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Extremely short chapter, but each chapter occurs on a different day, and I didn't want to break my pattern heh.

A Change Of Seasons

By: Chi Yagami

Because when the cars and the signs and the street lights light up the town, she's got to be somebody's baby.

Wednesday, Bakura sat on his usual bench. If she noticed him, she might say hello. If she didn't, then he could continue to watch her secretly. Even if he wanted to talk with her, he was not so desperate as to approach her like a friend would. They hadn't even exchanged names.

He saw her come around the corner, and he felt his heartbeat speed up. She was about to enter the studio when she stopped and turned. Bakura's eyes met hers, and he waited.

She smiled and waved, and then continued on inside.

So, she had noticed him, but she hadn't stopped to chat. He welcomed this unexpected result (he had been sure that, if seen, she would stop to visit). However, perhaps she knew that he would be there still, five hours later, and was planning on conversing then.

But to his surprise (and possibly, disappointment?) she did not cross the street to greet him after she left the studio but went straight to the bus stop.

Was he sad that she hadn't noticed him? Maybe… he had decided to get her attention, after all. He watched as she continued to talk to her parents on the phone, occasionally frowning but for the most part keeping a blank expression. This was new; she had never chatted to her parents for longer than a few minutes. He watched as she continued to talk to her mobile device for the remainder of the time she spent waiting for the bus. And she was still on the phone as she boarded the bus! Bakura continued to sit at his bench long after she was gone, pondering reasons why she had been on the phone so long, and why he cared. What was the big deal? Well, it was the first time it had happened in three months

But everything was probably fine. She was charming, pretty… happy. She had everything, right? What could be wrong?

Short, but necessary. Already working on the next chapter!