Athena knew something was not right when she decided to make a little tour throughout her kingdom. Unlike most gods or goddesses, she was loved by her subjects as she often visited them and listened to their needs to help them.

At the entrance of a town of giants, she found a small group of young giants playing "war".

"Shouldn't you be at school?" she asked with a fake serious tone, a smile on her face.

They stopped playing when they recognized her

"Majesty...we were just having some fun and schools is closed today" a blond boy said a little nervous

She laughed with merriment and asked

"Playing war? I remember when I was still young that I played that with my brothers and sisters"

She winked at them and asked

"I assume one of you took my role?"

A brown haired girl smiled broadly and answered "Me Me"

She blushed deeply and added

"I always ask to be you".

Athena listened as they all began shouting which god or goddess they were personifying, but then one name caught her attention

"I am Hector, prince of troy and tamer of horses" a black haired girl said, and then the blond haired boy that spoke first added

"And I'm Achilles, champion of the Greeks"

With that he raised his stick and "Attacked" the black haired girl. Laughing, they sparred a little, while Athena watched them in silence


Her thoughts were interrupted as she the black haired girl asked

"Is it true what they say?"

"What thing? Child"

"That they had fought in thousands of battles…that they fear no one"

Athena smiled again


Meanwhile, Hector continued his walk, making no sign that he knew he was being followed.

He soon came to a clearing and saw a small stream of crystalline waters, not far from where he was.

As he looked around the beautiful scenery, he noticed that he was not alone

"Apparently I am not the only one who likes to wake early" he thought and approached the lord of the myrmidons, who was concentrated practicing his skills in combat.

"To what do I own the pleasure?" Achilles said without looking at him, his eyes fixed on an imaginary foe as he swung a wooden sword with expertise.

"Just walking" Hector replied while admiring his movements

"Do you have a spare sword?" He asked after a while

Achilles stopped his movements and smiled

"I was losing hope you wouldn't come and ask".

He turned to face the prince of troy.

"My things are at the side of that tree" he said while pointing it "You will find a spare sword there"

Both men heard gasps and whisperings but paid no attention to it.

Hector picked up the sword and approached Achilles.

"Are you ready?" Achilles asked, and before the Trojan prince could answer, he charged