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Alright so this is a re-write of a story I started a couple years ago. Like two I guess. And I actually got up to 13 chapters with it. I loved the idea and the work I put in to it so I decided to re-write it as a Kenlos fan fiction.

There will be a lot of OOC, out-of-characterness in this story because well, it's just how I see my characters. But I hope you all will enjoy it anyway.

Yes I know the vampire thing is cliche and same probably goes with the angel bit. But I don't really care and hopeful those of you who enjoy my writing style will like this story.

My apologizes for the short chapter, but again, it's like a introduction.

"I can't believe they left me." Carlos mumbled to himself as he shoved his hands into his pockets. He walked along the darkened street, the only light hinting off of widely spaced lamp posts. If there was one thing he didn't like doing, it was walking the streets at night. He wanted nothing more than to summoned his wings and fly home. But he knew as well as the next angel that that was not allowed. And the fact that doing so weakens him immensely, along with any of his abilities, was still in play. He sighed in frustration.

As Carlos continued down the street, he became all too aware of eeriness that surrounded him. And truth to be told, he was frightened. Being an angel, darkness was never his strong suit. He heard of creatures that lurked the darkness and he wasn't in the mood to meet any of them face to face. He quickened his pace at just the mere thought.

That's when his ears caught sound of a soft crying mew. Carlos furrowed his eyebrows as he stopped in his tracks, listening intently for the sound once more. He took a few steps forward, walking about a meter or two, when the noise became louder. He slowly walked along the fence surrounding one of the houses on the street. When he got to the corner he realized the sound was someone weeping.

"Oh God…please-please don't h-hurt me." Carlos heard the low whisper of a pleading woman. He flattened himself up against the fence and cautiously peered around the corner. Only to horrifyingly gasp at the sight his eyes landed on. He quickly pulled back from the corner, hand covering his mouth. Even though his mind screamed for him to run, he did not obey, but instead peered around the corner once more.

"Oh God…please-please don't h-hurt me." The frightened woman pleaded, looking up into the eyes of her soon to be murder. A low and dark chuckle emitted from the male's throat. She let out a gasp as he harshly tugged her hair, giving way to the flesh on her neck. Her eyes widened and her lower lip began to quiver.

Suddenly Kendall gained a whiff of the most heavenly smell he has ever inhaled – vanilla and chamomile. Right after noticing the smell, his sharp hearing picked up a very faint gasp. And instantly he knew he was not alone. This new scent intrigued him; nothing like the smell of cigarettes and cheap perfume that emitted from the woman before him. He wanted to find the source and soon.

Kendall growled and tugged on the woman's hair once more, earning a terrifying gasp from her again. He wasted no time, baring his fangs. She caught glimpse of his ivory canines and began to scream. As if on cue, he sunk his teeth into the side of her neck. She cried out in pain, endlessly clawing at his arms to release his hold on her. But he wouldn't budge, the futile attempt only causing him to add more pressure.

Soon the woman lessened her struggle, fatigue conquering her body. The color began to drain from her and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Within seconds her body fell lifelessly into Kendall's arms. He let it drop to the ground, seeing her no longer serving him a purpose. He raised his hand, wiping the excess blood from his lips. Not moving a single muscle, he stared at the corner through his peripheral vision. And just like that, he vanished.

Carlos couldn't believe what he just saw. Sure he was told of vampires, but he didn't know they were real, let alone that he'd see one as he was walking home. His mind raced, a million thoughts flying through him. He didn't know what to do, except run. He quickly turned on his heel, taking only a step to find himself against someone's broad chest. His eyes widened and he quickly took a step back. He looked up to see mesmerizing gold ones staring back.

Unfortunately for him, he just met said vampire in all in his pale beauty. His dark red lips curved upward into a smirk, sniffing the air. He closed his eyes. "Mm, you smell delicious." He said, licking his lips. With every step Carlos took backwards, he took forwards. His back softly hit the fence, leaving barely any room between him and the vampire. Kendall placed both hands on either side of him, not allowing for any easy escape. "Why is it that your scent arouses me so?" He asked, leaning in towards his neck.

Carlos' heart began racing as the vampire continued to breathe in his scent. He was at a loss. He didn't know what to do. Once again his mind screamed for him to run. But his body had second thoughts.

"No human has ever-" Kendall began but immediately stopped. His lips formed another smirk, baring his fangs. "My, my. It seems I have found myself a little lost angel." He mused. Kendall brought his hand up and softly stroked the side of Carlos' face. The shorter boy turned his head, eyes shut tightly. When the vampire's hands trailed to his neck and then lower down his body, that's when Carlos panicked. A raw white energy surrounded him. Kendall snatched his hand back, a spark from the energy burning him. He chuckled, healing instantly.

He eyed the energy, amusement on his face. He knew this angel wouldn't be able to keep it up long. So he just waited. His abilities wouldn't work through the field. But he may not have to use them anyway. He already noticed him weakening.

I can't-I can't keep…this up. Carlos thought, all his energy escaping his body. Suddenly the field around him dispersed into tiny white sparkles and the angel collapsed into the vampire's arms. Kendall smirked again.

"Well now, that was easy." He said. He looked down at the unconscious angel in his arms, the smell overwhelming him once more. He took a deep whiff again, feeling heaven once more as he closed his eyes. Under any other circumstances, he would have bitten the boy and drained him right then and there. But something about this angel intrigued him. He scent aroused him and his features captivated him. Besides, he wanted to hear the moans from his newly found angel once he feed from him.

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