So I've left this little collection sitting idle for a while, but this little idea popped into my mind today, and I just had to write it down.

Timeline-wise, this is set before Renji is posted long-term in Karakura town.

Squinting against the merciless sun, Renji silently cursed his captain. Of all days, Kuchiki Byakuya had to pick today to conduct the group exercise. Nope, he couldn't pick any day in the past two weeks when it had just begun to pick up the balminess of early summer. Hell, Renji wouldn't even mind if he had picked yesterday, when it had rained in the morning. At least they wouldn't have to stand here roasting under the blazing sunlight—summer had arrived, and half of Gotei 13 was there to greet it.

Well, almost half, Renji observed. Quite a few, mostly the younger ones, had collapsed from the heat and had to be sent off to the Fourth, while some had just snuck off under the pretence of grabbing a drink or a quick trip to the restroom. Not too many of those were from the Sixth division, though, and for that Renji was proud.

It had been Hitsugaya-taicho's suggestion for the squads to hold joint-training sessions. Seeing how easily the Gotei had crumbled in the face of Ichigo's so-called infiltration, the Soutaicho had agreed. Still, having all thirteen divisions train together was impractical, so they had divided the squads up into two groups. Today, the session consisted of the Third, Sixth, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh. If anyone had truly paid attention to the conveniently friendly arrangements, they would have known that Matsumoto Rangiku, Hitsugaya-taicho's lieutenant, was the one who did the squad assignments.

As it was, Shuuhei was the first to become suspicious of the fact—it was simply too much of a coincidence that his close friends were all at the same training session. It smelled strongly of an excuse for an "impromptu" drinking session that night. Chuckling inwardly, Shuuhei adjusted his lieutenant insignia, which was beginning to feel sticky and gross against his sweaty left arm. It was a good thing that his shihakusho was sleeveless, he thought thankfully and grinned as he watched Renji squirm inside his damp uniform. No matter how many times the redhead adjusted his clothes, it would go back to plaster against his chest and back. Ugh. He is not getting anywhere near the bed before showering. Shuuhei made a mental note to enforce the thought that night.

"Quit staring, will ya?" a deep voice chided Shuuhei from behind.

Whipping his head around, Shuuhei found Ikkaku looking at him with a knowing grin. Shuuhei immediately laughed in embarrassment.

Ikkaku rubbed his bald head and let out a dramatic groan. "It's so fucking hot!" Annoyed, he stuck his zanpakutou into the ground and crouched down.

Shuuhei gave his friend a playful kick. "What kind of example are you setting, Madarame-sanseiki?" he asked, mimicking Kuchiki Byakuya's condescending tone.

"Oi! Making fun of my captain behind my back, eh?" Renji greeted Ikkaku with a grin and swatted the back of Shuuhei's head good-naturedly.

Ikkaku smirked at Shuuhei's sheepish expression and stood up. Picking up his sword, he waved lazily to his two friends and walked away with an exaggerated swagger. "You can stare all ya want now," he called without looking back, swinging his zanpakutou above his head.

While Shuuhei grimaced, Renji scratched his head in confusion. "Stare...what? What'd I miss?"

"Nothing," Shuuhei said hastily, but not before Renji noticed his flushed cheeks.

The redhead's mouth curled up into a sly smile as he realized what Ikkaku must've meant. "Have you been ogling at my ass?" he leaned closer to Shuuhei and whispered in his ear. He snickered when the tips of Shuuhei's ears turned pink. "Oh, oops...did I get it right? Or was it my beautiful face?" Renji's voice was barely audible, but Shuuhei immediately gave him a swift kick on the shin, drawing a surprised yelp of pain from the redhead.

"Don't say stuff like that in public!" Shuuhei hissed fiercely.

Renji feigned innocence and spread his hands. "What? Say what?" This time, he was loud enough to attract the attention of some nearby squad members, and he quickly flashed them a smile, looking completely nonplussed.

"Idiot!" Shuuhei complained, shooting Renji a murderous glare.

"Aww..." Renji said, still grinning, then he straightened up and adjusted his headband. With a sigh, he said, "Alright, time to get back to work." He gave Shuuhei a wink, then walked past him to get to where the Sixth squad members were gathered.

Shuuhei smiled as Renji walked by, then the smile froze on his face when the redhead suddenly grabbed his crotch. Shocked, Shuuhei looked up and found himself staring into a pair of cunning brown eyes. The glint of mischief in them was unmistakable, and Shuuhei's heart sank to the pit of his stomach—he knew that look. The contact from Renji's hand lasted barely two seconds, and Shuuhei knew that Renji's body blocked it from view, but that didn't stop his heart from leaping up to his throat.

"Stop it!" Shuuhei whispered urgently to Renji's back. And just like that, the redhead walked off, leaving Shuuhei fuming on the spot, now knowing whether Renji had even heard what he'd just said. Either way, he knew he was screwed. Once Renji got into that mood, there was nothing Shuuhei could do to make him snap out of it.

Before Shuuhei could simmer in his annoyance any longer, one of the young unseated officers ran up to him to ask for advice, and he was momentarily distracted from what he knew would be a tough morning.

Renji tried to explain the same technique to a junior member in his squad for the third time, but his eyes kept flicking across the courtyard towards the Ninth. It didn't occur to him that the reason his subordinate couldn't understand the technique was because he was giving the guy instructions in the wrong order—his mind just wasn't there.

He'd felt Shuuhei jump in his fist earlier, and could only imagine how flustered the man was right now. It had been what…ten minutes since then? Time for another round.

Shuuhei caught a flash of red out of the corner of his eyes and tensed up. He was surrounded by about a dozen members of his squad, and he would be damned if he'd let them witness anything that Renji was no doubt planning in his mind.

The young shinigamis greeted Renji with unveiled awe, mesmerized by the tall, broad-shouldered Sixth division lieutenant who was famed for the outrageous color of his hair as well as the jagged tattoos visible on his forehead and neck. Even the youngest ones had heard of rumors that those tattoos extended all the way south.

"How are you all doing? Is Hisagi-fukutaicho bullying you?" Renji flashed a smile at them, then glanced at Shuuhei. The dark-haired man was looking straight at him with narrowed, wary eyes. He knows. The thought only made Renji's smile widen.

"So what has he taught you?" Renji asked.

The kids immediately began to answer all at once, talking over each other, eager to impress the two vice captains. Nodding gravely as if he was listening, Renji walked casually behind Shuuhei in the pretense of circling the group. Then, when he was directly behind Shuuhei, he reached out and brushed his hand lightly over the man's backside.

It took all of Shuuhei willpower not to jump. Of course he felt that—although light, Renji's fingers had ghosted across his skin in such a provocative way that he immediately felt his pulse quicken. That bastard! Shuuhei glared at Renji and seethed when the redhead simply gave him a smug smile before walking back towards his own section.

Renji's shoulders shook slightly as he forcibly swallowed his laughter. The warmth from Shuuhei's body lingered on his hand and he couldn't help flexing the hand, his mind already filling with images of where it would go and what it would do that night. If he played his cards right, he would be in for a rough—and very hot—night. But he had to be careful; if he messed up and got caught, he would have hell to pay.

Shuuhei's shoulders also shook, but for an entirely different reason. He was mad at himself for getting riled up so easily, and furious at Renji for pushing his buttons. The idiot knew that he would get turned on by this—Renji'd had plenty of practice over the months. Inside the onsen? Fine, at least they were under water. In the cinema? That's fine too even though it had been horrifying with Ichigo sitting right next to him. But here? In front of hundreds of members of the Gotei 13, including the some of the most influential captains in the history of Soul Society? Renji must be out of his mind.

The next hour went by relatively smoothly and was quite uneventful except for one member from the Eighth who had to be rushed to the infirmary after being the receiving end of an accidental kido blast. After the incident, all the ranked officers were called to the front of the courtyard for a briefing.

Hitsugaya Toushiro, the captain of the Tenth division, led the meeting. As he droned on about safety procedures and whatnot, Renji squeezed through the small crowd and came up to Shuuhei's side.

Seeing the impish grin on the redhead's face, Shuuhei immediately scowled, but he didn't say anything. Everyone was giving Hitsugaya-taicho their full attention, and the last thing he wanted was to— Shuuhei's eyes widened in alarm as he felt a warm touch on the side of his thigh, and he turned around to stare into the face of a very innocent-looking Renji.

Renji cocked an eyebrow as Shuuhei pierced him with a glare. It would have been an intimidating look if not for the glint of arousal in those dark grey eyes and the slight quickening of Shuuhei's breath—nobody else would have been able to notice the spike, but Renji felt it at once. Mouth twitching in his effort to tone down his triumphant grin, Renji looked away and let his hand roam.

The fingers travelled slowly north, following the smooth contours of Shuuhei's thigh. They caressed the warm skin hidden underneath the black hakama, teasing it until goosebumps appeared, then moved on downwards. Shuuhei's legs were long and lean, and Renji could feel the toned muscles strain under his touch as Shuuhei fought to keep still. Ever-so-gently, Renji curled his fingers inward to massage the flesh. He felt Shuuhei shiver, and with sudden boldness, he reached further to the right and felt the curve of where Shuuhei's thigh met his groin.

Shuuhei tensed up visibly and shot him a pleading look, but Renji simply flashed him an evil grin and proceeded to wrap his fingers around the hot semi-hardness under his palm.

Shuuhei thought his legs would fold under him when Renji began to squeeze lightly. He sucked in a breath and clenched his fists as he fought the epic battle of keeping a straight face. Renji gently stroked him through the fabric, tightening his grip slightly at the base then running his palm teasingly over the tip. The friction was just enough to taunt him into wanting more, and Shuuhei bit his lip to hold back a hiss.

"Hisagi-fukutaicho? Did you have a suggestion?" As soon as the question left Hitsugaya-taicho's lips, everyone turned to stare at Shuuhei. The warmth that enveloped his front disappeared.

Shuuhei froze in horror, eyes wide and frantic. His face felt as though it was burning, yet at the same time he felt blood drain out of his face—was he blushing or turning pale? He wasn't sure. All he knew was that every seated officer in the six divisions present at the training session today was looking at him expectantly. What had he done to attract this unexpected attention?

Hitsugaya-taicho looked at the Ninth division acting captain apprehensively. He was certain the man looked like he had something to say. Why else would he bite his lip like that? "Well?" he asked, beginning to feel a little impatient as Shuuhei continued to gape at him with a confused expression.

"Ah...we should divide the kids based on their levels rather than by squad?" Shuuhei blurted out from sheer desperation, hoping that nobody had said this already. He knew, vaguely, what was being discussed, but he had missed most of the past five minutes.

"Hmm..." Hitsugaya-taicho tapped his chin with a finger and pondered Shuuhei's words with a thoughtful frown, and Shuuhei heaved a sigh of relief. "That is something we have not thought of before..."

Once Shuuhei was certain that nobody was looking at him anymore, he turned to his side to hiss at Renji, only to find that the redhead was gone. That blasted idiot! He gritted his teeth. His heartbeat was still wild in his chest, heightened by the sudden scare of being called on by the Tenth squad captain, but he had to admit that it was already beating fast even before that. He could still feel it—the feather-light strokes on his thigh, the warmth from Renji's palm over his awakening arousal...his pulse raced and he groaned inwardly as he felt himself harden further from the thoughts.

"Okay, you're free to go back to your own stations while I write up the incident report, we'll discuss Hisagi-fukutaicho's suggestion in a later meeting," Hitsugaya-taicho gave a wave of dismissal, and the crowd began to disperse as people sought out their own divisions.

Shuuhei stuck his hands into his pockets and was just about to turn around when a large hand landed with a loud smack on his shoulder from behind. He bristled.

"What were you thinking?" Shuuhei hissed, driving his elbow hard into Renji's ribs, earning a breathless "oof!" from the redhead. He felt a twisted rush of satisfaction at the sight of Renji's features scrunched up in pain as the man rubbed his bruised side.

"What the hell..." Renji grumbled, feeling the lump that would surely become a bruise in the next few hours. "Did you have to hit that hard?" All the same, he squeezed Shuuhei's shoulders and tried to pull the man into a hug. Shuuhei, of course, struggled and pulled away.

"Not in public!" Shuuhei's voice raised a notch in annoyance. "Seriously, you're such an idiot sometimes!" He tried to sound stern—he really did—but he couldn't stop the corners of his mouth from twitching. He would be lying to himself if he said he wasn't flattered by Renji's obvious display of affection—and desire—for him. Still, this was absolutely unacceptable! And speaking of twitching, he thought in dismay, his mouth was not the only body part he needed to keep under control. While he didn't mind people seeing him smile, he would rather die than being seen with a tent in his pants.

Undeterred by the throbbing pain in his side, Renji leaned in closer and whispered in Shuuhei's ear, "But I think you liked it." Then, just like that, he let go of Shuuhei's shoulders and began to walk away.

Oh no, you don't. "Hey!" Shuuhei's hand shot out and grabbed Renji's elbow. "Come with me." When Renji smirked at the unintentional pun, Shuuhei scowled. Dragging Renji behind him, Shuuhei stalked off, away from the crowd.

"Where are you taking me?" Renji asked, feeling a bit puzzled but excited at the same time. No way! Did I manage to push him so far that he wants a quickie right here? His face lit up at the thought of their "trip to the restroom" during the movie at Karakura. Awesome!

Shuuhei didn't respond. He continued to walk until they came to a large tree quite a ways away from where the training exercise was being held—a good distance, Renji noted. Here, they wouldn't be overheard.

"Feeling frisky, huh?" Shuuhei asked in a husky whisper as he pushed Renji against the tree trunk. Before Renji could reply, Shuuhei reached down and began to untie the obi around Renji's waist.

"Woah—" Renji let out a surprised yelp when Shuuhei yanked his waistband loose and shoved a hand into his hakama. Shuuhei found Renji at once and began to coax him to full erection with firm, determined strokes. "Woah, slower..." Renji groaned, and was immediately silenced by Shuuhei's lips. Heat crept into his face as Shuuhei pried his lips open with his tongue. He loved it when Shuuhei was like this—fierce, dominant, and rough.

Shuuhei was merciless. With one hand busily pleasuring Renji inside his pants and the other holding Renji's hip still, he pressed himself firmly against Renji's feverish body and grinded his hips, adding more friction. His mouth travelled down to Renji's neck and he began to tease the sensitive skin there with his tongue, followed by his teeth, letting it graze the skin lightly.

"Be careful with the teeth there," Renji panted. "We don't want to leave any marks that can be—" His words dissolved into moans when Shuuhei replaced his teeth with his lips, tugging and sucking at Renji's neck, applying the perfect amount of pressure that he knew would send Renji into a delirious state.

"Careful..." Renji's eyes rolled back in his head, but he had just enough awareness to worry about leaving any evidence that would be noticed when they rejoin the training. "He...hey..."

Shuuhei ignored him and just continued sucking, slowly increasing the pressure with each kiss. When he got down to the junction of Renji's neck and shoulder, he bit down, hard.

"Owww!" Renji let out a whispered howl and struggled, but he was crushed tightly against the tree and could only squirm helplessly. "Shit, that's gonna—mmmphh!" Shuuhei clamped his lips over Renji's mouth again and slid his tongue between Renji's lips, silencing the redhead's protests.

And through it all Shuuhei continued to work his hand, alternating between tight, steady strokes and teasing touches, bringing Renji to the brink then gripping the base to drag him back. It went on, over and over again, until the cries leaving Renji's lips became louder and more urgent.

Renji could feel his limit approaching—he throbbed painfully in Shuuhei's fist, and the coil of tension in his belly was threatening to snap any moment now—then suddenly, it hit him. With a choked sob, his hips arched off the tree trunk and he came violently, spilling himself over Shuuhei's hand, his own stomach, and his clothes.

Breathing heavily, Renji looked at Shuuhei through unfocused eyes and was surprised to see a smirk on the man's flushed face. Shuuhei was also panting, but he had moved away from Renji...which was odd, considering that he was the one who seemed to have needed release earlier.

"Come here," Renji said shakily, reaching out to pull his lover closer so that he could return the pleasure.

To his surprise, Shuuhei stayed where he was, just outside his reach, and said, "No."

No? Renji shook his head, trying to clear the cobwebs in his mind. The rush from his climax was just beginning to ebb away, and he didn't understand why Shuuhei suddenly... His eyes widened as realized the state he was in—hair damp and wild, neck peppered with pink and purple hickies, a clear bite mark on his shoulder, and most horrifying of all: a sticky mess inside and on his hakama.

"Hey," Renji said, suddenly alarmed. He made an attempt to adjust his pants, but the milky white stain on it was way too obvious, and he had nothing to wipe it with. Out of desperation, he used his hand, grimacing in disgust as he tried his best to remove the liquid and then wipe it off on the tree trunk, only to have bits of dirt and dried debris on the tree stick to his hand. Fuck.

Shuuhei watched in amusement, temporarily ignoring the incessant throbbing between his own legs. He wished he had that thing with him—what was it again?—the little device that Kurosaki said could record images, Renji's current condition would make one hell of a memorable record.

"Come on, help me out here," Renji pleaded.

"Uh uh," Shuuhei grinned and began to back away. This was just priceless. He wondered what the redhead would do—wait here until the training exercise was over? Wipe himself with grass? Either way, he began to laugh out loud, backing further and further away as Renji began to look more and more frantic.

Renji's eyes widened in panic as Shuuhei began to turn around. "No, come back!" He didn't even bother hiding the fear in his voice. What was he supposed to do? But Shuuhei simply waved at him and grinned.

Renji groaned aloud as he watched Shuuhei's back. Maybe Shuuhei would feel bad and come back for him later. Maybe.


*evil laughter*