Seconds had become minutes, the minutes hours, and now the day was almost over—this perfect day that Edward had shared with her.

Bella couldn't believe the connection she felt for Edward. It was like she'd known him all her life, or at least been waiting for him all her life—she was utterly captivated.

"Thank you for sharing today with me." She reached up, resting her palm on his cheek.

"If I could, I'd do it every day of forever," he said, his words sincere.

And she knew he would.

They didn't need 'just a minute longer' any more.


The End … Well, sort of …

Thanks to everyone who has supported this little story along the way. Cheers.

When I started writing this, even with its "sweet" beginning, I always intended giving these two a less-than-sweet "conclusion"—hence the "M" rating. But as I progressed, their romance was so beautiful to me that I never found the moment that would be right for them to fall into bed with each other. At least not within the 100 chapters I have completed so far—they have only known each other a few days after all. I feel I'd need another 50 to get them to a point where it would fit in with the story. For that reason I have decided to end it here. I hope you can appreciate my reasoning for that, and that is why the story has been marked complete.

But, I too am anxious to know how their first sexual tryst goes down. So I have decided instead to write an outtake of "said event". I'll post it very soon, but it will stand alone and out of the direct timeline that has been set in JaML. Keep the story on alert if you'd like to read what happens when these two are behind closed doors… or in an alley… or maybe even… Until then.

Hugs to those who have helped along the way: edwardsisobel, Bean827, Pyejammies, & D. Kinney.

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