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Carlos sat on the first step on the bottom of one of the grand staircases in the foyer. He leaned against the railing, letting out a long yawn. Last night was not a good night. After getting in to that fight with Kendall, the angel had run away from his room. Without any clue of where to go he headed for the library and fell asleep on one of the lounging chairs within. He concluded that as comfortable as they looked to sit on and read, the same could not be said for sleeping.

He really wished he didn't have the argument that he did with Kendall. It hurt to argue with him. But he was just so frustrated and lost and confused with everything that arguing was all he could do. Carlos' eyes began to get heavy once more. He really was very tired still.

Kendall grabbed his car keys off of his dresser. Once again he had to go take care of some business. He really despised always having to leave. It meant leaving Carlos here by himself. Even if James was here as well he didn't like the idea any more. But what could he do? He really did have to go. He grabbed his leather jacket from the coat rack next to the bedroom door, slipped it on, and walked out.

As he was about to descend the right staircase he spotted Carlos on the bottom step of the left staircase. He stopped, and headed for that one. As he walked down the steps he noticed Carlos didn't move. He could sense his heart slowly beating. The angel was asleep. He reached the bottom of the stairs and stood in front of Carlos.

Indeed he was fast asleep. A small smile tugged at Kendall's lips. He scooped Carlos into his arms and carried him bridal style up the stairs to their room. He placed Carlos on the bed and draped the covers over him. He leaned down and kissed the angel on the corner of his lips and left the room.

As Kendall was heading down the hallway he ran into Jett. Kendall narrowed his eyes and growled. "What are you doing in my wing?" He asked, none too nicely. He cold gaze never faltered as Jett's lips curled in to a smirk.

"Why I was just looking for the angel. What business of it is yours where I go?" The elder vampire asked in return. Kendall snarled, pushing him into the wall, his hands gripping the front of the other's shirt tightly. Jett only laughed. "Now, now Kendall. Wouldn't want to wake little Carlos, now would you?" There was amusement in his voice throughout that entire sentence.

"You sick bastard. Keep your eyes off of him. It is my damn business if it involves what belongs to me. Keep your distance, or else I will kill you. I will not say this again." Kendall stepped back, letting Jett go. Once his hands were off of him, Jett straightened out his shirt and jacket.

"Next time, Kendall, try not to wrinkle the shirt." With that said, the elder vampire walked back down the hall the way him came. Kendall watched after him, his eyes still narrow and a scowl still present on his face.

Carlos stretched, feeling better than he had earlier. He concluded that he must have been so tired that he fell asleep on the stairs. But as he stretched he noticed the contrast of soft sheets beneath him. He was in a bed. And not just any bed, he was back in Kendall's room.

"How did I get here…?" He asked himself. He tried to remember, but couldn't. But he subconsciously touched the corner of his lips. "Kendall…" Carlos couldn't help the small smile that graced his lips. "That was sweet of him." He got out of bed and walked around the room. He wondered how long he had been asleep. He noticed there weren't any clocks around the room. And he had recently misplaced his cell phone. Last thing he remembered was Kendall moving it somewhere.

Carlos stepped outside of the room, wondering if the library possibly had a clock. He headed down the hallway, making his way there with ease since he grew to recognize more of the mansion each day. He pushed open the large door and headed inside. From the way the light shown in from the large floor to ceiling windows he could tell it was at least passed noon. But truth be told, he wanted to know the exact time.

That's when he remembered towards one end of the library, straight across from the large fireplace there was an old grandfather clock. He made his way towards the back, spotting it. He had to walk a bit closer since the numbers began to fade on the face of the clock. "2:04." He read. He didn't remember when he woke up exactly, but it was earlier enough to count as morning.

Now that he was no longer tired, he wasn't sure of what to do with himself. He quickly scanned the nearest bookshelf for a book, grabbed it, and headed toward the fireplace to find a lounging chair. He sat down, getting comfortable and stared at the cover of the book. But as he did, he didn't focus on the title. He mind began to wonder and he found himself sighing sorrowfully.

"I really do miss Logan…" Carlos whispered, mentioning the name of his close friend he shared his house with. He wondered if Logan was worried about him. If he ever found his phone again he was certain his text messages and voicemail would be full by now. "I should ask Kendall if I can go see him… But how do I explain to Logan that I now belong to a vampire?"

Carlos decided to go and find James, hoping he had a phone he could borrow. He walked out of the library and headed down the corridor to James side of the wing. He eventually found the vampire sitting in his study, watching TV. "Yes?" He heard the vampire ask. Carlos pouted.

"Not that I'm trying to sneak up on you, but seriously?" The angel said. James chuckled.

"All of our senses have heightened increasingly." He stated. "I could tell you were walking to my study before you stepped through the door." Carlos huffed.

"Well," He mumbled. "Oh, can I use your cell phone?" He asked. "I know my best friend must be really worried about me and I need to call him. I want him to know I haven't died or anything. I would use my own phone but I don't know what Kendall did with it."

James nodded and pulled his cell phone from his pocket. Carlos walked up to him and took it. "You can bring it back whenever you are done. I am not strict with how you use it." He said. Carlos nodded and smiled.

"Thank you," He said before he walked out of the room. Carlos headed down the stairs and to the backyard. He walked to the fountain, sitting down on it as he looked down at James cell phone. He went to the dial pad and dialed Logan's house number. He waited a few seconds before someone picked up.

"Hello?" Logan asked. Carlos' eyes lit up at the sound of his best friend's voice.

"Logan!" He said, excitedly through the phone. On the other end Logan's eyes widened and he nearly threw his phone.

"Oh my God Carlos where the hell are you you are in so much trouble I'm going to kick your ass for making me worry this Goddamn much get home right this instant!" He yelled all in one breath. Carlos pulled the phone way, wincing at the loudness of Logan's voice.

"Um, I can't." Carlos said once he brought the phone back.

"What do you mean you can't?" Logan asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Because I can't leave." The Latino answered.

"You can't leave, why can't you-" Logan's eyes widened once more. "Oh my God, Carlos have you been kidnapped?!" Carlos' eyes widened as well.

"No, no I haven't. I just can't leave but I mean it's not that bad-" Logan cut off the angel before he could finish.

"You can't leave and yet you think that's not that bad?" He asked, voice raised again. "Of course it's that bad! Are you hurt?! Have they done anything to you?! Because if they have I'm going to kill them."

"No, I'm fine, really I am. I mean, okay so maybe I was kidnapped at first. Kind of. I don't know. But like part of me doesn't want to leave." Carlos would have continued to explain but his best friend cut him off again.

"Oh dear God, no! You're suffering from Stockholm Syndrome!" Logan wailed in to the phone. "I have failed you as a mother figure!" Carlos sighed.

"Logan, calm down please. I just wanted to call you and tell you I'm alright and you don't have worry." He said. Logan shook his head.

"Carlos, you've been gone for weeks. I've had the police out looking for you and everything. This is a big deal. Something has to be wrong." The boy on the other line said.

"But it's not. Tell them I'm not lost or missing, I'm just away." The angel stated. "I'll be back home soon, I just can't leave yet. But soon, I promise." Logan bit his lip.

"I was so afraid something bad happened. Like you were killed. Do you know how much I've cried because the idea of losing my best friend was just too overwhelming?" He asked. Carlos was silent for a moment. He felt terrible about this.

"I'm sorry. I promise you that I'm okay and I'm going to try to come home as soon as I can." Carlos said, voice quiet. Logan didn't say anything at first.

"Okay, you're promising this to me, you better come home soon." He said, trying not to cry. The angel, however didn't attempt to keep a few tears from slipping.

"I will. I love you." He mumbled, wiping his eyes. Logan did the same, replying with a 'You better' and 'I love you too' before the Latino ended the call. Carlos sighed and slipped the phone in his pocket so he could wipe his eyes better. He headed back inside then up the stairs to James' room. He returned his phone to the vampire, giving to him with a 'thank you'.

"Are you alright?" James asked, he already knew the answer but he felt it wasn't his place to just assume or say so. Carlos nodded.

"Yeah I'm fine, just a little homesick." He answered. "Thank you again." He said before he walked out of James' room. The vampire wanted to talk to Carlos, but he knew Kendall would probably be unhappy about it so instead he said nothing. James wouldn't admit this to the blonde just yet, but he knew Carlos would be good for Kendall but he was positive it wasn't the same the other way around. However he was willing to help his brother change all that – as long as Kendall was willing to do so.

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