Author's notes. I am taking a few liberties with Greek mythology.

Nyx POV.

"Who dares to disturb my sleep?" I wonder. It has been eons since the last time I was fully awake and I can sense struggles in the cosmos.

I still remember when the creator gave me and my siblings control over this Solar system. "I wonder if they have also fell in a deep sleep after watching for untold ages the forming and evolution of the sun and the planets, each of us a personification of the different forces of nature.


That voice. I slowly opened my eyes and saw the familiar figure of my sister Gaia. She looked surprised to see me.

"You are awake" she says as she approached me and then hugs me in a tight embrace.

I was touched to see tears in her eyes, and I could feel my own eyes watering.

I try to say something; so many questions and feelings inside my head; how long has it been, what has happened? Where is our brother Tartarus?, but before I utter any word, Gaia says almost pleadingly

"You couldn't have come at a better time…I really need your help"

For a moment she looked ashamed and I decided to give her time to continue


"What?" I couldn't help it "You created new beings?"

She stared into my eyes

"I was lonely…you were asleep and our brother went inside the third planet and has not returned since"

"I supposed" I continued "That your children are the cause of this disturbance that woke me from my slumber"

"They are" she replied as she lowered her head.

"Remember what we were told at the beginning of time..our mission is to watch but never to interfere with the natural process of the universe"

Gaia stared at me with pleading eyes

"And I have done that, but my children have not been obedient…they have fought among themselves for power"

In the next few hours she proceeded to tell me everything

"And these so called Titans are now trying to reclaim their status?" I asked as she finished the story.

"The last war was fought on the third planet, when it was still lifeless, but since then Life appeared and evolved…and a few thousand years ago there appeared intelligent life"

My interest was picked by this. I knew that this would be the final outcome of creation. Life would flourish all across the universe.

She continued

"With a few exceptions, the gods are very immature; acting as capricious children they play with the mortal's lives as if they were their toys. And now that the titans are returning, I fear that the coming war will be disastrous for the humans"

I asked

"Why haven't you done anything about it?"

She replied "I tried, but it was hard for me to take sides in the "family fights". I decided to stand aside and watch, as long as they don't interfere too much with the human's history, but now the war could change all that"

I made a decision.

"Take me to that place you mentioned… Olympus..I want to see them for myself. If anyone asks, tell them I am just a minor goddess…you mentioned there are thousands of minor gods, so I don't think one more will receive too much attention.

It surprised me that Olympus was actually a physical location. As we appeared in a green field, I found myself looking in wonder at the natural world. Earth was so much different from the fiery place that it was on its early stages.

There were many gods, nymphs and other spirits. They seemed surprised to see my sister there

"I rarely come here" she explained to me why they were looking at her oddly.

"Something is happening" she added "I can feel it". I noticed that everyone was going to a big building that was located right in the center of the field

"Gaia, is that you?" I heard a female voice. As I turned, I saw two goddesses approaching us. One of them had dark brown hair and was dressed as a warrior. The other was black haired like me and a silvery light seemed to surround her. I saw Gaia smile as she recognized them.

"Athena, Selene always a pleasure"

They both bowed their heads in respect

"It's a surprise to see you here" Athena said.

I decided to stay silent and listen to their conversation.

"What is happening?" Gaia asked.

The one called Selene answered "Zeus has called for a meeting…apparently Cronus and Rhea are coming to "talk"…This may be the beginning of war"

Athena added "I am ashamed of all of them"

I noticed the curious looks both of them gave me as they noticed my presence.

"Athena, Selene, allow me to introduce to you my new pupil…this young goddess has been interested to learn wisdom from me…just as both of you did a long time ago. Her name is Nyx"

I almost smiled as being referred to as "young"

"Is so great to see a titan and an Olympian being friends" Gaia said. "I wish the rest of our family could learn from your example"

The one called Selene replied. I noticed that her eyes were a little red, as if she had been crying.

"Titans, Olympians..they have no sense of honour…not one of them deserves the prayers of the mortals"

She closed her eyes as if remembering something

"The gods consider human as weak and pathetic..Mere toys, yet I have watched them and many of them posses a sense of loyalty and honour that I haven't seen in any god"

I decided to ask

"You have been watching the mortals?"

Gaia answered.

"Of all the gods, only the three of us actually care of what happens in the mortal world"

She turned to look at Athena and asked.

"Anything new? What was Achilles decision? Will he go to Troy?"