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Her Shadowed Realm

A Jackie Chan Adventures/Yu-Gi-Oh! FanFiction

Written by CryptIXeeper

Warnings: This story is an AU in both Yu-Gi-Oh! and Jackie Chan Adventures. However it will be taking place in a mishmash of both worlds, only not as you might expect. Furthermore, expect some cursing (maybe), the corruption of innocent minors by evil counterparts, and more.

What not to expect: Anything above T-rating as well as any romance involving Jade C. in her young and impressionable years.

In the multiverse, there are uncountable plains of reality…

Some are aspects of our realm…

Others, Mirrors of our own reality in different times and different ways…

While some…some are bridges between the two…

The Shadow Realm is one such bridge. A plane of existence connected to every shadow within every plane of reality. One such reality has just been sealed from it, and one being along with it…

The Shadow Realm was a strange place to be sure. It was a dark multitude of purples, violets, and blacks. These colors twirled and shifted randomly throughout its infinite expanse, and if one were to travel their entire lives in such a place, they would die before finding an exit…or a change in scenery. However, the Shadow Realm was not just and expanse of purple and black clouds.

Although, for worse…or better depending on your perspective, the shadow realm was not as lifeless as it first appeared. A multitude of creatures exist within this realm, snakes as long as skyscrapers and monsters all shapes and sizes populated its expanse. But past all those creatures and within the very core of the realm lay the only expanse of land in the realm. Formed of pure shadows, this land stood silent and unmoving.

However, where every other aspect of this realm was primal, one aspect was truly a relic of the…not so ancient past. There within the shadow realm stood a palace of ancient Japanese architecture made out of shadows pure and dark, but this palace was not without a ruler.

Where the palace was nothing but silence and shadows, both pure and ethereal, the throne room was not. Within the throne room, upon a throne made for a Japanese emperor of old, sat a blue woman. Her posture was that of an empress attending her court…like a shogun attending a war council. Her hair was that of a Yuki-Onna, smooth and black, while her body held the same aura that could lure men to their deaths in the cold just the same. Of course, her eyes were closed while the folds of her shadow yukata caressed her skin. She was calm and no color would escape from her eyes as the barriers of her blue skin concealed much, but not for long…

Empress's POV:

The Empress was in deep meditation. Such was the only thing she could do to prevent herself from going insane in this realm she was trapped. Usually her mind would only drift to and fro, to things that could have been and power she could have obtained, but not this time. Her mind was being difficult, as was the usual for her after such a large amount of time spent in the shadow realm. She had no one to talk too and her minions weren't much on talk…ever.

No, the past was on her mind this time. It was moments like these that the last bits of her humanity won out and surfaced, an occurrence all too common since she first came to this realm. She hated these moments, the moments when she would feel regret at what had occurred in her past and leave a hollow feeling within her chest. She guessed it was heartbreak, guilt, regret, shame, or perhaps all four as anger and sadness had long left her heart. Now only acceptance, and her occasional moments, remained.

The shadow woman took a deep and calming breath, steadying herself from the sudden onslaught of emotions that gave way within her meditation. She remembered when she first arrived to the realm, and how it happened.


She stood upon the precipice of a portal swirling black and purple smoke. She was 'The Jade Empress', the 'Queen of All ShadowKahn', the top Kahuna of evil within her world, and she was now being sealed because of it.

Jade snarled at her 'Uncle' of 13 years, she often assumed he was her grandpa as he looked so ancient, but now was not the time for such thoughts. His apprentice Tohru, now a full-fledged good chi wizard stood beside him, along with her real uncle, Jackie Chan.

She had become strong for them! Her power was now greater than any in the world and now they had decided she was too powerful! She felt betrayed by them, they kept denying her the ability to help, but when she finally could help, they still denied her.

*Flashback within a Flashback*

So she turned evil, In one night she became 'The Jade Empress' by breaking into section 13's vault and absorbing the Mask of Terakudo within herself. Then she moved onto the Dog and Horse talismans, she was now completely immortal. But then she wanted more, so she broke Daolon Wong out of prison and demanded to be taught from the decrepit old man. At first he refused, but her…shadowy friends persuaded him otherwise. Of course he tried to enslave her…but she took care of that…permanently.

Then she sought the power from within the 'Lotus Temple', and then the knowledge of those Demon sorcerers trapped in the Netherworld. They too denied her at first, but only then. Now she was the new Demon sorcerer, the most powerful of all because now she was the ONLY one. After they taught her, she removed them because they too sought to manipulate her, but they failed…they always fail.

But now…now she had all the knowledge of Daolon Wong behind her, now she had the culmination of nine hundred years of demonic boredom in the netherworld, and now she had the knowledge of all they possessed before their sealing. She was a master of Dark Chi magic in every sense of the word. Nine legions of ShadowKhan obeyed her every whim, but it didn't last.

*End Flashback within a Flashback*

Her journey to power flashed though her eyes as she stared at the J-Team, her…J-Team. Lined up, shoulder to shoulder in battle stance…against her, and they were all chanting the same good chi magic garbage against her.

"Why didn't to let me help when you had the chance?" Jade demanded of her chanting family desperately, summoning enough ShadowKhan to darken the skies and cover their field of conflict.

"All I wanted was for you to be proud of me! Was that too much to ask?" she cried and questioned her voice hoarse while her red eyes cried blood tears.

Uncle looked at her with sad eyes as he paused in his chant, the others continued, but their eyes held pity. "But we were proud Jade, but now…" Uncle trailed off, not trusting himself to continue he continued his chant while Jackie continued his words to Jade.

"But now Jade…now you are a shadow of your former self. You held so much promise, I saw it, we all saw it." Jackie gestured to the rest of the group, "But now, because you couldn't wait, because you did not have discipline, you had to dabble, you had to…kill." Jackie steeled himself before he said his final words, "Jade Empress, Queen of the ShadowKhan! We of the humans hereby seal you into the Shadow Realm…forever, but know that we will always…" his voice became quieter, "…always…view you as our friend in some cases, a little sister or granddaughter in other cases, and I…I will always view you as the daughter I never had…" Jackie bowed his head, speaking her name along two dreaded words in a whisper, "Goodbye, Jade…" His part said, he continued chanting.

"Yu Mo Gui Gwui Fai Di Zao" They all chanted together.

Jade…no 'The Jade Empress' closed her eyes as she listened to the droning chant. She closed her red eyes as she spoke in a whisper, "I will come back…"

Their chant continued, "Yu Mo Gui Gwui Fai Di Zao" as a green, wispy, and glowing energy began to surround the items they were shaking in a dulled manner.

The Empress's voice began to grow louder, growling and primal, "and when I do…"

"Yu Mo Gui Gwui Fai Di Zao" The green energy grew brighter, beams of it firing into a set spot, growing larger.

The Empress opened her eyes, glowing red like her demonic predecessors. She opened her mouth and black wisps of shadow escaped, a demonic echo tainted her voice as she screamed her last words while legions of her ShadowKhan descended upon her enemies, "I Will End You!"

And as her ShadowKhan descended, the wispy energy blasted the empress into the portal to the shadow realm, sucking the legions of her ShadowKhan into the portal with her as a final shout sealed the portal and her banishment from the world.

"YU MO GUI GWUI FAI DI ZAO!" In a shout, were the last voices she heard before blacking out.

*End Flashback*

She had, of course, mellowed out since her banishment. She attributed it to a lack of rigorous and boring meditation, something very needed in her timeless prison. Jade ceased her meditation and opened her blood red and glowing eyes, her current 'blast from the past' obviously wasn't going to leave anytime soon. She sat up with the precision and rigidness of everything her title of empress hinted at and walked to a viewing platform outside her throne room.

"And it still looks the same, as before…like someone decided to puke up Barney…" she stated to herself in a bored voice. She had begun to talk to herself recently, she was a decent listener at least.

The entire time she had spent in this realm had been monotone and without a way to measure…until she noticed she was becoming taller, a fact that startled her at first, as she had long learned that ShadowKhan took a long…long time to age. She had removed the dog talisman from her person after she remembered the aging patterns of ShadowKhan, and after a long debate on deciding how to tell time with her height.

After the removal of the dog talisman (She keeps it on her person so she doesn't lose it), the first time she noticed her change in height when she was looking at her minions, she estimated a gain of about five inches. Meaning she had been here for a long…long time.

Jade summoned two minions to measure her height, which was all they were good for these days, as she long gave up her schemes of plotting to escape this place, Uncle's spells were solid magic, after all. One of her minions measured her and showed her distance with its hands, approximately two maybe two and a quarter foot since she first arrived. She didn't care to know how long it had been, it brought up feelings she wasn't ready to explore anytime soon.

If she guessed, she would biologically put herself to be around 16 years of age, time to use to dog talisman. If she was going to spend eternity here she could at least spend it young. She applied to it herself yet again, she felt her aging stop and the tingling of immortality set in on her person. New magic always took getting used too.

'The Jade Empress ' turned away from the swirling chaos of the shadow realm and back to her throne room, she had indulged a brief bout of insanity, and it was time to begin her meditation anew.

*Time Passes*

Jade opened her eyes in shock, she had been disturbed from her meditation, she had felt…a pulse? She stood up quickly and at a speed unbecoming of royalty, but she didn't care. Nothing disturbed her from meditation, this place was desolate, aside from the creature of darkness here and there, and those that were intelligent couldn't speak anything intelligible, so she didn't bother.

She turned her head this time, she had felt it again, a tingle in her spine and Goosebumps along her skin, this must be…the willies…

Bringing up a blue and delicate hand, she called upon one of her ninja minions. Turning her red gaze upon the ninja she addressed the situation as was well within her right, "Take me to the imbalance." Upon hearing the order, the ninja clasped its hands and tilted its head, sinking into the shadows of the realm, it lead her there.

*Sight of the Disturbance*

What she came across with her ninja retainer in tow was anything but what she expected. She had thought it would be a Dark Chi wizard breaching the barrier, or a creature of the realm getting a little too…uppity. Not this, there were humans here, actual humans…here! Not Chi wizards or demons, actual humans like her! Well not like her but…

Their garbs were strange, that was the conclusion she came too as she watched what appeared to be a sorcerers duel, though it was strange it her. Everything was strange about both of them.

One of the sorcerers seemed to be a priest from his garb, too her eye it was of Egyptian origin. Inwardly she grimaced, he was wearing to much gold for her tastes. His only distinguishing feature seemed to be the solid gold rod like ornament he was holding.

He moved the rod and a…giant stone tablet appeared depicting some king of lizard looking monster, mindless beasts.

His opponent on the other hand, she didn't know what to make of him. He looked like he decided to play with mommies hair styles and dye kit, it was…embarrassing. If she was to assume anything having to do with an educated guess, she would have to ignore the hair. "Too much gold, yes…" she mumbled to herself, "a golden crown…a prince perhaps?" They both spoke what she assumed to be Egyptian, she recalled it to be a language she heard during one of her times with Jackie in Egypt once upon a time.

The…prince moved his hand and a stone tablet raised, it appeared to be some kind of humanoid with a funky hat and staff. It didn't look like a warrior, a wizard perhaps? It would do well to watch this match, if anything, she could learn how these humans did their magic, regardless of their sense of fashion.

So in the darkness of the shadow realm, she stood there and watched the sorcerers match in silence…

*Timeskip, After the Disturbance*

The duel had ended with no clear victor, at least, in her opinion anyway. Both of the sorcerers had pulled monsters from their respective stone tablets and battled with each other, she didn't see much point in it, chi magic was much more efficient in her opinion.

Many more such sorcerer duels begun to emerge in her domain. Jade tried to look at the bright side, at least she had a new way to tell time, but even better, she had discovered a new form of entertainment.

Although, she had also taken up the hobby of counting the duels she witnessed. Last she checked, the number stood somewhere around thirty-two perhaps? Nevertheless, she was content to let time pass her by as long as she was entertained in one form or another, why did meditation have to be so boring?

Currently, Jade found herself lounging in front of a "shadow duel" as she began to call these little escapades into her realm. Most of these sorcerers appeared to be priests, some vagabonds here and there…a civil war perhaps? But it was useless to ponder. This particular situation however, was worthy to ponder.

There were four figures in her realm facing off against each other. It appeared to be three on one, hardly fair in her opinion, but it was not her place to interfere. The Empress watched as the three figures began to hold up a hand, a golden rod, and a scale.

The one holding up his hand looked very plain, his clothes nothing but a white cloak, while the one holding up the rod appeared to be wearing to much gold, as did the one with the scale. After a moment, the rod and scale began to shine, as did one of the men's…eyes? A few more moments passed, turning the fourth and beggar looking man into an ugly monster.

Their battle raged on for quite a while, proving quite the attention grabber. She could tell the monster was tiring as the three sorcerers called forth a stone tablet and began to seal the monster away, screaming for all it was worth. Nevertheless, just like that, the battle ended. The men standing in her realm silent and contemplating while the giant stone tabled stood erected and defiant.

Supposing it was over, she began to move anew, until she saw the plain looking man's gaze resting on her person. So she did what anyone of her station would do, she gazed back.

The man looked over too his comrades, speaking in Egyptian they nodded, all three moving towards her with a purposeful gate.

Jade, however, was going to be prepared lest they try anything foul, so she summoned her legions of ShadowKhan and blanketed the entirety of the realm with their numbers to serve as a warning to the men, slightly wavering them, but ineffective at completely halting their progress. Their respective groups were a few meters apart before the man with the golden eye spoke.

"Shadow Monster, what be your purpose in tainting a holy ritual such as 'The Weighing of The Heart'?" his voice was a tone holier than thou and hostile, demanding an answer, she decided to oblige them.

"I am…" now what would she call herself, she couldn't let them call her Jade as birth names held power too sorcerers, so she opted for a lack of imagination, "…Yù, 'The Jade Empress' and…ruler of this realm." She briefly paused in thought before continuing with a more regal tone, it had been so long since she had talked to others, "Who are you to address me in such a tone? As from your attire, I am above your station in life."

Golden eye stared at her with a miffed expression, obviously annoyed at being addressed in such a way before continuing like she hadn't said a thing, misogynist bastard, clearly the world had fallen since her sealing.

The man's golden eye began to glow before she raised her hand, ceasing its splendor and whatever power it would have acted out. She could sense the item was of shadow magic, and she was shadow magic.

"You…dare use shadow magic against Yù, Empress of the Shadow Realm?" the empress stated as her eyes regarded the man coldly, her mind racing in thought. Skidding to a halt, she chose her next words carefully, killing would do no one good, "The three of you are barred from this realm" she stated with finality, "Those that trespass upon my kingdom will find their souls trapped by my legions, until I do decide otherwise, perhaps you can send a delegation here to mend the damage your disrespect has wrought. Now be gone, before I send my legions to chase you out."

The men tried to talk, but decided the better of it, and disappeared from her realm the same way they came. She regarded their exit with cold eyes for a few more moments before she too departed, back to her home.

*Timeskip, another Disturbance*

It had been some time, she assumed, since those mortal upstarts had tried to turn her shadow magic against her. Thinking back, she regretted her actions, as shadow games had declined juristically since the encounter. Jade found herself contemplating the possibilities of going back to meditation to pass the time, which truly left something to be desired.

In fact, it had been so long since she had witnessed a game, she was beginning to drive herself crazy. Perhaps the concept of meditation was more needed than she thought. Still, even though she seemed to need it, Jade found herself resisting the thought of meditation. Now that actual entertainment had walked up to the realm and slapped its figurative face, it was hard going back.

Jade was startled from her thoughts as she felt another breach in the realm. Finally, another shadow duel; she was beginning to actually contemplate meditation again after all!

Casting her thoughts to the corners of her mind, Jade made her way over to the breach with one of her minions. However, she expected to see another shadow duel, not a lone human. Needless to say, the empress was a bit miffed.

Jade took a long and hard look at the new arrival, inwardly sighing the longer she examined his appearance. He possessed one of those golden items, which made her cautious, but not overly so. His look reminded her of a British Uncle Jackie, and he looked like he just came from an archeological dig.

Hmmm, Egypt perhaps? Of course, he did seem more modern than those tunic wearing idiots she spoke to a while ago. Though, judging by his outfit, she spoke with those idiots more than a 'while' ago.

Looking the man over a second time, Jade was afforded the sight of a golden eye that looked exactly identical to the other man she met. An inquiry was in order...so, she approached him.

*Pegasus's POV*

Pegasus was scared out of his wits, he was in Egypt with that crazy and cryptic Egyptian that seemed to have a fetish for the occult and shoved a golden orb into his eye. How he got to this place with swirling purple and black clouds boggled him to no end, but he was startled from his thoughts as he noticed a…blue Japanese woman walking towards him with…were those red eyes?

She didn't seem to acknowledge him as she came closer. Step by step the blue woman traveled silently, as if on air, with her eyes on him. Finally, she stopped about a meter and a half in front of him, as if waiting for him to ask a question.

Hesitantly, Pegasus obliged her, "W-Who are you?" he asked, inwardly flinching at his shaking voice.

The woman stared at Pegasus, making him feel uncomfortable before she finally spoke, "I'm the Jade Empress…" she paused for a moment, quirking her head to the side in obvious curiosity, "Who are you?" she asked.

Flustered at her forwardness, Pegasus replied, "Well…I'm Maximillion Pegasus…" Pegasus paused, as if debating something in his head before pointing at her skin hesitantly, "Is that your…well…natural skin color?" he asked, the current situation too surreal to leave him caring about such an inappropriate question.

The Empress raised her eyebrows with amusement in her eyes while an uncharacteristic chuckle escaped her lips before answering his question, "Yes, yes my natural skin color is blue" she said with a laugh, "But is that really the question you should be asking me? You obviously don't where you are."

Pegasus sputtered at her question, quite embarrassed before righting himself, "Ah, that was going to be my second question."

The woman cupped a palm to her chin playfully, "Well, I'll answer your question if you answer one of mine first."

Raising one of his eyebrows, Pegasus hesitantly accented with a slightly hidden nod.

Taking the nod as her signal, the woman began, "Would you happen to know what the date is?"

Of all the questions for her to ask, Pegasus hadn't expected that one, "Its April 5th, 1992. But why do you care?"

The woman let out a laugh, "I've just been here for so long, I was curious. But to answer your previous question, you..." The woman pointed at Pegasus, "Are in the Shadow Realm." Her last two words were spoken with a hint of finality.

"Where?" Pegasus asked, startled at her answer.

"The Shadow Realm" The woman said again, "It is a different dimension that connects to every shadow within your world. How you came to be here I am unsure, but I can send you back to your world if you like." The woman paused for a bit, a new idea forming in her eyes, "Scratch that, why don't you tell me how you came here, then I'll send you back."

Pegasus debated in his head about the situation, here was a blue girl with red eyes talking to him, he was in a place called the shadow realm, so she was likely a resident of this place; furthermore, she called herself the 'Jade Empress', it would probably be wise not to upset her, so he began to explain.

"I was originally in Egypt to inspire my ability to paint. In Egypt, a man appeared before me and told me that my goal didn't reside here. He was suspicious, so…I followed him secretly to an ancient Egyptian temple. When he realized what I had done, he decided to give me a test and shoved this into my eye." Pegasus gestured to the golden object, "After that…I found myself here."

The woman looked at Pegasus thoughtfully, "Well, you obviously don't belong here…so why don't I help you get out…" She paused in brief consideration before continuing, "But be sure to visit, this is one of the best conversations I've had in a long time. The last one was a jerk." After which she briefly mumbled to herself, "But I've only had two conversations here, aside from myself, so that's not saying much…"

The woman turned away from Pegasus and waved her hand in his direction, at the gesture he became alarmed, "What did you mean by send me b –"

The Jade Empress began walking back to her palace, the information she had received was troubling and she needed time to meditate.

*Timeskip, Jade's POV*

She didn't know how long it had been since she had spoken to Pegasus, but color her surprised when he showed up in her throne room during her meditation with ShadowKhan as his escorts. She didn't know whether to be glad or suspicious of his arrival.

She noticed that Pegasus had changed his attire by a considerable degree. He now sported an entire suit that was red in color, and if she had to guess silk and very expensive.

"Well you seem to have done yourself some good Pegasus, most definitely an upgrade from your…previous outfit." Jade let a little smirk appear on her face, "To what do I owe this…unexpected visit." She wondered out loud.

She couldn't help but feel the man before her had grown in confidence by leaps and bounds, but it made her feel uneasy. She hoped he wouldn't travel the unhealthy route of his predecessor and try to use shadow magic against her, she rather liked talking to him.

Pegasus smiled nonchalantly, "I honestly hadn't expected you to be honest." Pausing with a shrug Pegasus smirked, "When I first learned to voluntarily enter the shadow realm, I decided to seek out the ruler of such a place, if there even happened to be one…so that I might bargain with them." he finished in a business-like tone.

Jade frowned, she had so hoped that this was a social call, "Business?" she feigned interest, "I had hoped this would be a social call. I last saw you…what, four years ago I'm guessing from your age. You could have at least visited." She pouted with childish tone to her voice.

"I would have Empress, but you never told me where to find you. The shadow realm is vast and I had honestly expected to never to see you again. In fact, I have only now realized just what the title you gave me meant." He finished lamely.

"Well I'm still a bit miffed." She responded in a slightly put off tone, pausing then sighing before continuing, "So what was this business you spoke of?" her tone clearly disinterested.

She assumed Pegasus took notice of her tone because he immediately set off in a generic business pitch, "After my first trip here, when you sent me back, I discovered the history of the Shadow Games. I became intrigued by the stone tablets involved in these games, so I decided to experiment." Pegasus then gestured to his golden eye, "This…is the Millennium Eye, one of the seven millennium items with access to shadow magic and the ability to travel and send others to this realm, but also send beings…out of it. So I—"

Jade interrupted him with a raised hand and vocal interjection, "Did you say…send beings…out of the shadow realm?" she inquired curiously with a serious tone.

Pegasus looked a bit startled before he began again, "Why…yes, these ancient artifacts can summon monsters into our world from the shadow realm. In fact, I have developed a medium to help ease the transition for a monster from the shadow realm into our world with a game called 'Duel Monsters'" taking a deck of cards out from his pocket, Pegasus briefly inquired, "Can I show a demonstration?"

Jade nodded, intrigued and partially excited at what Pegasus was telling her.

Pegasus sat down in front of the Empress, the ShadowKhan escorts watching his every move, and shuffled his deck. Finally deeming his work satisfactory, he proceeded to lay down illustrated cards of monsters that Jade had seen before as well as explaining the rules of his game. Specifically, he demonstrated the 'Blue Eyes, White Dragon' and 'Dark Magician' cards from the very first shadow duel she had seen in his examples.

Reaching over and picking up a card, she examined it, "And you are sure these cards will act as a medium out of this realm?" she asked with her eyebrows raised skeptically towards Pegasus.

"Quite positive your highness…and that brings us to my business proposal." Pegasus responded.

"I'm willing to hear it, my interest has been piqued." Jade said, a slight smile gracing her lips and signaling Pegasus to get on with it.

"I want to make you into a card." Pegasus said bluntly, "There are certain, goals outside this realm that I must realize by bringing back the shadow games and a powerful individual such as you would benefit my goals extensively." He finished, waiting for the Empress to respond.

Of course, Jade couldn't believe her luck. She had been about to ask of him the same thing he was offering her, only years of meditation had prevented such an event, and now she had the upper hand. Jade smirked inwardly, "I will submit to such an action; however, I have a few conditions that must be upheld."

Pegasus nodded thoughtfully, "As long as their reasonable, I am willing to accept such stipulations."

Jade held up a blue hand and began to count off with her fingers, "First, my card must be unique and the only one of its kind." At Pegasus's nod she continued, "Second, I want the ability to request any card, unique or no, until I have made a full…deck." Another nod from Pegasus, this time hesitant yet…a little excited, "and third, I want to have the right to choose who will use my personal card, and the deck I build. Are these terms acceptable?"

"Very acceptable, your highness…" Pegasus gathered his cards and stood, "If you will excuse me your highness, I will get my painting materials and we can begin right away." Pegasus said as he bowed and left the palace while escorted by ShadowKhan.

Jade stared at his back, and when he left, smirked, "Yes, do hurry back…" she purred with satisfaction, "Then we can begin…right…away." And with those words, a dark chuckle echoed throughout the palace.

*Jade and Pegasus Omake*

Pegasus was scared out of his wit, he was in Egypt with that crazy and cryptic Egyptian that seemed to have a fetish for the occult and shoved a golden orb into his eye. How he got to this place with swirling purple and black clouds boggled him to no end, but he was startled from his thoughts as he noticed a…blue Japanese woman walking towards him with…were those red eyes?

She didn't seem to acknowledge him as she came closer. Step by step the blue woman traveled silently, as if on air, with her eyes on him. Finally, she stopped about a meter and a half in front of him, as if waiting for him to ask a question.

Hesitantly, Pegasus obliged her, "W-Who are you?" he asked, inwardly he flinched at his shaking voice.

The woman seemed to contemplate the question before answering, "I'm Yù…"

Silence seemed to scrape at their meeting place, he could of sworn he heard a crow a while ago…

"No not me, you." He stated with confusion.

"Yes, I'm Yù" she stated.

"Just answer the question, who are you?" he demanded.

"I have told you!" she answered with a slightly more exasperated tone of voice.

"Are you deaf?"

"No, Yù is blind."

"I'm not blind, you blind!"

The woman raised her voice a little, "That is what I just said!"

Pegasus responded with a swift and annoyed, "You just said what?"

"I did not say what, I just said Yù –"

Pegasus broke her off, "That's what I'm asking you!"

"And Yù is answering!"

Pegasus pointed a finger at the blue woman, loudly saying "Shut up!" pointing to the ShadowKhan accompanying her Pegasus spoke again, "You!"

"Yes?" She responded.

Swerving his finger back at her, "Not you, him!"

"What's your name?" Pegasus demanded.


"Yes you!" Pegasus shouted

The ShadowKhan pointed to itself, "I'm Mi"

The blue woman interjected between the two of them, "He is Mi, and I'm Yù"

Pegasus proceeded to start yelling, "I am sick of playing games! You, me!" He started pointing at them randomly, "Everybody around here, Him!" he pointed to a ShadowKhan that randomly appeared, only to have the blue woman banish him from her realm with a shout of annoyance.

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