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A few of the participants in the war are already posting, so I decided to post today and maybe once more before Friday, when it ALL happens. It's a bit daunting, so I'm easing myself in. As some of you know, I am certainly no stranger to the drabble format, but to get this all out in a weekend … WOW … intimidated doesn't even begin to cut it.

What to expect from me: 100 word chapters. I'm a stickler for numbers and each chapter will be 100 EXACTLY. Expect around 75 chapters—give or take a few either side. Yep, I'm still writing and fiddling, but I have faith I'll get it all out.

Love and thanks to Beans827—thanks so much for the beta. I do tend to fiddle though after the fact, so any errors in the final edit are mine alone; edwardsisobel—just for being you and doing a bit of everything; Pyejammies for pre-reading; and D. Kinney for pre-reading and making a kick-arse banner.

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SoapyMayhem: fanfiction . net /u/2387132/ SoapyMayhem

Title: Hot Bubblegum

Summary: Bella Swan rose to fame starring in the hit Disney Channel series 'Girl Next Door'. Now that she's finally legal, she's ready to lose the sweetheart image. What better way to start than to get a tattoo? E/B Olderward/Tattward - April Drabble Wars Entry

CaraNo: fanfiction . net /u/2712792/ CaraNo

Title: Second Page

Summary: The first page didn't belong to them, because it was dedicated to someone else. Eight years later, we flip to the second page. It's theirs.

JA Mash: fanfiction . net /u/2888001/ JA_Mash

Title: Ink and Nails

Summary: When Edward Cullen is hired to work on heartbroken writer, Isabella Swan's house... will he end up fixing a lot more than just her house?

TwiLighT7242: fanfiction . net / ~twilight7242

Title: Emmett's Theory

Summary: What do you think happens if Gayward and Lesbiella is forced to live in the same roof? All hell breaks loose, eh? Well, one thing's for sure - only Emmett knows.

Layne Faire: fanfiction . net /~laynefaire

Title: Transparent

Mkmmsm: fanfiction . net /u/2590308/ mkmmsm

Title: A Few Good Men

Summary: Tired of living with his abusive Army Sergant of a father Jasper leaves Texas and all he knows to start what he hopes will be a change at a better life. Will he find more than just direction in life when he arrives at Parris Island? Jasper/Edward Slash

FallenForTheCullen: fanfiction . net/u/1672934/ FallenForTheCullen

Title: Everything Has to End

Summary: Isabella Swan is all alone, the world is ending right before her eyes. But, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, right? And her light just happens to be in the form of one Edward Cullen.

twilightmum69 fanfiction . net/u/ 2698994/ twilight_mum69

Title: Why don't you notice me?

Summary:Jasper Hale is a cool , new teacher at Forks high school, Alice Cullen is his seventeen year old student. That first school girl crush is a Killer!

Just a Minute Longer

Summary: She saw him every day. He appreciated her every day. Would shy glances and the odd smile be enough to take them where they were going? Bella & Edward.

Here is the song that inspired me to write this drabble. Listen to it and enjoy.

Longer by Delta Goodrem

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Yes, this is it. It kind of gets lost amongst all the guff, but subsequent chapters will stand alone.


Gray buildings, gray sky, gray slushy snow…

Bella journeyed down the cold, lonely street on her way to the train station. It was just before 7:30 on this blustery January morning, and she had her woolen trench coat hugged tightly around her body while she walked as quickly as she possibly could, trying hard to avoid the treacherous patches of ice that littered the sidewalk.

Even with her attention focused on the path in front of her, she could make out the grayness of the landscape; it was rather depressing really.

Rounding the corner she looked up, stopping herself short.

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