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Discomfort awakened Alex every time she spent the night in Kuru's bed. Honestly, Kuru's ability to sleep on a bed as comfortable as a sack of rocks measured high on Alex's list of Kuru's attributes, third or fourth on the list even.

Alex scrunched her nose, picturing a list, deciding that sleeping in uncomfortable places would rank above getting kissed by girls who shouldn't be noticing him, and below his unique ability to make her feel like a misbehaving five year old.

Shifting slightly, trying to find a comfortable position, Alex felt a frown forming on her face. Something felt off, different, and the rock mattress didn't account for the strangeness. Lips pursing, she thought about the last time she'd ended up in Kuru's bed, and how it compared to this time.

A second later, she had her answer- heat. Unlike every other time she'd ended up here, she'd woken up feeling warm. Also, a weight rested on her waist, and the room's usual incense smell had subtle changes.

Kuru must have invested in a new blanket, she decided, one warm enough for a room made almost entirely of concrete. Only, well, a blanket wouldn't be breathing on her.

Alex's breath quicken, and she thought hard about what had happened the night before. She'd come into Kuru's room, a total wreck, thinking about her meeting with her mother, the way Vashan had tried to use her mother's visage to his own advantage(just remembering made her pulse pound), and her first magical fight.

She'd desperately needed a shoulder to cry on, and Kuru had been available(always ready to serve her).

Eyes opened wide, and then squeezed shut again. Oh, she'd cried on his shoulder alright, and then fallen asleep on him. Oh, no. Kuru's droning lectures about propriety echoed through her head, and she felt herself blush. Living this down would not be easy, not at all.

Because Alex didn't know much about Manjipoorian customs, but she felt sure that spooning with your elephant boy wasn't one of them.

"Princess, have you awakened?" Alex jerked back, into Kuru's(incredibly warm) body.

"Uh, yeah. I mean, I just did. Yeah. I'm awake." Alex felt certain that if she blushed any harder, she would literally burst into flames(which she hoped wouldn't happen magically, in fact, she hoped it couldn'thappen magically).

"Perhaps, Princess, you'd like to get up then." Kuru's voice sounded almost cold, or perhaps it just sounded more formal than it usually did. Alex didn't feel sure about either option though. She knew that Kuru sounded different.

"Princess?" Kuru prompted again, and Alex shook her head, attempting to quell any curiosity about Kuru's tone, or the fact that he'd said Princess three times in less than a minute, and she wanted to tell him off. But it would hold until she was out of bed, and dressed in daytime clothing.

She pulled the blanked off her legs, feeling Kuru's arm finally retreat from her side, wondering if she should not that he hadn't pulled away until then, and unconsciously deciding not to even consider it anything out of the ordinary.

She would have walked right out Kuru's room, right then, without even a backwards at the boy she'd fallen asleep on, but something prompted her to glance back, and what she saw caused her to falter.

Kuru, swift(she'd have to add his speed to the list of things she noticed about him), already sat up, but he looked down, at his lap, rather than watching her leave. He normally watched her, probably to make sure that her posture benefited her stature as the Crown Princess.

Normally that thought would have made her laugh, or at least crack a grin, but she couldn't look away from Kuru's apparent dejection. Though, maybe he was just stiff from sleeping in an uncomfortable position? She stopped walking away, and moved to face him.

"Kuru?" Alex suppressed the desire to ask him if he felt okay. She wanted him to answer the unspoken question without prompting. This whole morning had a sort of fragility that she did not wish to break with a careless question.

"I am fine, Princess." Alex's expression darkened slightly after the fourth Princess of the morning. She continued standing, waiting for Kuru to continue speaking. He still hadn't looked up from his lap, and Alex figured he would start a lecture at any moment. And if he did, she'd walk right out.

She knew exactly how to deal with his exasperating habit of talking about how Princesses were suppose to act. She didn't know how to deal with how unhappy he looked right now. Perhaps Kuru felt guilty about failing to measure up to his personal, impossible, standards.

"We- I cannot continue this." Kuru stated, after the silence had stretched, becoming almost tangible.

He finally looked up, catching Alex's gaze. Alex opened her mouth, to argue, to remind him that they were friends, and that. Kuru had one more thing to say, and Alex found she couldn't cut him off.

"Please. I- please." Kuru's eyes were dark, unhappy, and Alex couldn't refuse him, not when he asked for so little.

But instead of agreeing, she looked at him, and then turned and stomped out of the room, calling at him over her shoulder.

"You'd better hurry up, or we'll be late for school."

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