Well, this is the last chapter of Elemental Lust and what kind of ending would it be without going back to the original pairing? KATAANG LEMON PEOPLES! This is the last chapter because, I mean, I already have one story that has lemons in it constantly, why do I want to be known as the dude that just writes smut all the time? That's TEB's job ;). Anyways, this isn't really smut, this is classic Katara and Aang love making, so, hope you like it:

Aang and Katara left the classroom hand in hand, today was the last day of Human Sexuality and they were the last people out of class. "It's been 3 months since we first…"

Katara smiled, "Yeah, it's hard to believe isn't it?"

He nodded, "I never thought we would even kiss…let alone make love."

"I thought I dropped enough hints, I wore those yoga pants around you all the time and I don't even do yoga," Katara said.

Aang smiled, "Well that makes a lot of sense now, I have no idea why I thought you did yoga."

She leaned her head on his shoulder, "You're too cute."

"Twinkle Toes," They looked back to see Toph and Ty Lee walking up behind them, "What are you two up to?"

"Uh, we were just going to go back to the dorms rooms, how about you two?"

"Snoozles is driving us all to town, we're going to see a movie…well…they're going to see a movie, I'm going to sit and listen." Toph joked.

Katara laughed, "We're fine Toph, Aang and I are going to spend some couple time together."

Toph rolled her blind eyes, "You two can just say you're going to have sex, I heard enough of it last night."

Katara and Aang shared a look, "We weren't in my dorm last night Toph."

Toph scowled, "Then you better take the key away from your brother because that was horrible."

"Wait, so you thought my brother and Yue having sex sounded like Aang and I?" Katara asked, "That's just disgusting."

"How do you think I feel? I sleep on the top bunk," Toph shivered a little, "Whatever, we'll see you two later…well, she will."

Aang turned to Katara once Toph and Ty Lee left, "Do you mind if we go to my room instead?"

"Not in the least bit," Katara said, trying not to think about what her brother and Yue did.

Aang ran his fingers through her hair as they laid on his bed watching TV. All the Gang had went to town with Sokka and Yue, though Toph only went to punch Sokka at every opportunity she got. The Gang had totally changed since finding out about Elemental Lust, Toph had gotten a lot closer with Zuko and Suki since coming out, Sokka and Yue had more sex than Katara and Aang, literally having sex at every moment they were alone and Katara and Aang had strengthened their new relationship. She took Aang's other hand in hers, lightly placing a kiss on the backside of his hand, "Aang…everyone is gone."

He understood her new phrase to signify him of what she wanted. They had been practicing keeping their lust in check every now and again, and Katara loved to practice. She flipped around and he captured her lips as her hands went to his chest. Like Roku had told them, they no longer went nuts whenever they kissed, though they did feel the excitement they usually received whenever they touched. Aang's hands hooked into the waistband of her pants as his lips left hers, going down to her neck. Katara let out a shaky breath, the last time she and Aang tried this, she lasted until Aang took off her shirt. She squeezed her eyes shut, biting her bottom lip as his hands went up under her shirt, his fingers felt so good against her bare skin. "You know I don't like it when you act like this is killing you," He said as he took off her shirt.

Katara could feel the familiar feeling start to get to her, "I'm trying to hold it back."

"Katara, look at me." She opened her eyes, Aang was now shirtless, she could see his eye starting to change. "Let's not practice for tonight, I want you to give in." His lips found her collar bone, Katara still didn't want to let go yet, she knew she was close to perfecting Elemental Lust. Once her and Aang perfected it, they would hit the threshold of their hidden sexual nirvanas. "Kat," He breathed, his hand at her bra strap, "You're eye is turning."

She squeezed her eyes shut, "I'm so close to perfecting it." Katara felt her bra snap off and fall off her chest. Once his lips enveloped her nipple, she lost it, feeling her lust take over. "You bastard," She breathed, he knew that she didn't mean in as her cheek rested against the top of his head. Aang continued to suck on her breast, his other hand kneading her other in his hand. Her hips grinded against his, she felt him start to harden. Ever since their first time, they had been able to control their urgency for each other, which really showed now that as they took their movements slow, taking in every second with each other. His hand left her chest and unbuttoned her pants. She fell back on the bed as he pulled her jeans off her, tossing them off the bed. Katara pulled off her underwear as he pulled off his pants. Aang crawled over, hovering over her body and they shared another kiss. He kissed down her body until he was in between her legs and gave her a slow lick, tasting her essence and making her moan loudly. Her legs rested on his shoulders as spread her folds open, his tongue going into her entrance. "Aang," She gasped, her hand grabbing onto his hair. Aang was slow with pleasing his Water Bender, but she enjoyed every second of it. He flicked her sensitive nub with his tongue, feeling her become jelly as the waves of pleasure continued to crash down on her. Placing on last kiss on her heat, he got up, kissing her. Katara didn't mind the taste of herself on his lips when they were making love, though she wasn't a big fan of it after. She began to lower down to return the favor but he stopped her.

"No more appetizers, I'm ready for the main course," He told her, it excited Katara to no end when he took such control. She silently nodded and pulled down his boxers, his throbbing erection standing at attention. Aang put the tip in and pushed inside her, never forgetting the great feeling of Katara's walls accepting him inside of her. They looked into each other's half lidded multicolored eyes and met for another loving kiss as he pulled out and thrusted back in. Aang's pace was slow, but neither of them minded as their lips moved against each other. Their fingers intertwined and he pushed her arms over her head, squeezing her hands as he grounded his hips harder into his lover. Katara gasped against his lips, the pleasure climbing between them.

"Aang, I'm almost there," She mumbled against his lips. Aang thrusted faster, both of them ready to go over the edge. "I'm cumming!" Her back arched as Aang groaned, filling his lover with his hot seed. He collapsed against her as their lungs tried to keep up with their fast beating hearts. Aang softly nuzzled against her neck, placing warm kisses below her jaw. "That was amazing."

"I would have to agree," He pulled her against him, "I've never felt so close to you."

She kissed him, "I love you Aang and I will never stop loving you."

"I love you too Katara."