Benefits of a Tragedy

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Up to Season 2, Episode 3 "Grilled Cheesus"

Summary: Kurt finds out his dad is in the hospital and runs. Runs until he meets Sam.

Pairings: Sam/Kurt

AUTHOR'S NOTE: To start off the final chapter, I would like to show dedication to certain people.

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So now onto the final chapter of Benefits of a Tragedy.

Benefits of a Tragedy

Kurt looks up as Puck enters the choir room alone.

He cocks his head to the side. "I thought you'd be with . . . Sam."

"Nah." Puck sits down next to Kurt. "He had a few things he wanted to do by himself."

Kurt nods slowly before turning to Puck. "I'm sorry for ditching you this morning."

Puck waves him off. "It's fine. Plus, Sam needed a friend to. And I don't mind switching off."

Kurt raises an eyebrow.

Puck playfully punches Kurt in the arm. "You know what I mean."

"I do." Kurt agrees. "But you say some two-sided things all the time. It's hard not to take some of them perverted."

Puck rolls his eyes. "So how are you doing? I haven't really had another chance to talk to you today."

Kurt shrugs. "I've been with Brittany and Santana for the most part and they've been . . . talking and persuading. The usual."

Puck sighs. "Well, I'm with you for whatever you decide." Puck reaches out and places a hand on Kurt's shoulder. "You're my bro now. So whatever you say, goes."

Kurt smiles at Puck. "Thanks."

They settle into a comfortable silence while the rest of New Directions file into the choir room. Santana takes a seat beside him while Brittany sits comfortably on her lap. Sam is noticeably missing.

"Where's Sa-"

"Alright guys." Mr Shue starts as he walks in with frowning Sam. "Sam has come to me and he'd like to share a song with you guys. So lets give it up for Sam."

Mr. Shue steps to the side and Sam takes to the center of the room.

"So guys, recently I have finally admitted to myself that I have feelings for someone." His gaze lingers on Kurt before looking elsewhere. "Now this person thinks that I am playing with their feelings, but right now, I want to let them know that I'm not."

Sam picks up his guitar and faces the room.

The band slowly picks up with the piano and drums.

Sam smiles as he looks at Kurt.

You know I never want to let you down

It cuts me up to see you sad

And I wish that I could undo what I've done

Give back the faith in me you had

Oh yeah

Oh yeah

Sam makes his way to stand in front of Kurt.

You know I love you more than anyone

But I get a little wrapped up in myself

But you know I never want to do you wrong

Bring into question what we have

He kneels in front of Kurt.

Oh yeah

I know I let you down

I know I let you down

But you're giving me a chance

The band stops playing. Sam sets his guitar on the ground and takes Kurt's hand. The room claps to create the beat.

Oh yeah

I know I let you down

I know I let you down

But you're giving me a chance

He picks up his guitar and walks back to the center of the room as Brad plays the piano throughout the rest. Sam places his guitar back in the case and is standing back up by the time the piano stops.

"Thank you." Sam mutters before leaving the room.

Kurt starts to get up to go after the blonde, but Mr. Shue cuts him off.

"Sam has informed me that he had to leave once he sang his song. So guys, time to rehearse." Mr. Shue claps his hands.

Kurt turns to glare at Puck. "Did you know that he was singing to me?"

Puck shrugs. "I think everyone knows now."

Kurt spins in his chair. No one is paying attention to him.

Kurt turns back and glares at Puck. "Who all knows about . . . whatever it is . . . between Sam and I?"

Puck bites and his lip and thinks for a second. "You, me . . . Santana, Brittany and Sam . . . and your dad."

Kurt groans. "We might as well tell the rest of the glee club."

"Uh-uh." Santana says from his left. "You need to figure what's going on between you and Sam first before you bring even more drama into this club."

Kurt marches into his house. Before he can go down to his room and Sam, his dad calls out for him. Kurt scoffs before walking into the living room and sitting down by his dad.


Burt raises an eyebrow at his son. "Sam told me about this weekend." Kurt tenses. "He wants to date you. Now I want to know is why don't you."

Kurt's eyebrows shoot up. "You actually want me to date someone. A guy."

Burt chuckles and nods. "He's a good kid. He's helped you through the past few weeks and I see you smile when he's around." Burt leans forward and places his hand on Kurt. "And that boy . . . that boy cried his heart out this morning. This isn't no experiment for him. He loves you. And I know you love him. Now that love may not last forever, but it's enough for now."

Kurt smiles at his dad. "I know. It's taken a lot . . . and I mean a lot of my friends to bang it into my head. I guess I didn't want my hopes to end when he discovers that he's straight." He squeezes Burt;s hand. "But I know that I have a chance. And that's all that matters. A chance at happiness . . . right?"

Burt nods. "Go talk to my possible-future-son-in-law." He smiles.

Kurt pulls his dad in for a quick hug. "Thank you."

Burt waves his son off. Kurt skips out of the room and runs into the basement.

"Sam." Kurt calls out as he steps into his room.

His empty room. The blonde is nowhere to be seen. Kurt scratches his head before running back upstairs to his dad.

"Have you seen Sam, dad?" Kurt asks.

Burt nods. "He came back a while ago. I thought he was still here."

"Evidently not." Kurt mutters as he leaves the room.

"Wait Kurt." Burt calls out.

Kurt sticks his head back in the room. "Yes?"

"I forgot. He said he was going back home." Burt tells his son.

Kurt rolls his eyes. "You couldn't have told me this five minutes ago. Come on old man, I have a love life to start." Kurt smiles as he races out of the door. He pulls his phone out and texts Sam.

Meet me at the place where I lost all hope before I met you.

Kurt parks his car at the fork. He sighs before stepping out of his car and into the graveyard. He sets of quickly down the path.

Please be here.

Kurt takes a deep breath before stepping under the huge willow tree. He stops and stares at his mothers grave.

"The last time I was here, I thought my whole world was ending." He whispers as his fingertips ghost along the headstone. "But it's gotten so much better."

"How so?"

Kurt turns around at the voice.

Kurt takes a deep breath. "Dad says you're . . . back at your home now?"

Sam nods. "My dad's back. He picked me up from school. We stopped at your place to get my stuff."

Kurt gulps. "That's good. Everyone needs their dad."

Sam smiles. "What are we doing here Kurt?"

Kurt shrugs and grins. "We started our friendship here. I just thought of how . . . poetic it would be if we start our relationship here as well."

Sam's face lights up. "Seriously?"

Kurt nods. "I know that I'm on my way to loving you. And I also know that after our time together, with the the help of our friends, that . . . this is real. It's not an experiment."

Sam takes a step closer. He reaches out and cups Kurt's cheek.

"Kurt Hummel . . . will you be my boyfriend?" Sam mutters.

Kurt takes a step closer, Sam's hand still cupping his face. "Yes Sam Evans."

Sam steps forward, letting his lips hang over Kurt's. "Can I kiss you?"

Kurt's eyes flutter as Sam's warm breath washes over his face. "Yes." He whispers.

Sam brings his other hand to cup Kurt's other cheek and pulls him into a kiss.

It's soft . . . slow . . . gentle.

Sam smiles as he slowly pulls back. "Thank you." He whispers against Kurt's lips.

Kurt smiles back.

"What the hell is this?"

Kurt and Sam break apart. An elder blonde man is standing at the edge of the willow tree. He looks like an older version of . . .

"Dad?" Sam gulps. "What are you doing here?"

"You a fag now? Is that it?" The man demands.

Kurt and Sam flinch. "Yes." Sam answers nervously. "But we prefer the term gay."

"Is this why you haven't been home? You've been staying with that Queer?"

"Don't talk about him like that." Sam growls.

Kurt can only glance between the two.

"You're mother would be ashamed of you." Sam's dad yells.

Sam takes a step back, pulling Kurt with him. "No-"

"She would." His dad continues. "Filthy scum."

"Stop it." Sam whispers.

"You want me to stop. Fine. You're gone." The man yells.


"I want you out of my house you filthy fag. I don't want to see your face again." Sam's dad spits before walking away, not before glaring at Kurt.

Sam's mouth opens and closes. Tears stream down his face.

"Sam . . ." Kurt has no words.

Sam drops to the ground. Kurt follows him and wraps his arms around the sobbing boy.

"Shh Sam." Kurt soothes. "It'll be okay."

"No it won't. I don't have anymore family." Sam cries.

"Yes you do. You have me." Kurt whispers into the blonde hair.

I will help you Sam. Just like you've helped me.

The end. So what do you think. Didn't expect that huh? Sure they got to be together, but at this price. Harsh? But don't worry. This story was about Sam helping Kurt while his dad was in the hospital. This portion of the journey is over, but will continue in a sequel. So please, let me know what you think. Rant, yell, praise, criticize and review for me.