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"Spare some change Sir?" Those are the words; those four words changed my life.

I took a drag of my Black Bat and looked down at the grubby extended hand cursing Alice for forgetting to book the Limo. She might be good in bed, but she sucks as a PA, it might be time to hire a new one. I focused on the beggar who appeared to be a girl, she had dirty black hair, torn clothing and an offensive odour. My heart plummeted when I realised she couldn't be a day over 16. I had never given money to a beggar before, truth be told I had never seen one before, I considered the question before my head kicked in reminding me that she would probably use it to buy drugs.

"Nope sorry" I said dismissing her and turning around to see the arrivals screen, I heard a sigh behind me and turned to see a cute women in a black suit with brown hair and orange streaks shaking her head slightly. I watched as the beggar approached her.

"Spare some change miss?" the voice sounding even more desperate now; I sighed regretting my dismissal of the obvious child. I took another drag of my cigarette. How did a child end up like that, where were her parents I mused. The friendly voice broke me out of my thoughts.

"Of Course," she said pulling out her purse. I watched in amazement as she stuck her hand in and scooped out all the coins she had there, it had to be at least 10 bucks. I was even more shocked when she not only handed the change to the girl but the wrapped sandwich in her hand.

"There you go sweetheart, hope that helps" she smiled at the girl and I lost my breath, it was the most stunning smile I had ever seen. The beggar who looked like she might cry threw her arms around the stranger and thanked her before unrolling the sandwich and taking a bite. She smiled at the lady, thanked her again and then walked away, probably to find the closest drug dealer. I watched as the lady dusted off her suit with a happy smile on her face. I scoffed at the women, she looked up narrowed her eyes at me and looked away.

"You know," I said taking a drag of my cigarette "You shouldn't give your hard earned money to strangers, she's probably just going to buy drugs with it." I stomped out my cigarette and went to light up another one when her hand stopped me before I could get the cigarette to my mouth. When I looked at her I was honestly shocked by the angry look she was giving me.

I expected her to laugh and agree with me, then I could have asked her for a coffee and discussed that weird hair colour. What I wasn't expecting was the tirade of abuse I received. She took a step toward me and let rip.

"Who the hell do you think you are? You think just because you wear a fancy suit and a $50 tie that you are better than that young lady. You don't know her or her situation. You don't know whether she is on the street from choice or necessity, whether she chose to run away or had to to avoid an abusive situation. "She paused to take a breath, but continued before giving me a chance to respond. "Just because she does not live her life the way you and society think she should does not give you the right to look down your nose at her, you may choose not to help her which is fine, but you have absolutely no right to tell me I shouldn't help her, who are you to dictate what I can and can't do with my own money. Yes she could be off to buy drugs, but frankly she won't get much for 8 bucks" She looked me up and down and shook her head "You should be ashamed of yourself, that girl is just a child, she can't help her actions, what is your excuse?" she cocked her eyebrow at me and just stared waiting for a reaction but I couldn't give her one, I was too stunned.

The train pulled in and she hoisted her bag on her shoulder and grabbed my packet of smokes.

"And another thing there is no smoking on the platform!" With that she threw my packet on the ground and stomped on it before boarding the train.

I watched her try to regain her breathing as the train pulled away and she glared at me. I should have told her what I thought, I should have yanked my arm away from her death grip, I should have boarded the train that I had waited 45 minutes to arrive and I really should have saved my smokes. But I couldn't do any of that, I was rooted to the spot watching the train pull away thinking what the fuck just happened?


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