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"The Bitter End?"

by JustWriter

Zane had been so relieved to see her again that he couldn't wait to turn their relationship into something more. It actually said something that she was willing to be seen alone with him in public, obviously not on business to save the town. It was of course a relief that she was willing to talk about where they were going with their relationship because four years really must have been enough time for her to think things over.

When the MARTHAs threatened Jo he stood in front of her no questions asked… and then… he didn't know what that was; probably the GD infirmary… and then his awareness sort of faded back into place…

The doctor was acting funny so he high-tailed it out of there and then he was running for his life. There was a lot of adrenaline in his system and he got to Fargo first, seeing as he was the closest Astreaus crewmember nearby that he trusted. After issuing the warning he left in haste and did his best not to get caught. When he saw Jo take down the ANDY in the elevator he couldn't help but be reminded of how HOT his girlfriend was. The ride over to Henry's Garage was restless, lots of uncertain tension in the air once more. There was something different about his JoJo; he just didn't know what.

When he first entered Henry's Garage he was worried for Carter and Allison but then he saw intimate touches and he couldn't control his disbelieving outburst. She looked so surprised that he'd figured it out so soon. She stuttered out how she hadn't wanted him to find out this way and he wanted to leave and cool his head so badly; if it weren't for the imminent danger he would have. There was also that longing urge to continue be around her, even if only it were just as friends as she clearly stated in the cockpit of the Space Raptor. Zane screamed inside of himself when she said that she had fallen in love with Carter. 'She said that she wouldn't wait,' a cutting reminder popped into his mind. Thank God, he was distracted by the Mondo-MARTHA at that point.

After the day was saved and he made sure his friends were alright, he managed to get back to his old lab and sealed the door, falling to his knees as hot, wet tears spilled down his face. Then he laughed bitterly, because if he didn't he'd scream in agony aloud.