Benefits of a Tragedy

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Up to Season 2, Episode 3 "Grilled Cheesus"

Summary: Kurt finds out his dad is in the hospital and runs. Runs until he meets Sam

Pairings: Sam/Kurt

Benefits of a Tragedy

Kurt ran through the rain.


The mud splashed up onto his jeans.

Not again.

He didn't care.


It began to rain harder.

Oh god why?

Kurt looked to the sky and let the rain fall.

What did I do to deserve this?

He looked across the area and spotted a willow tree.

I can't do this again.

The world was filled with a bright light for a second.

Help me.

A rumble in the distance.

Please god.

Kurt reached the willow tree. It was dry underneath. There was also only one gravestone.

"Elizabeth Hummel."

Kurt sat down in the dry grass. He placed his hand on the cool marble.

"Hey mom. I can just hear you asking me to tell you what's wrong? And the answer is, everything. Dad had a heart attack."

"When will he wake up?"

"We don't know."
Kurt looked up at the marble and cringed at the memory.

"The doctors don't know if he'll wake up."
He leaned his head against the marble.

"I can't lose him. Not like I lost you."

Kurt sobbed.

"I can't lose both of you. I need him."

Kurt chuckled through his tears.

"I needed you too, but dads made me turn out well."

He grabbed the headstone with both hands.

"Please. I don't know if there is a god. But if there was, I know you'd be with him. You were perfect. He probably claims you as his most prized possession like how you claimed me." Kurt gulped. "So if you do know him, could you tell him to help dad?"

Kurt sat back from the marble.

"I can't do this without him. I need him mom. Can you make sure he returns?"

Kurt slowly crawled over to the base of the tree. He laid down in the soft, dry grass and stared up and watched as the wind blew the tree.

Sam had left his house in a hurry. Finn had just sent out a mass text to everyone at McKinley.

Kurt Hummel is missing. If found, please respond.

Sam got in his truck. He knew many people weren't looking. Most didn't want to look for the towns only open gay person.

Sam tried to start his engine, but it kept stalling.

He took a deep breath before stepping out into the rain. He decided to go through the grave yard. His parents had bought a cheap house at the edge of Lima. They got it so cheap in exchange that his father would be the caretaker of the place. It was a sucky job, but they had a place to live.

The rain began to pick up. Sam ran from tree to nearby tree to keep as dry as possible. It wasn't working.

He left the grassy part of the area and entered the tombstone filled part. He sighed as he headed to the big willow tree to text Finn to pick him up. He was surprised when he saw someone curled up on the ground.

"Hello." Sam said as he stepped further into the dry area. "Can I help you?"

The figure didn't move.

Should I get my dad? He doesn't look homeless. Those are designer clothes.

He walked the edge of the willow until he was on the side the figure was facing.


"Kurt." Sam rushed forward and shook his shoulder.

Kurt woke with a start. He then scrambled back.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"I'm Sam. I live just up the road. I'm a friend of your brothers." Sam explained calmly.

Kurt rubbed his red eyes. "I don't have a brother."


"Oh. Yeah. He's my stepbrother." He stooped rubbing his eyes. "How do you know who I am?"

"You don't know." Kurt shook his head.

Sam sat down on the grass.

"You kind of disappeared on everyone. Finn is telling everybody to come find you." Sam explained.

Kurt sighed.

"I';m sorry I freaked out at you. I knew someone would come looking sooner or later." Kurt apologized.

"It's fine. Here lets start over. I'm Sam Evans. It's a pleasure to meet you." Sam held out a hand.

Kurt smiled. "Hi. I'm Kurt Hummel." Kurt shook his hand. "So how do you know Finn?"

"He's trying to recruit me for some glee club." Sam said.

Kurt looked interested. "Really? I'm in glee club. We're the New Directions."

"Cool. I was gonna try out later on this week maybe."

"Can you sing?" Kurt asked. He shivered and pulled his shirt closer.

"How about we get somewhere warm? How'd you get here?" Sam inquired/

"I drove here. Well partly here. I got to the part where the roads come together. I didn't think it'd be safe to driver further. I might start hitting tombstones."

Sam chuckled. "Yeah. That would be bad. Well my house is about five minutes walk up the road. We can wait there until it stops raining. Then i can take you back to your brother."

Kurt sighed. "Let's just go back to your place first."

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