything was healing nicely and the bruises were still ugly, but definitely fading.

The dreams only seemed to get worse though.

They would be back in the basement, always the basement, and Inuyasha was surrounded by a pool of his own blood. His golden eyes stared at her accusingly, because she did this. She didn't protect her own, she didn't do her job. She let the enemy know, once again, how important her co-worker was to her. It didn't matter that Kagome couldn't give Naraku the information, even if she wanted to. Inuyasha was already dead, face a pale grey colour since all of the blood was leaking on the floor, slowly – painfully so – moving towards her. They were like little fingers, tiny tendrils of the half-demon creeping closer, wanting to swallow her up. It would put his blood on her hands, literally.

Poetic justice, Kagome thought.

And then Naraku would come, and the Thunder Brothers would come and Kagura would come, and the pain would never end. Inuyasha was still dead, and why wasn't she? Why was she still living and breathing while the man she–

"Agent Higurashi! You need to calm down!"

Screaming. There was tons of screaming, everywhere, echoing off the walls and making it louder, louder, louder.

"Calm down! Nurse, what's your ETA? I need it!"

The screaming was her. It was a foreign thought, touching the back of her mind where she didn't have any control. An intake of breath, her lungs burning with it, making her dizzy. Hands were pressing down on her, and why was she sitting upwards? But then Kagome could see it, could understand why. She wasn't sitting, she was chained to the wall back at in that damning basement. Naraku was smiling at her cruelly, the Thunder Brothers on either side touching the metal. Soon enough the pain would come. Soon enough, she too would die.

"Heart rate is escalating."

Kagome felt sick. Her vision was blurring on the edges but she couldn't see much of anything anyways. Now though was only darkness. It settled in like a fog, cool and barely noticeable, surrounding her. Maybe this was it. Maybe this was dying.

"Put the restraints on and treat her cuts. We can't have her ripping off her own skin like this every time she has a night terror."

Only blackness. Only oblivion.

Kagome figured that maybe, this wasn't so bad after all.

December 3rd, 2012

"This isn't the first time you've been taken hostage."

Kagome grit her teeth. "No, it hasn't." She refused to give anymore detail than that, mostly because she'd already gone over this song and dance.

The psychologist staring at her was named Nazuna Orikasa. She seemed nice enough, with tied-back black hair and dark, searching eyes. She wore the same lab coat that the scientists had, although it held the insignia of FANG's Medical care team. The woman smiled timidly, although Kagome wouldn't put it past her to get more aggressive as their appointment went on. "I have records of your meeting with our psychologist team back in 2009. I've read the reports and I have to say that you…you went through a lot."

Kagome didn't open her mouth, didn't speak. It seemed rather pointless if the shrink knew everything.

"What was different?"

Hesitating for only a moment, Kagome couldn't help but ask. "Excuse me?"

Nazuna shrugged. "You've been held hostage twice, something that happens only to the most experienced, senior agents. You've survived something most haven't dared to think of, so what was different between the two times?"

"I–" Kagome paused, trying to get a grasp on the question. It seemed wrong almost. "I guess, I was with Agent Tsujitani for one and Inuyasha for the other. It wasn't…different. It was still Arachnid, it was still torture."

Nazuna nodded her head. She wasn't writing anything down, but Kagome was sure the conversation was somehow being recorded. "You've been having night terrors."

"Neither one of us are all the surprised," Kagome muttered, looking past the woman at the wall. "I was tortured after all. It's hard to let that go."

"What happens in your dreams, will you tell me?" Nazuna looked at Kagome earnestly, her big dark eyes begging for insight.

And she didn't want to tell her. Kagome wanted to keep her mouth pointedly shut, to explain how stupid this was. The psychologists had never done anything to fix things with her after the incident in 2009, and it certainly hadn't helped her relationship with Miroku and Sango then. Nothing would change now.

It seemed that Nazuna figured it out, because she let out a long exhale and opened a report.

They moved on.

December 4th, 2012

Blood. There was so much blood.

Gatenmaru stood over her, grinning manically. She was pinned somehow, but not by him. It was like she was bound, or maybe paralysed to the floor. The demon above her licked his lips. "Kagome of FANG, how would you feel if I gave you the option to end it all now?"

His voice was thick and heavy, almost a slur. He looked painfully pleased with himself, red eyes skittering to some place to her left. Kagome didn't want to look, she didn't, but she couldn't stop herself. There was Miroku, dead on the floor. He was propped up, sitting and bleeding out. His throat was slashed, the sickening view of bone out there on display with his head so horribly tilted to the side. It was almost off.

Kagome sobbed, unable to help the anguish that left her. This couldn't be happening. No. No.

They had gotten out. FANG had saved them. FANG had saved them.

"Do you want to know what I can do for you?" Gatenmaru whispered. It was seductive, his voice low and breathy in her ear. "I can save him."

Suddenly her head was jerked to the right and there was Inuyasha, hanging from the ceiling. There was blood dripping down his body. Shirtless, she saw every knife wound, every slash to his gut. He was almost dead – she could see it in the glaze of his eyes, the slump of his body. Could she save him, even now? If she did what Gatenmaru asked, would it help?

"Just tell me and I can make this all go away with one simple condition," the demon above her purred. She felt the tug of teeth on her ear, his voice far too close for comfort. "Tell me Kagome."

"Save him."

It wasn't what she was supposed to say. FANG agents do not negotiate. But Miroku was dead and Inuyasha… Inuyasha had a chance. Did he? Was it worth it or were they all dead anyways?

Gatenmaru smiled wickedly, leaning back up and tilting her chin so that she could see his piercing gaze. "Say it again."

She whimpered, terrified, hurt. His grip on her was painful. "Save him, please."

"Oh Kagome," Gatenmaru whispered, bending down to kiss her jaw, moving lower. "I'm going to fuck your disobedience out of you, make you scream and bleed. You will do as I say, do you understand me?" He didn't wait for an answer, already biting down on her breast, breaking skin and ripping a scream of pain from her. She could feel the blood bubbling to the surface, feel the sting as Gatenmaru sliced her suit down the front, claws digging into her skin on the way down. "FANG agents don't negotiate, but you're going to do so well for me, aren't you?"

Kagome couldn't tell what was happening, not anymore. It was just pain and blackness and she couldn't see, what happened to her vision? It was terrifying and her body writhed, excruciating jolts filling her like electricity. This was wrong; they had been saved.

"No, no," she whimpered, wanting this to end, the spasm of her muscles making everything too tight, about to snap, break


Snapping her eyes open, Kagome flew in the bed, her arms waving in the air. She was falling, tumbling but strong arms were around her, unrelenting.

Gatenmaru had her, oh god he had her and this wasn't a dream. Kagome screamed.

"Kagome, shh, it's Inuyasha. It's Inuyasha, Kagome. You're safe. It's me, it's Inuyasha."

The words finally penetrated her skull, processing until she stopped her struggle. She let her body fill with hope – it was a dream, just a dream, oh god a dream – and when she turned her head, familiar silver hair greeted her, paired with beautiful golden eyes.

"Kagome," Inuyasha whispered, his clawed hand brushing her hair back, a maternal touch almost. "Hey, are you with me?"

She couldn't open her mouth, not without saying something incredibly stupid. She was shaking, being held by the half-demon with his arms supporting her so she didn't fall. This was possibly…one of the weakest states Kagome had ever been in.

"Breathe," Inuyasha whispered, shifting so that they were back on her bed. It was only then that Kagome realized he was on there too, splitting the tiny mattress with her. She let herself be positioned, her head finally pillowed on his shoulder.

It felt…intimate.

"Wh–" Her voice scratched slightly, raw from the screaming. Taking a moment to wet her lips, she tried again. "What are you doing here? You were let out five days ago."

"I was told you've been doing less than stellar in here," Inuyasha answered simply, his deep rumbling voice making her head swim. It pressed into her with every word, her own body against his side. "Night terrors."

Kagome held back a sigh. There was nothing to really say to that.

"And I know you," Inuyasha continued suddenly. "If I can take a guess, this is what happened after you were found the first time, wasn't it? And you didn't listen to the shrink then, so chances are you wouldn't now…" The half-demon shrugged, jostling her. "I didn't want you to do something stupid."

"Like what?" Kagome asked, her words sharp.

"Like stop talking to me," Inuyasha replied. Kagome felt his breath puff against her hair and she tilted her head up to see that the silver-haired half-demon was looking at her. "You're an idiot sometimes."

Kagome couldn't help but think that he almost sounded fond.

For an indefinite period afterwards, neither of them spoke. Kagome was letting each part of her body relax, slowly but surely coming back to herself. There was no one else there to bother them, the occasional noise leaking through the closed door. It was almost a vacation, a break away from the reality of what they were facing out there. In her tiny, absurdly grey-tinted hospital room, it was just her and Inuyasha.

"Do you remember that fight we had?" Inuyasha asked in a whisper, as if speaking louder would shatter their little bubble of peace.

Kagome narrowed her eyes at him. "Which one? There've been a lot, in case you don't remember."

Chuckling darkly, Inuyasha was almost hesitant to respond. "The one in your office, where I called you a bitch and you gave me the one week suspension. You asked me what I wanted from you."

She remembered slowly, how impatience was itching under her skin, how Inuyasha was being stupid and nosey. Kagome remembered how those words tasted, tired and almost bitter, as she stared at him in desperation. What do you want from me Inuyasha? And his eyes had gone wide, like he didn't know what to do with his body, and then he turned to flee before anything more could be said.

"Yeah," she whispered hoarsely. "I remember."

Inuyasha chuckled again, and it almost sounded worse than the one before. "It was the first time anyone had ever asked me that, and I was so irritated with you."

"You were irritated with me–"

"Hey, I'm talking," Inuyasha groused. "It was just– You were the first person that actually seemed to give a damn and in that moment, I had no clue what I wanted. A part of me wanted you to scream and give up on me, because then I could be shipped off to some other handler that didn't give a shit. But then… Then I realized you cared – by yelling and screaming endlessly – but you did, and all of a sudden I didn't know what I wanted more."

Kagome frowned, remaining silent.

"You still irritate me," Inuyasha finished.

"But I care," the field agent whispered, wondering where all of this was coming from, wondering what it all meant.

Inuyasha nodded his head. "Yeah, for some goddamn reason you care."

December 5th, 2012

The next time she had a night terror – which unsurprisingly was the next time she fell asleep – Inuyasha had immediately held her, grabbing onto her. He had been hanging out in his bed beside her, the one he had remained on while he was stuck in Medical with her. Now though, now he was there, so close it boggled her mind.

She was terrified but her senses only recognized him, only took in his golden eyes and silver hair and soft expression. Kagome could feel it in her chest, blooming there. It was similar to the band wrapped around her chest every time Miroku and Sango came near her but this…this was different.

This was something far above her to control.

Kagome choked back a sob and refused to let any tears fall as Inuyasha hugged her to him.

December 8th, 2012

Eventually the dreams stopped coming.

It happened around the time Inuyasha stopped switching over from his hospital bed and remained pointedly, and happily, in hers.

December 9th, 2012

The doctors had finally given her the go-ahead to leave Medical. They weren't too pleased about it, mostly because while she was completely healed and in peak physical condition, they didn't trust her emotional state. Dr. Nazuna Orikasa wasn't happy with Kagome's acceptance of what happened, didn't trust her not to snap under any additional pressure.

Kagome knew she could do it. She knew it.

For some reason, she was getting better on her own. She didn't need to talk to a psychologist to figure it out. Kagome had lived through something twice, something that was painful and horrible and psychologically damaging. But it didn't define her and Kagome wouldn't let it as much as she could.

And just because she wasn't talking to Nazuna about it, didn't mean that she wasn't talking at all, which was what happened last time. She'd been isolated and alone, given reports and forced into debriefings and given a reason to escape.

This time, reason didn't let her.

Inuyasha didn't let her.

And it wasn't to say he was all too nice about it either. The half-demon was still his usual pain-in-the-ass self. After he decided to spill about the fact that Kagome cared, and ultimately, he did too…he shut up. Well, that was a lie. He didn't shut up at all.

"Goddamn it, there is no way you knew about him having an affair," Inuyasha growled, arms crossed over his chest as he stared at the television. It was playing their favourite soap opera.

Kagome rolled her eyes. "You didn't see the way she kept sneaking glances at him during the engagement dinner?"

"She was engaged! Hence the dinner!" Inuyasha exclaimed. It was practically a growl. "I hate you."

"Not my fault you're going to owe me every paycheque you receive for the next ten years," Kagome replied lazily, putting her hand behind her head. "And you better make at least one good deal because the paperwork should be done in the next fifteen minutes, and after that there's no TV."

Inuyasha narrowed his eyes, turning his head only slightly to look at her. It wasn't hard, considering they were pressed together from the hips to their shoulders. Hospital beds weren't made for sharing, but the half-demon didn't move no matter how much Kagome argued.

A sudden knock at the door made them both turn their attention away from the television. In the doorway stood Miroku and Sango, the both of them looking nervous and out of place. Inuyasha tensed beside her, as if waiting for some reaction from her that wouldn't be wanted. But Kagome was tired – she was tired of running and waiting and hiding behind the pain of the past. She'd had more pain in the last month than most would have in a lifetime, but now she slowly came to realize that she couldn't let this control her. If she couldn't let her recent problems cloud her, certainly the past shouldn't be allowed to either.

"Hi," Kagome murmured quietly, trying for a small smile. "I'm surprised to see you guys."

"How are you feeling?" Sango asked, magenta eyes somewhat startled by the lack of anger. "We came in before but you were still unconscious."

"I'm…better," she answered, nodding at Sango before looking at Miroku. The black-haired man seemed shocked, almost like now that he had exactly what he wanted, he didn't know what to do with it. "How are you guys? You got out okay during the evacuation?"

Miroku nodded, smiling slowly. "Inuyasha told us you were being released today."

"He's quite the talker when you get to know him," Kagome muttered, glaring at the half-demon with barely any heat. It was absurdly fonder than it should be, and Kagome quickly looked away. "Are there any missions coming up?"

"Yeah," Sango answered. "The both of us leave tonight. I'm taking a team back to our old site for a final round of searching. Miroku's going to follow-up a lead on Arachnid."

"Do we know where they are?" Kagome asked, already knowing the answer from the looks on their faces. She expected as much, especially with what Bankotsu and Nazuna had told her, but she still wished that Naraku would be brought in – or even better, killed.

"We're looking," Miroku promised. Turning his blue eyes to Sango, he smiled. "We still have more to do, but we wanted to check in on you before we left."

Kagome watched the love that passed between the two other field agents, and couldn't help but smile herself. "Well thank you for that. When you get back, let me know. We'll get coffee or something equally as cliché."

"Sounds good," Miroku replied, looking like he wanted to step in and do something but ended up just waving. "Feel better Kagome, don't push yourself."

"Yeah right," Inuyasha muttered beside her, and Kagome couldn't help but laugh at little.

With the two field agents disappearing, Inuyasha propped himself up a little, raising a brow at her. "That was awfully calm of you."

Kagome shrugged. "Everyone has to heal, right?"

The half-demon nodded, his silver hair tickling her cheeks. "They looked…awfully couple-like for a place with fraternization rules," he said, a strange note to his voice that Kagome didn't want to read into, not just yet.

"They're both senior agents, both extremely good at their jobs," she explained. "They're not direct partners, not like you and me. I guess the higher-ups are a little more willing to overlook it, or they had been anyways. With things so messed up, I don't think it's going to be a big deal right now anyways."

"But it would be, eventually." Inuyasha's voice was deep, almost scratchy. "Would FANG really do that to people?"

"FANG, and those in power, would most likely consider the benefits and the costs of what that relationship would cause," Kagome said simply, looking up at Inuyasha. She reached out and poked his arm, forcing his golden gaze to look at her. "No one here is heartless, but if the getting together or the break up between agents could potentially cause a lot of destruction or danger for others, then something must be done."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "You sound rather sure of this rule."

"It's meant to be there for a reason," Kagome answered, nodding her head. "Do I agree with it? Not completely, but I also think that it's important to keep people safe in this line of work. We're already so close to death everyday that we need all the security we can get."

"Oh god," Inuyasha muttered, pushing himself up off the mattress and raising a brow at her. "Before you start waxing poetic on this some more, I'm going to go and hurry up whoever the hell is dragging their feet so you can get out of here, okay?"

Kagome tried for a smile, but it felt almost forced. She was suddenly, horribly cold. "Yeah, that sounds good. Thank you."

"Don't mention it." The half-demon gave a flimsy wave before disappearing out of the room and down the hall.

Kagome tried not to think too much about what was stirring in her stomach, even though she knew.

She honestly, truly knew exactly what Inuyasha meant to her. It terrified her how little she was actually scared about that fact. Maybe that just meant she shouldn't ignore it anymore. If anyone deserved happiness, it was her and Inuyasha.

Surely, surely, they could have that.

"I'm perfectly capable of walking back on my own," Kagome stated blandly, giving Inuyasha a glare. "My assigned quarters are not far away."

"It's two blocks," Inuyasha responded, like that was an answer in itself. "Don't be stupid."

The field agent chose not to comment. There was no point in dissuading him, not when he got like this. It was almost as bad as when he had forced her into having dinner with him – where they didn't even speak. Only they were talking now, but the silence wasn't particularly comfortable.

There was a tension thrumming under her skin. It made her nervous, on edge, but she didn't want to run away. Inuyasha was walking closely beside her, just far enough away that he wasn't touching.

It was maddening.

"Where are your quarters?" Kagome asked, looking around at their surroundings. They were located at another FANG base, on an edge city that housed a huge industrial market. There were more factories and warehouses than there were residential areas. FANG operatives were located in several scattered buildings – most of them warehouses converted into an apartment complex. Kagome didn't know the full extent of it, but she knew there were several, especially now that HQ agents had to be moved over.

"Not far," Inuyasha replied, smirking at her. "Worried for my virtue when I walk home in the dark?"

"I'm more worried about the safety of anyone you cross on the way back. Don't scare any of your new coworkers," Kagome mumbled. "I'm still your partner and anything that happens comes back to me."

Smirking, Inuyasha nudged her shoulder. "With the disarray and shit storm that's happening, I think it's going to take a while."

"Don't test that theory." Seeing the building coming up, Kagome realized it was supposed to be where her quarters were. Pulling out a key card that was given to her after signing out of Medical, Kagome studied the number imprinted on it. "202," she murmured, shoving it back in her pocket. They walked towards the entrance where her key card was required for a swipe. Inuyasha was standing close behind her – too close – and Kagome tried to ignore the warmth that radiated off of him.

"Are you going to enter or what?" Inuyasha asked, raising a brow.

Kagome stared at him, trying to get a read on his expression. His golden eyes watched her intently, a ghost of a smirk still left on his face. "What, you want to come in or something?" It was a bad question and she knew it. Kagome tried not to do something ridiculous – like lean into him, or let him in her new quarters.

"I don't know, do I?"


The smirk didn't leave Inuyasha's face. He was composed, cocky; the exact image that she saw before her was a replica of the man she met on their first day as partners. Kagome wasn't sure if that was good or bad. Inuyasha leaned forward, golden eyes irrefutably looking down at her lips before he held her gaze again. "Have a good night, Kagome."

The field agent shook her head at him, exasperated and desperately fond. There was a reason she wasn't backing up, wasn't putting space between them and Kagome refused to give it a name. She tried to cover the expression that was giving her away with a scowl. "When we start working again, it's back to Agent Higurashi, you know that right?"

"Goodnight," Inuyasha repeated, rolling his eyes.

There was one more second – breathtaking, consuming – where Kagome believed that the half-demon was going to close the distance between their lips, give her more than enough reason to let him in. It was only when he pulled away, eyes focused on her mouth, her chest inhaling and exhaling in anticipation, that Kagome felt something hit her hard. It swelled, made her bite back the words she wanted to say.

She was disappointed.

"Goodnight," she called out, watching as Inuyasha gave a half-assed salute before jumping off. With only an empty street around her, Kagome held back a sigh and swiped her card.

She was truly an idiot and for once, it horrified her that Inuyasha had been right. Fraternization rules, when had Kagome lost her grip on everything? Was it because Naraku had almost killed Inuyasha? Was it because, after that horrible week, that Inuyasha had been there for her and refused to let her go?

It didn't matter. Rules were rules.

Kagome had to get her shit straightened out.

Her quarters were on the second level, located almost right beside the stairs. Kagome swiped her key card, punching in the base code that she knew she had to change later, before hearing the click of the lock being pulled out. Opening the door, Kagome enthusiastically kicked it shut with her foot before any of the other FANG operatives that were out in the hall decided to talk to her. The room was nothing more than a double bed with a dresser and armour. Her North block apartment back at HQ had been far nicer and significantly larger. Given the reasons, Kagome didn't mind. She briefly scanned the items, seeing two pairs of standard FANG office suits, one of the older-styled field suits and some basic cotton undergarments. There were other things like towels and toiletries, baskets and electronics in assorted drawers. Kagome would have to check her accounts to see if she had any money for shopping tomorrow.

A sharp knock at the door had Kagome rubbing the bridge of her nose. She didn't need this right now, not now. She wanted to go to bed and possibly get rid of whatever had come over her senses as of late. She didn't bother with the peephole, instead just tugging open the door. It was probably one of the agents outside, who hadn't gotten the hint of her slamming the door, all simply to give her information on–

The fact that Inuyasha was there, right there and then all of a sudden in her space made something short circuit in her brain. She was trained better than this, but Kagome couldn't help the small sound of a sigh that escaped her lips as Inuyasha crushed himself against her, hands tangled in her hair as he licked his way into her mouth. She didn't fight it, didn't stop it. She heard the abrupt slam of her bedroom door and suddenly Inuyasha was pushing her, twisting their bodies so that she was pressed against the frame.

"What are you doing?" Kagome asked, not waiting for an answer as she licked at his bottom lip, letting it slide inside his warm mouth to taste every inch of him. Inuyasha groaned, pushed her harder into the door and untangled his hands from her hair, tugging on the strands as he went. It absolutely did not elicit a whimper from her because something as telling as that would end any authority-like position she had.

"It's kind of obvious, isn't it?" Inuyasha asked in return, using his now free hands to push at her hips and then grind against her. He groaned, eyes fluttering shut as he lifted her higher, arranged her strictly for his pleasure.

Kagome felt her mind spinning, brain slowly going offline even as she strived for answers. It was getting far more difficult, his erection pressing against her and decidedly hinting at absolutely everything to come. "How'd you get in?"

"I live in the same building." Inuyasha stopped, golden eyes showing themselves as he smirked. Kagome could only watch as he slowly leaned in, teeth biting at her jaw before descending down her neck. She tilted, giving him more access as her hands searched his broad shoulders, feeling the definition and muscle that played beneath the flesh. She moaned as he latched on, mouth sucking a bruise she would just barely be able to hide while his thumbs pressed at her hips, sliding under her pants. "Tell me," the half-demon whispered, his voice whiskey rough as he hovered less than an inch above her skin.

Wanting – needing – him closer, Kagome wrapped her leg around his, trying to pull his body into hers, further into the door. She needed to feel it, needed to know exactly where she was and that this wasn't in her head. "Tell you what?" She sounded wrecked, like someone about to come apart when he'd barely touched her. Inuyasha affected her like no one else, seemed to push all of her buttons the wrong way and somehow got the right results. "What do you want me to do, Inuyasha?"

Silver hair danced between her fingers as she slid her hand up, thumb teasing the furry appendages on the top of his head. Inuyasha rumbled, as if unable to control himself. He rutted against her, grabbing at her legs and holding her up like she was nothing. He pressed her into the door, growling, desperate, and Kagome gasped at the feel of him, the slick hardness, rubbing against her.

"Tell me you want this," Inuyasha demanded, making it sound more like an order. "Tell me – fuck – tell me you need this to happen. You want me to fuck you."

There was a rush inside her head, dizzy with desire as she continued to trace the outline of his ears. She gasped as his arms wrapped around her legs, hands palming her ass to lever her better so that their eyes were level, an unbroken gaze. It was one of those moments, the ones that Kagome was all too familiar with. It was the rush not unlike when she threw herself at Kagura, or Naraku, wanting to hurt them and burn them and save him. It was similar to the feeling she got when she drew an arrow, levelling it out and inhale exhale before letting it go. Bullseye. It was equal to the rush of being gunned down, thrown into a crisis, when there had been an attack in a Hummer and Inuyasha was flying through the air to kill the man. The explosion that erupted, the fire and sheer power of it stood in mighty contrast to this one second where there was just one breath, and then another. And in between those two vastly important moments, everything was different.

The wind was rushing around her ears, drowning everything with it because she was falling, but she knew that he was too, just as easily. Inuyasha had possibly been falling for a lot longer than her, the ground always getting closer but never close enough to kill.

Maybe they could catch each other, rules be damned.

"Yes," Kagome said, watching the golden irises turn to barely more than a ring, overtaken by the black lust. She leaned forward slowly, unable to tear her gaze away as her lips brushed against his, dancing slick and sticky against the flesh. "Please."

It was like somebody broke him, ripped something out of him. Inuyasha groaned, the rumble deep and dark in his chest as he dropped her, barely holding her enough to stop her from falling to the ground. His clawed hands ripped at the shirt Medical had provided her, tugging it off and throwing it behind him only seconds before capturing her lips. Kagome didn't want to be left behind, not in this game, so she grabbed the buckle of his pants, tugging hard enough to close the small distance between them, sliding the latch out of the hole and tossing off the metal buckle. Her hands teased along his skin, burning hot, while his tongue did obscene things in her mouth, an invisible claim that only she would know. Kagome's hands wandering up his body, feeling the rugged indent of muscle up along his abs, his chest, nipples tight nubs before she painfully scratched her way back down.

Inuyasha groaned, pushing forward hard enough to smack her head hard into the door. Teeth bit into her lower lip, the taste of copper dashing into her mouth but the half-demon was unrelenting, licking and soothing and hurting her all at the same time. Her hands undid the button of his pants, shoving them down as far as she could without moving, completely unsurprised by the lack of boxers he wore. Her legs were wobbly and it was almost a shock the moment Inuyasha let go of her, dragging his mouth away to fall to his knees. She stared, her brown eyes fascinated as he ripped at her own loose pants, pushing them down and off with the underwear. They needed to be gone.

No sooner than when she pushed her foot out of the scratchy material, Inuyasha hands grabbed at her. One pressed her firmly into the door, strong, powerful and commanding. Kagome barely had a second to catch her breath before his other hand slid thick digits into her, fingers pumping and teasing that spot inside. Kagome let out a startled moan, felt her legs buckle and fuck she would've gone down if Inuyasha hadn't already been holding her up, keeping her there just for him.

Inuyasha watched her with lust-blown eyes, groaning at the feel as he dragged his wet fingers back out, sliding them up her body. "So good for me," he whispered, standing back up and grabbing at her legs. She relaxed, pliant against the door as the half-demon picked her up like she was nothing. Maybe it was something in the way she looked, but Inuyasha shook his head, awestruck for all of two seconds before he slammed her into the door – hard, unrelenting, shit – and slid into her tight, hot body.

The neighbours had to know, they had to be able to hear, but Kagome couldn't feel bad in the least. The sounds they were making vibrated along the door, and Inuyasha sucked a bruising kiss over the still marked bites along her throat. His first thrust was jarring, sharp and Kagome cried out, grabbing at his shoulders for any kind of leverage. She was flying and trapped at the same time, unable to move but not touching the ground, fully taken over by the half-demon before her. Inuyasha growled, hands grabbing at her, moving her to his will, and each thrust sent shocks of pleasure along her spine, nerves alight with fire. The door was shaking behind them with every movement, a repetitive thump-thump as Inuyasha kept along with his brutal pace, taking and taking and Kagome clung to him, pulled him closer and hung on only to feel.

She tugged on his hair hard, forcing the growl out of Inuyasha's throat. He reciprocated by slamming into her, holding her there tight against him, arms like steel around her. Inuyasha's panted breath danced along her cheeks, soft and tiny noises clawing their way out his throat as he tried to stay still, to capture this moment and never let it end.

"Kagome," he whispered. Inuyasha had never sounded so broken down and bare, ruffled by everything that was pressing down on them. His hips danced in little circles, cock thick and heavy inside of her, and Kagome wanted nothing more than to have him deeper, harder.

"More," she begged, belatedly hearing the tremor in her voice, the unspoken need that made the moment.

"Anything," Inuyasha murmured against her skin, lips slick and hot as they spoke into her flesh. His grip on her changed, shifted, and Kagome simply held on as Inuyasha pounded into her with a new ferocity, a new desperation that was unmatched by anything Kagome had experienced so far. She was falling, dizzy with pleasure and pain from the door she crashed into with each powerful thrust, and all Kagome could do was cry out and edge him on, begging him to touch her, to claim her, to make her his in this mess of a moment.

Inuyasha was whispering, incoherent words making their way into her ears with every rough pant and hard thrust. Every muscle in his body was screaming, tightening – too much, too much– and he wasn't prepared for this, not for the burst of pleasure that was radiating through him or the desire to thrust deep and to never, ever let go. Kagome screamed out, her hands grabbing at his head and holding him to her, never to move, so tight he almost couldn't breathe, couldn't move–

It felt like his climax was being physically ripped out of him, torn and overwhelming as he came inside of her, thrusts weakening and milking every bit of him until he couldn't move anymore. Kagome was panting on top of him, still desperate and red-faced and grinding against him. She needed release, needed him, and Inuyasha slid out of her only to toss her onto the nearby bed. Kagome moaned, scrambling at the sheets to lie down in a better position. Slowly the half-demon moved closer, eyeing her up and down. He watched the gorgeous flush that crawled across her skin, the rise and fall of her bra-contained breasts. There were bruises forming on her hips, dark marks marring her neck from their time with Arachnid – his bite marks, what she told him to do.

Inuyasha stopped, blinking down at the woman staring at him, openly begging him with her eyes, her mouth, her spread body. She was beautiful, every single part of her, and together they had given up so much – for themselves, for each other. They had been through many things with so much more to come, and Inuyasha knew without a doubt that they would get through it all. Kagome was magnificent in a way he couldn't describe – hell, wouldn't describe even if he got the chance. He was already open, heart bleeding, and still slow he climbed onto the mattress.

"Inuyasha," Kagome whispered, sounding wrecked and desperate. Her voice was husky, hoarse from screaming and deepened by lust. "I swear if you don't move–"

The half-demon didn't need anymore prompting. He slid up her body, softening cock pressing against her thigh as he kissed her, deep and torturously slow. Kagome actually cried out in frustration, her legs trying to wrap around him and bring him closer. Inuyasha pressed against her chest, stopping her movements and making the field agent look up at him, wondering.

"I need you," Kagome said simply, clearly. Her brown eyes were piercing against his golden ones, searching. "Just, won't you–"

"I've got you," Inuyasha replied, bending his head down to kiss her again. He kept it slow and teasing, letting his hand roam across her body to soothe the tense muscles, to soothe the urgent desire to come. Shifting on the mattress, he lifted her back up just enough so that he could unhook her bra, sitting up to remove it inch by inch. Her breasts, full and small and flushed, rose and fell with each breath and Inuyasha wasted no time to claim them, his mouth sucking on the one while his hand tormented the other. She was a writhing mess beneath him, desire consuming her as her hands grabbing at his head, pushing him closer and making him suck harder. His teeth scraped across the flesh, making her gasp out and moan his name with a litany of curses. Licking across the valley between her breasts, his mouth tasted the other, the claws of his free hand scraping lightly down her side. Fingers traced along the fresh bruises, his, and Inuyasha growled before moving on, the pads searching out her wet heat.

Kagome was making noises that drove him on, made him slide a single finger gently over the opening, teasing across the hole. Her hips grinded against him, against his cock that was desperately trying to grow, that needed to be inside of her once more. Kagome sobbed, bit out angry words about teasing her endlessly and get on with it. But Inuyasha had other plans. He wanted to make her fall apart, again and again and again until he could build her back up and destroy her for good. She tried so hard to make him press his fingers inside of her, and every cant of her hips he relented just the slightest – almost, but not quite. Come on, try harder Agent.

Frustrated and desperate, Kagome's hands grabbed at his face and pulled him closer so that she could kiss him, transfer all of the need that she felt into his mouth. Her tongue probed, pressed, searched and claimed, and Inuyasha grinded his hips against her while he finally relented, finally slid a single finger inside of her. Kagome was so wet, and Inuyasha was driving himself insane with the need to claim her again, to fuck her into stupidity until they both couldn't move. He settled for gently pumping inside of her, pressing against the ridged flesh with rhythmic timing until Kagome broke the kiss. She was moaning, needy and insatiable, and Inuyasha didn't stop his assault even as her voice hitched higher, the sounds she was making breaking her apart. He could feel his come inside of her, the warmth as he slid in another finger, and Kagome was breathing hard, sighing louder. Her body tensed, legs trying to wrap around him as her hands clutched at the bed sheets. She cried out, arching her back in an almost unnatural bend while she came. Her body wracked with tremors, her hands scrambling on his skin for some sort of purchase and Inuyasha couldn't help himself. He reached down, stroking his hardening cock. The sight of her, flushed and panting and completely vulnerable only for his eyes made something in him snap into place.

This was exactly how it was supposed to be. It was only him and Kagome, the two of them against the world, against Arachnid, and that was how it had to stay. There was only Before Kagome and After Kagome, and things had never been better for him, more tempting. Every blazing glare from those dark brown depths had Inuyasha balking. Each sharp order and barked command had him laughing, wanting to disobey only to see the fierce fire in her eyes.

Inuyasha groaned, cock leaking all over the sheets and it wasn't until he looked back at her face that he realized she was staring at him, lips red and kiss-swollen. Her orbs, nearly black, were almost covered, her lids heavy with endorphins and release. Still, her one hand slid through his hair while the other touched his face, gently, like she knew everything that he was thinking.

This was Kagome and fuck, but this was all he ever needed.

"Come here," Kagome whispered quietly, gently pulling him closer.

Inuyasha didn't need to be told twice. He crawled over her body, hands braced around her face while he leaned down to kiss her. It was nothing like before, nothing like their first kiss that was all desperation and need and desire. This was quiet, a soothing slide meant to slowly stoke the fire burning between them. His tongue licked the seam of her lips, searching every crevasse to claim her. Each movement was almost exaggeratedly slow, but Kagome merely wound her hands around his back, legs intertwining with his.

"Kagome," he whispered against her lips, pulling back to see her face, to see her dark brown eyes. He tried to show her everything he couldn't say, and Kagome seemed to get it by the slow appearance of her smile. He bent down, kissing lightly over her neck, wrapping his one arm under her head so that he was cradling her. "You're mine," he breathed against her skin. "Always mine."

"I was never anyone else's," Kagome told him, nearly breathless, and she canted her hips, aligning them without with hands or gazes. She planted her heels into the mattress as Inuyasha slid forward, cock teasing around her hole before slowly pushing in, back into that tight heat that he never wanted to leave. His thrusts were tiny pulses of in and out, pushing and pulling inside of her. Kagome rolled her hips in time with his, the feelings washing over them and leaving them speechless. Only their shared breath was between them, Inuyasha's golden gaze moving across every bit of skin he could. He kissed her lips, her cheeks, her jaw with each thrust in. Kagome's gasps were nearly silent, a plea without words that drove Inuyasha wild.

It didn't take long, not with the way Kagome was holding him so tight, like she was afraid he might disappear. Inuyasha still cradled her against him, her hot skin rubbing against his own, and his clawed hands gently raked through her hair. He bent down, kissed her thoroughly, and let his lips rest against hers while her pants quickened, body wrapping around him tighter. He kept his thrusts short, teasing, his cock begging to come inside of her once more but he wanted to watch her fall apart again. Inuyasha needed to witness it, once more so that it wasn't a fluke, it was theirs.

Compared to last, Kagome came quietly around him, nearly sobbing into his neck with the sensations flooding her. Inuyasha had never felt more important then, had never felt such purpose before until he was with her, and it was this thought that carried him over, his climax slamming into him like a freight train. He groaned loud and long into her hair, nose tickled against the midnight black strands, and it was while he was overwhelmed with the pleasure, the feel, the desire to never be apart that Inuyasha whispered against her hair.

Kagome sighed, kissing his chest before tilting her head to try and look up at him. "Inuyasha?"

The half-demon wanted nothing more than to pass out, but he knew what he said, knew what he felt. He couldn't back down now. Inuyasha pushed up on his aching arms to stare down at the beautiful field agent underneath him. "Hmm?"

The smile that came from her rosy lips was probably the most enthralling thing he'd ever been able to witness, but Inuyasha kept the thought securely to himself. He'd already said one stupid – but true – statement. He didn't need to make Kagome think he was going completely soft.

"I love you too," she whispered, turning her gaze down shyly to kiss his chest again. "I love you too." This time it was whispered into his skin, just like his promise to her had been. It seemed oddly fitting, and Inuyasha slowly pulled out of her, ignoring the mess. He grabbed a towel from the small chest of drawers and then used it to clean them up, taking special care of Kagome as she lay on the bed, tired and sated. He gently lifted her and rearranged the sheets so that neither of them would be lying on a wet spot. He grabbed the spare blanket, draped it over top of them, and then with a kiss to her forehead fell promptly to sleep.

December 10th, 2012

Kagome woke up to the feeling that she was being watched. "Inuyasha," she groaned, rolling onto her stomach to bury her face in the pillow. Somehow, she and Inuyasha had managed to sleep on a tiny excuse of a double bed and a single pillow. Kagome suspected that there wasn't much room between them at all that night.

The feeling of being stared at didn't go away.

Sighing dramatically, because it was too early to be dealing with this kind of crap, Kagome rolled back over and looked at the half-demon. She was startled to see that there was something in his eyes, something that gnawed on worry and wonder, but a fierce resolve to take whatever it was head on.

Somehow, Kagome just knew.

"All female agents are required to be on some form of birth control, for several reasons," she said quietly, reaching up to stroke the bangs on his forehead. "For example, rape isn't exactly uncommon during capture, especially when only one person is taken. Additionally, maternity leave and parenthood isn't something they encourage here. We all knew that coming in."

Inuyasha seemed to sag with relief, even if it was temporary. "But I've never seen–"

"It's a shot," Kagome explained. "Once every three months. I've always thought that it's probably not good for the body, but Medical here is the greatest in the world. I can't exactly argue, and the pill isn't exactly effective when you're captured and without it. I also didn't want any metal lining my uterus, because that shit hurts."

Snorting and rolling his eyes, Inuyasha sank back down into the bed, his arm draped protectively around her.

"What time is it?" Kagome asked, curious but not really wanting to know the answer.

"Six in the morning," the half-demon replied, smirking. "We went to bed early, all things considered."

"Want to see what kind of training facility they have?" Kagome asked, stretching. "I was sternly told that I wasn't going on any missions for the next week or so."

"Well we would hate for you to get lazy," Inuyasha drawled, grabbing her hips so that he could roll her on top of his hard body. "It's not easy work keeping me in line."

Kagome laughed suddenly, shaking her head as she smiled down at him. "Right, as if that ever happened."

"Shh," Inuyasha mumbled, leaning up to press a kiss to her lips. "I'm trying to help you pretend."

Letting her eyes close at the feel of his mouth against hers, Kagome sighed. "Mm, let's not waste that delusion, shall we?"

"Yes ma'am." Inuyasha's hand curled into the long, silky locks of her hair and pulled her down, kissing her thoroughly.

It was another hour or so before heading to the training facility was even a remote possibility.

December 15th, 2012

Kagome took a deep breath and knocked on the door to the temporary office of Bankotsu Takeshi. She had been summoned for the meeting an hour ago, a quick call on her cell phone that made her worry somewhat. He sounded brisk, but then again, he normally did.

It didn't have to mean anything. Surely there were other very important matters besides the fact that she and Inuyasha were having a romantic, sexual relationship.

Emphasis on the sexual, but the romance tended to sneak in there on those odd moments that neither one of them was particularly careful.

Kagome couldn't be happier, which was why she was so nervous now. It was ridiculous because Bankotsu probably didn't even know. Her neighbours surely did, but that didn't mean– It had been less than a week ago that it started so really–

"Higurashi, are you coming in or what?" Bankotsu yelled, sounding almost amused.

Startling and a bit horrified by it, Kagome rapped her knuckles on the office door before opening it. She was about to wonder how the man knew of her presence, but there sitting across from Bankotsu was Inuyasha, rolling his eyes at her. He'd probably heard her walk down the hall, announced her presence only for her to hesitate and not walk in. Perfect. "Sir," she murmured, trying to not let her gaze linger on the half-demon. "What is he doing here?"

"It concerns him, so he's here," Bankotsu replied, tapping his fingers on a file folder. The senior agent's – the new director's – gaze never left her even as she relaxed into the leather chair, aiming for nonchalance. He smiled. "How are you feeling, Agent?"

"Better sir," Kagome replied. "Although I still have a few more days of required rest before any actual field work."

"Yes, I've been told." Bankotsu shook his head, grabbing the folder and tossing it towards them. "R&D was finally able to recover information from your chip. Most of the information was damaged and unrecoverable, but the file must have been quite large because we did receive a fair amount of useable data. The majority of the information was still coded and while we managed to decipher a lot of it, it's still not a complete picture."

"Sir?" Kagome asked, lifting the cover and seeing a stack of carefully placed papers inside.

"I want you to head this up," Bankotsu answered, nodding his head for her to look through it. "I want you in charge of the recovery of the Shikon no Tama. I want you and Inuyasha to be hands-on, thorough, and most importantly driven to find the jewel, secure it, and then work with it to determine how we can use it to our advantage against Arachnid."

Inuyasha, who had been mostly quiet, spoke up. "We have a location?"

"Three locations, actually," Bankotsu replied. "There's a potential that the jewel has been split, but coding couldn't confirm. Or, two locations are traps while only one has what we need."

Kagome read the scope, seeing the main points of discovery. One of them struck her as odd, clouding her mind with thoughts. "The jewel is completely energy-based. Usage of it takes a lot of power."

The new director nodded, giving a small smile. "Yet another reason why you should take this project on, Agent. As someone with purifying energy, you'd be best suited to control it. We don't yet know the effect demonic energy would have on the jewel, but certainly a lot of energy is drawn in the process. To travel through a well, a portal like we had previously examined, with that sort of energy may actually be debilitating. Again, nothing can be confirmed."

"What about Naraku?" Inuyasha growled lowly. "We're just supposed to forget about him?"

Director Takeshi narrowed his gaze at the half-demon, studying him. "He's in the wind. We have every single team out there looking for him. We have every database searching, every policing institution knowledgeable. We'll find him and when that time comes, I will take the necessary steps to ensure his capture."

Kagome looked at Inuyasha then, seeing the tense jump in the half-demon's muscles. He wanted to argue, she could see, so she carefully kicked out with her foot, nudging his ankle lightly. Inuyasha didn't look down or acknowledge it – which she was thankful for – but he seemed to relent in his internal argument. "Sir, is this all?"

Bankotsu was still looking at Inuyasha, blue eyes piercing before he looked away slowly, leaning back in his chair. "There was one more thing I would like for you to consider," the director said carefully. "I am without a second-in-command, so to speak. I was there for Director Kyouda during her time and with this mess and all the shit that's going on, I need someone I can trust." Bankotsu raised a brow at her, deliberate. "I want you to consider it. Of course, most agents of such a status no longer have demonic partners even when in the field."

Inuyasha growled instantly and Kagome had to bite back the urge to hit him or to say something incredibly stupid to Bankotsu. Completely torn, she sat there, waiting for more.

The director didn't hesitate to continue, his small smile growing. "Of course, Inuyasha has never been particularly friendly to most of his partners, and yet works with you perfectly. Funny, how that is."

Kagome knew exactly where this was going, and her stomach churned unhappily as Bankotsu looked between the two of them. He knew, fuck he knew. Sex against the door had been a really, really stupid idea. This was where the ultimatum was going to come in. Bankotsu was going to urge her to take the job so that there would be no consequences for fraternization. It would be kinder, because all infractions were reported and listed, and not hard for others to see. Inuyasha would probably be offered to work on his own, or to have his own team. The thought made her cringe almost as much as she wanted to laugh. Inuyasha leading any team was probably a wish for kamikaze insanity.

"I'd hate to ruin this gift-horse partnership, especially with your current track record being so strong," Bankotsu finally said, nodding his head. He looked at Inuyasha, appraising. "Only Agent Higurashi would be my second-in-command, but as her partner you would have certain access grants as well. Regardless of why your professional relationship is the way it is, I want to see what the two of you can accomplish. Consider this, if you choose to accept it, a sort of promotion."

It was so hard containing the smile that Kagome wanted to let show. She carefully reined it in, hands holding against the rests of the chair tightly. Bankotsu knew and he wasn't going to separate them. He knew and he was offering something different, something that would make it harder to break them apart. She wanted to accept the position, right then and there, but that would be far too eager and Bankotsu clearly wanted her to consider it first. "Yes sir, thank you, I will."

Nodding his head, the new director turned to look at Inuyasha. "I will ask for your acceptance of this position from you as well, considering the changes. Now, Inuyasha if you don't mind, I'd like to speak to Agent Higurashi in private."

Again, Inuyasha looked about ready to argue. Obviously Bankotsu's offered promotion did nothing to make him smarter. Kagome sent him a glare, which Inuyasha barely acknowledged. It wasn't until his ears twitched to her direction that he finally growled and got up. "Fine. Higurashi, I'll be in training," Inuyasha stated. His golden eyes were still staring at Bankotsu and for fuck's sake, what was he trying to pull?

Kagome shook her head and held back a sigh. "Then you should go."

Without another world, the half-demon disappeared out the door, closing it behind him.

Bankotsu burst out laughing, and it startled Kagome so much that all she could do was watch him in stunned silence. When the director finally calmed down, rolling his head along the back of his chair like he was the most relaxed being out there, he rubbed at his face. "My god, how do you work like that?"

"Work like…what?" It seemed like a trick question, so Kagome decided that playing dumb was the best option.

"I thought it was a mixture of the drugs and a we-just-went-through-hell state of mind, but he's possessive. That glaring match there was like a battle of manhood. Frankly, I was a bit scared." Bankotsu shook his head, grinning.

And Kagome felt stupid for just staring at him, she really did. Bankotsu had always been nice to her, but he was blunt and to the point. He was never joking or friendly in this sort of manner. "I doubt that's what Inuyasha was trying to do. He has issues with authority."

Bankotsu looked at her for a moment before shrugging. "I'm well aware of that, which is why I asked to talk to you privately. I know what's going on between you, and I'm surprised at you, Agent. You've never been one to break the rules."

"With all due respect, the rule has been broken before many times," Kagome commented, trying for casual. "I can't say to what it'll change in the field, but I certainly doubt that he'll listen to me anymore than he already does."

"True enough." Bankotsu nodded. "But I need you to understand this, Kagome. You can't let this effect you, as much as possible."

"Understood." She bit her lip, reeling from the use of her first name. This was Bankotsu, trying to be a friend, someone else she could trust. She could see it in the way he looked at her, calm but assessing.

He seemed satisfied with her answer because he leaned back, eyes turning to the folder. "We will find Naraku, and he will be punished. I promise you that. Until then, I expect results. So, are you going to accept the position or do you really need to think about it?"

Kagome gave a small smile, reaching a hand out for his to shake. "Director, I'd be honoured to accept the position."

December 27th, 2012

"Inuyasha, I swear to god I will murder you if you jump down. Stay in the tree, damn it, stay in the tree."

"But Arachnid is here, for fuck's sake," Inuyasha snapped through the ear piece. "If they get their hands on the jewel we are done. Naraku could be in there."

"I don't care," Kagome replied, checking her laptop. "You don't go in until we have confirmation to go. Maybe he managed to get the schematics that we had. Maybe he knows exactly where the jewel is hidden."

"Not many people would figure out it's behind a secret door," the half-demon spat dryly. Kagome didn't have to see him perfectly to know he was rolling his eyes. "Give me the signal Kagome, let me take them out. You know I can do it."

"First of all, it's Higurashi. Get that through your thick skull, we are on a mission and this is not the bedroom. Secondly, I know you can but we are agents of FANG and we follow protocol. There are seven other agents with you. All we need is word from the director and we're a go."

For a long moment there was silence, but Kagome should've known it wasn't a good sign. She readjusted her binoculars, aiming them for the tree that Inuyasha was keeping cover in. It wasn't difficult to find him, not with the way his ass was so nicely fitted into the field suit and shit

"I said not to go!" Kagome snapped, watching in frustration and anger as Inuyasha jumped forwards. FANG agents followed his lead, the seven of them running towards the entrance of a cave which led to an underground labyrinth. The chip former-Director Kaede Kyouda had given her provided them with directions, but without it there was little chance of getting out. Inuyasha knew the schematics, but there was no way to ensure communication would hold while underground. "Inuyasha, don't you dare step into that cave–"

"You said go!" Inuyasha exclaimed, tiny pants of breath coming across the line. He immediately stepped through the cave. "So I went."

"I said we were waiting for the word and then we were a go– Damn it, do not argue with me Inuyasha. When you get back here I am going to kill you. Do you hear me? You will be suspended for weeks!"

"Uh, Agent Higurashi?"

"What?" Kagome snapped, dropping the binoculars because they were useless anyways. Inuyasha was already inside.

The agent beside her cringed a little, looking like she wanted to shrink down in size to avoid Kagome's hard gaze. "Director Takeshi has just confirmed that we are to infiltrate, ma'am."

"Good, thank you." Kagome tried not to seethe. "Inuyasha, are you still with me?"

"Yes, and I heard that. See? It all worked out. I have an Arachnid in sight– Hey fucker!" Inuyasha yelled, sounding far too pleased. "Get lost?"

Unable to do anything more, Kagome listened carefully to the communication line while she ordered around the various agents on her team. Nobody could confirm how many Arachnid demons there were, or how long they had been there. Not only that, no one could confirm whether the underground would sever contact lines and Kagome didn't like variables she couldn't control.

She had Inuyasha and he was more than enough of an uncontrollable variable.

"Kagome?" Inuyasha murmured, the sound of his voice a bit strained. "I'm going to the underground portion, okay? I'll check in the moment I can confirm a clear."

"I'm sending in more agents," Kagome replied, choosing not to correct him this time on appropriate titles. "Inuyasha, listen to me. You keep your head up, got it? Regardless of contact, if you see Naraku you do not take him head on. You wait for backup, am I clear?"

"I won't do anything stupid," Inuyasha murmured, trying to be soothing. "I'm listening."

Letting out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding, Kagome nodded, belatedly realizing he couldn't see it. "Good. Just…good."

"Kagome, I'll come back out," Inuyasha pressed. "I will come back out to you, I promise."

"I'll hold you to it," she whispered back, biting the inside of her cheek to keep from smiling. Their partnership sure as hell hadn't changed, regardless of the fact they shared the same bed at night. But this– This was something she could hold onto and Kagome knew that no matter what, he would make it back to her.

The jewel was close. Naraku was still in the wind no matter how many men they had out looking for him. Nothing could be confirmed, but even as the variables stacked up against her, Kagome took in a deep breath and let it out. They would get the jewel. They would find it, harness it and then use it to their advantage. They would find Naraku and kill him. He would be executed for his crimes, shown no remorse by the world that hardly knew of his existence. These were plans. These were goals and promises that Kagome had to keep, had to believe in.

Inuyasha promised her that he would come back, and this, too, she had to believe.

It felt like an eternity before there was any word. Every second made fear crawl up her spine, made her yell at agents, trying to get some form of contact. She didn't like this, she didn't like this. Damn Inuyasha, damn him for doing this to her. "Ka– Higurashi? Do you copy?"

Kagome pressed the ear bud closer, even though it would do nothing to help. "Yes, Inuyasha I hear you. Status report."

"I lost contact but– I have it here. Five Arachnids down. And I've got it. I've got the jewel."

"Then you come back to me, Inuyasha," Kagome ordered, probably too loud but she didn't care. "You come back right this instant or I'll throttle you. I might anyways because you didn't listen to me, yet again. This is not how a proper partnership is supposed to work. You come back right now."

"Copy that," Inuyasha replied, sounding smug. "And don't worry, I love you too. I'm coming back to you, Kagome, just like I promised."

And this time when a smile threatened to overcome her, she didn't stop it. "It's Higurashi."

Inuyasha scoffed. "With me? It really, really isn't."

The End

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